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What Is A Historyscope?

Westerners are not only known as history ignoramuses, but double dumbass history ignoramuses when it comes to Hillary Clinton's history. Since I'm the one-and-only Historyscoper (tm), let me quickly bring you up to speed before you dive into my Master Historyscope.

U.S. Pres. William Jefferson 'Bill' Clinton (1946-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Bill Clinton (1946-) and Hillary Clinton (1947-) Bill Clinton (1946-) and Hillary Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) Bill Clinton (1946-)

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-), wife (since 1975) of U.S. Dem. Pres. #42 (1993-2001) William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (ne Blythe III) (1946-) (same birth surname as the Barrymore acting family) AKA Slick Willie (Wild Bill and Hildabeast) is the woman currently closest to the U.S. presidency, the Great White Hope for women's libbers, who almost got to the White House in 2008 but was aced out of it by half-white half-black man Barack Obama, which obviously doesn't phase her, as he had to have a successor and she's clearly waiting in the wings, then was aced out again by pure white playboy billionaire Donald J. Trump, which may or not phase her, time will tell. A frequent target of balls (testicles) jokes, she has to fight the glass ceiling and yet appear not to be a man in drag, which often backfires and makes her the target of bitch jokes, as well as lesbian rumors, not to mention witch and Illuminati rumors. If she becomes president, women will have finally achieved equality in the U.S., and it will never be the same, which is just it, because women never seem to stick together at the ballot box, so it's like that joke about water everywhere and not one drop to drink, so near yet so far.

Hillary's public record is one thing, her shady personal record is another. Her public resume is as follows: 1979-81, 1983-92: First Lady of Ark. as the wife of Gov. Bill Clinton. 1993-2001: First Lady as the wife of Pres. Bill Clinton. 2001-9: U.S. Sen. (D-N.Y.). 2009-2013: U.S. secy. of state #67 under Pres. Barack Obama. In the 2008 election she was a leading candidate for the Dem. presidential nomination, and in ? she began another run after gaining the backing of billionaire George Soros in 2013.

The surname Clinton means one who comes from Clinton, Northamptonshire, an Old English place name meaning "settlement on the summit." It probably has nothing to do with the surname Clanton, a variant spelling of the habitational name Clandon, from places in Surrey and Dorset named Clandon, from Old English "clan"= clean (clear of weeds) + "dun" = hill. That doesn't stop some karma from leaking over from the infamous Ike Clanton Gang of Gunfight at the O.K. Corral Fame, Oct. 26, 1881. Bill Clinton's ancestry incl. Moses Baum (1804-53), who was fined $10 for rioting in 1827 in Rutherford County, Tenn. Hillary Clinton's ancestry traces back to Durham, England; notable relatives incl. Canadian PMs Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien, beatnik Jack Kerouac, singers Madonna and Celine Dion, and actress Angelina Jolie. There are rumors that Bill Clinton is really the illegitimate grandson of John D. Rockefeller, which segues into an elaborate Illuminati conspiracy theory, of course he tomcats around without Hillary caring because their marriage is a sham, arranged for political power alone, and she's really a lesbian.

The surname Rodham comes from OE ("rod" + "ham" = patch of land bearing willow trees; first used in the mid-19th cent. in the Fen district of East Anglia, it means a raised bank formed from silt deposits on the bed of a dry river course.

Robert Crittenden (1797-1834) Chester Ashley (1791-1848) Uriah Milton Rose (1834-1913)

On Nov. 1, 1820 Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Ark. is founded by Robert Crittenden (1797-1834) and Chester Ashley (1791-1848); in 1861 Uriah Milton Rose (1834-1913) joins the firm; in Feb. 1977 Hillary Rodham Clinton joins it.

In the 1820s Protestant churches in the NE U.S. are taken over by a Kingdom of God on Earth movement that seeks to stamp out "sin" via govt. control; chief among them are the Methodists, who instill young Hillary with their values of the Social Gospel.

George Washington Plunkitt (1842-1924)

In 1905 after leaving the N.Y. Senate on Dec. 31, 1904, and almost dying from an Oct. 7 operation for retro-peritoneal abscess (because he was so full of it?), New York Tammany Hall politician George Washington Plunkitt (1842-1924) decides to tell all, and pub. Plunkitt of Tammany Hall: A Series of Very Plain Talks on Very Practical Politics, in which he tries to defend Tammany Hall and its graft, with the soundbyte: "Everybody is talkin' these days about Tammany men growin' rich on graft, but nobody thinks of drawin' the distinction between honest graft and dishonest graft", explaining that it "does missionary work like a church, it's got big expenses and it's got to be supported by the faithful", praising it for helping families whose houses have burned down because "It's philanthropy, but it's politics, too, mighty good politics. Who can tell how many votes one of these fires brings me? The poor are the most grateful people in the world, and, let me tell you, they have more friends in their neighborhoods than the rich”; "I might sum up the whole thing by sayin' I seen my opportunities and I took 'em." The Clintons later become his true believers?

On Oct. 26, 1947 Hillary Diane Rodham is born at Edgewater Hospital in Chicago, Ill. She is raised in a United Methodist family, moving at age 3 to suburban Park Ridge, Ill. Her father Hugh Ellsworth Rodham (1911–1993) is of Welsh and English descent, running a successful small business in the textile industry. Her mother Dorothy Emma Howell (1919–2011) is a homemaker of English, Scottish, French Canadian, French, and Welsh descent. Hillary has two younger brothers, Hugh and Tony. Father Hugh Rodham really ran the Chicago mob after Al Capone?

Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008) and Tensing Norkay (1914-86) Baron Henry Cecil John Hunt (1910-98)

Because it's there? On May 29, 1953 34-y.-o. Kiwi beekeeper Edmund Percival Hillary (1919-2008) and his Nepalese Sherpa guide Tenzing Norgay (Norkay) ("wealthy fortunate follower of religion") (1914-86) become the first to scale 29K ft. Mt. Everest (Chomolungma) on the Nepal-Tibet border in the Himalayas (world's highest mountain), leaving the flags of the U.N., U.K., India, and Nepal; the news is announced on the day of Elizabeth I's coronation (June 2), and Hillary is knighted along with Col. Henry Cecil John Hunt (1910-98) of the British Army, leader of the Royal Geographical Society-sponsored expedition. In 1995 Hillary Clinton claims that her mother named her after Sir Edmund Hillary, explaining the unusual double-L spelling of her name; in Oct. 2006 after being confronted with little problemo in the dates, a Clinton spokeswoman said she was not named after the mountain climber, but it "was a sweet family story her mother shared to inspire greatness in her daughter, to great results I might add" - it's a good thing Santa ain't single?

Saul David Alinsky (1906-75) Marian Wright Edelman (1939-)

In 1965 Hillary enrolls at Wellesley College in Mass. (alma matter of Madeleine Albright), starting out a Republican then bolting after deciding it's racist from attending the 1969 Repub. Convention in Miami, Fla.; the place where she became a pussy-eating lesbian?; her senior thesis is a critique of the tactics of radical community organizer (Pres. Obama's hero?) Saul David Alinsky (1906-75), which the White House later restricts access to; it contains the soundbytes: "[Alinsky's] power/conflict model is rendered inapplicable by existing social conflicts", and concludes that Alinsky's model had not expanded nationally due to "the anachronistic nature of small autonomous conflict"; it ends by thanking Alinsky for two interviews and a job offer, with the soundbyte: "After spending a year trying to make sense out of [his] inconsistency, I need three years of legal rigor"; an honors student at Wellesley, she receives an A grade for it; she actually was converted into a lifelong Alinskyite, and began putting his methods into practice by trying to disguise her radicalism while infiltrating the system?

In 1969 valedictorian Hillary becomes the first student commencement speaker at Wellesley College, her speech becoming a big hit - life is more like high school than college? On May 19, 1969 19-y.-o. Black Panther Alex Rackley is kidnapped by fellow Black Panthers in New Haven, Conn., tortured for two days until he confesses to being an FBI informant, and murdered on May 21, after which police arrest nine Black Panthers, causing the 1970 New Haven Black Panther Trials, attended by Yale U. law student (1970-3) Hillary Clinton to monitor civil rights violations for the ACLU.

In Oct. 1968 after working for Ark. anti-Vietnam War Sen. William Fulbright and graduating from Georgetown U., Bill Clinton becomes a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford U., where he wears a pink poplin suit and ginger beard, smokes marijuana, but allegedly doesn't inhale, and befriends draft resister Frank Aller, who commits suicide in 1971, while allegedly reading 300 books and learning about participatory democracy, social engineering et al.; he attends a lecture by Germaine Greer, who later utters the soundbyte: "Bill was the first boy that I felt I could tell I was a lesbian"; too bad, what he has on his mind isn't studying, and in his 2nd term in 1969 he sexually assaults 19-y.-o. Eileen Wellstone at a local pub, causing him to be expelled?

Bob Truehaft (1912-2001) Saul David Alinsky (1909-72)

In spring 1971 Bill and Hillary first meet in Yale Law School, and their first date is to view a Mark Rothko exhibit. In summer 1971 after meeting him at the Black Panther Trials, Hillary interns in San Francisco (Oakland?), Calif. with Robert Edward "Bob" Truehaft (1912-2001), head of the Calif. Communist Party, writing legal briefs in a child custody case while living with Bill in a small apt. at 2667 Derby #2 near the U. of Calif. Berkeley campus; she really went there because it was the Mecca for pussy-eating lesbianism?; after horny Bill follows her to Calif., their first date there is a Billy Graham crusade, what a politician. On July 8, 1871 she sends an airmail letter marked "personal" to Commie community organizer agitator Saul David Alinsky (1909-72), who on May 14 pub. his guidebook Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals; a how-to manual on community organizing for power to foist a Commie revolution under the banner of social change; "What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be. The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away"; "Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules".

Marian Wright Edelman (1939-)

In summer 1972 while Bill is working for the George McGovern pres. campaign in Altanta, Ga., and being sent by black atty. Marian Wright Edelman (1939-), of the Washington Research Project, 24-y.-o. law student Hillary Clinton goes undercover to the new all-white private Houston Academy in Dothan, Ala. to see if it's illegally segregated in defiance of the 1969 U.S. Supreme Court decision, helping pub. the report "It's Not Over in the South: School Desegregation in 43 Southern Cities 18 Years After Brown" in 1972, after which in 1973 Edelman founds the Children's Defense Fund Washington, D.C., with the motto "Leave no child behind"; too bad, the whites never accept sending their children to school with blacks, and the segregated academies in the South thrive, with 535K students in 1972 vs. 25K in 1966. Meanwhile in Aug. 1972 Hillary joins Bill in Austin, Tex. to help register voters before returning to New Haven to complete her law degree.

In 1973 Hillary receives a J.D. from Yale Law School, then stays an additional year, producing the article Children Under the Law for the Harvard Educational Review in late 1973, a discussion of the new children's rights movement, with the soundbyte that "child citizens" are "powerless individuals", arguing argued that children should not be considered equally incompetent from birth to attaining legal age, but that instead courts should presume competence except when there is evidence otherwise on a case-by-case basis;

Peter B. Edelman (1938-) Marian Wright Edelman (1939-) John Michael Doar of the U.S. (1921-) Bernard W. Nussbaum of the U.S. (1937-)

In 1974 after being recommended by Alinskyites Peter B. Edelman (1938-) and Marian Wright Edelman (1939-) (a mixed-race couple, kinky at the time), Hillary becomes a member of the impeachment inquiry staff in Washington, D.C., advising the House Committee on the Judiciary during the Watergate Scandal under the guidance of chief counsel John Michael Doar (1921-) (asst. U.S. atty. gen. in 1960-7) and senior member Bernard W. Nussbaum (1937-), researching procedures of impeachment and the historical grounds and standards, culminating in the resignation of Pres. Richard Nixon on Aug. 9, 1974 - please call me Misses Grammy? Too bad, she is allegedly fired by her supervisor Jerome "Jerry" Zeifman "because she was a liar, she was an unethical, dishonest lawyer, she conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the Committe, and the rules of confidentiality" after she, Doar, Nussbaum et al. conspire to deny Pres. Nixon legal counsel through dirty tricks, although it is not made public, and there is no proof that would stand up in court; she wasn't really fired, but her work ended like everybody else's when Nixon resigned?; this work causes her political star to rise; meanwhile longtime (since 1971) ever-ready beau Bill Clinton keeps proposing marriage, and they get in an ego war about who has the biggest balls, causing it to stall until she fails the Washington D.C. bar exam and passes the easier Ark. one, then moves to Fayetteville, Ark. in Aug. 1974 and says I do to a new job as one of only two female faculty members in the School of Law at the U. of Ark. - like a good neighbor State Farm is there?

On May 28, 1974 Bill Clinton picks up his lover (1959-92) Dolly Kyle at the Little Rock, Ark. airport along with ugly hairy-legged Hillary, becoming their first meeting; in 1987 he tells her about having a sex addiction, referring to Wilt Chamberlain bedding 20K women, saying "That's ten times more than I've had"; Kyle starts writing a semi-autobio. novel about their affair, which Bill does everything in his power to stop from being pub., after which she sues him but loses and has her appeal denied.

About 1975 Hillary claims she was turned away by a sexist ageist U.S. Marine Corps recruiter; she makes the claim in her 2015 pres. campaign.

You don't have to go the Republic of Boulder to get a same-sex marriage? On Oct. 11, 1975 Bill Clinton (b. 1946) marries fellat, er, fellow atty. Hillary Rodham (b. 1947) in Fayettevile, Ark. in a brick house he purchased for her (a little too close to Halloween but not close enough to be called a witch?); they first met in spring 1971 in Yale Law School, their first date was to view a Mark Rothko exhibit, and when she got a summer job in Calif. he followed her and their first date there was at a Billy Graham crusade; they honeymoon in Haiti, meeting a voodoo priest and visiting a hotel once stayed in by Ernest Hemingway; Hillary shocks their mothers by insisting on keeping the name Rodham; meanwhile Hillary defends her first major criminal defendant Thomas Alfred Taylor (1934-), who was accused of raping a 12-y.-o. girl, getting him off a 30-life sentence with a guilty plea to lesser charges using a legal technicality; on June 15, 2014 the Washington Free Bacon, er, Washington Free Beacon pub. an audio tape from 1983-7 of Hillary talking about the case, seeming to suggest that she knew he was guilty, with the laughing soundbyte: "I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs", also laughing when discussing how DNA evidence was accidentally destroyed by a crime lab, causing the victim to utter the soundbyte: "You took me through Hell... I realize the truth now, the heart of what you've done to me. And you're supposed to be for women? You call that for women, what you did to me? And I hear you on tape laughing" - ha ha, I brought home the bacon?

In 1976 Bill is elected atty. gen. of Ark. (salary $26.5K), and the couple moves to the state capital of Little Rock. In Feb. 1977 Hillary joins the venerable, politically-connected Rose Law Firm (founded 1820), specializing in patent infringement and intellectual property law, also working pro bono in child advocacy, rarely setting foot in court; her salary is $24.5K. In Feb. 1977 Hillary co-founds the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (AACF), going on to pub. more articles advocating that children have power to sue their parents, what are you wearing, Jake from State Farm. In 1978 after she served as the 1976 campaign director of field operations in Indiana for him, and Bill promises support for him in his 1980 primary against Ted Kennedy, Pres. Carter appoints Hillary to the board of directors of the Legal Services Corporation (founded by Congress in 1974 to provide free legal services to the needy), where she served until the end of 1981, becoming chmn. from mid-1978 to mid-1980 (first woman), increasing its funding from $90M to $300M, and successfully fighting the attempts of Pres. Reagan to reduce the funding and change the nature of the org.; she later becomes chmn. in a coup after defeating Carter's choice. In 1979 she became the first female partner at Rose Law Firm.

In spring 1978 the Whitewater Controversy begins when Bill Clinton's buddy James B. "Jim" McDougal (1940-98) sells the Clintons on a plan to join with him and his wife Susan in buying 230 acres of undeveloped land along the south bank of the White River near Flippin, Ark. in the Ozark Mts. in order to subdivide it into lots for vacation homes for professionals from Chicago and Detroit who were wowed by "Deliverance". They borrow $203K to buy land, then transfer ownership to the new Whitewater Development Corp. (incorporated June 18, 1979) in which they have equal shares; "One weekend here and you'll never want to live anywhere else." Too bad, the real estate market collapses, and in 1986 McDougal's Madison Guaranty is investigated for shady dealings, collapsing in 1989, costing the U.S. govt. $73M, and costing the Clintons between $37K-$69K.

In 1978 Hillary Clinton begins trading in cattle futures, turning $10K into $100K in 10 mo., beating odds of 31T-to-1 by allegedly "reading the Wall Street Journal", causing the Cattlegate controversy in Apr. 1994; she is not charged with any wrongdoing.

On Jan. 9, 1979 Bill becomes gov. #40 of Ark (salary $35K a year) (until Jan. 19, 1981), getting in again as gov. #42 on Jan. 11, 1983 to Dec. 12, 1992. In the meantime to finance his campaign he meets with investment banker Dan Lasater, who pleads guilty on Dec. 2, 1986 to being a cocaine dealer, and serves 30 mo. in prison. When he loses his reelection bid in 1980, Bill cries like a baby, and after perhaps blaming herself, Hillary quits using the name Hillary Rodham and goes by the name Mrs. Clinton or Hillary Rodham Clinton, eventually becoming so famous she can go by the name Hillary. While First Lady of Arkansas, Hillary leads a task force that reforms Arkansas's education system, and serves on the board of Wal-Mart and several other corps., and later refuses to condemn Wal-Mart over its slave wage scale and anti-union policy.

In May 1980 after 20K Cuban refugees housed in Fort Chaffee, Ark. create security and law enforcement problems, KLMN-TV reporter Leslie Millwee interviews Ark. gov. Bill Clinton 20x, causing him to sexually assault her on three separate occasions; she doesn't come out until Oct. 19, 2016 during the Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton campaigns.

Anne Wexler (1921-2009)

In 1981 Anne Wexler (1921-2009) becomes the first woman to found her own U.S. lobbying firm; in 1970 as mgr. of the Senate campaign of future hubby Joe Duffey, she enlisted Bill and Hillary Clinton as volunteers, giving them their first job in politics, after which she became an informal advisor to the Clinton admin.

Webster Hubbell (1948-)

In 1984 during Bill's second term as Ark. gov., he appoints Hillary's partner at Rose Law firm Webster Lee "Webb" Hubbell (1948-), former mayor of Little Rock (1979-82) as chief justice of the Ark. supreme court; too bad, he resigns on Apr. 14, 1994 and pleads guilty to overbilling clients, serving 15 mo. in prison, which doesn't stop Bill from appointing him as assoc. U.S. atty. gen. in 1997. Meanwhile Hubbell allegedly hooks up with Hillary, and on Feb. 27, 1980 Chelsea Victoria Clinton (1980-) is born in Little Cock, er, Rock; is she really Hubbell's daughter, because Bill is infertile?

In 1984 Gov. Bill Clinton establishes the Ark. Development Finance Authority to underwrite state public bond issues; it is later accused of laundering up to $10M/week of cocaine drug money, with the operation led by Bill's best friend Dan Lasater, along with his younger half-brother Roger Clinton Jr. (1956-), who is later jailed for cocaine possession, and is pardoned by Bill in 2001 before leaving office; former Green Beret Larry Nichols later claims that he acted as a hit man for the Clintons.

Danney Williams (1985-) Lencola Sullivan (1957-)

In 1984 while serving as Ark. gov. and doing it in the bushes with black hookers on jogging trips, Bill allegedly sires son Danney (Danny) Lee Williams (1985-) with cocaine-addicted black Little Rock hooker Bobbie Ann Williams, then disowns him, but never permits a DNA test (until ?); Bill also allegedly does it with black Miss Arkansas (1981) Orean Lencola Sullivan (1957-).

Oh yes, Wal-Mart. In 1986-92 Hillary sits on the board of Wal-Mart, known for low wages and poor health care and other benefits, saying nothing as it er, wages a war against labor unions seeking to represent store workers.

In 1986-7 the Iran Contra Scandal (Irangate) rocks the Reagan admin. In 1994 former Air Force Intelligence operative and CIA Agent Terry Reed pub. Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA, which claims that Gov. Clinton and vice-pres. (former CIA dir.) George H.W. Bush were involved in allowing the CIA to illegally set up shop in Ark., manufacturing untraceable weapons for the Nicaragua Contras et al.

On Mar. 4, 1987 Gov. Bill Clinton signed an act of the Ark. gen. assembly fixing the design of the Ark. state flag, incl. a "blue star above the word ARKANSAS... to commemorate the Confederate States of America"; the flag flies over Bill and Hillary's house for 12 years, and later the Clinton Library.

In 1988 and 1991 Nat. Law Journal lists Hillary as one of 100 most influential lawyers in the U.S.

In 1990-2 Hillary Clinton serves on the board of dirs. of the Lafarge Corp., which in 1992 is fined $1.8M by the EPA for burning hazardous waste in cement plants in Ohio, but has the fine reduced to $600K after Bill Clinton takes office; it is later implicated in a CIA-backed covert arms export network to Saddam Hussein in the late 1980s, and is caught supporting ISIS by paying taxes to it to operate a cement plant in Syria and buying oil from it; in 2015 it donates $100K to the Clinton Foundation.

Larry Nichols (1949-) Gennifer Flowers Tammy Wynette (1942-98) Daniel Wattenberg (1959-)

On Jan. 26, 1992 three days after Star mag. pub. an article about Clinton insider Larry Nichols (1949-), who claims that Bill Clinton diverted Ark. state funds to engage in extramarital affairs with five women incl. Ark. state employee Gennifer Flowers (1950-), Miss America Elizabeth Ward Gracen (nee Elizabeth Grace Ward) (1961-), and Miss Ark. Lencola Sullivan (first African-Am. woman to place in the top-5 in the Miss America pageant - 1981), Bill and his wife Hillary give an Interview with Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes, in which she discusses her hubby Bill's alleged decade-long affair with Flowers, and utters the soundbyte: "I'm not sitting here like some little woman, standing by my man like Tammy Wynette", setting off a firestorm of controversy, after which Tammy Wynette (1942-98) demands and receives an apology, even though she is a Clinton supporter and later performs at a fundraiser for him; too bad, despite Bill denying any relationship with her, she airs tapes of telephone conversations he had with her, incl. admissions that Hillary is bi, surprising his own staff with his mendaciousness; in Aug. 1992 Am. journalist Daniel Eli Wattenberg (1959-) pub. an article in The American Spectator titled The Lady Macbeth of Little Rock, attacking Hillary's ideological and ethical record from a conservative perspective, causing an avalanche of articles comparing her to Lady Macbeth; in May 1995 Flowers pub. Passion and Betrayal, which incl. the soundbyte that Bill told her during their affair that Hillary was bi, and "had eaten more pussy than he had"; in 1998 Bill admits in a deposition to having had sex with Flowers; in Oct. 2016 Flowers reveals that Bill paid her $200 to have an abortion in 1977 after Ark. amends its constitution to prohibit the use of state funds to pay for abortions.

Stan Greenberg (1945-) Celinda Lake

On May 12, 1992 Bill Clinton pollsters Stanley Bernard "Stan" Greenberg (1945-) and Celinda Lake pub. the confidential memo Research on Hillary Clinton, which concludes that voters admire the couple's strength, but "they also fear that only someone too politically ambitious, too strong, and too ruthless could survive such controversy so well", concluding: "What voters find slick in Bill Clinton, they find ruthless in Hillary."

In 1992 before he beomes pres. Sally Miller has a 3-mo. affair with Bill Clinton, watching him dance around her bedroom wearing her frilly black nightgown and playing his sax, and hearing him tell her that Hillary likes sex with women more than men.

