CO2-Driven Global Climate Change: Hoax or No Hoax?

By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper™

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Original Pub. Date: Feb. 15, 2020. Last Update: Feb. 18, 2020.

A Lesson in TLW's New Real Climate Science Course

Somebody once asked me: Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing humankind. Many people believe that it is a hoax. What would you say to those who think so? What persuaded you that it’s not a hoax?

This question is nonsense. Let's turn it around, namely, what persuaded me that it is a hoax?

If anybody wants to tell me that I’m wrong in my belief that atmospheric CO2 can’t cause global warming because of physics, I’m still waiting for their irrefutable disproof, better yet, citations to peer-reviewed journal articles that address my claims head-on. Sadly, those pushing the global climate change narrative have closed minds and won’t even look at my material or debate on it, which is a sign of brainwashing by an intolerant secular pseudoscientific religion. I’m reduced to preaching on a soap box while their thick-walled bubble is blocked to me, and their big world stage excludes me while even letting brainwashed teenies speak for them.

What do the polls say about the scientific issues? Who cares. When it comes to science, the public’s opinions are irrelevant and only the truth matters. Even scientists are not 100% in agreement, although some try to play both ends against the middle and accept the CO2-driven AGW hypothesis but with a lower potency.

REAL SCIENCE finds carbon dioxide’s effects on the climate are “negligible”

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Historically the public has fallen for one fake science hoax after another, and CO2-driven AGW is the king of all hoaxes because it’s not just a folk myth but is being relentlessly pushed by the leftist environmentalists and climate communists at the U.N. and its politician-run IPCC global octopus of kept scientists, academics, journalists, and politicians to scare the world into dismantling the fossil fuel industry that underpins capitalism to help them foist global Marxism, after which they can drop the global warming hoax and run the world forever with a world police force, which is what Jeff Goldblum would call checkmate.

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Sadly, Big Oil, which has the most to lose has done a poor job of confronting the IPCC head-on. Instead it funds politicians to fight legislation that hurt its business, while striking a deal with them to get a piece of the renewable energy pie.

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Not that any big corporation is all-good, including Big Oil corporations. British Petroleum helped topple the government of Iran in the 1950s after bilking U.S. Pres. Eisenhower into believing they were being taken over by Communists. In the 1970s the Arab-run OPEC cartel weaponized oil to extort hundreds of billions from the U.S. and other countries,, causing a reaction to weaponize tactics to fight them, which morphed into the CO2 hoax by the IPCC that was founded in 1988.

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Too bad, the IPCC octopus wants to dismantle Big Oil companies all over the West, not just OPEC countries, and wants to stop fracking which has freed the U.S. of their tyranny, showing a higher goal of working for global Marxism. Meanwhile they turn a blind eye to India and China, whose CO2 emissions are growing yearly, because the Chinese are ruled by their fellow communists, and India next door is being systematically infiltrated to join the communist fraternity. So is the IPCC fighting climate change, or capitalism? With me it’s a no-brainer.

In the last few years the IPCC octopus has captured the U.S. Democratic Party, which has made big progress in the U.S., the last bastion of freedom and capitalism, despite it leading the world in reducing CO2 emissions because of its expansion of fracking, which they also want to shut down, along with nuclear power. The current leaders now are openly and unashamedly calling for the dismantling of the fossil fuel industry, and capitalism itself, as if they don’t know the sad bloody history of Communism in other countries, and have no appreciation for the modern comfortable convenient lifestyle the fossil industry is furnishing them.

What hypocrites they are, calling for the death of Big Oil and capitalism while enjoying their fruits with private jets and other luxuries. Even wind and solar power rely on products manufactured from coal and coal power.

Yes, The U.S. Leads All Countries In Reducing Carbon Emissions

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The young are their biggest useful idiots, putting the future in jeopardy. Children are captive audiences of leftist teachers, who block out all independent criticism and brainwash them before they reach the age of reason, even encouraging activism and street demonstrations to initiate them into hardcore Marxist tactics.

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Marxists used to frame successful capitalists as evil despite their creation of great wealth that benefits all levels after a little mild Socialist legislation. Framing CO2 emissions on being evil is the perfect hoax for today’s environmental leftists and global communists, because they can claim that only “global average temperatures” (GATs" matters, not local climate, and they have put themselves in charge of monopolizing the global data sources, leaving them free to tamper with them to push their real goal of Marxist world government, which once given power will never give it back without tragic bloodshed. They’ve maneuvered themselves into a position to claim that a record cold spell is actually proof of global warming, making their scientific claims unfalsifiable and no longer in the realm of science but politics, their parallel goal in accordance with their maxim that the end justifies the means when it comes to foisting a Marxist utopia.

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All along CO2 emissions are good not bad. They’re colorless and odorless, and feed plant photosynthesis, anchoring the chain of life and greening the Earth to feed the teeming billions. The current atmospheric CO2 level of 415 ppm is less than half of the optimum 1000–1500 ppm needed for maximum plant growth. When the IPCC spreads scare stories about an imaginary tipping point about to be reached, they are just trying to grab power now, knowing that every climate Armageddon prediction they’ve made in the last 30 years has proven wrong. The yearly increase of 2–3 ppm now will take centuries to reach the optimum level, so there’s nothing to be alarmed about except if you want global Marxism now and can’t wait because your hoax might one day become general knowledge.

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Here’s the bottom line. How much will global average temperatures rise if atmospheric CO2 concentration is doubled? Zilcho! Atmospheric CO2 can’t melt an ice cube because of physics, which no political lobby can change.

If more people understood thermodynamics, the CO2-driven AGW hoax would be dead. Do you have an open enough mind that I can still teach you before you make irrevocable political decisions?

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