William Jefferson Clinton of the U.S. (1946-) Hillary Rodham Clinton of the U.S. (1947-) Al Gore (1948-) and Tipper Gore (1947-) of the U.S. Chelsea Clinton of the U.S. (1980-) Socks (1991-) and Buddy (1997-2002) Warren Minor Christopher of the U.S. (1925-2011) Bruce Babbitt of the U.S. (1938-) Leslie 'Les' Aspin Jr. of the U.S. (1938-95) Robert Bernard Reich of the U.S. (1946-) Robert Edward Rubin of the U.S. (1938-) Mike Espy of the U.S. (1953-) Federico Peña of the U.S. (1947-) Leon Panetta of the U.S. (1938-) Vernon Jordan of the U.S. (1935-) Ronald Harmon Brown of the U.S. (1941-96) Anthony Lake of the U.S. (1939-) Donna Edna Shalala of the U.S. (1941-) Carol Browner of the U.S. (1955-) Dennis B. Ross of the U.S. (1948-) Tom Foley of the U.S. (1929-2013) Joseph Stiglitz of the U.S. (1943-) Lawrence Summers of the U.S. (1954-) Zoe Baird of the U.S. (1952-) Bernard W. Nussbaum of the U.S. (1937-) Haim Saban (1944-)

The brains of LBJ, the gonads of Elvis? On Jan. 20, 1993 Ark.-born Georgetown U. grad, Oxford Rhodes scholar (first to become pres.) and Yale Law School grad., former Ark. gov., saxophone player ("first black U.S. pres.") (first pres. whose middle name honors a predecessor) (Ronald Wilson Reagan, whose middle name was his mother's surname, was born the year before Woodrow Wilson's election) (2nd pres. who took a stepfather's surname) (first was Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr.); 3rd youngest president (Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy) (4th post-WWII pres. with Southern ancestry) (Truman, Lyndon Johnson, and Carter) ("first pres. to wear a tangerine lalalala speedo"?) (can't type) William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton (1946-) (Secret Service codename: Eagle/Elvis after his favorite singer) becomes the 42nd U.S. pres. (until 2001) in the 61st U.S. Pres. Inaguration; the 7th lefty U.S. pres. (last G.H.W. Bush); Albert Arnold "Al" Gore Jr. (1948-) (Secret Service codename: Sawhorse/Sundance) becomes the 45th U.S. vice-pres.; the 2nd time that the U.S. has six living presidents (Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton); the youngest combined age of pres. and vice-pres. (90) (until ?); Clinton's first inauguration is in keeping with his status as America's first Baby Boomer pres., and features Maya Angelou reciting her poem On the Pulse of the Morning, and Fleetwood Mac performing "Don't Stop" (Bill's favorite thing for a woman to say?), scaring conservatives half to death and crystallizing desperate all-out desires to 'get' him?; Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (1947-) (Secret Service codename: Evergreen) becomes the first First Lady to have her own office in the White House, where it is rumored that she is the real president, has hairy balls, etc. (the first FLOTUS to become POTUS?); First Dog is Labrador retriever Buddy (1997-2002) (named after Bill's dog trainer great-uncle Henry Oren "Buddy" Grisham, who died 3 mo. before it was born in Sept.), and First Cat is Socks (1989-2009) (who was "voted out of office" when Buddy arrived, because he can't stand him); First Daughter Chelsea Victoria Clinton (1980-) (Secret Service codename: Energy) is kept out of the public spotlight; Pres. Clinton appoints Warren Minor Christopher (1925-2011) as U.S. secy. of state #63 (until Jan. 17, 1997) (not the actor William Christopher who played Father Mulcahy in M*A*S*H, he was born in 1932), Robert Edward Rubin (1938-) as U.S. treasury secy. (until 1999), Leslie "Les" Aspin Jr. (1938-95) as U.S. defense secy. #18 (until Feb. 3, 1994), Robert Bernard Reich (1946-) as U.S. labor secy. #22 (until 1997), Tex.-born former Denver, Colo. mayor (who was ousted after he failed to provide enough snowplows for a major snowstorm, making him the man for a national appointment?) Federico Fabian Pena (Peña) (1947-) (Hispanic) as U.S. transportation secy. #12 (until Feb. 14, 1997), Ronald Harmon "Ron" Brown (1941-96) (Dem. Nat. Committee chmn. since 1989) as U.S. commerce secy. #30 (until Apr. 3, 1996) (first black), and Alphonso Michael "Mike" Espy (1953-) as U.S. agriculture secy. #25 (until Dec. 31, 1994) (first black in the job); former Ariz. gov. (1978-87) Bruce Edward Babbitt (1938-) becomes U.S. interior secy. #47 (until Jan. 20, 2001); Lebanese-Am. Donna Edna Shalala (1941-) becomes HHS secy. #18 (until Jan. 20, 2001) (first Arab-Am., and longest-serving until ?); Oxford-educated William Anthony Kirsopp "Tony" Lake (1939-) becomes nat. security advisor #18 (until 1997); Leon Edward Panetta (1938-) becomes White House chief of staff (until Apr. 14, 1997); black atty. Vernon Eulion Jordan Jr. (1935-) is one of Pres. Clinton's key advisors; Lani Guinier (1950-), Clinton's first nominee (Apr.) to lead the U.S. Justice Dept.'s Civil Rights Div. is dropped in June after her writings backing racial quotas cause her to be called one of "Clinton's quota queens" by the Wall Street Journal; in 1998 she becomes the first African-Am. to receive tenure at Harvard Law School; economist Joseph Stiglitz (1943-) joins the Clinton admin. along with Lawrence Henry Summers (1954-), working up to chmn. of the Council of Economic Advisers in 1995-7, and proposing the "Third Way" of a limited but essential role of govt. in the marketplace, ending with financial deregulation incl. of derivatives; after joining the World Bank in 1997, he flops and ends up as a critic of the Bush-Obama bank bailouts; too bad, Clinton wastes his first weeks in office alienating the military by suggesting they allow gays, and by nominating non-starter Zoe (Zoë) Eliot Baird (1952-) for atty. gen., who is found to have not paid taxes on illegal, er, domestic help, which is called Nannygate; former Watergate atty. (who worked with Hillary Clinton in 1974) Bernard W. Nussbaum (1937-) becomes pres. counsel; Egyptian-born pro-Israel Israeli-Am. billionaire ("Power Rangers" media mogul) Haim Saban (1944-) serves on the President's Export Council, sleeping in the White House several times during Clinton's two terms, later pumping money into the William J. Clinton Foundation in Little Rock, Ark., reaching $8M-$10M by 2013, then publicly supporting Hillary Clinton in her 2008 U.S. pres. bid; right before Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy for U.S. pres. in 2015, he gives an interview to Israel's Channel 1, answering a question about her position on the pending nuke deal with Iran by claiming to "know where she stands but I can't talk about it"; Bill Clinton becomes known for freewheeling brainstorming sessions with people of all ranks incl. low-ranking people who probably shouldn't be wasting his time.

In May 1993 Travelgate sees seven employees of the White House Travel Office fired for alleged improprieties during previous administrations, but soon appearing to be done to put friends in their jobs; the firings are traced to First Lady Hillary Clinton; nobody is convicted of anything.

Vince Foster of the U.S. (1945-93) Maggie Williams of the U.S. (1954-)

On July 20, 1993 Bill Clinton's lifelong (42 years) buddy Vince Walker Foster Jr. (b. 1945), deputy White House counsel during Clinton's first term is found dead in Ft. Marcy Park off the George Washington Parkway in Va. outside Washington, D.C., becoming the highest-ranking U.S. federal official to die under questionable circumstances since JFK; despite the lack of blood, and the gun found in his right hand even though he's left-handed, it is officially ruled a suicide, with the FBI concluding that Hillary's lambasting and public humiliation of him triggered it, although right-wingers spin conspiracy theories of coverups involving Pres. Clinton and Hillary; on July 20 (night) Hillary's chief of staff (1993-7) Margaret Ann "Maggie" Williams (1954-) (first African-Am. woman to hold the position) allegedly sneaks in and steals personal files from Foster's office, and later becomes Hillary's senior adviser in her 2008 pres. campaign - I will follow my leader into the very jaws of death itself?

On Sept. 22, 1993 Pres. Clinton unveils his wife, er, his U.S. Health Security Act (AKA Clinton Health Care Plan of 1993) to a joint session of Congress, which would guarantee every American a health insurance policy with a basic minimum benefit std.; it is defeated in 1994 after a public perception that it was written behind closed doors without input; Hillary was put in charge of the Task Force on Nat. Health Care Reform, whose membership is kept secret, incl. people who would benefit personally; people begin to believe that she's the real president after hubby Bill calls her "the smartest woman in the world"?; in 1997 U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth rebukes the Clinton admin. for "outrageous" and "reprehensible" deception about who was in the task force.

Kathleen Willey

On Nov. 20, 1993 White House volunteer Kathleen Willey is allegedly sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton, hugging her tightly and kissing her on the mouth, touching her breasts and genitals; later the same day her 2nd hubby Edward E. Willey Jr. commits suicide; she appears on 60 Minutes on Mar. 15, 1998; the White House claims she was chasing him; she is later found to have given false info. to the FBI, and gets nowhere with her claims; on Oct. 6, 1997 she alleges that she was flown to the Md. home of wealthy Dem. Party donor Nathan Landow and pressured to change her story - did she touch his willy? On Feb. 16, 2014 Willey utters the soundbyte: "Hillary IS the war on women... The point is what this woman is capable of doing to other women while she's running a campaign basically on women's issues. It just doesn't make any sense. She singlehandedly orchestrated every one of the investigations of all these women [who accused hubby Bill of sexual crimes]. They're the people reminding us of how sordid this all is."

George Stephanopoulos of the U.S. (1961-)

On Dec. 11, 1993 Pres. Clinton's chief of staff George Robert Stephanopoulos (1961-) fails to turn papers over to the Washington Post clearing him and Hillary of the Whitewater Scandal, later calling it his greatest mistake.

In May 1994 Hillary Clinton gives an interview to Larry King, in which she backs law and order while opposing ownership of assault weapons, soon pulling out the woman card to push her political career.

On Jan. 23, 1995 Pres. Clinton issues Executive Order 12947, prohibiting financial transactions with anybody on the U.S. Treasury Dept.'s Specially Designated Terrorist List, which incl. Hamas, Hezbollah, the Holy Land Foundation, and Jemaah Islamiyah. Too bad, his admin. is soft on Islamic terrorists, allowing 9/11 to happen.

On Jan. 24, 1995 Pres. Clinton delivers his 1995 State of the Union Speech, becoming the first delivered to a Repub.-controlled Congress since 1954, and first with a Repub. Speaker of the House (Newt Gingrich), proposing the New Covennt of smaller govt. and tax reductions, pushing an assault weapons ban and the Brady Bill, along with assistance for the economic crisis in Mexico, stopping North Korea from getting nukes, peace in the Middle East, legislation to fight terrorism, and illegal immigration, with the soundbyte: "Our administration has moved aggressively to secure our borders more by hiring a record number of new border guards, by deporting twice as many criminal aliens as ever before, by cracking down on illegal hiring, by barring welfare benefits to illegal aliens."

Donald Trump (1946-) at Miss Universe Pageant Alicia Machado (1976-)

In early 1996 Donald Trump acquires the rights to the May Miss Universe pageant for $10M; his wife Marla Maples hosts it in 1996 and 1997; too bad, its ratings are already in a slide, going from 35M in 1974 to 8M in 2002. On May 17, 1996 the Miss Universe 1996 Pageant in Las Vegas, Nev. is won by 5'7" Miss Venezuela Yoseph Alicia Machado Furjado (1976-); too bad, during her reign she gains 55 lbs., causing sponsors to drop support and pageant owner Donald Trump to stage a media event showing her working out and giving her a second chance, going on to call her "an eating machine", "Ms. Piggy", and "Ms. Housekeeping", pissing-off the PC press; she goes on to pose for the Feb. 2006 issue of Playboy, and be used by Hillary Clinton as ammo in her first debate with Trump on Sept. 26, 2016, causing dirt to be dug up on her incl. how she was the babe of a major narcotics trafficker and had his baby, how she threatened to kill a Venezuelan judge, and how a govt. witness who testified about their affair was shot to death.

In May 1996 Hillary Clinton addresses the Muslim Women's League and its parent group the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), becoming the first First Lady to address a Muslim org. outside the White House, praising them for fighting the "hatred" of Islamophobia despite their calling the Israeli response to a Palestinian bus bombing in Jerusalem a "terrorist act".

On Sept. 5, 1995 Hillary addresses a special session of the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, lecturing China on human rights abuses with her hair let down sexily and wearing a pink suit, with the soundbyte: "Women's rights are human rights, and human rights are women's rights"; three days earlier her hubby Bill addressed ceremonies at Pearl Harbor commemorating the 50th anniversary of V-J Day.

Jean Houston (1937-)

In Jan. 1996 Hillary pub. It Takes a Village: And Other Lessons Children Teach Us, ghostwritten by Barbara Feinman; "Children are not rugged individualists"; "I believe the primary role of the state is to teach, train and raise children. Parents have a secondary role"; New York City-born Human Potential Movement leader Jean Houston (1937-) helps Hillary write the book, counseling her to imagine a meeting with Eleanor Roosevelt, which the press twists into a seance.

William L. Safire (1929-2009)

Hillary's years as First Lady drew a polarized response from the American public, creating a hive of fierce enemies for life along with another hive of loyal followers. On Jan. 8, 1996 New York Times columnist William Lewis Safire (Safir) (1929-2009) calls First Lady Hillary Clinton a "congenital liar" with regard to her role in Whitewater; the Dems. dismiss it as election year politicking. On Jan. 26 after becoming the first First Lady to be subpoenaed, Hillary testifies before a federal grand jury regarding the Whitewater controversy, but is never charged with wrongdoing in this or several other investigations during the Clinton presidency. On Jan. 28 Hillary gives a speech that calls black gangbangers "super predators", with "no conscience, no empathy", which is later used to hound her. Meanwhile in Aug. 1996-Nov. 1998 Project X sees the Clintoons destroy 1M subpoenaed emails, claiming a "glitch" in a West Sing Sing, er, West Sing email server.

On Aug. 5, 1997 Bill signs the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), providing 5M children with health insurance; it is paid for by a budget deal between the Dems. and Repub. majority leader Sen. Trent Lott, with half of the money coming from the Attorney Generals' tobacco settlement, and cigarette taxes raised from 24 to 67 cents a pack; the legislation was sponsored by Dem. Mass. Sen. Ted Kennedy and Repub. Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, but Hillary helped push it through, getting thanked by Kennedy. First Lady Hillary also plays a leading role in advocating the creation of the U.S. Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 (Nov. 19, 1997) and the U.S. Foster Care Independence Act of 1999 (Dec. 14, 1999).

Sidney Blumenthal of the U.S. (1948-) Max Blumenthal (1977-)

In Aug. 1997 Chicago, Ill.-born journalist Sidney Blumenthal (1948-) becomes senior adviser to Pres. Bill Clinton (until Jan. 2001), becoming known for attacks on adversaries; "When the White House is backpedaling – a familiar move as the president's libido made a hostage of his administration – Blumenthal is the first to urge aides to man the ramparts, a fire-breathing role taken by Patrick Buchanan in the Reagan administration" (Michael Powell, Washington Post); after her Jan. 2009 appointment as U.S. secy. of state, Hillary Clinton is blocked from hiring him by Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel because of the bad blood generated by spreading negative stories about Obama during the Dem. primaries; during the 2011 Libyan rebellion against Col. Daffy, he sends 25 emails to Hillary on a secret email account giving her intel, which she sends to her aide Jake Sullivan, disguising that he is advising a group of contractors courting Libyan business. Sidney Blumenthal's son is Max Blumenthal (1977-), a rabidly anti-Israel leftist who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, praises Hamas, and compares Israel to ISIS, and whose 2009 book "Republican Gomorrah" Hillary is a fan of; Sidney forwards his rants to Hillary regularly?

Monica Lewinsky (1973-) and Handsome Paula Jones (1966-) Monica Lewinsky's Blue Dress

Sex scandal in the White House involving the head of the country brings the best Democrat president since ? to the midnight hour? On Jan. 23, 1998 the Lewinsky Scandal begins after revelations about a cum, er, semen-stained navy-blue dress of 20-something White House intern Monica Samille Lewinsky (1973-) surface in the news; U.S. Pres. Clinton, already facing sexual harassment charges by Paula Corbin Jones (1966-), is accused of having sexual relations (beejay) with Lewinsky; after hearing about it, Hillary Clinton hits Bill over the head with a book, leaving blood all over their beds, requiring several stitches; on Jan. 26 Clinton tells the Am. people the boner that "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky"; on Jan. 27 Hillary Clinton blames it all on a "vast right-wing conspiracy"; on Aug. 17 Clinton becomes the first U.S. pres. required to testify before a grand jury; the same day he goes on TV and admits that he had "an inappropriate relationship" with Harmonica Blewinsky, er, Monica Lewinsky, hinting that oral sex is not considered sexual relations in his high power lawyerly vocabularly. The mean Puritanical Republicans loose the dogs of war? On Sept. 11 independent counsel Kenneth Star delivers the 445-page Starr Report to the U.S. House of Reps. after a 4-year $40M investigation (witch hunt?) into the Clintons; it charges Pres. Clinton with 11 impeachable offenses, all involving perjury or obstruction of justice - lying to them about personal things that they shouldn't have had the power to ask in the first place? On Oct. 5 after a House vote led by Jesuit-trained Ill. Rep. Henry Hyde (1924-2007), who utters the soundbyte "What we are telling you today are not the ravings of some vast right-wing conspiracy, but a reaffirmation of a set of values that are tarnished and dim these days, but it is given to us to restore them so our Founding Fathers would be proud", the Clinton Impeachment Inquiry begins; Calif. Rep. Gary Condit and other moderate-conservative Blue Dog Dems. vote for the inquiry; on Nov. 13 Paula Jones drops her case against Clinton for $850K; her atty. is up-and-coming Gloria Allred (1941-). The head of our country is impeached for getting out of hand with aide Monica Lewinsky? On Dec. 1 the House Judiciary Committee widens the scope of its inquiry to incl. the election campaign; on Dec. 11 it votes 21-16 to approve articles of impeachment; on Dec. 17 the House decides to postpone its impeachment vote until the Gulf Crisis is resolved; on Dec. 19 House Resolution 611 (introduced by Henry Hyde on Dec. 15) is passed, making Clinton the 1st elected U.S. pres. and 2nd U.S. pres. to be impeached (Andrew Johnson in 1868); he is impeached on two of four proposed articles by narrow partisan majorities, 228-206 for perjury to a grand jury, and 221-212 for obstruction of justice; a 2nd count of perjury in the Paula Jones case fails by 205-229, and an abuse of power count fails by 148-285; four Repubs. oppose all four articles, five Dems. vote for at least one.

'Primary Colors', 1998

On Mar. 20, 1998 Mike Nichols' Primary Colors debuts, based on the Joe Klein satire starring John Travolta as Gov. Bill Clinton, er, Jack Stanton, and Emma Thompson as his wife Hillary, er, Susan (sans a Harmonica?); the movie is really about virgin campaign mgr. Henry Burton (Adrian Lester)?; features an appearance by "J.R. Ewing" Larry Hagman as political opponent Fred Picker; does $52M on a $68M budget; "What went down on the way to the top."

'Interdimensional Clownz' by T.L. Winslow (TLW), 1998

In 1998 TLW pub. the novel Interdimensional Clownz, about a parallel world where Hillarious Clowntown of Clowncago is part of an interdimensional conspiracy during her hubby William Jefferson Clownton's Peachy Party over the Harmonica Clowninsky affair.

Lindsey Olin Graham of the U.S. (1955-) Olympia Jean Snowe of the U.S. (1947-) Susan Margaret Collins of the U.S. (1952-)

On Jan. 7, 1999 after House Judiciary Committee member (1995-2003) (R-S.C.) Lindsey Olin Graham (1955-) brings the House's case to it, the U.S. Senate begins the Clinton Impeachment Trial (2nd U.S. pres. to be tried before the Senate, after Andrew Johnson), presided over by chief justice William Rehnquist; on Feb. 12 after a motion sponsored by Olympia Jean Snowe (1947-) (R-Maine) and Susan Margaret Collins (1952-) (R-Maine) to allow the Senate to vote separately on the charges and the remedy (on the grounds that picayune perjury charges aren't grounds for removal from office), he is acquitted even though his perjury charge is 55-45 for (10 Repubs. against, 0 Dems. for); the obstruction charge is a 50-50 vote (5 Repubs. against, 0 Dems. for) - he cums close but no cigar?

On Jan. 13, 1999 Hillary is the keynote speaker at the first CURE (Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy) dinner in Chicago, Ill., with chmn. Susan Axelrod (co-founder with hubby David Axelrod) uttering the soundbyte: "Hillary Clinton is in many ways one of the founding mothers of CURE."

Juanita Broaddrick

On Feb. 24, 1999 Bill Clinton has his first sex scandal with nursing home admin. Juanita Broaddrick on Dateline NBC, when she accuses him of raping her in spring 1978 after she volunteered for his Ark. gov. campaign and ended up in his campaign office in Little Rock followed by her room at the Camelot Hotel, where he went for it by grabbing her, biting her lip, and ripping off her pantyhose (once driven there's no going back?); too bad, she files then recants an affadavit, ruining her credibility, and the snake slithers away; in Sept. 2016 nursing home worker Norma Rogers gives an interview, saying that she found Broaddrick in her hotel room crying, with her mouth swollen and cut, and her pantyhose ripped.

John F. Kennedy Jr. (1960-99)

On July 16, 1999 (inebriated?) pilot John F. Kennedy Jr. (b. 1960), along with wife Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her sister Lauren Bessette die in a single-engine plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Martha's Vineyard; conspiracy theorists later point to the Prophecies of Nostradamus as seeming to predict it; others point to how lucky N.Y. senatorial candidate Hillary Clinton was; in 2001 Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Lauren Bessette receive $15M from his estate - a conspiracy, or just another Irish on poteen?

On Oct. 19, 1999 Am. TV journalist Walter Cronkite addresses the World Federalist Assoc., uttering the soundbyte "I'm glad to sit on the right hand of Satan" before introducing Hillary Clinton, after which he is presented the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award for supporting OWG, and disses Christian evangelists like Pat Robertson, stoking conspiracy theorists.

Yasser Arafat (1929-2004) and Suha Arafat (1963-)

In 1999 cradle-robber Yasser Arafat's wife Suha Arafat (1963-) causes an internat. uproar when she comments to U.S. First Lady Hillary Clinton that Israel had poisoned Palestinians with gas and toxic waste, leading to an increase in cancer among women and children.

Rick Lazio of the U.S. (1958-)

On Feb. 6, 2000 after purchasing a $1.7M 5-bedroom colonial home in Chappaqua, N.Y. in Sept. 1999 to qualify, ballsy U.S. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton officially enters the N.Y. Senate race as a Dem. In May New York City mayor Rudolf Giuliani announces that he has prostate cancer and will not be a candidate for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, causing Repubs. to nominate Long Island rep. Enrico Anthony "Rick" Lazio (1958-); meanwhile Dems. nominate First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, another women's first.

On June 26, 2000 Hillary's "closest friend", political science prof. Diane Divers Blair (b. 1938), wife of futures trader Jim Blair, chief counsel at Tyson Foods Inc. during Cattlegate dies, leaving the Hillary Papers, incl. correspondence, diaries, interviews, strategy memos, and accounts of conversations with the Clintons from the mid-1970s, which are donated to the U. of Ark.; they are closed to the public until Mar. 9, 2010.

Paul Franklin Paul (1948-)

On Aug. 12, 2000 Hillary holds the Hollywood Farewell Gala Salute to Pres. William Jefferson Clinton in Los Angeles, Calif., featuring performers incl. Cher, raising her over $1M; too bad, she is accused of understating the fundraiser's costs, and accepting donations from convicted felon Peter Franklin Paul (1948-), former partner of "Spider-Man" creator Stan Lee, raising allegations that he is trying to get her hubby Bill Clinton to pardon him; after several years of legal wrangling she slithers out of it snakey clean. On Nov. 7 Hillary wins the election. On Dec. 30 the Clintons buy a $2.85M 5-bedroom colonial-style brick home on Whitehaven St. near Embassy Row in Washington, D.C., designating their Chappaqua, N.Y. home as their primary residence.

In 2000 Bill Clinton games the George J. Mitchell Scholarship Fund (founded by Trina Vargo, a broker of the talks leading to the 1998 Good Friday Peace Agreement in Ireland) to get Chelsea Clinton's beau Jeremy Kane into an elite college.

On Jan. 3, 2001 Hillary becomes Dem. U.S. Sen. from N.Y. (until Jan. 21, 2009); her hubby's last day in office is Jan. 20, 2001.

Marc Rich (1934-) Hugh Edwin Rodham (1950-) Carlos Anibal Vignali Andrew G. Atkeson Daniel J. Benor (1941-) Ann Brashares (1967-) Almon Glenn Braswell

I'm calling from the White House - can you get me free tickets to the Super Bowl? On Jan. 20, 2001 in his final hours in office Pres. Clinton issues 36 commutations and 140 pardons for billionaire fugitive Jewish financier Marc (Marcell David) Rich (Reich) (1934-2013), Susan McDougal, Patricia Hearst, Henry Cisneros, John Deutch, his brother Roger Clinton et al., causing the Pardongate mini-scandal; it is later revealed that Hillary Clinton's younger brother (failed Georgian hazelnut importer) Hugh Edwin "Hughie" Rodham (1950-) received $400K to help two felons, cocaine dealer Carlos Anibal Vignali and tax dodger (Gero Vita Internat. founder) Almon Glenn Braswell (1943-2006) win clemency; after leaving office, Bill Clinton becomes one of the most successful world leaders to transition to private life, with his counselor (since 1995) Douglas J. "Doug" Band (1972-) helping him in 2005 to found the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) as a project of the William J. Clinton Foundation, which goes on to raise $46B for 1.2K philanthropic projects impacting 200M in 150 countries by the end of the decade, by which time thanks to books, speaking fees, etc. the Clantoon Gang is Oprah rich, raking in $108M before taxes by 2008, incl. $21.7M in Apr. 2013-Mar. 2015 from giving 100 speeches (payoffs?) at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Investments, Goldman Sachs, Jewish United Fund, Am. Jewish U. et al. for fees ranging from $225K-$400K, which she keeps secret until ?

After the Sept. 11, 2001 (9/11) Attacks, N.Y. Sen. Hillary supports military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, as does Pres. Obama later, although as a senator he speaks out against the war in Iraq to get voter traction while her, er, she swings in the wind; she goes on to help arrange $1.65B low interest federally-guaranteed "Liberty Bonds" to subsidize rebuilding, which is diverted into a new HQ for Goldman Sachs, later (2005) supporting their $10B Federal Reserve bailout; coincidentally or not, Goldman Sachs pays her $675K+ for three covered-up speeches, later donating to her pres. campaign while prohibiting employees from donating to Donald Trump's campaign - I know the importance of saving for the future? On Oct. 9, 2002 the Dow Jones Industrial Avg. reaches its lowest point since 9/11, closing at 7,286.27, and trading as low as 7,181.47 the next day before beginning a slow climb back. On Oct. 10, 2002 U.S. Sen. (D-N.Y.) Hillary Clinton gives a speech on the Senate floor, with the soundbyte: "In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists incl. Al Qaeda members, though there is apparently no evidence of his involvement in the terrible events of September 11, 2001. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons. Should he succeed in that endeavor, he could alter the political and security landscape of the Middle East, which as we know all too well affects American security"; on Oct. 11 the U.S. Senate votes 77-23 to pass the U.S. Iraq War Resolution, giving Pres. Bush sweeping authority to use military force in Iraq; he signs it on Oct. 16; her vote later comes back to haunt Hillary in the 2008 pres. campaign - and this bird you cannot change, Lord knows, I cant change, bye, bye, baby it's been a sweet love?

Ron Burkle (1952-) Douglas J. Band (1972-) Declan Kelly

In 2002 Bill becomes an adviser to two domestic investment funds run by the Yucaipa Cos. of "Billionaire Party Boy" (New York Post) Ron Wayne Burkle (1952-), who is involved with Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and his Dubai Investment Group Ltd. (YGP), receiving $12M in partnership payments before walking away in 2007 as Hillary begins running for pres. That turns out to be chicken feed as Bill goes on to earn $120M in speaking fees plus $15M from the advance on his June 22, 2004 autobio. My Life. Meanwhile Bill's chief advisor Douglas J. "Doug" Band (1972-) helps him create the William J. Clinton Foundation (later the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation) in 2001, and the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) in 2005, which raises $69B for 2.1K philanthropic projects around the world, and in 2011 founds global corporate advisory firm Teneo with Irish businessman Declan Kelly (former U.S. special envoy to Northern Ireland) before ending his advisor relationship with Bill in 2013 after concerns of leveraging his ties for personal gain. Band also is responsible for negotiating with Barack Obama to make Hillary his secy. of state, after Obama called Malcolm Hoenlein, exec vice-chmn. of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Am. Orgs. (since June 1986) to get her to do it because of her pro-Israeli credentials.

'Living History' by Hillary Rodham Clinton (1947-), 2003

On June 9, 2003 Hillary beats her hubby to the draw by pub. her autobio. Living History, becoming a bestseller (1M+ copies) after Simon & Schuster pays her an $8M advance and the U.S. Senate gives her special permission.

John David Podesta (1949-)

On July 7, 2003 Am. leftist activist (aide to Pres. Clinton) John David Podesta (1949-) founds the liberal Center for Am. Progress in Washington, D.C., which is later described as the "official Hillary Clinton think tank"; on July 31, 2016 the report From Russia with Money: Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset, and Cronyism, alleging that Hillary's campaign chmn. John Podesta sat on the board the Mossack Fonseca law firm in Panama along with Russian officials that received $35M from the Russian govt. of Vladimir Putin, and failed to fully disclose it on federal forms, after which the firm was the subject of the Panama Papers massive global offshore money laundering scandal, which incl. Mass.-based Joule Unlimited, owned by Joule Global Stitching, Russian investor Viktor Vekselberg and his Renova Group, and Swiss investor Hansjoerg Wyss and his Wyss Foundation, all of which are involved with the Clinton Global Initiative; this was done at the same time that Hillary was into her reset strategy with Russia, spearheading the transfer of advanced U.S. technology.

Dick Morris (1946-) and Eileen McGann

On May 4, 2004 Bill Clinton advisor Richard Samuel "Dick" Morris (1946-) and Eileen McGann pub. Rewriting History, a rebuttal to Hillary Clinton's "Living History", exposing her as cold, manipulative, and single-mindedly in pursuit of grate wealth and powah; on Oct. 12, 2004 they pub. Because He Could, an insider look at the Clinton White House, written as a rebuttal to Pres. Clinton's memoir "My Life".

Christopher Peter Andersen (1949-)

On June 6, 2004 Christopher Peter Andersen (1949-) pub. American Evita: Hillary Clinton's Path to Power, which compares her to Eva Peron.

Big day for U.S. drug companies and bad day for the U.S. beef and fast food hamburger industry? On Sept. 6, 2004 (Labor Day) former U.S. pres., fast food lover and monica, er, sax player Bill Clinton has a 4-hour quadruple heart bypass operation in New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia after it is found that his arteries are 90% blocked by years of gorging on junk food and trying to jog it off while discontinuing his cholesterol-controlling meds.

In 2006 cagey Hillary is reelected, going on to oppose the 2007 Iraq War Troop Surge. Too bad, in late 2006 Am. feminists turn against her, with former backer Nora Ephron saying "She will do anything to win", claiming she's now one of those "who believe she doesn't really take a position unless it's completely safe, who believe she has taken the concept of triangulation and pushed it to a geometric level never achieved by anyone including her own husband, who can't stand her position on the war, who don't trust her as far as you can spit", and Jane Fonda calling her "a ventriloquist for the patriarchy with a skirt and a vagina."

On Jan. 20, 2007 Hillary announces on her Web web site the formation of a pres. exploratory committee for the 2008 pres. election, with the soundbyte "I'm in, and I'm in to win." On Feb. 21 billionaire entertainment mogul David Lawrence Geffen (1943-) gives an interview with Maureen Down of The New York Times, uttering the soundbyte about Bill and Hillary Clinton: "Everybody in politics lies, but they do it with such ease, it's troubling." In Apr. the Clintons liquidate the blind trust set up when he became pres. in 1993 to avoid the possibility of ethical conflicts or political embarrassments.

Norman Hsu (1951-)

In Aug. 2007 Hong Kong-born major Hillary pres. campaign backer ("HillRaiser") Norman Yung Yuen Hsu (1951) is exposed by the Wall Street Journal for financial irregularities, and in Sept. the U.S. Justice Dept. begins investigating; on Aug. 31 after a warrant for a 1992 fraud conviction is finally served, he makes a $2M bail payment, then skips and is arrested on Sept. 6 in Grand Junction, Colo. in a Calif. Zephyr train headed for Chicago; on Jan. 4, 2008 he is sentenced to three years in jail; on Sept. 19 the feds charge him with running a Ponzi scheme; on Nov. 27 a federal grand jury in Manhattan indicts him for defrauding investors of $20M and violating federal campaign finance laws; on May 7, 2009 he pleads guilty to 10 counts of mail and wire fraud, and is sentenced to 24 years in prison, with release date on Aug. 12, 2030.

Boris Johnson of Britain (1964-)

In 2007 Conservative British MP (2001-8) and future London mayor (2008-16) Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (1964-) writes an article for the Daily Telegraph titled "I want Hillary Clinton to be president", containing the soundbytes: "She's got dyed blonde hair and pouty lips, and a steely blue stare, like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital"; "A mixture between Cherie Blair and Lady Macbeth, stamping her heel, bawling out subordinates and frisbeeing ashtrays at her erring husband"; "She represents, on the face of it, everything I came into politics to oppose: not just a general desire to raise taxes and nationalize things, but an all-round purse-lipped political correctness."

In the 2008 Dem. pres. primaries, Hillary starts out far ahead of the pack, then watches Obama catch up until they're running tongue in, er, neck-in-neck. Too bad, on Mar. 21, 2008 the Washington Post pub. a photo of Hillary Clinton's welcoming ceremony in Tuzla, Bosnia on Mar. 25, 1996, showing that she didn't have to run from the airplane to a waiting vehicle under sniper fire like she has recently become fond of repeating, causing her to come clean on Mar. 24 and admit she misspoke; proof that women can't face reality and shouldn't become the chief executive? In Mar. after her campaign team circulates photos of Obama wearing a turban during a diplomatic trip to Kenya in 2006, Hillary gives an interview to Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes, who asks her if she believes that Obama is a Muslim, to which she utters the soundbyte: "No, there is nothing to base that on, as far as I know"; in 2015 despite her team starting the Obama-is-a-Muslim rumor, she slams Donald Trump for not rebuking a supporter who suggests it - what does it matter? In Apr. the first rumors that Obama was not a U.S. citizen were not spread by the right but by supporters of Hillary Clinton when her volunteer in Iowa was fired for spreading the rumor, her adviser Sidney Blumenthal asked McClatchy Washington bureau chief James Asher to go to Kenya to search for his birth records, and told him in person that he was born there, and her pollster Mark Penn sent her a memo raising the issue of Obama's "lack of American roots"; meanwhile the Obama campaign charges her campaign with publicizing a photo of Obama in traditional Somali garb. On June 3 Barack Obama makes history by becoming the first African-Am. U.S. pres. delegate for a major political party, reaching the 2,118 delegates needed despite Hillary Clinton winning the 2008 South Dakota Dem. Primary by 55%-45% and not conceding until June 7, when she finally gives up trying to figure out how to strongarm him into a vice-pres. nomination and throws her support behind the Man, saying that electing him will achieve her goals of universal health care, a strong economy, and the end of the Iraq War, while calling her 18M primary twats, er, votes "18 million cracks in the glass ceiling" (I'd like to view that ceiling?); Obama also wins the 2008 Mont. Dem. Primary by 56%-41%; virtually all of Africa (not just his daddy's home country of Kenya) goes er, ape-shit with happiness at the big news?; before giving a speech in St. Paul, Minn. to celebrate his V, Obama exchanges a fist bump with wife Michelle, which Fox news anchor E.D. Hill calls a "terrorist fist jab", causing her show to be canned; meanwhile John McCain gives a speech in Kenner, La., claiming that he has stronger credentials to be an independent agent of change than Obama, and a Pew Research Center Poll indicates that only 49% of independents have a favorable impression of Obama now, vs. 62% in Feb.; Obama meets with Hillary on June 5 at the home of Calif. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and informs her that he's not going to ask her to be his running mate, and on June 6 she holds a meeting at her Whitehaven St. home in Washington, D.C. to plan her concession speech. Too bad, despite winning far more primaries and delegates than any other female candidate in U.S. history, she loses to Ill. Sen. Barack Obama, who goes on to win the White House in the 2008 U.S. Pres. Election on Nov. 4, 2008, and make her swallow her, er, pride by accepting the job of secy. of state instead of the vice-presidency. On Feb. 11, 2014 HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton is pub. by Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen, revealing that during the 2008 campaign Hillary kept an enemies hit list.

'Whos Nailin Paylin?', 2008
Who's Nailin' Paylin?! by annepinup

On Nov. 4, 2008 (election day) Jerome Tanner's XXX Hustler porno spoof film Who's Nailin' Paylin is released, starring Lisa Ann as Serra Paylin, Nina Hartley as Hilly, and Jada Fire as Condi, who get it on in hot lesbian action that's so realistic they didn't have to use actors?

In Dec. 2008 Valerie Jarrett, co-chmn. of the Obama-Biden transition team signs a memorandum of understanding with Clinton Foundation CEO Bruce Lindsey that the foundation's activities will not "create conflicts or the appearance of conflicts for Senator Clinton as Secretary of State", which doesn't stop 180+ persons, cos., and foreign govts. from giving it money while officially lobbying the U.S. State Dept.

As Hillary prepares to leave the Senate, she leaves a small string of minor legislation incl. changing the names on courthouses and post offices, along with four substantive pieces of legislation incl. setting up a nat. park in Puerto Rico, the Lifespan Respite Act of 2006 providing respite care for family members helping their relatives deal with Alzheimer's and other conditions, and two routine bills to aid 9/11 victims and responders which were sponsored by the entire N.Y. delegation; at least more than Obama did :)

Jeffrey Epstein (1953-)

Speaking of nailin' somebody, in 2008 horndog financier Jeffrey Edward "Jeff" Epstein (1953-) is convicted of soliciting an underage girl for prostitution, which is threatening to stink the Clintons up bigtime because in Sept. 2002 he flew Bill along with actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker to Africa in his private Boeing 727 to promote Bill's anti-AIDs campaign, then flew Bill several times to his private island Little Saint James in the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he uses underage girls as sex slaves in orgies with power players incl. politicians and scientists; the madam ? was a guest at the 2010 wedding of Chelsea Clinton, welcome Madam President.

Sant Singh Chatwal

In 2008 Indian-born Sikh Sant Singh Chatwal, founder of Hampshire Hotels and Resorts and owner of the Bombay Palace restaurant chain raises $100K for Hillary's pres. campaign, becoming a trustee of the William J. Clinton Foundation and good friends with Bill and Hillary; on Apr. 17, 2014 he pleads guilty to illegal campaign contributions to "three unnamed candidates", and is sentenced on July 31 to ?.

Victor Thorn

In 2008 Victor Thorn pub. the trilogy Hillary (and Bill), The Sex Volume (Feb. 14), The Drugs Volume, and The Murder Volume.

Farah Pandith (1968-) Huma Abedin (1976-) Anthony David Weiner of the U.S. (1964-)

On Jan. 21, 2009 Hillary becomes U.S. secy. of state #67 (until Feb. 1, 2013), working for Pres. Obama. Too bad, she stinks herself up by appointing Kashmir-born Muslim Farah Pandith (1968-) as her special rep to fairly pander with, er, to Muslim communities, where's the special reps for other religious groups or is this an acknowledgement that Islam is a religious-political combo. Her deputy chief of staff is Saudi-raised Muslim Huma Mahmood Abedin (1976-) (once rumored to be her lesbian lover), whose mother Saleha Abedin belonged to the Muslim Sisterhood, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and whose brother Hassan Abedin works at the infamous Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, whose board is loaded with Muslim Brotherhood members, and who has Turkish pres. Abdullah Gul, a follower of infamous Fethullah Gulen among its trustees; did I mention that the Clintons helped Gulen flee to the U.S. after being indicted in Turkey in 2000? When Pres. Obama tried to force tens of thousands of Syrian immigrants on the U.S., Huma uttered the soundbyte that "This is my battle cry." Funny, but on July 10, 2010 Huma married a kike, er, Jew, U.S. Rep. (D-N.Y.) (1999-) Anthony David Weiner (1964-), although Islamic Sharia declares the marriage null and void, perhaps that's why Weiner was regularly showing his wiener on the Internet to other women until he got caught in June 2011, I loved you from the first moment I saw you. Obviously, the Abedins are puppets of the Saudis, oil money works to unlock any lock, ooh la la. To date, Hillary's people have apparently hijacked the Wiki bio article for Huma Abedin, deleting anybody's edits trying to document her Islamist connections or suspicious about her being a mole; just check the article's History page and there's the evidence that Hillary can't cover-up.

On Feb. 13, 2009 Hillary Clinton receives an email from her chief of staff Cheryl Mills informing her that the NSA has denied her request for a more secure BlackBerry that she wants to use to circumvent normal classified info. security protocols.

The Reset Button, Mar. 6, 2009

On Feb. 23, 2009 the Obama admin. announces $900M in aid for Hamas to help rebuild Gaza after the Israeli attack; meanwhile U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton appoints longtime pres. adviser Dennis B. Ross (1948-) as special adviser for the Persian Gulf and SW Asia (until Nov. 10, 2011). On Mar. 1-4 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Rodham Clinton makes her first official visit to the Middle East, meeting with lame duck Israeli PM Ehud Olmert and PM-designate Benjamin Netanyahu, and declaring U.S. support for Israel "unshakeable" while saying that the Palestinian Authority is the "only legitimate government of the Palestinian people", and going after the Israelis for withholding aid to Gaza. On Mar. 5 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton proposes an internat. meeting on Afghanistan to incl. "key regional and strategic countries" incl. Iran, even though on Mar. 5 she accused its leaders of fomenting divisions in the Arab world, promoting terrorism, threatening Israel and Europe, and seeking to "intimidate as far as they think their voice can reach". On Mar. 6 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton presents her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in Geneva with a mock reset button, but the label is misworded to read "overcharge" instead; it was swiped from a Jacuzzi in Geneva; on Mar. 20 a U.S. delegation led by Henry Kissinger meets with Russian pres. (since May 7) Dmitri Medvedev (1965-), calling it an attempt to "press the reset button" on U.S.-Russian relations. On Mar. 20 Pres. Osama, er, Obama releases a Special Video Message to the People of Iran: A New Year, a New Beginning, offering a "new day" in U.S.-Iraq relations, calling it the Islamic Repub. to stroke their leaders, who brush it aside with the reply that Washington must show concrete change first, then inaugurate their first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant on Apr. 8; on May 5 U.S. defense secy. Robert Gates assures U.S. allies in the Middle East that their relationships with the U.S. won't be damaged by Obama's naive, er, open dialoguing efforts. On Mar. 26 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton admits that the U.S. shares responsibility with Mexico for its drug violence, with the soundbyte that traffickers "are motivated by the demand for illegal drugs in the United States, and are armed by the transfer of weapons from the United States"; meanwhile the U.S. DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act is introduced into the U.S. Congress, providing undocumented immigrant students citizenship after they graduate from h.s. and earn a 2-year college degree or serve in the military for two years; too bad, it fails in the Senate by a 44-52 vote.

On Apr. 24, 2009 Pres. Obama commemorates the anniv. of the 1915 Armenian genocide of 1.5M by the Muslim Turks with a written statement calling it "one of the great atrocities of the 20th century", but reneging on a campaign promise to label it as genocide, pissing off Armenian-Ams.; on Oct. 10 they sign a historic agreement to establish diplomatic ties after a dramatic last-minute intervention by U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton to make it happen; the real reason Turkey wants to improve relations with Armenia is to get it to drop claims to the Nagorno-Karabakh region so they can pipe C Asian gas through Azerbaijan? - Armenians should all get govt.-paid fertility treatments and become octomoms and octodads to make up for the genocide? On Apr. 25 Obama's secretary, er, U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton makes a surprise visit to Baghdad, Iraq, and holds a town hall style meeting in the U.S. embassy, promising the Iraqi people that the Obama admin. will, er, won't abandon them as the U.S. begins pulling out troops; meanwhile four suicide bombings in the last two days kill 160+.

On May 25, 2009 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton announces that partners of gay U.S. diplomats will be given the same benefits as spouses of hetero diplomats - I need to blow that dude, let me through now? On May 28 after Israel rejects U.S. overtures to stop settlement construction on the West Bank, Pres. Obama personally steps in and tries to pressure it while meeting with Palestinian pres. Mahmud Abbas; it was Hillary Clinton who demanded a freeze on new home construction in existing settlements, making a new issue of it, killing all peace talks?

On June 28, 2009 (6 a.m.) after pushing for a constitutional amendment to allow him to run for a 2nd 4-year term, U.S.-backed Honduran pres. (since 2006) Jose Manuel "Mel" Zelaya (1952-) is ousted by the military, who arrest him in his pajamas and fly him to Costa Rica (without asking Costa Rican pres. Oscar Aras for permission?), causing him to utter the soundbyte: "They are creating a monster they will not be able to contain"; the army insists that it is not a coup but that they had an order by a supreme court judge to remove him for abuse of authority; Roberto Micheletti (1943-) is named interim pres. by the congress; meanwhile Obama calls for his return to office, placing himself in the same camp as a number of nearby leftist govts. incl. allies Venezuela and Nicaragua, along with the U.N., EU, and OAS, causing conservative U.S. pundit Rush Limbaugh to suggest that he is trying to get the 22nd Amendment repealed so that he can serve a 3rd term, pointing to his backing of Zelaya, who wanted to amend his constitution to serve another term, along with his refusal to stand up to the bogus Iranian election, plus the facts that his daddy was a Marxist, and his followers are "cult-like"; on July 26 Zelaya sets up a camp on the Honduran-Nicaraguan border, ignoring the call of foreign leaders to not force a confrontation; his wife Xiomara Castro de Zelaya (1959-) is blocked by Honduran soldiers from joining him; on Sept. 21 (night) Zelaya slips back into Honduras and takes refuge in the Brazilian embassy, claiming to want to talk to the interim govt. to "restore democracy", causing his supporters to demonstrate and clash violently with police; after U.S. diplomatic efforts, on Oct. 30 the Honduran govt. accepts a deal allowing Zelaya to return to power; all along U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton worked against Zelaya.

On Aug. 6, 2009 on an 11-day tour of seven countries in Africa, U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton speaks in Kenya, saying that it is a "great regret" that the U.S. is not a member of the Internat. Criminal Court that tries people for genocide and crimes against humanity - if it joined then every U.S. politician back to George Washington would be indicted?

In Aug. 2009 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton holds a private State Dept. dinner on higher education policy, inviting a rep from for-profit Laureate University in Baltimore, Md., founded by Bill Clinton admirer Doug Becker, who next May signs him up as "honorary chancellor", which pays him $17.6M over five years until Hillary launches her pres. campaign in 2015.

On Oct. 27, 2009 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton breaks with Pres. Obama on his support of the hijacking of the U.N. by Muslims who seek to get a resolution passed against "defamation of religion" (really, only theirs), saying "An individual's ability to practice his or her religion has no bearing on others' freedom of speech." On Oct. 28 a car bomb detonates in the crowded market street of Peepal Mandi in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing 100, mostly women just hours after Hillary Clinton arrives and pledges a fresh start in strained relations, becoming the deadliest terrorist attack since the 2007 assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Porfirio Lobo of Honduras (1947-)

On Nov. 29, 2009 elections in Honduras are a V for conservative opposition candidate (landowner) Porfirio Lobo Sosa (1947-) by 56% vs. 38% for rival Elvin Santos, with a 60% voter turnout, causing the Manuel Zelaya controversy to fizzle as the U.S. and four Latin Am. countries recognize the result; he takes office next Jan. 27 (until Jan. 27, 2014); Hillary Clinton's U.S. State Dept. and U.S. Agency for Internat. Development (USAID) launch the $26M Honduras Convive (Sp. "Hondoruas Coexists") program to reduce violent crimes; it is really about erasing memories of the coup while bolstering the repressing regime that is owned by big corporations?

On Jan. 6, 2010 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton says that troubled countries like Yemen need development aid along with diplomacy and air strikes to fulfill U.S. security interests; on Jan. 6 Yemeni foreign minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi chimes in and says that Yemen doesn't welcome U.S. and foreign troops, even for training and logistical support. On Jan. 8 Obama admin. spokesmen Hillary Clinton and George Mitchell change the U.S. Mideast peace approach, stepping up pressure on Israel and the Palestinians to resume stalled talks by moving straight to negotiations on the toughest issues, incl. borders of a Palestinian state and the status of Jerusalem; on Mar. 12 Hillary rebukes Israel for building new settlements in E Jerusalem, causing the Zionist Org. of Am. to send her a letter on Mar. 28 asking her to apologize to her former constituents in New York for promising to support an undivided Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and former New York mayor Ed Koch to say that he is "close" to "getting off the Obama train". On Jan. 12 (4:53 a.m.) the 7.0 Great 2010 Haiti Earthquake centered 10 mi. from Port-au-Prince kills 100K-316K and leaves most of the 3M city pop. homeless, becoming the worst earthquake in the area in 200+ years; the nat. penitentiary collapses, allowing inmates to escape; the U.N. HQ collapses, killing ? of ?; the pres. palace collapses, along with the parliament bldg., causing Haitian pres. Rene Preval to flee to the Port-au-Prince airport and live there; the U.S. suspends deportations of illegal Haitian immigrants, and Pres. Obama promises "unwavering support" to rebuild the country, pledging $100M in immediate aid and sending thousands of troops; $5M in aid is donated in the first 48 hours via texting in $10 increments, and $22M within a week; U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson stinks himself up by calling the earthquake God's revenge because Haiti had made a "pact with the Devil" to throw out the French in 1791, followed by Rev. Bill Shuler, who claims that the "practice of witchcraft" caused God's wrath; a group of 10 U.S. Baptists are arrested for child trafficking and kidnapping for trying to cross the border to the Dominican Repub. with 33 Haitian orphans, some of whom turn out not to be orphans, and on Feb. 17 they are finally allowed to leave the country; by Oct. 1 not one cent of the $1.1B pledged by the U.S. for rebuilding arrives as 1M+ Haitians still live on the streets; after South Korean textile co. Sae-A Trading Co. donates $50K-$100K to the Clinton Foundation, several hundred farmers are evicted to make way for the 600-acre $300M Caracol Industrial Park in 2012, creating 8K jobs, although Bill Clinton claimed it would be 100K; conspiracy theorists claim that big oil caused the quake by secret drilling, but in Oct. scientists announce that a previously unmapped fault caused it, and that the originally blamed fault is ready to trigger another one; in 2012 Hillary Clinton's youngest brother Anthony Dean "Tony" Rodham (1954-) sits on the board of N.C.-based VCS Mining as it receives one of two "gold exploitation permits" from the Haitian govt. (the first issued in over five decades) for Morne Bossa, with options to renew for up to 25 years. On Jan. 13 Google Inc. announces that it discovered a massive attempt to hack into its email accounts of Chinese dissidents, and is responding by stopping its censoring of search results in China; China censors the news of it, after which on Jan. 14 its official spokesperson Jiang Yu claims that "China's Internet is open", and that the govt. prohibits e-mail hacking; on Jan. 21 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton gives a Speech on Internet Freedom, singling out China, drew analogies between the Iron Curtain and the free and unfree Internet, pissing them off and causing them on Jan. 22 to tell the U.S. govt. "to respect the truth and to stop using the co-called Internet freedom question to level baseless accusations", then on Jan. 24 they pub. an article in People's Daily accusing the U.S. of controlling the Internet in the name of Internet freedom and mounting a "hacker brigade" to foment unrest in Iran; on Mar. 22 after a Chinese official Googles himself and finds material critical of himself, ordering a crackdown, another official claims China can live without Google, and they get into a mini-war for 2 mo., Google announces that it's closing its China-based Web site and redirecting traffic to an uncensored site in Hong Kong, which the Chinese will censor; on July 9 China gives Google a green light to keep its search page. On Jan. 21 the U.S. Supreme Court rules 5-4 in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corps. can spend freely on political campaigns, and don't have to go through PACs; justice John Paul Stevens writes the dissenting opinion, dissing the court for stretching its jurisdiction over the film "Hillary: The Movie" in order to create a broad sweeping opinion; the Obama admin. responds with the U.S. Disclosure Act to get around it, which Repubs. unite to stop from passing with a filibuster; in Mar. the IRS begins closely scrutinizing orgs. with certain words in their names that are applying for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(4), developing the "Be on the Look Out List" in Aug.; too bad, it flags the words "Tea Party", "patriots", "Israel", "occupy", "progressive", and "9/12 Project", leading to the 2013 IRS Scandal. On Jan. 29 Hillary Clinton warns China that it risks diplomatic isolation and disruption to its energy supplies unless it helps stop Iran from developing nukes.

On Feb. 7, 2010 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton gives an nterview to CNN, stating that she considers WMDs in the hands of Islamic terrorists to be the #1 security threat of the U.S., not a nuclear-armed Iran, calling al-Qaida "a very committed, clever, diabolical group of terrorists who are always looking for weaknesses and openings". On Feb. 14 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton visits Doha, Qatar as part of a 3-day regional visit, and calls for Iran's religious and political leaders to rise up against the Rev. Guards, saying that they're moving it toward a military dictatorship; on Feb. 15 she visits Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and suggests that evidence points to Iran seeking nuclear weapons, saying it would create "quite dangerous" problems if they get them; meanwhile Iranian pres. Imadinnajacket says that Iran will suspend its uranium enrichment in exchange for processed fuel rods from abroad, but says that the swap must be "simultaneous"; at a town hall meeting in the all-women's Dar Al Hekma College, Hillary Clinton is asked if she'd leave the U.S. if Sarah Palin becomes U.S. pres., and she says no, but "I will be visiting as often as I can"; on Feb. 17 Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accuses the U.S. of warmongering and of turning the Persian Gulf into an "arms depot". On Feb. 24 Iranian pres. Imadinnajacket visits Damascus, Syria to visit his pal Bashar al-Assad, and says that Arab nations will establish a Middle East "without Zionists and without colonialists", and that Iran, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon will stand against Israel, causing U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton to tell the U.S. Senate that the Obama admin. is urging Syria to back off from its "deeply troubling" relationship with Iran, but will go through with its appointment of an ambassador to Syria for the first time since the 2005 assassination of Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri; al-Assad shrugs her off - I smell a coup?

On Mar. 12, 2010 Israel seals off the West Bank amid tensions in Jerusalem over plans to build new homes for Jews, which U.S. vice-pres. Joe Biden criticized during his recent visit; Hillary Clinton gives PM Benjamin Netanyahu a 43-min. telephone harangue, telling them that the Israeli govt. "needed to demonstrate not just through words but through specific actions that they are committed to this [bilateral] relationship and to the peace process." On Mar. 18 Iranian-Am. businessman Hassan Nemazee, who raised campaign money for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama pleads guilty to defrauding Bank of Am. Corp., Citigroup Inc., and HSBC Holdings Plc of $292M by obtaining huge loans based on fake collateral documents; on July 15 he is sentenced to 12 years in prison. On Mar. 26 the 1.2K-ton South Korean naval ship Cheonan sinks off Baengnyeong Island in South Korea, killing 26 marines; on May 21 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton condemns North Korea for the torpedo attack, promising to marshal an internat. response with Japan, China, and other countries, with the soundbyte that "provocative actions have consequences"; North Korea warns of war if punished.

On Apr. 22, 2010 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton addresses a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, resisting their pressure to remove U.S. battlefield weapons from Europe unless Russia cuts its arsenal first, since it's 10x larger.

On May 1, 2010 the 2010 U.S. Commission on Internat. Religious Freedom Report concludes that Pres. Obama is failing to talk about or fight for religious freedom around the world incl. Nigeria, and expresses alarm at Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton phasing-out the term "freedom of religion" for the Muslim superiority version "freedom of worship" in public pronouncements, despite the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment's wording about free exercise of religion - not Muslim salami baloneys in public with hog callers and prayer towers? On May 3-28 the 189 signatories to the 1970 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty meet at the U.N. in New York City; on May 3 Iranian pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attends, claiming that the U.S. has failed its obligations, started a global nuclear arms race, and dismissing the prospect of "nuclear terrorism", causing the U.S., Britain, and France to walk out; later U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton gives a speech, dissing Iran for disregarding the treaty; U.N. secy.-gen. Ban Ki-moon utters the soundbyte that "the onus is on Iran" to prove it's not building nukes; Egypt calls for a Middle East nuclear-free zone that incl. Israel; meanwhile David Hale, deputy of U.S. Middle Envoy envoy George Mitchell tells Palestinian pres. Mahmoud Abbas that if there is "significantly provocative settlement activity" in E Jerusalem et al., the U.S. might allow U.N. Security Council resolutions condemning Israel to pass for the first time ever. On May 12 the govt. of Yemen announces that it refuses to extradite U.S.-born jihadist cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, saying he will be tried in the Arabian Peninsula when captured. On May 12 Pres. Obama and Afghan Pres. Hamid Karzai make a joint appearance at the White House, and Obama says that U.S. military action in Afghanistan and the surrounding region is "in our national security interests" because of recent terrorist plots in the U.S. that have ties to the region, while seeming open to the idea of negotiating and reconciling with elements of the Taliban; on May 13 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton vows that despite Karzai's plan to reintroduce Taliban extremists into society, the U.S. will not abandon the women of Afghanistan to Sharia. On May 24 Pres. Obama orders the U.S. military to coordinate with South Korea to "ensure readiness" for possible aggression by North Korea; on May 25 North Korea severs all ties with South Korea as tensions soar; on May 26 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton leaves Beijing after two days and arrives in Seoul in a show of support.

Tell me, friend, when did Saruman the Wise abandon reason for madness? On May 27, 2010 the misnamed Gaza Freedom Flotilla of six cargo ships (three flying Turkish flags, incl. Mavi Marmara, carrying 400 Turks who are members of the Islamic terrorist Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) (Insani Yardim Vakfi), headed by Fehmi Bülent Yildirim (1966-), carrying 10 tons of humanitarian aid incl. bldg. materials and medical supplies sets sail from Cyprus for the Gaza Strip in a symbolic attempt by 680 Muslim and non-Muslim activists from 50 countries to break the 3-year Israeli blockade by refusing to stop at an Israel port for inspection and trucking of supplies by Israel into Gaza like is done every week with 10K tons of food and other supplies; Pres. Obama's associates Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are closely associated with the Free Gaza Movement; Turkish activist Erdinc Tekir, who is wounded in the fighting is later found to have participated in an Islamic terrorist attack on a Russian ferry in the Black Sea in 1996; some activists chant Intifada songs; others chant the Islamic battle cry "Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return", and praise martyrdom before departure; on May 31 (U.S. Memorial Day) (pre-dawn hours of June 1 in Israel) the Israeli military boards the flotilla 75 mi. from the coast, initially carrying only paintball guns, then meeting violent resistance, the Turkish jihadists taking four Israeli marines hostage before other armed commandos storm aboard, killing nine activists and wounding 53 (incl. 37 members of the IHH or other Turkish Islamic orgs.), all on the Mavi Marmara, while getting two Israeli commandos wounded while trying to board, then tows it to Ashdod, later releasing the activists accused of attacking Israeli troops after an internat. outcry; causing Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to apologize, expressing regret and cancelling a planned trip to the White House, later uttering the soundbyte: "The state of Israel faces an attack of international hypocrisy... it is our right and obligation to prevent arms from reaching Gaza. This was not a Love Boat, it was a Hate Boat"; Obama calls the raid "a tragic situation", adding "You've got a loss of life that was unnecessary", calling for an "effective investigation"; on May 31 10K march in Istanbul, Turkey to denounce Israel, along with other demonstrations in London, Athens, etc.; in London 800 protesters attempt to storm BBC Manchester; a women's rally near the Qalandiya Checkpoint between Rammalah and Jerusalem sees Am. journalist Emily Henochowicz loses an eye after being shot with a tear gas canister by Israeli border guards; Turkey threatens action against Israel, putting it on alert; meanwhile on May 31 the U.N. Security Council holds an emergency meeting to discuss the Israeli raid, while Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Liberman claims that the flotilla organizers wanted blood to be shed, saying "Everything proves that it was a group of terrorists who want to promote terror and cooperate with terror"; Arab-Israeli Knesset member Hanib Zoabi, who is aboard the Mavi Marmara calls the IDF operation "criminal"; meanwhile Hillary Clinton is emailed by anti-Israeli advisor Sidney Blumenthal, who compares the raid on the flotilla to the 1976 Entebbe raid, suggesting ways for the U.S. to respond to the incident, with the soundbyte: "Somebody in authority needs to read Israel the riot act"; on June 2 Israeli forces find 1M Euros on one of the ships, intended for use by Hamas, along with a weapons cache; on June 2 pro-Palestinian activists send another boat, the Irish-flagged Rachel Corrie to challenge the Israeli blockade, while Egypt opens a temporary crossing into Palestinian territory, causing thousands of Gazans to flock to it hoping to escape; on June 2 Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls for Israel's PM and defense minister to face trial for the raid; on June 2 two rockets are fired from Gaza Strip by the Islamic Jihad, causing a retaliatory Israeli air strike that kills five; on June 2 after warning Israel not to cause an incident, the Obama admin. sides with the flotilla, and announces that it considers the Israeli blockade of Gaza to be "untenable"; Turkish-born Furkan Dogan (b. 1990) is found among the dead activists, with four bullets in his head and one in his chest, all at close range, causing the Israelis to backpeddle; on June 5 after Irish Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead McGuire says that the activsts are prepared to be arrested, the IDF intercept the Rachel Corrie 35 mi. W of Gaza and escort it to Ashdod without incident; this time the U.S. warns the flotilla not to cause an incident; on June 5 Arab foreign ministers meet in Cairo go discuss the flotillas, and decide to "break the Israeli siege imposed on Gaza", "in any legitimate way", incl. "resistance" (violence); on June 6 Iranian supreme assashollah Ali Khamenei offers the Iranian Rev. Guards to escort future cargo ships to break the blockade; on June 7 the Israeli Navy kills six Palestinian divers, claiming they are terrorists; meanwhle on June 7 Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi warns Israel of Allah's impending warath for having "killed God's prophets"; on June 9 48 trucks with the cargo of the Freedom Flotilla is still waiting at Kerem Shalom crossing after Hamas refuses to accept it, and on June 17 the U.N. agrees to oversee the transfer; on June 11 Turkish pres. Abdullah Gul says that Israel must apologize and compensate the Turkish victims or it might sever diplomatic relations; on June 14 Israel assembles a investigative commission, which on July 12 finds no wrongdoing; on June 15 the Internat. Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) calls Israel's Gaza Strip blockade "collective punishment" and a violation of the Geneva Conventions; on June 17 Syrian pres. Bashar al-Assad says that the Israeli attack on the flotilla has increased the chances of war in the Middle East, and that the current Israeli admin. is a "pyromaniac" govt; on June 19 the Israeli cabinet bows to pressure and eases restrictions on Gaza Strip, reserving the right to inspect for military items; on June 20 Israel gives preliminary plans for razing Palestinian homes in E Jerusalem as a prelude to building Israeli homes, pissing-off the Obama admin. again; on Jan. 23, 2011 the Turkel Commission finds that the blockade "was lawful and complied with the rules of international law, in view of the security circumstances and Israel's efforts to fulfill its humanitarian obligations."

On June 22, 2010 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton attends a Gay Pride Month celebration, and encourages U.S. State Dept. employees to let their teenie kids know that it's okay to be gay. On June 28 the FBI announces the arrest of 10 alleged Russian spies in the 10-year Operation Ghost Stories, eight of them on deep-cover assignments in the Acela Corridor (Boston-New York City-Washington, D.C.), incl. redheaded femme fatale Anna Chapman (1982-); on June 29 Bill Clinton gives a speech in Moscow at the Kremlin-front Investment Bank for $500K for 1 hour to set up the uranium deal selling 20% of U.S. uranium to Russian control; after all 10 spies plead guilty on July 8, and Hillary Clinton makes a quick dirty deal with Vladimir Putin, they are deported to Russia, which promises to release four U.S. prisoners in exchange. On June 28 Hillary Clinton releases a video praising her "friend and mentor" Robert C. Byrd, a former KKK member, which is later trotted out by her enemies.

On July 3, 2010 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton utters the soundbyte that intolerant govts. across the world are "slowly crushing" activist and advocacy groups, singling out Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Russia, China, Egypt, Ethopia, Zimbabwe, and Congo. On July 11 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton utters the soundbyte that Syrian pres. Bashar al-Assad has lost his legitimacy, pissing him and his govt. off. On July 15 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton addresses the Org. of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Istanbul, Turkey, with the soundbyte: "The Human Rights Council has given us a comprehensive framework for addressing this issue on the international level. But at the same time, we each have to work to do more to promote respect for religious differences in our own countries. In the United States, I will admit, there are people who still feel vulnerable or marginalized as a result of their religious beliefs. And we have seen how the incendiary actions of just a very few people, a handful in a country of nearly 300 million, can create wide ripples of intolerance. We also understand that, for 235 years, freedom of expression has been a universal right at the core of our democracy. So we are focused on promoting interfaith education and collaboration, enforcing antidiscrimination laws, protecting the rights of all people to worship as they choose, and to use some old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming, so that people don't feel that they have the support to do what we abhor"; on July 16 she speaks at a coffee house in Istanbul, and criticizes Turkey's human rights record, incl. lack of religious freedom, censorship of the Internet, and improper detention of 50 journalists during the Sledgehammer Coup last year, but adds that it is "one of the most exciting places in the world" because of ties to both Eastern and Western cultures. On July 19 Hillary Clinton announces $500M in new development projects for Pakistan to help it fight the Taliban and al-Qaida - or to finance them? In July the U.S. Agency for Internat. Development (USAID) secretly creates ZunZuneo, a "Cuban Twitter" social network that they try to use to organize "smart mobs" to trigger a Cuban spring; it peaks at 40K users; when its cover is blown, USAid won't say who approved the program or whether the White House had knowledge, becoming a potential scandal for U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton.

On Aug. 20, 2010 Hillary Clinton announces new Israeli-Palestinian talks, with Benjamin Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas promising a 1-year time limit, and Pres. Obama to invite them to Washington on Sept. 2; too bad, on Aug. 24 leftist Palestinian factions meet in Ramallah to protest Mahmoud Abbas' decision to accept the U.S. invitation, causing a security crackdown; on Aug. 27 Mahmoud Al-Habbash gives a Fri. sermon with Abbas in the audience, with the soundbyte "Jerusalem can ignite a thousand and one wars", and that there will never be peace until Jerusalem becomes the capital of the Palestinian people; on Sept. 1 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu utters the soundbyte "President Abbas, you are my partner in peace"; too bad, on Sept. 7 Mahmoud Abbas tells the press that he will not recognize a Jewish state, adding that his position is no different from Yasser Arafat's, and his staff is the same; on Oct. 13 the Palestinians demand that the U.S. and Israel provide a map of the borders of the proposed state of Israel that they want them to recognize, knowing they won't since it might cause a Jewish civil war?

On Sept. 7, 2010 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton hosts a Ramadan dinner with Muslims on Capitol Hill - does she wear a burqa? On Sept. 10 a record 25 are killed by drug gangs in Juarez, Mexico; meanwhile 85 inmates scale the walls of Reynosa Prison and escape, while Pres. Felipe Calderon denies a statement by Hillary Clinton that Mexico resembles Colombia in the 1990s, saying "We face an increasing threat from a well-organized network, drug-trafficking threat that is, in some cases, morphing into, or making common cause with, what we would consider an insurgency." On Sept. 16 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton leaves the Middle East with no sign of breakthrough in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks after three days. On Sept. 20 Turkish pres. Abdullah Gul abruptly cancels a planned meeting with Israeli pres. Shimon Peres at Bill Clinton's Millennium Challenge after Peres won't apologize for the Gaza Flotilla incident, but meets with Israel-hating Iranian pres. Imadinnajacket, who on Sept. 21 addresses the U.N. Gen. Assembly, saying that Capitalism is failing, and that a "pure, righteous and glorious" NWO should be created, and warning the U.S. that if its nuclear facilities are attacked, it will start a war "without boundaries", and that "war is not just bombs", also calling Hillary Clinton "an enemy of Iran", and saying that "the Zionist regime is finished" and can't attack Iran, so they're not even planning for an attack; meanwhile French pres. Nicolas Sarkozy vows a fight on world poverty, pledging to boost aid to the world's poorest by 20% over three years and inviting other nations to join. On Sept. 22 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton congratulates Saudi King Abdullah on Saudi Arabia's nat. day, praising him for his Arab Peace Initiative calling for Israeli withdrawl back to pre-1967 boundaries, with East Jerusalem as capital of a Palestinian state.

On Nov. 23, 2010 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton suggests at a State Dept. meeting that WikiLeaks man Julian Assange be killed with a drone, calling him a "soft target", after which aides settle on a $10M reward for his capture and extradition to the U.S.

On Dec. 5, 2010 WikiLeaks reveals that Obama admin. officials admit that they have failed to shut down the money pipeline to Islamic terrorists after nine years of trying, with Hillary Clinton sending a classified memo saying: "It has been an ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat terrorist financing emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic priority. Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide."

As secy. of state Hillary was at the forefront of the U.S. response to the Arab Spring of 2011, advocating for U.S. military intervention in Libya.

Gabrielle Giffords of the U.S. (1970-)

On Jan. 8, 2011 (Sat.) U.S. Rep. (D-Ariz.) (2007-) Gabrielle Dee "Gabby" Giffords (1970-), first Jewish congresswoman from Ariz. is shot in the head during a public event in Tucson outside a Safeway store by er, lone gunman Jared Lee Loughner (1988-), a mixed-up white leftist-rightist pothead whose favorite books are the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf, and is against the abandonment of the gold standard; he is captured; six others are killed, incl. federal judge (1991-) John McCarthy Roll (b. 1947) and 9-y.-o. Christina-Taylor Green; 13 are injured; on Dec. 6 Gifford read the First Amendment to the House; Gifford's last Tweet said "My 1st Congress on Your Corner starts now. Please stop by to let me know what is on your mind or tweet me later"; the leftist PC media knee-jerks by blaming the Tea Party and/or Sarah Palin for the shooting, causing her on Jan. 11 to release a video calling the politicization of the shooting a "reprehensible... blood libel"; 20-y.-o. gay political intern Daniel Hernandez (1990-) becomes a hero for helping save Giffords by applying pressure to her wounds; on Jan. 10 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton gives a townhall interview in Abu Dhabi, and comments that Gifford's shooter is like Islamic extremists in other countries, pissing them off and causing her to flop; on Jan. 12 Pres. Obama delivers a eulogy before an overflow crowd at Ariz. Stadium at the U. of Ariz., with the soundbytes: "Gabby opened her eyes for the first time", and "The hopes of a nation are here tonight. We mourn with you for the fallen"; after dissing leftist comments that the shooter was motivated by rightist politics, he calls on the country to start "talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds"; the speech is his biggest hit ever, causing his popularity rating to go positive for the 1st time since last May 18; N.Y. Dem. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy uses the shooting as an excuse for introducing legislation prohibiting high-capacity gun magazines; on Jan. 15 shooting victim James Eric Fuller is arrested at a town hall meeting for shouting "You're dead" to Tea Party spokesman Trent Humphries, and is committed for psychiatric evaluation. On Jan. 10 Turkish pres. Abdullah Gul stages a historic visit to Yemen to establish relations, followed on Jan. 11 by U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton. On Jan. 13 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton tells Arab leaders in Doha, Qatar that unless they enact political and economic reforms and deal with other problems like depleting oil and water reserves, they will face consequences incl. radical extremist rebellion; meanwhile Turkish PM Tayyep Recep Erdogan calls the Israeli govt. of PM Benjamin Netanyahu the worst in the history of Israel, and urges the Israeli public to "get rid" of him, denying that Hamas is a terrorist org.

On Jan. 25, 2011 (Egyptian Nat. Police Day) the 2011 Egyptian (Papyrus) Rev. in Tahrir (Liberation) Square in Cairo begins with Tunisian-copycat violent demonstrations against the govt. of pres. Hosni Mubarak, sparked by a video blog by activist Asmaa Mahfouz (1985-); they are followed by calls for a 2-day nat. strike; Coptic pope Shenouda III orders Copts to not participate for fear of a Muslim Brotherhood takeover; on Jan. 25 Mubarak's son and heir Gamal Mubarak flees to Britain with his family; on Jan. 26 IAEA dir.-gen. (1997-2009) (mistruster of the U.S., accused of pro-Iranian ties) (Gandhi lookalike?) Mohamed ElBaradei (1942-) returns to Egypt, expecting to lead the protesters; on Jan. 27 the Egyptian stock exchange plunges 6.25% in 15 min., causing trading to halt and the Egyptian govt. to cut off Internet access (first time in Internet history?); on Feb. 2 Internet service is restored; on Jan. 27-28 U.S. homeland security secy. Janet Napolitano secretly meets with Muslim, Arab, and Sikh "community leaders, incl. three orgs. associated with the Muslim Brotherhood; on Jan. 28 the Egyptian military deploys in Cairo under curfew, killing Egyptian protester Sally Zahran (b. 1987-), causing NASA to name a spaceship after her; police use U.S.-made tear gas canisters; after police use rubber bullets and pellet guns on the protesters, 3.8K suffer serious eye injuries, and 1.5K lose one eye; on Jan. 28 Mubarak dismisses his govt., then names a new one on Jan. 29, causing U.S. stocks to take a dip on Jan. 28; on Jan. 29 mobs ignore curfew and set fire to Mubarak's ruling party HQ and state security bldgs., confronting the military, with a Tiananmen Square deja vu moment; Mubarak's wife Suzanne and sons Alaa and Gamal flee to London, while Israel severs diplomatic relations and flies out 200 members of Israeli diplomatic families, and several Arab nations do ditto; on Jan. 29 (Day 5) after giving the order for police to fire on crowds, only to see troops switch sides to the protesters, Mubarak appoints his first-ever pres. and successor, intel head Omar Suleiman (known for orchestrating the brutal interrogation of terror suspects abducted by the CIA, then passing intel info. to the U.S.), passing over his groomed son Gamal Mubarak, and appoints Ahmad Nazif as PM, while IAEA dir. gen. Mohamed ElBaradai announces that "the state of Egypt is in a state of collapse", calling upon the Egyptian army "to take the side of the people" and for Mubarak to step down; on Jan. 29 an escape attempt at Abu Zaabal Prison in Cairo results in eight killed and 123 wounded; on Jan. 29 an assassination attempt is made on Omar Suleiman, killing two bodyguards; on Jan. 28 White House press secy. Robert Gibbs calls for Egypt to turn the Internet and social media back on, after which Chip Reid of CBS asks him "why is the president not standing where you're standing right now?", after which Pres. Obama speaks from the White House State dining room, revelaing that he spoke with Mubarak and told him that "he has a responsibility to give meaning" to the words of his recent speech, and calling on the Egyptian govt. to "refrain from any violence on peaceful protesters"; on Jan. 28 Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami says that the U.S. dream of creating a new Middle East it dominates isn't coming true, and that a new Middle East based on Islamic principles is taking shape; on Jan. 28 after looters break into the King Tutankhamen collection and destroy two Pharonic mummies, the Egyptian army storms the Egyptian Nat. Museum at Tahrir Square in Cairo to protect it from looters, after which students form a human chain to help them as the army starts disappearing and anarchy reigns; on Jan. 28 leading Egyptian Islamic scholar Saeed Amer of Al Azhar says that protests that cause violence are forbidden (haram) in Islam; on Jan. 29 the Egyptian army surrounds the U.S. and U.K. embassies to prevent a repeat of 1979 Iran?; on Jan. 29 Saudi king Abdullah slams Egyptian protesters as "infiltrators", and says Mubarak "reassured" him about the situation, then begins opening his checkbook and spending $130B in his own country to forestall any Egypt-style revolt; on Jan. 30 the U.S. tells its citizens to leave Egypt as soon as possible, while the Egyptian govt. pulls the license for Al Jazeera Network, which had been broadcasting the protests lives on the Internet; on Jan. 30 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton calls for the Egyptian govt. to conduct elections, while protesters in Alexandria begin shouting anti-U.S. and anti-Israel slogans, and armed gunmen from Hamas cross from Gaza into N Sinai to attack and push back Egyptian forces on orders of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in order to open a new front against the Mubarak regime, causing Hamas to close the Rafah border crossing after Egyptian guards flee their posts; on Jan. 31 Cairo Airport is jammed with foreigners trying to escape, while Hillary Clinton convenes an unprecedented mass meeting of U.S. ambassadors from nearly all of its 260 embassies and other posts in 180 countries; on Jan. 31 Mubarak swears in a new cabinet, while Hamas shoots Grad rockets from Gaza to the S Israeli cities of Ofakim and Netivot, and a Qasam rocket to Eshkol, and Israeli security officials report that "something big" was smuggled from Egypt into the Gaza Strip; on Jan. 31 former U.S. ambassador to Egypt Frank Wisner holds a secret meeting in Cairo with senior Muslim Brotherhood leader Issam El-Erian; on Feb. 1 White House press secy. announces that the new Egyptian govt. must incl. a "whole host of important non-secular actors", becoming the first time that the U.S. govt. supports granting a govt. role to the Muslim Brotherhood, which wants to exterminate Israel, and calls for a referendum on the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty; meanwhile the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood waits in the wings for a possible Islamist takeover, with leader Mohamed Ghanem calling on Egypt to stop pumping gas to Israel and prepare for a war with it; polls show that only 27% of Egyptians support modernizers, while 59% support Islamists incl. Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, causing commentators to conclude that Egyptians want Mubarak ousted because of his non-belligerent stance toward Israel and U.S. ties; on Feb. 1 Pres. Obama's envoy Frank Wisner suggest to Mubarak not to run for reelection, which he accepts, insisting on stay in power until Sept. elections, while U.S. ambassador Margaret Scobey talks with Mohamed ElBaradei; Pres. Obama gives a news conference, calling for an "orderly transition" which "must begin now", saying that Mubarak "recognizes that the status quo is not sustainable and that a change must take place"; too bad, the protesters want Mubarak out immediately, and vow to stay in the streets until he goes; on Feb. 2 (Bloody Wed.) Mubarak and anti-Mubarak forces clash in Tahrir Square, with anti-Mubarak protesters claiming that some of the opposition protesters are security personnel dressed in civilian clothing, while others ride camels and horses and are armed with clubs, injuring 1.5K and killing three; CNN's Anderson Cooper gets caught in the middle of the protesters and punched 10x; four Israeli journalists are arrested in Cairo; on Feb. 2 ElBaradei orders Mubarak to leave Egypt by Feb. 5 (Fri.) or he'll be a "dead man walking", to which Mubarak replies "This dear country is my country... and I will die on its land"; on Feb. 2 Iranian spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast claims that the U.S. is trying "to prevent the tremendous movement of Egypt's magnanimous nation", calling the dispatch of Frank Wisner part of a scheme aimed at "devising deviatory plots"; on Feb. 3 ("Day of Departure") anti-govt. protesters take over the Oct. 6 Bridge, while chaos grips Cairo, causing the army to move in and the U.S. to recall envoy Frank Wisner, while Omar Suleiman invites the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to a nat. dialog, and the U.S. Senate unanimously approves a resolution calling on Mubarak to create a caretaker govt. but not step down; on Feb. 3 former Israeli cabinet minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer says that the U.S. doesn't realize the catastrophe they're pushing the Middle East into because Mubarak kept the peace with Israel; on Feb. 3 Mubarak grants an exclusive interview with ABC-TV's Christiane Amanpour, telling her that he'd like to resign but can't because the country would plunge into chaos; on Feb. 4 (Departure Fri.) while journalists are being rounded up, beaten, and threatened, Pres. Obama gives a press conference on Egypt, saying that the "entire world is watching", that the U.S. can't decide Egypt's fate, that "suppression is not going to work", and Mubarak "cares about his country - he is proud, but he's also a patriot", and should be asking himself "How do I leave a legacy behind in which Egypt is able to get through this transformative period... and my hope is that he will end up making the right decision"; on Feb. 5 (a.m.) masked men attack the Israeli-Egyptian gas pipeline in El-Arish, Egypt in N Sinai, causing Israel to deploy military forces to demilitarized Sinai, and more on Feb. 16; on Feb. 5 Mubarak meets with his economic ministers in the hopes that curing the unemployment and food price problems might save him; on Feb. 5 France announces that it has suspended sales of arms and riot equipment to Egypt; on Feb. 6 Suleiman forms a constitutional reform committee with opposition groups incl. the liberal Wafd Party, the leftist Tagammu Party, and the Muslim Brotherhood, and agrees to end the 30-y.-o. emergency law, permit press freedom, and release those detained during the protests, with Hillary Clinton saying "Today we learned the Muslim Brotherhood decided to participate, which suggest they at least are now involved in the dialogue that we have encouraged", saying she would "wait and see"; meanwhile Mohamed ElBaradei slams the talks because he wasn't invited, and says they lack credibility; on Feb. 6 Jordanian prince El-Hassan bin Talaal urges that the Muslim Brotherhood not be excluded from a future Egyptian govt.; on Feb. 7 Human Rights Watch announces that 297 were killed during the protests; on Feb. 8 new crowds in Tahrir Square celebrating the release of Wael Ghonim incl. middle class protesters; on Feb. 8 Iranian defense minister Brig. Gen. Ahmad Vahidi claims that the Egyptian uprising is inspired by the 1979 Iranian Rev.; on Feb. 9 strikes erupt around the country, while Al-Qaeda in Iraq urges Egyptians to wage jihad and establish an Islamist govt.; on Feb. 10 Pres. Obama calls for an "orderly and genuine" transition to democracy, and claims that Mubarak will step down; on Feb. 10 Mubarak delivers an Address to the Egyptian People, saying he won't quit and needs to stay in power until the Sept. elections, causing pissing off the crowd in Tahrir Square, who angrily wave their shoes at him, after which Pres. Obama questions whether his pledge to shift power to his vice-pres. is "immediate, meaningful or sufficient"; on Feb. 10 Iran puts opposition leader Mahdi Karroubi under arrest for asking permission to hold a rally on Feb. 14 in support of the uprisings; meanwhile rumors of the death of Saudi King Abdullah after a phone call with Pres. Obama in which he warned him not to humiliate Mubarak surface; on Feb. 11 (Day 18) after protesters move to the Ittihadiya pres. palace in the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis and threaten massive protests in Tahrir Square, more rumors surface that Mubarak and his family have fled Cairo for Sharm el-Sheikh, followed by an announcement that he has stepped down and transferred power to the military supreme council, with the soundbyte "In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Compassionate: Citizens, during these very difficult circumstances Egypt is going through, President Hosni Mubarak has decided to step down from the office of president of the republic and has charged the high council of the armed forces to administer the affairs of the country. May Allah help everybody"; Rachel Maddow of MSNBC calls it "a Berlin Wall moment"; vice-pres. Joe Biden calls it a "pivotal moment in history", adding "The United States has largely spoken with one voice"; before stepping down, Mubarak called former Israeli minister Benjamin Ben-Elizier and slammed the U.S., saying that the U.S. push for democracy will result in an Islamist takeover; on Feb. 11 Pres. Obama delivers a Speech on the Resignation of Mubarak, praising the protesters for changing "the arc of history" (from a quote by MLK Jr.), through non-violence not "terrorism and mindless killing", saying that by stepping down, Mubarak "responded to the people's hunger for change", but "this is not the end", adding "What is clear... is my elief that an orderly transition must be meaningful, it must be peaceful, and it must begin now"; Robert Gibbs resigns the same day, with Obama uttering the soundbyte that he's not the biggest resignation news of the day; Switzerland wastes no time in freezing Mubarak's assets; on Feb. 11 Iranian pres. Imadinnajacket praises the Egyptian uprising as proof that a new Middle East is emerging that will break free of U.S. "interference" and doom Israel; on Feb. 11 South African CBS reporter Lara Logan (1971-) is assaulted by a 200-man Muslim mob shouting "Jew! Jew!", who beat and sexually assault her; on Feb. 12 the Egyptian military pledges to hand power to a civilian grovt. and abide by its peace treaty with Israel, then on Feb. 13 after large demonstrations of police, public and private sector workers, along with rallies to attempt to clear the name of the police for use of force against protesters, it dissolves parliament, suspends the constitution, and calls for elections in 6 mo., and on Feb. 14 issues Communique No. 5 to dozens of remaining protesters to leave Tahrir Square, calling for them to go back to work for nat. solidarity and to restore the economy; on Feb. 15 the Muslim Brotherhood announces the formation of a new political party, but pledges it won't field a pres. candidate in the next election; too bad, the committee appointed to draw up a new constitution in 10 days is headed by a fundamentalist Islamic judge, who refuses to remove Article 2 that makes Islam the state religion and makes Sharia the main source of law, becoming a V for the Muslim Brotherhood; meanwhile the British Guardian claims that the Mubarak regime disappeared thousands of demonstrators; meanwhile Arab govts. in Jordan, Yemen, Syria et al. raise subsidies on food and heating oil, and raise salaries and lower taxes in an attempt to stave off more unrest; after a govt. shakeup in early Feb. in Jordan, new justice minister Hussein Mjali utters the soundbyte that Israel is a "terrorist state that will be destroyed"; meanwhile leftist Jewish billionaire George Soros calls Israel and obstacle to Egyptian reform, pissing off the Anti-Defamation League; meanwhile Gamaa Islamiya, Egypt's largest extremist org. resurfaces; Egyptian protester Jamal Ibrahim names his newborn daughter Facebook; on Feb. 18 Victory Fri. sees hundreds of thousands demonstrate in Cairo to celebrate 1 week sans Mubarak, while tens of thousands of Egyptian migrant workers in Libya begin returning; on Mar. 2 a constitutional referendum is announced for Mar. 19; on Mar. 3 PM Ahmed Safik steps down to prevent planned protests against him the next day, and Essam Sharaf is appointed the new PM of Egypt (until ?); on Mar. 5 protesters raid several State Security Investigations (SSI) offices across Egypt to find evidence of crimes committing during the Mubarak regime; on Mar. 22 an interior ministry bldg. catches on fire during police demonstrations outside it; on Mar. 23 a new law is announced outlawing protests and strikes, with a fine up to $100K; on Mar. 29 the military council postpones parliamentary elections until Sept.; on Apr. 1 Save the Rev. Day sees tens of thousands demonstrate to demand the military council to dismantle the old regime faster; on Apr. 5 the U.N. high commissioner on human rights urges the military council to move towards dem. reform; on Apr. 8 protesters stage a "Friday of Cleansing" in Tahrir Square, calling for a new constitution, removal of the emergency law, an end to military rule, and Mubarak's arrest; on Apr. 9 protesters in Tahrir Square calling for Mubarak's arrest are fired on by security forces, killing two and injuring dozens; on Apr. 10 Egyptian blogger Maikel Nabil is sentenced to three years in prison for criticizing the military; on Apr. 11 Egyptian ex-PM (2004-11) Ahmed Nazif is called in for questioning on corruption allegations; on Apr. 13 while in the hospital for heart problems, Mubarak is arrested for corruption, abuse of power, and the killing of protesters, along with his two sons.

On Feb. 7, 2011 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton announces that the U.S. is starting the process of removing Sudan from its list of state sponsors of terrorism following the finalization of the referendum on independence for South Sudan, which becomes the first new country of the decade, and up-and-coming U.N. member #193; too bad, the secession of oil-rich South Sudan causes a depression in Sudan. On Feb. 15 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton warns that nations that restrict the Internet to hold back popular demand for dem. reforms in the Middle East do so at their own risk, and that the U.S. is ready to help the dissidents evade the restrictions. On Feb. 17 Hillary Clinton pledges $150M to assist Egypt's dem. transformation. On Feb. 18 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton expresses the hope that military action will split the Taliban from al-Qaida, laying the groundwork for a political solution in Afghanistan.

On Feb. 20, 2011 Libyan troops fire machine guns at mourners marching in a funeral for anti-govt. protesters in Benghazi, Libya, after which they seize some army vehicles, and the fighting erupts into a civil war to oust Muammar Gaddhafi, with troops joining armed protesters while the govt. tries to hang on by clamping down on news and the Internet far better than in Egypt, and Daffy's bald son Saif Gaddhafi gives an impromptu TV speech promising 100K deaths, vowing to "fight until the last man, the last woman, the last bullet, then offering a new govt. in 48 hours; Madman Daffy is worth $200B?; he orders soldiers who refuse to shoot protesters to be tied up and set on fire, while rounding up mercenaries; on Feb. 21 Libyan airplanes bomb protesters in Tripoli, while two Libyan Mirage jets escape to Malta to avoid carrying out the orders; meanwhile the Libyan ambassador to London resigns and joins the protesters, and rumors spread that Daffy himself has fled the country for Switzerland or Venezuela; on Feb. 21 Hillary Clinton condemns the govt. violence and tells Gadhafi to "stop this unacceptable bloodshed"; on Feb. 22 Col. Daffy gives a speech on state TV, rejecting demands to resign, saying "I will not leave the country, and I will die as a martyr" on Feb. 23 Egyptian Muslim cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi calls on Libyan soldiers to kill Daffy; on Feb. 23 the African Union joins in condemning the use of force against protesters in Libya; on Feb. 23 Pres. Obama "strongly condemns" the violence in Libya but doesn't call for Daffy's resignation, causing Libyan rebels to begin shouting "Send Bush!"; on Feb. 23 Iranian pres. Imadinnajacket tells the Daffy to allow free speech and "let their peoples express their opinions and then follow their noations", while simultaneously suppressing his own peoples' free speech; on Feb. 23 Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini expresses fears that up to 300K Libyans might flee to Italy, while Malmo U. prof. Anne Sofie Roald utters the soundbyte "We can't deny that today Islam is regarded as the biggest threat to Europe for many Europeans"; on Feb. 24 Daffy blames Osama bin Laden for the uprising; on Feb. 25 after his troops fire on demonstrators, bizarre ranter Daffy appears in Green Square, proclaiming "I am here" and telling the crowd "Dance, sing, live your lives... Ghadafi is here among his people"; meanwhile on Feb. 25 the Islamic Emirate of Libya is proclaimed in Derna in NE Libya; on Feb. 25 Pres. Obama finally imposes sanctions on Libya minutes after the U.S. flies its diplomats out of the country, with the soundbyte: "We will stand steadfastly with the Libyan people in their demand for universal rights and a government that is responsive to their aspirations. Their human dignity cannot be denied"; on Feb. 26 Obama finally calls for Daffy to step down immediately, and hours later the U.N. Security Council unanimously adopts U.N. Security Council Resolution 1970, condemning the use of lethal force by Daffy's govt. and imposing sanctions, referring the matter to the Internat. Criminal Court, causing Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to criticize Obama for hypocrisy for not doing ditto with Iran; on Feb. 28 British and German military planes rescue hundreds of stranded oil workers and civilians in E Libya; on Mar. 1 Hillary Clinton tells Congress that Libya is collapsing into "protracted civil war"; meanwhile rumors spread in the Arab press that Daffy is a secret Jew; on Mar. 2 Daffy's forces launch a counteroffensive against the rebel-held E half of the country, and battle for control of the Brega Oil Port, while the U.S., Britain and France send hundreds of advisers to train and support anti-Daffy forces in E Libya, and India sends three warships, and U.S. warships USS Kearsarge and USS Ponce the Suez Canal en route to Libya; on Mar. 3 the Internat. Criminal Court in The Hague announces that they're going to investigate Daffy and his inner circle incl. his sons for crimes against humanity; on Mar. 4 Pres. Obama ramps up the strength of his remarks, saying that the U.S. is keeping "all options open", incl. considering enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya, and insisting that Daffy leave office because he has lost his authority to lead; on Mar. 5 Pres. Obama sends U.S. defense secy. Robert Gates to Cairo as the unrest veers out of control and seize the HQ of the security police in Alexandria and Cairo, while the military leaders start losing their grip; on Mar. 6 there are brutal battles in Bin Jawwad; on Mar. 11 in Addis Ababa the African Union Peace and Security (PSC) rejects any use of force on Libya; on Mar. 12 Daffy's forces tighten their grip on the coastal road linking his territory to the rebel-controlled E, while the Arab League in Cairo recognizes the rebels and calls on the U.N. security Council to impose a no-fly zone to protect the rebels, which the White House hails as an "important step"; on Mar. 13 Al Jazeera cameraman Ali Hassan al-Jaber is killed in S Libya in an ambush; on Mar. 13 U.S. defense secy. Robert M. Gates says that the U.S. would have no trouble enforcing a Libyan no-fly zone if Pres. Obama orders one; on Mar. 15 the G8 rejects a no-fly zone over Libya in favor of stringer economic sanctions; on Mar. 15 four New York Times journalists go missing win Libya; on Mar. 16 Daffy warns the rebels in Benghazi that they will be shown "no mercy", after which on Mar. 16 the U.S. ramps up to pushing for U.N. authorization for a full military attack; on Mar. 17 by 10-0-5 the U.N. Security Council passes U.N. Security Resolution 1973, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Libya and authorizing member states "to take all necessary measures... to protect civilians and civilian populated areas under threat of attack", setting up a no-fly zone (first U.N. resolution to authorize military action to protect civilians), causing celebrations in Benghazi, after which Libya declares a ceasefire while Daffy's son Seif al Islam al Qadhafi says that the Daffy family is "not afraid", and claims the resolution is "unfair" because they have "proved to everybody that there have bee no air strikes against civilians"; on Mar. 19 (8th anniv. of U.S. invasion of Iraq) French fighter jets deploy over Libya, firing on and destroying four Libyan tanks near rebel-held Benghazi, which is under attack by Daffy's forces, while the U.S. launches Operation Odyssey Dawn, starting with U.S. warships in the Mediterranean firing 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles to destroy 20 Libyan air defense sites, putting the U.S. into its 3rd simultaneous war in a Middle Eastern Muslim country; Pres. Obama utters the soundbyte "I want the American people to know that the use of force is not our first choice, and it's not a choice that I make lightly, but we can't stand idly by when a tyrant tells his people that there will be no mercy"; unfazed, Daffy sets up a human shield of supporters at his compound, and vows a "long war" in Libya, and opens his armories to issue 1M guns to his loyal followers to fight a civil war, which doesn't stop the compound from being hit by "accidental" U.S. airstrikes; on Mar. 22 a U.S. F-15 jet crashes in NE Libya after a technical failure after both crewmembers eject safely; discord in NATO emerges on Mar. 21 as Turkey blocks participation, Italy issues a veiled threat to withdraw use of its bases, and Vladimir Putin of Russia calls the Security Council resolution "flawed", saying it is "reminiscent of a medieval call for a Crusade", because "it allowed intervention in a sovereign state"; on Mar. 24 NATO assumes partial control over the no-fly operations; on Mar. 25 Libyan rebel cmdr. Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi admits that his fighters have al-Qaida links, having fought against Allied troops in Iraq; on Mar. 27 Pres. Obama give a Speech on Libya, saying that the Libya mission saved "countless" civilian lives; on Mar. 30 the rebels retreat from the oil port of Ras Lanouf, blaming lack of air support; on Mar. 30 Libyan foreign minister Musa Kusa defects to Britain; on Mar. 31 Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan says that sending weapons to the Libyan rebels could feed terrorism because Daffy has unleashed war between Christians and Muslims; on Apr. 2 NATO "friendly fire" kills 13 Libyan rebels; on Apr. 2 Hillary Clinton's aid Sidney Blumenthal sends her an email confirming that the real reason for removing Col. Daffy is that his govt. "holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount of silver", not to mention all his oil; on Apr. 4 Italy recognizes the opposition Libyan Nat. Transitional Council; on Apr. 5 Daffy sends a letter to Pres. Obama, addressing him as "Dear Son", and asking him to stop the NATO airstrikes, which he calls an "unjust war against a small people of a developing country", asking for a ceasefire; on Apr. 14 al-Qaeda #2 man Ayman al-Zawahiri issues a video telling Arab nations to intervene militarily in Libya to eject Daffy before "Western aid... turns into invasions"; on Apr. 15 Daffy's forces shell Misrata, the only remaining rebel stronghold in W Libya, while his daughter Aisha gives a defiant speech; on Apr. 20 the Obama admin. announces $25M in nonlethal aid to the rebels; on Apr. 25 NATO forces bomb Daffy's compound, flattening a bldg. inside it; on May 19 NATO air strikes hit eight warships belonging to Daffy in Tripoli, Al Khums, and Sirte.

On Mar. 15, 2011 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton arrives in Cairo; she is snubbed by a coalition of six youth groups from the Egyptian rev.; after pledging $90M in emergency economic aid, she visits Tahrir Square with PM Essam Sharaf, saying that she's "deeply inspired" by the rev., with the soundbyte "To see where this revolution happened and all that it has meant to the world is extraordinary for me. It's just a great reminder of the power of the human spirit and universal desire for human rights and democracy. It's just thrilling to see where this happened." On Mar. 22 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton gives an interview to Diane Sawyer of ABC World News, revealing that Libyan Col. Madman Daffy is exploring exile options. On Mar. 22/23 (midnight) after 15 boys aged 10-15 imitate the Arab Spring protesters by placing graffiti on public bldgs., and the secret police under Bashar al-Assad's cousin Gen. Atef Najeeb torture them by pulling their fingernals, outraging the pop., Syrian forces attack the Al-Omari Mosque in Deraa 70 mi. S of Damascus near the Yarmuck River border with Jordan, killing six protesters. On Mar. 27 Hillary Clinton's advisor Sid Blumenthal sends her an email informing her that U.S.-backed Libyan Arab rebels are exterminating anybody with black skin, and does nothing about it? On Mar. 29 the govt. of Syria resigns; Hillary Clinton condemns it for its harsh treatment of pro-democracy protesters. On Mar. 30 U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.) introduces legislation to order secy. of state Hillary Clinton to designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist orgs.

On Apr. 11, 2011 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton gives a news conference with Finnish foreign minister Alexander Stubb in Washington, and decries the marginalization of women in the Islamic world, saying they must be empowered for true democracy in the Middle East. On May 22 Saudi police arrest Manal al-Sharif (1979-), a female Internet consultant for Armco, who defied Saudi law and drove a car in Al-Khobar while wearing a black abaya, then posted a video of it on YouTube; they then jail her for a week and force her to sign a document agreeing not to talk to the press or continue her protests, and crack down on others allied with her in her campaign and shut down their Facebook page; in early June princess Reem al-Faisal, granddaughter of King Faisal speaks out in the Arab News, jokingly suggesting that women at least be allowed to drive camels; billionaire prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al-Saud also speaks out for women, saying that the pilot of his private jet is a woman, and that his wife gets away with driving; on June 17 a protest sees Saudi women driving openly in droves; on June 22 Huma, er, Hillary Clinton expresses support for the Saudi women, but takes pains to deny that the U.S. has anything to do with their movement; meanwhile in June the Saudi committee for religious edicts issues a fatwa banning men and women from mingling at offices and educational institutions "until the Day of Judgment", while King Abdullah ends the practice of male-only clerks at lingerie shops, which caused them to guesstimate sizes by staring at their abayas; too bad, on Jan. 24, 2012 Manal al-Sherif is killed in a car crash.

Carlos Pascual of the U.S. (1959-)

On May 26, 2011 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton visits Pakistan in an attempt to salvage relations after the killing of Osama bin Laden, and pressures them to help find four militant Islamic leaders incl. Osama's deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri; on May 27 she says that Pakistani officials have conceded that bin Laden had a support network in Pakistan to remain undetected for at least five years in Abbottabad; in exchange for a clean bill of health regarding bin Laden, the Pakistan military promises to start a military offensive in North Waziristan, but soon reneges. In May Cuban-born Hillary Clinton favorite Carlos Pascual (1959-) (U.S. ambassador to Ukraine in 2000-3) succeeds David L. Goldwyn as dir. of the U.S. State Dept. Bureau of Energy Resources, working to draw Ukraine into the Western sphere while pissing-off Vladimir Putin.

On June 3, 2011 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton receives an email from Anne-Marie Slaughter, with the title "Google email hacking and woeful state of civilian technology". On June 14 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton issues a statement comparing the unrest in Syria to the 2009 Iranian protests, claiming that "Iran is supporting Syrian assaults on protesters". On June 29 the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security pub. a new list of specially designated countries that support terrorism, adding Israel for the first time while dropping North Korea; meanwhile the Obama admin. resumes formal contact with the Muslim Brotherhood, whose avowed goal is Islamist takeover of the U.S., while U.S. deputy nat. security advisor John Brennan says that the new Obama admin. counterterrorism strategy will be to focus on would-be terrorists in the U.S. who are inspired by al-Qaeda's "hateful ideology", and adds that this is the first strategy to "designate the homeland as a primary area of emphasis in our counterterrorism efforts", adding the immortal soundbytes: "Our strategy is... shaped by a deeper understanding of al-Qaida's goals, strategy and tactics... I'm not talking about al-Qaida's grandiose vision of global domination through a violent Islamic caliphate. That vision is absurd, and we are not going to organize our counterterrorism polices against a feckless delusion that is never going to happen"; on June 30 Hillary Clinton in Budapest says that the Obama admin. is loosening criteria for interaction with the Brotherhood, permitting diplomats to deal directly with low-level officials; on July 2 Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan says that they are "ready for dialogue", but only "within a framework of mutual respect", calling for the Obama admin. to "side with the rights of the people and their demands and to stop supporting the corrupt and tyrannical regimes, backing the Zionist occupation and using double standards"; meanwhile the Obama admin. imposes financial sanctions on Syrian and Iranian domestic security forces for killing of peaceful anti-govt. protesters in Syria. In June the Anthony Weiner Scandal sees Dem. N.Y. U.S. rep. (1999-) Anthony David Weiner (1964-) get caught sending photos of his wiener to love mates on the Internet despite having married Saudi-raised (puppet?) Muslim Hillary Clinton deputy chief of staff Huma Mahmood Abedin (1976-) 11 mo. earlier on July 10, 2010 (officiated by Bill Clinton), compounded by lying before a complete confession, causing calls for his resignation, incl. from Pres. Obama despite support from pregnant Huma, after which he finally resigns on June 16; Huma's marriage is a sham arranged for convenience by her Saudi puppetmasters, and is not recognized by Sharia?; Huma was once rumored to be Hillary's lesbian lover, and her mother Saleha Abedin belonged to the Muslim Sisterhood, a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, while her brother Hassan Abedin works at the infamous Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, whose board is loaded with Muslim Brotherhood members, and who has aspiring Turkish caliph Muhammad Fethullah Gulen (Gülen) among its trustees; the Clintons helped Gulen flee to the U.S. after being indicted in Turkey in 2000.

On July 1, 2011 the Internat. Community of Democracies meeting in Vilnius, Lithuania sees U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton liken the Arab Spring to the democratization of E Europe in the 1990s, and utter the soundbyte: "Today there are new democracies fighting for life, there are vicious autocrats clinging to power. This is an hour of need, and every democracy should stand up and be counted." On July 1 the 17th African Union Summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea sees the leaders wrestle with what to do about once-impregnable Libyan dictator Col. Daffy, who threatens to attack European civilians, causing U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton to call for him to stand down. On July 11 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton utters the soundbyte that Syrian pres. Bashar al-Assad has lost his legitimacy, pissing him and his govt. off. On July 16 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton criticizes Turkey's human rights record, incl. lack of religious freedom, censorship of the Internet, and improper detention of 50 journalists during the Sledgehammer Coup last year, but adds that it is "one of the most exciting places in the world" because of ties to both Eastern and Western cultures.

On Aug. 17, 2011 Hillary Clinton orders Israel to apologize to Turkey over the flotilla attack last year or face strained ties, to which Israel replies stuff it. On Aug. 19 Bill Clinton receives a $1M check for his birthday from the pro-ISIS Islamist state of Gutter, er, Qatar.

On Oct. 18, 2011 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton makes an unannounced visit to Tripoli, Libya after the Defense Dept. prepositions assets off the Libyan coast in case it needs to rescue her - unlike the diplomats in Benghazi? On Oct. 20 after NATO bombers destroy his convoy, causing him to hole-up in a drainage pipe, Libyan dictator (since Sept. 1, 1969) Muammar al-Gaddafi (b. 1942) is captured hiding under a manhole, dragged by a mob, and killed near Sirte, sparking large outbursts of joy; he was sodomized by a bayonet first?; Pres. Obama calls it a "momentous day in the history of Libya", adding "Today we can definitely say that the Gaddafi regime has come to a end. One of the world's longest dictators is no more"; Hillary Clinton utters the soundbyte: "We came, we saw, he died", pissing-off Vladimir Putin and increasing his hatred for her; on Oct. 23 transitional nat. council chmn. Abdel-Jail declares to a large crowd that the Libyan Rev. has ended, and vows that the new govt. will be based on Sharia; on Oct. 21 German chancellor Angela Merkel says that Daffy's death clears the way for a new era of peace and democracy in Libya; on Oct. 26 U.S. Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan says that those rejoicing Daffy's death will come to sorrow, and predicts that the U.S. is unprepared for the backlash from his worldwide supporters; during his last days Daffy wrote to Italian PM Silvio Berlusconing, asking for help in stopping the bombing; on Oct. 28 NATO announces the end of its 7-mo. Libya mission; too bad many local militia leaders renege on their pledge to give up their weapons so they can act as "guardians of the rev.", and instead loot Daffy's arsenals; Daffy's female bodyguards are hunted down, raped, and murdered. On Oct. 22 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton visits Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and warns Tajikistan and Uzbekistan that their efforts to crack down on religious freedom might backfire with increased sympathy for radical Islamist views in C Asia. On Oct. 27 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton gives an interview to BBC Persia, saying that the State Dept. is planning to set up a "virtual embassy" in Tehran to facilitate Iranian student visas.

On Nov. 7, 2011 the IAEA releases a Report on Iran's Nuclear Capability, saying that Iran has mastered the critical steps for building nukes after receiving help from foreign scientists, and is on the brink of getting nukes; no surprise, the Obama admin. only seeks to impose more sanctions; U.N. sanctions are also unlikely because of Russian and Chinese opposition, the Russian foreign ministry saying that the IAEA presented no new facts, and deliberately politicized existing ones, ignoring Iran'a willingness to cooperate, with the soundbyte that the IAEA "had a set goal to deliver a guilty verdict"; meanwhile the Israelis ex-IAEA chmn. Mohamed ElBaradei of being an Iranian agent who covered-up their nuke program during his term; he denies it; on Nov. 10 Imadinnajacket utters the soundbyte "This nation won't retreat one iota from the path it is going... Why are you ruining the prestige of the (U.N. nuclear) agency for absurd U.S. claims?", and Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini warns the U.S. and Israel that "Anybody who takes up the idea of an attack on Iran should get ready to receive a strong slap and an iron fist"; on Nov. 11 Hillary Clinton demands that Iran respond within days to the IAEA report, and says that the U.S. is seeking to marshal internat. support for more sanctions; on Nov. 13 Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu claims that the full extent of Iran's nuclear program isn't reflected in the IAEA report. On Nov. 7 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton gives an address at the Nat. Dem. Inst., and utters the soundbyte that the claim that "Muslims cannot thrive in a democracy" is "insulting, dangerous, and wrong, and promising that the Obama admin. will work with ascendant Islamist parties in the Muslim World - they do it in this country every day" - like when her hubby claimed that he didn't have "sex with that woman"?

On Dec. 6, 2011 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton makes a historic speech at the U.N. HQ in Geneva calling for worldwide LGBT rights; Pres. Obama issues an order to the federal govt. to fight for homosexual rights abroad. On Dec. 9 Repub. pres. candidate Newt Gingrich calls the Palestinians "an invented people" who want to destroy Israel on the Jewish Channel; on Dec. 14 U.S. state secy. Hillary Clinton harps on him, saying that it's not "helpful". On Dec. 12-14 a Muslim-dominated fake Meeting on Religious Tolerance hosted by U.S. ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook in Washington, D.C. gives the OIC yet another chance to try to undermine free speech in the U.S., thanks to Hillary Clinton, who announced it in July in Turkey. On Dec. 18 U.S. ambassador to Israel Thomas Pickering suggests to Hillary a plan to restart stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations by starting a new intifada against Israel - what a bitch? On Dec. 19 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton announces the U.S. Nat. Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security, an attempt to patch Pres. Obama's fractured Muslim outreach policy in light of Islamist takeover of the Arab Spring and attempts to institute woman-suppressing Sharia. On Dec. 24 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton celebrates a sale of 80 Boeing F-15 fighter jets worth $29.4B to Saudi Arabia; in Mar. 2015 they are used to bomb Yemen. In Dec. after a strike against Canadian-based oil co. Pacific Rubiales in Colombia in 2011 results in the Colombian military cracking down on them, after which the Clinton Foundation receives large donations from it and its founder Frank Giustra, U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton protects the Colombian govt., ignoring its violence against workers and praising its progress on human rights, permitting hundreds of millions of dollars of U.S. aid to flow to its military, flip-flopping and backing the 2006 U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA) which tramples workers rights.

In 2011 an internal investigation into the U.S. ambassador to Belgium for soliciting hos is allegedly shut down by Hillary's top staff Patrick Kennedy and Cheryl Mills; meanwhile U.S. Sen. John Kerry sends a letter to Iranian pres. Imadinnajacket recognizing Iran's right to enrich uranium on its own soil, which is not revealed until June 23, 2015 in a speech by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

In 2012 Hillary Clinton is named the most admired woman by Americans for the 11th straight time and the 17th time overall by Gallup's most admired man and woman poll.

On Mar. 23, 2012 Hillary personally signs a deal allowing her top aide Huma Abedin to simultaneously work for the U.S. State Dept. and the private Teneo Group in New York City, trying to get the federal govt. to pay for the cost of her commuting to/from Washington, D.C.; in 2015 U.S. Rep. (R-Iowa) Charles Grassley, chmn. of the Senate Judiciary Committee investigates whether this was a conflict of interest. On May 2 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton makes a high-level state visit to China, criticizing the govt. for their treatment of blind dissident Chen Guangcheng, who leaves the U.S. embassy a week after fleeing house arrest, phoning the U.S. Congress on May 3 for help in leaving China. On May 12 Center for Am. Progress pres. Neera Tanden tweets to Hillary Clinton that she attended a Democracy Alliance meeting with leftist billionaire George Soros, and he told her that he regretted backing Barack Obama in the U.S. pres. primary because of lack of access to him in the White House, but that he thinks that Hillary would give him more. On May 23 U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton attends the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) trade show in Tampa, Fla., sharing her vision of "smart power" and the crucial role her State Dept. is playing in extending the power of America's "international counterterrorism network". On June 11 after the U.S. announces rewards of $3M-$7M for info. about Al-Shabaab cmdrs., it offers a reward of 10 camels for info. about the whereabouts of Pres. Barack Obama, and 10 chickens and 10 roosters for info. on Hillary Clinton. On July 25 Taliban fighters in Kunar Province, Afghanistan fire a new generation U.S.-made Stinger missile at a U.S. Army Chinook CH-47 heli, but they forget to arm it, and it lands safely and a U.S. gunship destroys the fighters; the missile ID is traced to the CIA, who are keeping a cache in Qatar; U.S. ambassador John Christopher "Chris" Stevens is sent to Benghazi, Libya to retrieve U.S. Stinger missiles supplied to Ansar al Sharia without Congressional permission that he brokered for Hillary Clinton through arms dealer Marc Turi?

John Christopher Stevens of the U.S. (1960-) John Christopher Stevens of the U.S. (1960-) John Christopher Stevens of the U.S. (1960-)

The Second 9/11 shows Pres. Obama asleep at the switch worse than Pres. George W. Bush? On Sept. 11, 2012 (9/11/2012) after a mass protest against the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt inflamed by a U.S.-made anti-Islam video shown on Egyptian TV, the Sept. 11 (9/11), 2012 Benghazi Attack sees the U.S. consulate in Libya attacked by al-Qaida terrorists, torturing and killing (gay?) U.S. ambassador (since June 7) John Christopher Stevens (b. 1960) and three other Americans by Sept. 12, becoming the first U.S. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1981; diplomatic security agent David Ubben and ex-Navy SEALS turned CIA contractors Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty attempt to save Stevens in a 13-hour battle after they learn of an order to stand down from somebody up high; Stevens is carried through the streets by the jihadists for five hours, while Obama heads to Las Vegas, Nev. to raise funds and leaves it to his subordinates to make it into a case of Islamophobia to help his friends at CAIR?; the Obama admin. at first blames it on a Muslim mob enraged by a YouTube video titled Innocence of Muslims by Calif. filmmaker Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (Sam Bacile) (although there is no mob in Benghazi, only Cairo), with the White House personally telephoning YouTube to take it down; meanwhile Woods and Doherty are KIA, and Ubben's leg is shredded, and he has to suffer for 20 hours before a rescue plane arrives; on Sept. 15 Nakoula is arrested on trumped-up charges, becoming the first in U.S. history arrested for violating Muslim anti-blasphemy laws, then held for violating probation on a 2010 bank fraud conviction; he is not released until Aug. 6, 2013, on supervised probation; no surprise, the Obama admin. stubbornly refuses to blame it on Islamic terrorism, doing nothing to respond until ?; Nakoula is a Muslim and agent for the U.S. Justice Dept., and the video is Obama agitprop created by govt.-connected Stanley Associates?; the White House originally tried to blame the Bible exposion video God vs. Allah by Pastor Jon Courson of Ore. before switching to Nakoula's, probably because the latter name sounds Muslim?; on Sept. 12 Obama gives an interview to Steve Krofts of 60 Minutes, in which he utters the soundbyte: "You're right that this is not a situation that was exactly the same as what happened in Egypt, and my suspicion is, is that there are folks involved in this who were looking to target Americans from the start"; they don't air it for over amonth; meanwhile the Repubs. begin asking questions, ramping up a full investigation; on Sept. 14 Hillary Clinton tweets to her Muslim aide Huma Abedin: "I'm giving you credit for inspiring the 'peaceful' protests"'; the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi were behind the attack?; Pres. Assad and Hezbollah were behind the attack to get even for Stevens' role in smuggling weapons into Syria?; on Dec. 29, 2013 an article in the New York Times by David D. Kirkpatrick whitewashes the massacre, blaming it on the movie again; in 2013 retired U.S. Adm. James Lyons claims that the kidnapping was orchestrated by Obama so he could negotiate his release in return for freeing Blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman; in early May 2014 a smoking gun email is discovered, showing White House political operatives telling U.N. ambassador Susan Rice to claim the attack was the result of the Internet video, and Hillary Clinton uttering the soundbyte: "We are going to have the filmmaker arrested"; on May 20, 2015 it is revealed that the U.S. govt. knew on Sept. 12 that the attack was planned 10 days in advance by an al-Qaida affiliate called Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman (BCOAR); meanwhile on May 20 despite all their b.s. about not wanting to attack First Amendment rights by banning a boring badly-made satire video, the 9th U.S. Circuit Appeals Court rules that it was a violation of the you know what to force YouTube to take it down.

On Sept. 20, 2012 Hillary's confidante Huma Abedin is paid by the private Teneo Holdings consulting firm to help stage a star-studded reception at the Essex House in New York City, where Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, British PM Tony Blair are speakers, giving access to wowed potential Teneo clients.

In Dec. 2012 Hillary Clinton falls and suffers a brain trauma, resulting in a blood clot in her skull, causing her to have to wear special glasses, later using this as an excuse for not remembering how to preserve classified materials, causing speculation that she has severe brain damage or narcissistic personality disorder.

On Jan. 23, 2013 exiting U.S. secy. of state (Feb. 1) Hillary Clinton is questioned by the U.S. Senate about the 9/11/2012 Benghazi attack, growing angry and combative, taking responsibility for security lapses related while defending her lack of personal actions in regard to the matter, asking "What difference does it make?" why four Americans were killed, claiming "I did not say it was the video" that caused the attack, and finally admitting "We now face a spreading jihadist threat, we have to recognize this is a global movement", with Sen. Rand Paul saying "If I'd been president at the time and I'd found that you did not read the cables from Benghazi... I would have relieved you of your post"; the questions were pre-scripted? As secy. of state she visited more countries (112) than her predecessors, promoting "smart power" as the strategy for asserting U.S. leadership and values by combining military power with diplomacy and U.S. capabilities in economics, technology, and other areas. On Mar. 18 former secy. of state Hillary Clinton announces that she now supports same-sex marriage; her hubby Bill Clinton already endorsed it while she was serving in Pres. Obama's cabinet after Chelsea talked him into it.

George Soros (1930-)

On Sept. 27, 2013 after Hillary Clinton's policy adviser Jake Sullivan arranges it, Pres. Obama speaks on the phone with Iranian pres. Hassan Rouhani, becoming the first pres.-to-pres. communication since 1979; they agree to pursue a deal on Iran's nukes - leading directly to WWIII? George Soros is behind it? On Oct. 24 billionaire leftist internat. mystery man George Soros (1930-) announces his backing for Hillary for U.S. pres. in 2016, which means mucho since he backed Obama and looky. On Oct. 28 Hillary Clinton speaks at the Vanguard Luncheon of the Jewish United Fund of Chicago, Ill., uttering the soundbyte: "Jordan can't possibly vet all the Syrian refugees and the jihadists who are coming in with them"; she is paid $400K. On Oct. 29 Hillary Clinton speaks at the Goldman Sachs Builders and Innovators Summit, uttering the soundbyte: "I would like to see more successful business people run for office. I really would like to see that because I do think, you know, you don't have to have 30 billion, but you have a certain level of freedom. And there's that memorable phrase from a former member of the Senate: You can be maybe be rented but never bought."

On Jan. 27, 2014 former secy. of state Hillary Clinton addresses the Nat. Automobile Dealers Assoc. in New Orleans, La., and calls the 9/11/2012 Benghazi Attack the "greatest regret" of her tenure; she also admits that the last time she drove a car was in 1996. On Jan. 31 a Washington Post Poll gives her a 61% lead (71-12) over vice-pres. Joe Biden for the Dem. nomination for pres., largest in history. In Jan. a tape is recorded in which actor Tom Sizemore claims to two pals that in a 1998 White House screening of the film Saving Private Ryan, Pres. Clinton pulled him aside from the crowd of celebs incl. Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, Ed Burns, and Dennis Farina, asking if he'd like to see the Lincoln Bedroom, and after shaking his Secret Service detail, asks him, "Did you go with Liz Hurley for four years? Do you still see her?", then demands her phone number so he can call her for a date, flying her to Washington D.C. and bedding her in the White House in a room next to where First Lady Hillary sleeps; on Feb. 5 Sizemore recants, claiming drug use.

On Feb. 11, 2014 Rev. Jesse Jackson makes an appearance on HuffPost Live, claiming that if Hillary runs for pres., she will win. On Feb. 13 Hillary addresses the No Ceilings Project, uttering the soundbyte that women who want to get ahead in politics or other high-profile jobs should "grow skin like a rhinoceros." On Feb. 17 Naglaa Mahmoud, wife of ousted Egyptian pres. Mohamed Morsi claims to have been close friends with Hillary Clinton since the 1980s, claiming that the Muslim Sisterhood has regular dealings with her and her hubby Bill. On Feb. 28 3,546 pages of documents are released by the Clinton Pres. Library, giving Hillary's political opponents mucho ammo.

On Mar. 5, 2014 ex-U.S. secy. of state Hillary Clinton compares Russian pres. Vladimir Putin's aggression in Ukraine to Adolf Hitler, giving conservative critics a field day. On Mar. 12 Minyon Moore, former asst. of Hillary Clinton in her 2008 pres. campaign is accused of illegally channeling $600K into the campaign.

Alison Ernst (1977-)

On Apr. 2, 2014 former U.S. pres. Bill Clinton appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live, claiming that as pres. he had aides look into Area 51 to see if there were E.T.'s there, not finding any, but that he wouldn't be surprised if we were visited by them one day. On Apr. 4 the U.S. Inspector Gen. issues a report claiming that the State Dept. under Hillary Clinton misplaced or lost $6B due to improper filing of contracts over the past six years. On Apr. 10 protester Alison Ernst (1977-) of Phoenix, Ariz. throws a shoe at Hillary Clinton during a keynote speech for the Inst. of Scrap Recycling Industries at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nev., who utters the soundbyte: "My goodness, I didn't know that solid waste management was so controversial. Thank goodness she didn't play softball like I did"; Ernst is charged with two federal counts, facing two years in federal prison - convicted of throwing like a girl?

On May 1, 2014 Brunei begins ramping up Sharia with punishments for promoting religions other than Islam and pregnancy outside marriage, ramping up to amputation for theft and stoning of adulterers and homosexuals, causing Hollywood stars Ellen DeGeneres, Jay Leno, Patrick Stewart et al. to boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is owned by Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah; too bad, the sultan gave $1M-$5M to the Clinton Foundation through 2013. On May 4 Hillary tweets about the 200 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Beaucoup Harm, er, Boko Haram, with the hashtag #BringBackOurGirls; too bad, she spent two years as head of the State Dept. fighting to keep Boko Haram off the official list of foreign terrorist orgs.? On May 7 undeclared 2016 U.S. pres. candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to the Nat. Council for Behavioral Health, uttering the soundbyte that the U.S. "gun culture" has gotten "way out of balance"; "We've got to rein in what has become an almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime. I don't believe that this is in the best interest of the vast majority of people." On May 17 Hillary holds her first campaign fundraising event of 2014 to benefit the congressional campaign of her daughter Chelsea's mother-in-law Marjorie Margolies (1942-); too bad, on May 20 she loses the Dem. Penn. primary.

On June 9, 2014 (eve.) Hillary Clinton gives an interview to Diane Sawyer on ABC News for her new book Hard Choices, trying to explain away her inaction during the Benghazi attack, with the soundbyte: "I'm not equipped to sit and look at blueprints to determine where the blast walls need to be, where the reinforcements need to be. That's why we hire people who have that expertise"; on June 10 (a.m.) after remarking that she and her Bubba were "dead broke" when they left the White House, causing a firestorm of controversy, Hillary gives an interview to Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, uttering the soundbyte: soundbyte: "Let me just clarify that I fully appreciate how hard life is for so many Americans today. It's an issue that I've worked hard on and cared about my entire adult life." On June 16 Hillary Clinton gives a speech in Toronto, Ont., Canada, telling the audience that she supports Pres. Obama's decision to work with the Palestinian Authority's new unity govt. even though it incl. the Hamas terror org. because the new officials are "largely technocrats... academics and business people. They don't represent sort of what you might call hardcore Hamas leadership."

In July 2014 Hillary Clinton aide Cheryl Mills sends an email inquring about the identity of The Energizer, a secret lover of Bill Clinton.

Ronald Kessler (1943-)

On Aug. 5, 2014 Ronald Borek Kessler (1943-) pub. the NYT bestseller The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents, in which retired Secret Service agents tell all about former presidents and First Ladies, incl. all-time worst Hillary Clinton: "When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously. As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident. Hillary Clinton can make Richard Nixon look like Mahatma Gandhi."

Jean Jacques (1975-) and Casey J. Chadwick (1990-2015)

In Jan. 2015 illegal U.S. immigrant Jean Jacques (1965-) of Haiti is released by ICE three years after being released from prison after 17 years for attempted murder after Hillary Clinton's State Dept. refuses to put pressure on Haiti to take him back, after which on June 15 he murders 25-y.-o. Casey Chadwick in Norwich, Conn., and is sentenced to 60 years in prison, which is used as ammo by Donald Trump in his 2016 pres. campaign.

Hillary Clinton Campaign Logo, 2015 Clinton His-Hers Orange Jumpsuits

On Mar. 2, 2015 the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal breaks with an article in the New York Times revealing that in Aug. 2010 as secy. of state she had her own private server and private email account hdr22@clintonemail.com registered under the name Eric Hoteham (who uses the same P.O. box as the Clinton Foundation) to hide her actions from the public instead of a govt. account that can be examined by the public later, and that in Nov. 2012 the email account was reconfigured to use Google's server as a backup, and reconfigured again in July 2013 (5 mo. after she resigned) to use Denver, Colo.-based commercial email provider MX Logic, owned by McAfee Inc.; on Mar. 3 U.S. Rep. (R-S.C.) Trey Gowdy announces that she was using multiple personal email accounts, and that she used it to email aide Huma Abedin on her personal account; on Mar. 4 she tweets that she wants the public to see them all of a sudden, handing 55K pages over to the U.S. State Dept.; on Mar. 10 Hillary speaks to the press at the U.N. Bldg. in New York City, trying to explain it away for 21 min.; it was Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett who leaked the scandal to the press?; too bad, at a Take Back America Conference in 2007 she uttered the soundbyte about Pres. George W. Bush: "We know our Constitution is being shredded. We know about the secret wiretaps, the secret military tribunals, the secret White House email accounts"; on May 19 U.S. asst. atty. gen. Peter J. Kadzik sends an email to Hillary's friend John Podesta, with the title "Heads up", tipping him off about the email investigation; on ? the AP reports that it was registered to the Clinton home in Chappaqua, N.Y., and that her ex-U.S. pres. hubby Bill Clinton paid for it; on July 24 the New York Times announces that Hillary Clinton's email account and private server had classified info. in them that wasn't properly labelled, contradicting her statements incl. "I am confident that I never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received"; on Aug. 11 the intel communit8y's inspector gen. tells Congress that her emails contained security violations; on Aug. 12 she relents and hands over the server; it turns out to contain top secret email; on Mar. 7, 2015 Pres. Obama lies on CBS Evening News, saying that he didn't know about her private email server, although later several emails interchanged between them are admitted. On Mar. 2 the Washington Post pub. an article by Anne Gearan revealing that Israel's top secret plans to sneak-attack Iran have been leaked, blaming it on the Obama admin.; it was Hillary Clinton?

On Apr. 12, 2015 (Sun.) weeks after longtime consultant Doug Band resigned from the beleaguered Clinton Foundation, Dem. Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy for U.S. pres. her first try since 2008, with the soundbyte: "Everyday Americans need a champion, and I want to be that champion"; on Apr. 13 the headstone of her father Hugh Rodham in Scranton, Penn. is toppled by vandals; the first org. to endorse her is Lesbians4Hillary, co-chaired by tennis star Billie Jean King; her campaign logo of two H's with a left-to-right arrow going through them gives critics a field day, with comparisons to the Twin Towers, WikiLeaks logo, etc.; New York City mayor Bill De Blasio refuses to endorse her, pissing her off. In Apr. 2015 the Clinton Uranium Deal surfaces, in which Canadian co. Uranium One gives $145M to the Clinton Foundation then gets U.S. State Dept. approval for Russia to acquire it, giving them ownership of 20% of U.S uranium resources.

On May 5, 2015 Peter Schweizer pub. Clinton Cash, about how the Clinton State Dept. traded favors for big donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees for Bill Clinton from Canadian mining mogul Frank Giustra et al., a "pay to play" scheme; he admits that evidence is based on timing not on a smoking gun, and calls for investigations. On May 8 John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono visits Los Angeles, Calif. to present a collections of cups and saucers to the Museum of Modern Art, and utters the soundbyte that in the 1970s she had a lezzie "fling" with Hillary Clinton, and that her erection, er, election "would be a great advancement for LGBT and women's rights in America." On May 29 U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks of Fla. announces that Klayman v. Hillary Clinton et al., a RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Criminal Org.) trial will begin on Jan. 25. In May the Clinton Global Initiative meets in Morocco; in Jan. Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin emails her about her idea of speaking at the meeting after a $12M donation by king Mohammed VI, which is revealed by WikiLeaks on Oct. 20, 2016.

On July 7, 2015 Hillary Clinton gives the first nat. TV interview of her campaign, with the soundbyte that voters are increasingly distrusting her because of the pesky Republicans, who are pummeling her with "unsubstantiated attacks".

On Aug. 1, 2015 Hillary's campaign releases her federal income tax forms, revealing an income of $139M between 2007-2014, paying 31% federal tax; most of the income comes from building magnificent new buildings like Donald Trump, er, from giving forgettable speeches; they donate a measly $15M to charity; ""We've come a long way from my days going door-to-door for the Children's Defense Fund and earning $16,450 as a young law professor in Arkansas, and we owe it to the opportunities America provides." On Aug. 11 Hillary Clinton meets with Black Lives Matter activists backstage at an event in N.H. in a tense confrontation where they accuse her of "victim blaming" and cite a "white problem of violence". On Aug. 13 a Fox News Poll reveals that only 2% of Americans believe that Hillary Clinton told the truth about her private email server; 58% believe she knowingly lied; 33% believe there is another explanation; only 7% don't know if she lied. On Aug. 15 Hillary Clinton speaks to 2K at the Iowa Dem. Wing Ding in Clear Lake, Iowa, joking about accusations that she had her private email server professionally wiped before turning it over to the U.S. Justice Dept., saying the investigation is just about politics, adding "You may have seen that I recently launched a Snapchat account. I love it. I love it. Those message disappear all by themselves." On Aug. 16 Repub. pres. candidate Carly Fiorina (ex-Hewlett-Packard CEO) appears on ABC-TV's "This Week", uttering the soundbyte that Hillary Clinton's "lies" about her email server make her unfit for the White House, addding "the cover-up is worse than the crime"; another Repub. candidate Dr. Ben Carson says that Clinton exercised "bad judgment", asking "Would you take someone with judgment like that and hand them the keys to the White House?" On Aug. 18 Hillary Clinton attends a campaign event in Las Vegas, Nev., then speaks to reporters, answering the question "Did you wipe the server?" with "What, like with a cloth or something?" On Aug. 27 U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee chmn. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) demands that the Obama admin. explain why it allowed Hillary Clinton to be the only U.S. secy. of state in over 50 years without a permanent independent watchdog inspector gen.

On Sept. 4, 2015 a ABC/Washington Post Poll reveals that less than 50% of Americans have a favorable opinion of Hillary Clinton, and 41% have a favorable rating, lowest in two decades. On Sept. 7 a NBC-TV Poll reveals that Bernie Sanders is beating Hillary Clinton in N.H. by 9 points, and closing in on her in Iowa (11 points). On Sept. 8 after decling an offer from NBC News on Sept. 4, and telling AP on Sept. 7 that an apology isn't necessary because the State Dept. "allowed" her to do it, Hillary Clinton finally apologizes for using a private email account, with the soundbyte: "That was a mistake. I'm sorry about that. I take responsibility, and I'm trying to be as transparent as I possibly can." On Sept. 8 Hillary Clinton announces her plan to overhaul campaign finance laws, vowing to break the "stranglehold that wealthy interests have over our political system." On Sept. 14 Hillar8y Clinton utters the soundbyte: "To every survival of sexual assault... You ahve the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We're with you" - unless you're Juanita Broaddrick, Monica Lewinsky et al.? On Sept. 15 Hillary Clinton gives an interview to the syndicated TV show "Extra", saying that making her hubby Bill her vice-pres. has "crossed her mind", with the soundbyte: "He would be good, but he's not eligible under the Constitution. He has served his two terms and I think the argument would be as vice-president it would not be possible for him to ever succeed to the presidency, at last that's what I've been told."

On Sept. 25, 2015 Chinese pres. Xi Jinping visits the White House for the first time just as Pope Francis leaves town for New York City; he and Pres. Obama announce a global climate change agreement approved by the pope, and a pact to stop state-sponsored cyberattacks; on Sept. 26 Xi Jinping meets in Seattle, Wash. with tech corp. CEOs incl. Tim Cook of Apple, Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, and Satya Nadella of Microsoft to discuss Chinese cyber espionage and rook them into pressuring Washington, D.C. into not imposing sanctions; on Sept. 28 Jingping hosts a meeting on women's rights at the U.N., causing Hillary Clinton to call him "shameless" when he is persecuting women's activists at home, causing China to respond that she's a "demagogue" like "big mouth" Donald Trump; on Sept. 25-27 the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is approved by the U.N. Gen. Assembly to bring the internat. community "to the cusp of decisions that can help realize the... dream of a world of peace and dignity for all" (U.N. secy.-gen. Ban Ki-moon), containing 17 sustainable development goals incl. an end to world poverty and hunger, gender and wealth equality, action against climate change et al.; it's really an insidious Satanic plan for a New World Order (NWO)?

On Oct. 3, 2015 (Sat.) as she sags in the polls, Hillary appears in a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live in an attempt to prove she's not a robot; meanwhile a fake Donald and Melania Trump appear in another comedy skit. On Oct. 7 the chick flick Rodham by James Ponsoldt is dropped by Lionsgate. On Oct. 13 Roger Stone and Roger Morrow pub. The Clintons' War on Women, detailing Hillary's abusive behavior dating back to her hubby Bill's days as gov. of Ark.; “Hillary Clinton has a long history of being domestically violent with Bill. Hillary has beaten Bill, hit him with hard objects, scratched and clawed him, and made him bleed"; "There's only one Hillary Clinton. She's the Ice Queen, that's the real Hillary. The one you see in her campaign, that's the fake." On Oct. 13 (9 p.m. ET) the First 2015 Dem. Pres. Candidate Debate in Las Vegas, Nev. on CNN, moderated by Anderson Cooper is watched by a record 15.3M viewers; Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders backers come out backing them more than ever, with more switching to Bernie than vice-versa; Cooper asks Hillary "Will you say anything to get elected?"; Hillary utters the soundbyte that the NRA and Republican Party are her "enemies"; Bernie utters the crowd-pleasing soundbyte: "The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damned emails." On Oct. 18 Dan Alexander of Forbes mag. pub. an article that reveals the net worth of Bill and Hillary Clinton to be $230M. On Oct. 22 the Hillary, er, Hillary Clinton testifies (her 2nd time) for 11 hours (10 a.m.-9 p.m.) before the U.S. House Select Committee on Benghazi, chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), where she is grilled about her actions and statements, esp. her public blaming of an anti-Islam video for the attack when she knew that it was a terrorist assault; too bad, despite being caught lying to the public, the exposure only boosts her campaign.

Abdelhamid Abaaoud (1987-2015)

After years of not closing the doors to Islamists, France finally gets its 9/11? On Nov. 13, 2015 (9:20 p.m.) (Friday the Thirteenth) one day after senior Iraqi intel officials warn anti-ISIS coalition forces of the attack in vain, and hours afer Montpellier, France imam Mohamed Khattabi gave a sermon portraying Muslims as victims, with the soundbyte: "We dream of seeing our children become ministers and dignitaries, and even presidents. Why not? We want them to rule France one day, to rule Belgium, Germany, and Britain... You will never get [your children] there through the means of Islam. No. You must get them there through their [Western] rules, not yours", seven Allah Akbar-shouting ISIS terrorists freshly returned from Syria (one a French national, three from Brussels, Belgium) stage six attacks in Paris, France, incl. Bataclan Concert Hall (where Eagles of Death Metal are playing), Stade de France in Saint-Denis (where a soccer match is being played and French pres. Francoise Hollande is in attendance), Caffe Bonne Biere, Le Petit Cambodge, la Belle Equipe, and Avenue de la Republique, killing 129 and injuring 352 before detonating their suicide belts, becoming the deadliest attack in Europe since the 2004 Madrid train bombing, and the deadliest attack in Paris since WWII, causing Pres. Francois Hollande to declare martial law for the first time since you know what after calling the attacks "an act of war", and U.S. law enforcement to go on high alert; ISIS claims responsibility, calling them "the first of the storm" and mocking France as a "capital of prostitution and obscenity"; Pres. Obama utters the soundbyte "We've seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians", calling it "an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share", as if history isn't all about warring civilizations with warring values; Pope Francis calls it part of the "Piecemeal Third World War"; Hillary Clinton tries to cover for Islam Obama-style, refusing to admit that the West is at war with radical Islam, with the soundbytes: "Let's be clear. Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism", and "I don't think we are at war with Islam. I don't think we are at war with all Muslims. I think we are at war with jihadists"; Belgian-born Abdelhamid Abaooud (b. 1987) is identified as the mastermind of the attacks; German chancellor Angela Merkel utters the soundbyte; "We believe in the rights of every individual to seek his fortune, in respect for others, and in tolerance. Let us reply to the terrorists by declaring world war", er, "by resolutely living our values and by redoubling those values across all of Europe - now more than ever"; on Nov. 14 (night) a rally in solidarity with France is held in Tel Aviv, Israel; meanwhile Israeli defense minister Moshe Ya'alon utters the soundbyte; "In Europe, the balance between security and human rights has until now leaned in favor of human rights, but there is no longer any choice. The balance must now be tipped toward security to defend democracy"; on Feb. 15 a candelight vigil for the victims is interrupted by Nat. Front demonstrators crying "Out with the Muslims" and "Throw out Islamists"; Russian pres. Vladimir Putin utters the soundbyte: "This tragedy is another proof of the barbarian nature of terrorism, which challenges human civilization", calling for Western leaders to bury their differences and join Russia to strike at ISIS militants in Syria; TLW's Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam Forever is never mentioned.

In Dec. 2015 Hillary Clinton's confidant John Podesta devises a "slaughter Trump" plan to divert attention to Hillary's sale of one-fifth of U.S. uranium to Russia by framing Donald Trump on colluding with Russia instead.

On Jan. 15, 2016 Michael Bay's 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (Paramount Pictures) debuts, written by Chuck Hogan based on the 2014 book "13 Hours" by Mitchell Zuckoff, showing how the Obama-Hillary outfit cut their own embassy personnel loose with a standdown order, and tried to lie their way out of it; filmed in Malta; stars James Badge Dale as Tyrone S. "Rone" Woods', John Krasinski as Jack Da silva, Max Martini as Mark "Oz" Geist, Dominic Fumusa as John "Tig" Tiegen, Pablo Schriber as Kris "Tanto" Paronto, David Denman as Boon, and Toby Stephens as Glen "Bub" Doherty; does ? box office on a $50M budget; on opening night Donald Trump rents a theater and hands out free tickets; "When everything went wrong six men had the courage to do what was right"; the whole thing pisses-off pres. candidate Hillary Clinton? On Jan. 19 NBC News announces that Hillary Clinton's home server contained intel classified beyond top secret. On Dec. 19 (night) the 3rd 2015 Dem. Pres. Debate at St. Anselm College in N.H., hosted by ABC News is a big bore, with Bernie Sanders uttering the soundbyte: "I'm running because we need to address the planetary crisis of climate change", and Hillary Clinton claiming that Donald Trump's insulting of Muslims helps ISIS recruit radical jihadists, which he later calls for her to apologize for, and she refuses.

On Jan. 2, 2016 Saudi Arabia executes 47 alleged terrorists, incl. Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, drawing condemnation from the U.S. and EU, pissing-off Iran and causing protesters to set ransack and set fire to the Saudi embassy in Tehran, after which on Jan. 3 Shoddy, er, Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran, followed on Jan. 4 by Bahrain, UAE, and Sudan; Donald Trump utters the soundbyte: "One thing I see out there just happened today in Tehran. They're burning down the Saudi embassy, you see that? Now what that is, is Iran wants to take over Saudi Arabia. They already have. They want the oil, okay? They've always wanted that"; Trump also accuses Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton of creating ISIS. On Jan. 17 (eve.) the 4th 2016 Dem. Pres. Debate in Charleston, S.C., aired on NBC News sees Hillary Clinton portray herself as Pres. Obama's heir, and Bernie Sanders call for a "political revolution" to break the power of the big corporations. On Jan. 19 NBC News announces that Hillary Clinton's home serve contained intel classified beyond top secret, causing he to increase her blanket denials of wrongdoing. On Jan. 25 (eve.) the 4th Dem. Pres. Forum at Drake U. in Des Mones, Iowa, moderated by Chris Cuomo of CNN sees Hillary Clinton square-off against frontrunner Bernie Sanders, with also-ran Martin O'Malley tagging along; Hillary utters the soundbyte that her email setup wasn't "an error in judgment" because "nothing that I did was wrong". On Jan. 29 the U.S. State Dept. announces that it is withholding 22 emails from Hillary Clinton's email account for containing "top secret" material, plus another 18 she exchanged with Pres. Obama, calling them protected communications - smell the aroma of the indictments?

On Feb. 1, 2016 (Mon.) the 2016 Iowa Primary is a push for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, with Hillary edging him out by a fraction of 1 point; Ted Cruz (28%) wins the Repub. race (first Latino to win a primary), with Donald Trump (24%) coming in er, #2, and Marco Rubio (23%) 3rd; Hillary claims a V before the vote is counted, relieving a meltdown as the primary approached? On Feb. 3 Hillary Clinton speaks at a Dem. primary town hall in Derry, N.H. sponsored by CNN, ducking a question by Anderson Cooper whether being paid $675K by Goldman Sachs for three speeches was excessive, asking voters to "name one thing" on which Wall Street money has influenced her, with the soundbyte: "I'm out here every day saying I'm going to shut them down, I'm going after them, I'm going to jail them if they should be jailed, I'm going to break them up. I mean they're not giving me very much money now, I can tell you that much. Fine with me, I'm proud to have 90 percent of my donations from small donors"; On Feb. 4 the 5th 2016 Dem. Pres. Debate in Durham, N.H. sees Hillary Clinton demand that Bernie Sanders explain his "artful smears" about receiving campaign donations from Wall Street, with Sanders answering that there is an inherit "quid-pro-quo"; on Feb. 8 Hillary speaks at a community college in Manchester, N.H., uttering the soundbyte that Sanders accepted $200K from the main Senate fundraising arm of the Dem. Party, which receives money from Wall Street, and that she doesn't accuse him of letting that influence his opinions, so he should do ditto. On Feb. 6 former U.S. secy. of state Madeleine Albright speaks at a Hillary Clinton rally in Concord, N.H., uttering the soundbyte; that there's a special place in Hell for women who don't help other women, refusing to apolotize; meanwhile feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem utters the soundbyte that young women are flocking to Bernie Sanders only because "the boys are with Bernie", pissing-off Bernie supporters, causing her to womansplain er, apologize. On Feb. 9 the 2016 N.H. Pres. Primary sees a record Repub. voter turnout with 263K, vs. 231K Dems, with 15% first-timers, most voting for Trump or Sanders; Donald Trump wins the Repub. vote with 35%, vs. 16% for John Kasich, 12% for Ted Cruz, 11% for Jeb Bush, 11% for Marco Rubio, and 7% for Chris Christie; Bernie Sanders wins the Dem. vote with 60%, vs. 38% for Hillary Clinton. On Feb. 11 (8:00 p.m. CST) the 6th 2016 Dem. Pres. Debate at the U. of Wisc. in Milwaukee, Wisc., aired on PBS and CNN and anchored by Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill sees Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton square off on several issues incl. Henry Kissinger and Pres. Obama; after Hillary claims that she is better able to form the kind of coalition needed to advance the Dem. agenda incl. tax increases and racial, ethnic, or sexual equality, Sanders utters the soundbyte: "You're not in the White House yet", dissing her for insulting voters' intelligence by claiming that she's not affected by the millions of dollars going to PACs. On Feb. 14 Hillary Clinton comforts a crying 10-y.-o. illegal immigrant "DREAMer" in Las Vegas, Nev. who says that she's scared her parents are going to be deported, telling her "Let me do all the worrying." On Feb. 15 Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally in Nev., entertaining all by barking like a dog to signal that a lie has just been told. On Feb. 17 Hollyweird actress Susan Sarandon tweets that it is "insulting" to think that women should vote for Hillary Clinton just because of her gender, expressing her support for Bernie Sanders with the soundbyte "I don't vote with my vagina." On Feb. 20 the 2016 Nev. Dem. Caucus is a V for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders by 52%-47%; she actually only got 6,316 votes after spending millions of dollars, going from 40 points to 25 points 30 days earlier to 5 points ahead of Bernie at the end; the 2016 S.C. Repub. Primary is a V for Donald Trump over Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

On Mar. 1, 2016 2016 Super Tuesday is a big V for Hillary Clinton, who wins Ala., Ark., Ga., Mass., Tenn., Tex, and Va., and Donald Trump, who wins Ala., Ark., Ga., Mass., Tenn., and Vt.; Ted Cruz wins Tex., Okla., and Alaska (despite Sarah Palin endorsing Trump), keeping his campaign alive; Bernie Sanders wins Colo., Minn., Okla., and Vt.; Marco Rubio wins only Minn.; John Kasich stays alive with 2nd place finishes in several states; Cruz calls on the other candidates to drop out and join him to take on Trump; Ben Carson drops out of the next debate, and out of the race by Mar. 5; Trump-hating Hillary-loving CIA dir. John O. Brennan freaks and launches an anti-Trump spying operation, going on to involve other intel agencies incl. the FBI. On Mar. 6 (Sun.) the 7th 2016 Dem. Pres. Debate in Flint, Mich. sees Hillary Clinton utter the soundbyte: "I think we have to try everything that works to try to limit the numbers of people and the kinds of people who are given access to firearms", causing Bernie Sanders to reply: "What you're really talking about is ending gun manufacturing in America. I don't agree with that." On Mar. 15 the Second Super Tuesday sees Donald Trump trounce Marco Rubio in his home state of Fla., causing him to drop out of the race; Trump also wins Ill. and N.C., and ties with Cruz in Mo.; too bad, favorite son John Kasich wins Ohio; Hillary Clinton wins Fla., Ohio, and N.C.; after his big win, on Mar. 16 Trump announces that he won't engage in any more debates; about this time the Clinton campaign hooks up with Fusion GPS via its law firm Perkins Cole to do opposition research on Trump, and in Apr. it hires Fusion GPS, with Perkins Coie partner Marc Elias as bagman; in June Fusion GPS hires former British intel officer Christopher Steele to investigate Trump's Russian ties, writing his first memo on June 20, alleging that Trump used hos during a 2013 visit to Moscow, allowing the Kremlin to blackmail him and collude with him, which turns out to be moose hockey, along with the entire Russiagate fake scandal; it later turns out that Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby really wrote the Steele Dossier, based on articles they wrote for the Wall Street Journal. On Mar. 21 Mass. Dem. Sen. Elizabeth Warren begins tweeting against Donald Trump, calling him a "loser" whose "insecurities are on parade", comparing him to "many of history's worst authoritarians", criticizing him for racism, narcissism, and denigrating comments about women, calling him a "serious threat"; meanwhile Judge Jeanine Pirro utters the soundbyte: "Why would Republicans try to sabotage their own frontrunner and risk a Democrat winning the White House? I keep coming up with the same answer. The Republican establishment, elected officials and party leaders are in bed with the Democrats! If Hillary wins, nothing is lost for them, it's business as usual." On Mar. 22 (8:00 a.m.) coordinated ISIS suicide terror attacks at the Zaventem Nat. Airport and the key Maalbeek metro subway station near the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium killing 34 incl. 14 at the airport and injuring 187 in three explosions, causing heightened security throughout Europe while authorities shut Brussels down; Donald Trump supporters brag about his Jan. 27 interview with Maria Bartiromo of Fox Network, where he uttered the soundbyte: "There is something going on, Maria. Go to Brussels. Go to Paris. Go to different places. There is something going on and it's not good, where they want Sharia law, where they want this, where they want things that, you know, there has to be some assimilation. There is no assimilation. There is something bad going on"; Ted Cruz calls for an immediate halt of "refugees from countries with a significant al-Qaida or ISIS presence", and utters the soundbyte: "We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized"; Hillary Clinton utters the soundbyte: "The last thing we need my friends are leaders who incite more fear." On Mar. 22 Donald Trump wins the Repub. primary in Ariz., while thanks mainly to Mitt Romney plus an endorsement by Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz wins in Utah; Hillary Clinton wins the Dem. primary in Ariz., while Bernie Sanders wins Utah and Idaho; the Ariz. election was rigged to disenfranchize Bernie voters? In Mar. the FBI warns the Clinton campaign of a cyberattack, but they refuse to cooperate. In spring Trump-hating Hillary Clinton lover John O. Brennan begins pushing the FBI to open an investigation of Trump campaign collusion with Russia, shaking down foreign intel officials for dirt on Trump and coming up with nothing, with FBI agent Peter Strzok telling his lover Lisa Page "There's no there there", which doesn't stop him from accepting fake intel from British spy Christopher Steele (a 35-page dossier of salacious allegations about Trump and Russia) and using a Yahoo News article by Michael Isikoff based on Steele's story to approach U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, causing the latter to write an open letter to FBI dir. James Comey on Aug. 27, 2016 calling for an FBI investigation into Trump's campaign, containing the soundbyte: "The evidence of a direct connection between the Russian government and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign continues to mount and has led Michael Morrell, the former Acting Central Intelligence Director, to call Trump an ‘unwitting agent’ of Russia and the Kremlin. The prospect of a hostile government actively seeking to undermine our free and fair elections represents one of the gravest threats to our democracy since the Cold War and it is critical for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to use every resource available to investigate this matter thoroughly and in a timely fashion"; Brennan personally intervenes then overrules two CIA officers who disagree with his assessment that there is a high level of confidence that Russian pres. Vladimir Putin interfered in the 2016 U.S. pres. election with the specific goal of helping elect Donald Trump, changing the assessment to keep the investigation going; Brennan is aided by Hillary supporter Andrea Kendall-Taylor, close colleague of Eric Ciaramella,the Dem. whistleblower whose complaint leads to Trump's impeachment in 2017.

On Apr. 3, 2016 (Sun.) Hillary Clinton appears on NBC-TV's Meet the Press", uttering the soundbyte: "The unborn person doesn't have constitutional rights"; on Apr. 5 she appears on ABC-TV's "The View", uttering the doubling down by adding that that unborn children don't have constitutional rights even hours before birth; she pisses-off feminists by using the word "person", drawing memories of the Dred Scott decision? On Apr. 7 Hillary Clinton gives a speech in Denver, Colo., using a white noise machine to block reporters from hearing what she said. On Apr. 8 Hillary Clinton takes four swipes with her MetroCard to pass through a turnstile at the 161st St. subway station in Bronx, N.Y. en route from Yankee Stadium, drawing snipes by Donald Tripe, er, Trump, Saturday Night Live et al. On Apr. 10 Hillary Clinton holds a media cocktail party in Upper East Side, New York City, where she gives them marching orders for rigging the election? On Apr. 12 Pres. Obama dedicates the Belmont-Paul Women's Equality Nat. Monument in Washington, D.C., using the opportunity to plug the pres. candidacy of Hillary Clinton, with the soundbyte: "I want them to come here and be astonished that there was ever a time when women could not vote. I want them to be astonished that there was ever a time when women earned less than men for doing the same work. I want them to be astonished... that there was ever a time when a woman had never sat in the Oval Office", adding: "I don't know how long it will take to get there, but I know we're getting closer to that day." On Apr. 14 (eve.) the 9th Dem. Pres. Debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in Brooklyn, N.Y. sees Bernie Sanders diss Israel, claiming that it has responded disproportionately to Palestinian provocations, and that Benjamin Netanyahu "is not right all of the time", adding that the U.S. "is going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity", and "I believe the United States and the rest of the world have got to work together to help the Palestinian people"; Hillary Clinton responds "I don't know how you run a country when you are under constant threat, terrorist attacks, rockets coming at you. You have a right to defend yourself", endorsing a two-state solution that "would give the Palestinians the rights... and the automony that they deserve", adding: "And let me say this, if Yasser Arafat had agreed with my husband at Camp David in the Late 1990s to the offer then Prime Minister Barak put on the table, we would have had a Palestinian state for 15 years." On Apr. 18 Hillary Clinton gives an interview to The Breakfast Club hip-hop radio show in New York City, uttering the soundbyte that Donald Trump is the "donkey of the decade". On Apr. 19 the New York Pres. Primary sees Donald Trump score a big V, with 60.5% of the vote, vs. 25.1% for John Kasich and 14.5% for Ted Cruz; Hillary Clinton defeats Bernie Sanders by 58%-42%. On Apr. 26 the Apr. 2016 Super Tues. Primary is a big V for Donald Trump, who wins Conn., Del., Md., Penn. and R.I.; Hillary Clinton wins Conn., Del., Md., and Penn., and Bernie Sanders wins R.I.; on Apr. 27 instead of dropping out, "Lyin'" Ted Cruz announces Carly Fiorina as his running mate; Trump utters the soundbyte: "Frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man, I don't think she'd get 5 percent of the vote. The only thing she's got going is the women's card. And the beautiful thing is, women don't like her." On Apr. 26 Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos meets with Maltese prof. Joseph Mifsued, who introduces him to claimed Vladimir Putin relative Olga and offers to arrange a summit, later offering "dirt" on Hillary Clinton in the form of "thousands of emails"; in May Papadopoulos drunkenly admits to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer in the Kensington Wine Rooms in London, England that the Russians have damaging info. on Hillary Cinton, causing the FBI to open an investigation into the Trump campaign. On Apr. ? Hillary Clinton gives a Speech on Income Inequality while wearing a $12,495 Giorgio Armani designer jacket.

On May 3, 2016 Hillary Clinton campaigns in W. Va., facing angry pro-Trump protesters who are pissed-off at her promises to shut down the coal industry. On May 3, 2016 (Tues.) after Trump begins crowing that he's his party's presumptive nominee, the 2016 Ind. Pres. Primary is a crushing V for Donald Trump by 53.2% to 36.7%, causing Ted Cruz to drop out of the race, and Trump to try and mend his fences with a glowing tribute; Bernie Sanders defeats Hillary Clinton 53.1% to 46.9%, allowing his campaign to keep flying on a wing and a prayer; on May 6 Bernie hints at being open to being Hillary's running mate. On May 4 Hillary Clinton gives an interview to CNN's Anderson Cooper, saying that she wants to "take on all the barriers that stand in the way of people getting ahead", putting her foot in her mouth with the soundbyte that she's running to replace Pres. Obama "to really deal with the economy, get it working again." On May 7 Hillary Clinton wins the Dem. caucus in Guam. On May 10 the W. Va. Pres. Primary is a V for Donald Trump (77% vs. 9% for Ted Cruz), and Bernie Sanders (51.4% vs. 35.8% for Hillary Clinton), keeping him in the race. On May 13 govt. watchdog group Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust blasts the "highly suspicious" actions of the Clinton Global Initiative for aiding a for-profit energy conservation firm Energy Pioneer Solutions, which is partly-owned by blond divorcee Julie Tauber McMahon, who is a close friend (lover?) of Bill Clinton in Chappaqua, N.Y., and daughter of millionaire Dem. Party donor Joel Tauber, suspected of being the women called Energizer by the Secret Service because of her frequent visits to the Clinton home when Bill was home and Hillay was away; other co-owners incl. Dem. Nat. Committee treasurer Andrew Tobias and former Dem. congressional candidate Scott Kleeb. On May 17 the 2016 Ore. Repub. Primary is a V for Donald Trump with 63% vs 19% for John Kasic and 16% for Ted Cruz; meanwhile the PC blasts him for his old trick of pretending to be his own publicist, as if it matters whether he's personally on the other end of the phone blowing his own horn or paying somebody to do it for him; the 2016 Ore. Dem. Primary is a V for Bernie Sanders, with 53% vs. 47% for Hillary Clinton; the Ky. primary is a push, with 46.8% for Clinton and 46.3% for Sanders, a difference of 2K out of 400K votes. On May 19 Hillary Clinton slams future pres. Donald Trump as "divisive and dangerous", "unmoored", and not qualified to be U.S. pres. like she is :)

On June 2, 2016 Hillary Clinton gives a speech in San Diego, Calif. slamming rival Donald Trump, calling him "dangerously incoherent" and "unfit for office", accusing him of peddling "outright lies", with the soundbyte: "He is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility"; Trump fires back, with the soundbyte: "It was pathetic. It was so sad to watch. She was up there, supposed to be a foreign policy speech, it was a political speech, had nothing to do with foreign policy"; meanhile House Speaker Paul Ryan breaks and endorses Trump. On June 5 Pres. Obama talks with Bernie Sanders in a bid to unify the Dem. Party around Hillary Clinton, whom he plans on officially endorsing soon; on June 6 after winning in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, Hillary Clinton becomes the first woman in U.S. history to secure the nomination of a major political party; Bernie Sanders calls it a "rush to judgment" because it counts unpledged superdelegates. On June 7 the 2016 Super Tues. Primary is a V for Donald Trump, who wins N.J., S.D., Mont., N.M., and Calif., breaking the Repub. primary vote record by 1.4M votes and reaching 1,536 delegates; Hillary Clinton splits the primaries with Bernie Sanders, winning Calif., N.J., N.M., and S.D., while Sanders wins N.D and Mont., giving her 2,184 pledged delegates vs. 1,804 for him, along with 571 superdelegates for Hillary and only 48 for Sanders. On June 9 Pres. Obama endorses Hillary Clinton for U.S. pres., congratulating her on "making history", and saying "I don't think there's ever been someone so qualified to hold this office"; meanwhile White House spokesman Josh Earnest tells reporters that the FBI investigation into Hillary's handling of classified email is a "criminal investigation", causing Judge Andrew Napolitan to call Obama's endorsement of Hillary a "conflict of interest". On June 29 former U.S. pres. Bill Clinton meets privately with U.S. atty. gen. Loretta Lynch in an airplane at Sky Harbor Airport in in Phoenix, Ariz., causing a firestorm of controversy about undue influence and witness tampering over the ongoing criminal investigations into his wife Hillary, stinking her and her campaign up while putting Lynch in a corner, causing her to promise to accept FBI recommendations in the email inquiry.

Gary J. Byrne

On June 28, 2016 ex-Secret Service agent Gary J. Byrne pub. Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experiences with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate, which details Bill Clinton's constant whoring and Hillary Clinton's unhinged rage, incl. throwing a Bible at the back of an agent's head, concluding that she "lacks the integrity and temperament to serve" in the White House; admits that he "even secretly disposed of sordid physical evidence that might later have been used to convict the president [Bill Clinton]."

Seth Rich (1989-) Tim Kaine of the U.S. (1958-)

On July 2, 2016 the FBI questions Hillary Clinton for 3.5 hours over her private email server. On July 2 Donald Trump retweets an anti-Hillary Clinton cartoon displaying the words "Most corrupt candidate ever" on a sheriff's badge, which Hillary supporters immediately claim is a Star of David to deflect attention, snookering even House Speaker Paul Ryan, who calls on Trump to "clean this up"; of course, Hillary isn't even Jewish. On July 5 Pres. Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign together for the first time in Charlotte, N.C., calling Hillary's bid a 3rd term for Obama; meanwhile FBI dir. #7 (since Sept. 4, 2013) James Brien "Jim" Comey Jr. (1960-) announces that the FBI recommends no charges against Hillary in their airmail, er, email probe, despite her team being "extremely careless about how it handled her emails", pissing-off Repubs., with House Speaker Paul Ryan uttering the soundbyte that it "defies explanation", calling for the FBI to release the details of its investigations if they want voters to swallow the conclusions, and Donald Trump uttering the soundbyte that this proves that the "system is rigged"; Comey adds the revealing soundbyte: "To be clear, this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances, a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences. To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions. But that is not what we are deciding now"; Comey has past connections with the Clinton Foundation; meanwhile Romanian hacker Marcel Lazar Lehel AKA Guccifer (1971-), who is being held in jail in Va. for admitting to hacking Hillary's personal email server is rumored to have been found dead in his jail cell, which turns out false; no surprise, on July 6 U.S. atty. gen. Loretta Lynch announces that Hillary and her aides won't be charged with a speck of dust; on July 7 Comey is questioned by House Repubs., uttering the soundbyte that Hillary is not "sophisticated enough" (i.e., is too stupid) to understand that (C) next to a paragraph means that it's classified; meanwhile on July 7 a group of Repub. senators led by Marco Rubio of Fla. petition the U.S. State Dept. to suspend the security clearances of Hillary and her top aides; on July 12 U.S. atty. gen. Loretta Lynch meets with irate House Repubs., and refuses to explain why she let Hillary off the hook, passing the buck to the U.S. Justice Dept. and the FBI. On July 5 the Dem. Nat. Committee Server is hacked by hacker Guccifer 2.0, which is used by the Dems. to blame the Russians; later investigation proves it to be an inside job? On July 10 Dem. Nat. Committee staffer Seth Conrad Rich (b. 1989) is murdered by a gunman as he walks home in Bloomingdale, Washington, D.C.; despite nothing taken, police call it a botched robbery; WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange later implies that he is the source of the damaging emails posted days before the Dem. Nat. Convention; this adds to the recent suspicious deaths of U.N. official John Ashe (June 22), Victor Thorn (Aug. 1), and Shawn Lucas (Aug. 4). On July 12 Bernie Sanders cops-out and endorses Hillary Clinton for U.S. pres. in Portsmouth, N.H., while taking veiled shots at her Wall Street contributions and superdelegates. On July 15 64 U.S. House Repubs. led by U.S. Rep. (R-Tenn.) Marsha Blackburn send a letter to the IRS asking them to investigate the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation for "public corruption", claiming that it is a "lawless pay-to-play enterprise that has been operating under a cloak of philanthropy for years and should be investigated." On July 22 Hillary Clinton announces U.S. Sen. (since 2013) Timothy Michael "Tim" Kaine (1958-) (a devout Roman Catholic schooled by Jesuits who loves Pope Francis and opposes abortion but supports Roe v. Wade and same-sex marriage) as her vice-pres. running mate, causing Donald Trump to begin calling him "Corrupt Kaine"; meanwhile on July 22 WikiLeaks pub. 19,252 emails hacked from the Dem. Nat. Committee from hacking group Guccifer 2.0, revealing that they tried to use Bernie Sanders' atheist religious beliefs to derail his pres. campaign, causing DNC chmn. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to cancel her speaking date at the Dem. convention, while Sanders demands her resignation, which she tenders on July 24; meanwhile Clinton's campaign mgr. blames Russian hackers for leaking the emails, but doesn't try to explain why the DNC did it in the first place; on July 25 as the convention is about to convene, Schultz is replaced as convention chmn. by U.S. rep. (D-Ohio) Marcia Fudge, chmn. of the Congressional Black Caucus. On July 25 a CNN Poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by 44% to 39%, with 68% of Americans saying that Hillary is dishonest and untrustworthy. On July 25-28 the 2016 Dem. Nat. Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Penn. starts out with Bernie Sanders supporters echoing the Repub. Convention with shouts of "Lock her up!", followed on July 25 by Debbie Wasserman Schultz being booed off the stage at a breakfast for the Fla. delegation; on July 25 (eve.) after his supporters disrupt the convention with stubborn determination to nominate him despite all, Bernie Sanders gives a speech, totally selling out to Queen Hillary, telling them to support her, and warning them against supporting Trump, saying that the choice is "not even close"; Michelle Obama gives a speech dissing Trump, with the soundbyte: "Don't let anyone ever tell you that this country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again, because this right now is the greatest country on Earth"; Elizabeth Warren gives a speech that tears into Trump, while Bernie supporters heckle and boo her, shouting "We trusted you"; Sanders supporters later complain that their signs were ripped out of their hands and they were threatened with losing their credentials; there are no red-white-blue U.S. flags visible at the convention, but there are Soviet flags?; on July 26 (eve.) after Bernie Sanders officially names her, Hillary is officially nominated as his uncontrollable supporters walk out and storm the media tent, becoming the first woman nominated as U.S. pres. by a major political party, bringing out the female sexists bigtime as she utters the soundbyte "We just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet"; ex-U.S. pres. Bill Clinton gives a glowing speech pushing his wife as a "change-maker"; on July 27 Donald Trump utters the soundbyte that he hopes the Russians "have the 33,000 emails that she lost and deleted", expressing hope that they will release them so that she can be exposed and prosecuted; the Dems. attempt to turn it around by claiming he's calling on the Russians to hack her, with Hillary's senior policy advisor Jake Sullivan uttering the soundbyte: "This has to be the first time that a major presidential candidate has actively encouraged a foreign power to conduct espionage against his political opponent", when if they did it it was long ago, and he's just asking them to give us the booty so she can be prosecuted, not necessarily to interfere in an election; too bad, in June the Internat. Strategic Studies Assoc.'s Defense and Foreign Affairs mag. already pub. a warning that according to "reliable" sources, warnings to that effect had been received fom Moscow; on July 28 Trump flops and claims he was just being satirical; on July 27 (eve.) the Dems. pull out all the stops in their frantic effort to turn the polls around; billionaire Michael Bloomberg gives a speech claiming to be an independent who hates Trump because he's a "dangerous demagogue", with the soundbytes: "The richest thing about Donald Trump is his hypocrisy", "The bottom line is, Trump is a risky, reckless, and radical choice, and we can't afford to make that choice", and "Throughout his career, Trump has left behind a well-documented record of bankruptcies, thousands of lawsuits, angry shareholders and contractors who feel cheated, and disillusioned customers who feel ripped off. Trump says he wants to run the nation like he's run his business. God help us"; Joe Biden gives a speech blasting Trump for his trademark phrase "You're fired!", with the soundbyte: "How can there be pleasure in saying you're fired? He's trying to tell us he cares about the middle class? Give me a break. That's a bunch of malarkey"; Tim Kaine gives a speech, mocking Trump for his phrase "Trust me" while glowingly portraying Hillary as someone he'd trust to protect his son's life, with the soundbyte: "Hillary Clinton is lista (Sp. "ready"); after staying up until 3:00 a.m. to finish polishing it, Pres. Obama gives the final speech, starting with calling the upcoming election "a more fundamental choice of who we are as a people", knocking it out of the park by portraying Trump as a combo P.T. Barnum and Mussolini while portraying Hillary as the most qualified person in history to carry on his legacy, with the soundbytes: "Anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadis or home-grown demagogues will always fail in the end"; "Our power doesn't come from some self-declared savior promising that he alone can restore order as long as we do things his way. We don't look to be ruled"; "Tonight I ask you to do for Hillary Clinton what you did for me. I ask you to carry her the same way you carried me", "America is already great. America is already strong. And I promise you, our strength, our greatness, does not depend on Donald Trump", "I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman - not me, not Bill, nobody - more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America", and "My time in this office hasn't fixed everything; as much as we've done, there's still so much I want to do", giving a glowing lecture on how great the U.S. and its Constitution is and how great its future is but messing it up with his love of Muslims, the very people who can ruin it?; as he leaves, Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" plays, beginning: "Like a fool I went and stayed too long"; on July 28 (eve.) after the convention mentions Donald Trump's name 332x in the first three nights, "God" actor Morgan Freeman narrates a highly selective video about her, filled with gushing praise from Bill Clinton and Pres. Obama, and Gen. John Allen blasts Trump for her, neutral white pants suit-wearing Hillary Clinton gives her big speech, which turns out to be a rehash of old speeches, calling the upcoming election "a moment of reckoning", blasting Trump as usual as a "little man" who is "moved by fear and pride", adding "A man you can bait with a Tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons"; no surprise, she wants to open the U.S. to mass Muslim immigration, with the soundbyte: "We will not ban a religion", and dismisses Trump's wall with "We will not build a wall" and "We'll build a path to citizenship for millions of immigrants who are already contributing to our economy"; before she speaks a bunch of Bernie Sanders supporters walk out, while others (who had their Bernie signs taken away) stay and display signs made up by changing the Hillary signs to "Liar", "Walk the Walk", "Keep your promises", "Yes we can REVOLT", and "Fighting for HERSELF"; Khizr Khan, father of fallen Muslim-Am. soldier U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan (KIA in Iraq in 2004) utters the soundbyte: "Donald Trump consistently smears the character of Muslims. He disrespects minorities and women, judges, even his own party leadership. He vows to build walls and ban us from this country. Donald Trump, you're asking us to trust you with our future. Let me ask you, have you even read the United States Constitution?" (he meant the Quran, since he probably can't reach much English and knows that the Quran is the Constitution's archenemy?); who wants to destroy the U.S. via mass Muslim immigration and replace it with an Islamic republic based on given over $25M to the Hillary campaign, and is a suspected Muslim Brotherhood agent who wants to destroy the U.S. via mass Muslim immigration and replace it with an Islamic republic based on Sharia; later conservative pundit Ann Coulter tweets the soundbyte: "You know what this convention really needed? An angry Muslim with a thick accent like Fareed Zakaria"; Donald Trump immediately slams Hillary, with the soundbytes: "Hillary's refusal to mention radical Islam, as she pushes a 550% increase in refugees, is more proof that she is unfit to lead the country", "[America's] way of life is under threat by Radical Islam and Hillary Clinton cannot even bring herself to say the words", "Hillary's wars have unleashed destruction, terrorism and ISIS across the world", and "[Under her administration there will be] no borders, no jobs, no safety"; Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller utters the soundbytes that her speech was "an insulting collection of cliches and recycled rhetoric", "She spent the evening talking down to the American people she’s looked down on her whole life", and "Hillary Clinton says America is stronger together. But in Hillary Clinton's America, millions of people are left out in the cold"; on July 31 Trump starts a feud with Khizr Khan, starting with implying that his wife Ghazala Khan didn't speak at the convention because she's a Muslim, to which she replies that it was because she couldn't handle the grief, and Khizr Khan to utter the soundbyte: "He is a black soul, and this is totally unfit for the leadership of this country", causing Repbs. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Kelly Ayotte, Jeb Bush et al. to jump on Trump, who responds that Khizr's speech was probably scripted by the Hillary campaign, and it's not about him anyway, it's about radical Islam, adding: "If I were president Khizr Khan's son wouldn't have died" because Hillary voted for the Iraq War and he was against it; on Aug. 3 Trump meets with six Gold Star families in Jacksonville, Fla. before speaking at a rally of 15K; meanwhile Hillary receives big bucks from billionaire Nigerian Muslim jihadist Kase Lukman Lawal; Humayun Khan was really a Muslim jihadist trying to commit suicide while taking as many U.S. soldiers with him as possible, and they covered it up by making him a hero? On July 29 Hillary Clinton tours the U.S. Rust Belt, while Donald Trump visits Colo., uttering the soundbyte: "Remember this. Trump is going to be no more Mr. Guy", for the first time encouraging supporters' chants of "Lock her up", with the soundbyte "You know what? I'm starting to agree with you"; meanwhile the Clinton campaign acknowledges that the DNC hackers also hacked their servers, while the FBI announces an investigation into their "accuracy, nature and scope".

On Aug. 2, 2016 Pres. Obama slams Donald Trump, with the soundbyte: "I think the Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. I said so last week, and he keeps on proving it. The notion that he would attack a Gold Star family that had made such extraordinary sacrifices on behalf of our country, the fact that he doesn’t appear to have basic knowledge around critical issues in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia means that he’s woefully unprepared to do this job"; Trump replies that Obama is the worst pres. in U.S. history, a "diasaster" who is himself "unfit to serve"; meanwhile retiring U.S. Rep. (R-N.Y.) Richard Hanna announces that he plans on crossing party lines and voting for Hillary Clinton in Nov., becoming the first; on Aug. 3 Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman announces that despite being a Repub. she's supporting Hillary Clinton. On Aug. 4 Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza gives an interview to Bloomberg, with the soundbyte: "The Clintons use black people for votes, but then don't do anyting for black communities after they're elected. They just use us for photo ops." On Aug. 5 former CIA acting dir. Michael Morell endorses Hillary Clinton, calling Donald Trump a "threat to our national security", with the explanation that he is an "unwitting agent of the Russian Federation" because Vladimir Putin has been complimenting him, leading him to become friendly with Russia and hence their dupe? On Aug. 8 Seddique Mateen, father of Orlando jihadist Omar Mateen is seen seated directly behind Hillary Clinton at her speech in Kissimmee, Fla., pissing-off victims' families. On Aug. 9 Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Wilmington, N.C., uttering the soundbyte about Hillary: "Hillary wants to abolish, esentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks, although, the Second Amendment people, maybe, there is, I don't know, but, but I'll tell you what. That will be a horrible day. If Hillary gets to put her judges, right now, we're tied", causing the desperate outrageously biased PC media to attempt to frame him on calling for Hillary to be assassinated, incl. a false report by CNN that the Secret Service warned him that he is threatening Hillary's safety; meanwhile the PC press whips-up the fearmongering, with actor-dir. Rob Reiner uttering the soundbyte that Trump's comments are dangerous because his followers have a "violent nature", CBS discredited journalist Dan Rather uttering the soundbyte that PC media must publicly shame Trump's supporters, and Ronald Reagan's daughter Patti Davis uttering the soundbyte: "Your glib and horrifying comment about 'Second Amendment people'... was heard by the person sitting alone in a room, locked in his own dark fantasies, who sees unbridled violence as a way to make his mark in the world, and is just looking for ideas. Yes, Mr. Trump, words matter." On Aug. 10 a new batch of emails from the Clinton era is released, by Judicial Watch, revealing that U.S. State Dept. aides were asked to do favors for people important to the Clinton Foundation, incl. Clinton Foundation advisor Doug Band urging Hillary aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills to arrange a meeting between Nigerian-born Lebanese billionaire donor Gilbert Chagoury and career diplomat Jeff Feltman, their "substance person" in Beirut. On Aug. 10 Donald Trump gives a speech at a rally in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., claiming that Pres. Obama was the founder of ISIS, and Hillary Clinton a co-founder; the Dems. respond that the Iraq War created ISIS, even though Hillary voted for it; after the usual PC firestorm, he calls it "sarcasm". On Aug. 11 Hillary Clinton gives her Economic Plan Speech in Warren, Mich., flopping on her support of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and promising to stop any trade deal that kills U.S. jobs, and promising to "ramp up enforcement" by appointing a chief trade prosecutor, with the soundbyte: "Investments at home that would make us more competitive have been completely blocked in Congress, and American workers and communities have paid the price, but the answer is not to rant and rave or cut ourselves off from the world. That would end up killing even more jobs." On Aug. 11 reports surface claiming that the Obama admin. stopped the FBI 3x from investigating the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton for corruption, causing Trump spokesman Jason Miller to utter the soundbyte: "This latest refusal to allow even a cursory investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s pay-for-play dealings smacks of political favoritism. This is exactly why the American public has lost trust in the U.S. government and is ready to elect an outsider like Donald Trump." On Aug. 12 Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine release their 2015 tax returns, taunting Donald Trump to do ditto; too bad, Hillary's returns merely report speaking fees that are really payoffs, while she hides the texts of the speeches as hard as Trump does his tax returns? On Aug. 13-14 (night) racial riots in Milwaukee, Wisc. are sparked by a police shooting in Sherman Park of 23-y.-o. black male Sylville Smith with a "lengthy arrest record", who ran from police and refused to drop his gun; the riots end after a 10 p.m. curfew is imposed after eight police officers and one citizen are injured, and a dozen arrested; on Aug. 16 Donald Trump gives a speech in nearby West Bend, Wisc., blaming Hillary Clinton for holding back black neighborhoods as part of her "rigged system", with the soundbytes: "We reject bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to and talks down to communities of color and sees them only as votes... not as individual human beings worthy of a better future... The African-American community has been taken for granted for decades by the Democratic Party and look how they're doing"; "The problem in our minority communities is not that there is too much police but that there is not enough police" and "The political class that Mrs. Clinton has been a part of for 30 years has abandoned the people of this county. They only care about themselves. I am going to give the people their voice back." On Aug. 15 U.S. vice-pres. Joe Biden campaigns with Hillary Clinton in his hometown of Scranton, Penn., blasting Trump as intellectually and temperamentally unfit to be U.S. pres., with the soundbyte: "And I can say without hesitation, my word as a Biden, no major party nominee in the history of the United States of America, has... known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than Donald Trump", adding "Look, Trump's ideas are not only profoundly wrong, they're very dangerous and they're very un-American. You know, they reveal a profound ignorance of our Constitution. It's a recipe for playing into the hands of terrorists and their propaganda", dissing him for claiming that Pres. Obama is the true founder of ISIS, attempted to turn it inside out and backwards with the soundbyte; "If my son were still in Iraq, and I say to all those who are there, the threat to their life has gone up a couple clicks." On Aug. 18 after Pres. Obama refuses to cut short his 2-week vacation in Martha's Vineyard to visit the scene of the La. flood, Homeland Security sec. Jeh Johnson utters the soundbyte: "The president can't be everywhere"; on Aug. 16 Obama's Justice Dept. issued a guidance memo telling La. officials receiving federal disaster assistance not to engage in "unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, color, or national origin (including limited English proficiency)", pissing them off; meanwhile on Aug. 19 Donald Trump and Mike Pence visit Baton Rouge, La., while Hillary rests. On Aug. 18 after news that it may have been hacked, plus the expose in Peter Schweizer's NYT bestseller "Clinton Cash", the Clinton Foundation announces that it will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations, but only after winning the election, followed on Aug. 22 by Bill Clinton announcing that if Hillary wins the election he will resign from the board and stop raising funds, causing Donald Trump on Aug. 22 to call for the foundation to be shut down, for the money to be returned, and for a special prosecutor to be appointed, with the soundbyte: "It is now clear that the Clinton Foundation is the most corrupt enterprise in political history"; on Aug. 21 the leftist "Huffington Post" also calls for it to be shut down - she won't give any back? On Aug. 18 Donald Trump gives a speech in Charlotte, N.C., uttering the soundbyte: "Hillary Clinton's mistakes destroy innocent lives, sacrifice national security, and betray the working families of this country. Please remember this: I will never put personal profit before national security. I will never leave our border open to appease donors and special interests. I will never support a trade deal that kills American jobs. I will never put the special interests before the national interest. I will never put a donor before a voter, or a lobbyist before a citizen. Instead, I will be a champion for the people"; meanwhile to counter Trump's accusation that she's "against the police", Hillary Clinton meets with U.S. police chiefs in a closed meeting in John Jay College in New York City. On Aug. 19 after Hillary has spent $100M+ in TV ads attempting to scaremonger him, Donald Trump releases his first TV ad, dissing Hillary Clinton as as an open borders establishment disaster, with the soundbyte: "In Hillary Clinton's America the system stays rigged against America"; meanwhile Trump apologizes for everything without being specific, with the soundbyte: "Sometimes, in the heat of debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and believe it or not I regret it, and I do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain." On Aug. 19 (night) Donald Trump speaks at a rally in lily-white Dimondale, Mich., uttering the soundbyte: "Tonight I'm asking for the vote of every single African-American citizen in this country who wants to see a better future", adding: "What do you have to lose by trying something new, like Trump? You're living in your poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58 percent of your youth is unemployed - what the hell do you have to lose?", claiming that in cities like Detroit, blacks "have become refugees in their own country", predicting: "At the end of four years, I guarantee you that I will get over 95 percent of the African-American vote"; the Clinton campaign replies: "This is so ignorant it's staggering"; meanwhile his campaign releases his first TV ad, dissing Hillary Clinton as as an open borders establishment disaster, with the soundbyte: "In Hillary Clinton's America the system stays rigged against America"; meanwhile Trump apologizes for everything without being specific, with the soundbyte: "Sometimes, in the heat of debate, and speaking on a multitude of issues, you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. I have done that, and believe it or not I regret it, and I do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain." On Aug. 23 Hillary Clinton gives a speech, slamming Donald Trump's campaign as a haven for racism and bigotry, with the soundbytes: "A man with a long history of racial discrimination who traffics in dark conspiracy theories from the pages of supermarket tabloids and the far, dark reaches of the internet should never run our government or command our military", and "There's always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, a lot of it arising from racial resentment. But it's never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it and giving it a national megaphone until now"; meanwhile on Aug. 23 after telling Sean Hannity of Fox News that he is open to "softening" his immigration stance, Donald Trump gives a speech in Austin, Tex., doubling down instead, with the soundbyte: "No citizenship. Let me go a step further. They'll pay back taxes, they have to pay taxes, there's no amnesty, as such, there's no amnesty, but we work with them. Now, everybody agrees we get the bad ones out," Trump said. "But when I go through and I meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject, and I've had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me, and they've said, 'Mr. Trump, I love you, but to take a person who's been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and their family out, it's so tough, Mr. Trump,' I have it all the time! It's a very, very hard thing"; on Aug. 24 he speaks in Tampa, Fla., uttering the soundbyte: "I've been watching so carefully over the past month. Hillary Clinton doesn't do speeches, she doesn't do press conferences. It's been almost 300 days. She doesn't do rallies of any consequence. She doesn't do this kind of stuff"; he goes on to label Hillary Clinton a "bigot", with the soundbyte: "Hillary Clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future", pissing-off the PC media. On Aug. 24 after AP reports that more than half of 154 people who met with her had given to her foundation, Hillary Clinton gives an interview to CNN, saying that the alleged Clinton Foundation scandal is "a lot of smoke and there's no fire", with the soundbyte: "I made policy decisions based on what I thought was right, to keep Americans safe and protect U.S. interests abroad." On Aug. 25 Trump speaks in Manchester, N.H., calling Hillary's attempts to "play the race card" and paint him and his supporters as racists smacks of desperation in an attempt to distract vobers from her policies that have devastated minority communities and inner cities, with the soundbyte: "It's the oldest play in the Democratic playbook. When Democratic policies fail, they are left with only this one tired argument: 'You're racists, you're racist, you're racists.' It's a tired, disgusting argument, and it is so totally predictable... You know what? The people are becoming very smart. They have heard it too many times before. The well is dry"; he goes on to diss leftists for calling people concerned about radical Islam "Islamophobes", with the soundbyte: "They are decent Americans citizens who want to uphold our value as a tolerant society and who want to keep the terrorists the hell out of our country. If the choice is between saving lives or appeasing politically correct censors in Washington, D.C., that is the easiest choice you or I will ever have to make. We will always choose saving American lives." On Aug. 25 Hillary Clinton speaks in Reno, Nev., giving a "tin foil hat" speech accusing the "Alt-Right", Alex Jones, Brexit, and Vladimir Putin of a grand global conspiracy against her, while trying to frame Donald Trump on being the conspiracy theorist and of being linked with the KKK; meanwhile so far this mo. she has held only 11 campaign events attended by 10K total (incl. paid staffers) (avg. 900), vs. 29 events and 168K (avg. 5.8K) for Trump. On Aug. 28 (Sun.) Pres. Obama's 2008 pres. campaign architect David Plouffe gives an interview to Chuck Todd of NBC-TV's "Meet the Press", uttering the soundbyte about Donald Trump: "We have a psychopath running for president"; when asked if he's a prof. pshrink he replies: "Listen, the grandiose notion of self-worth, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse... I don't have a degree in psychology, but here it is, Chuck, basically, the race ends today. I think Hillary Clinton is guaranteed at least 269 electoral votes, think about that. Because Virginia and Colorado, both campaigns I think believe are put away." On Aug. 31 Donald Trump meets with Mexican pres. Enrique Pena Nieto in Mexico City, using the photo opp to look presidential while arguing that NAFTA has benefitted Mexico more than the U.S., with the soundbytes: "There will be no amnesty. For those here today illeglly who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and only one route: to return home and apply for reentry under the rules of the new legal immigration system that I have outlined... Those who have left to seek entry under this new system will not be awarded surplus visas, but will have to enter under the immigration caps or limits that will be established"; "Having a secure border is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial. We recognize and respect the right of either country to build a physical barrier or wall on any of its borders to stop the illegal movement of people, drugs and weapons"; Nieto acknowledges the "fundamental right that each of the countries has to defend its border", with the soundbyte: “There is still a joint challenge including the increasing number of non-Mexicans who cross through our country in order to reach the United States, therein creating serious human crises"; this show upstages Hillary Clinton, who calls it "an embarrassing international incident", then admidst mucho empty seats gives a Speech on American Exceptionalism at the Am. Legion Nat. Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, unsuccesfully trying to steal the thunder from Donald Trump, who leads the poll among military families 51%-41% according to NBC News, with the soundbyte: "The United States is an exceptional nation. I believe we are still Lincoln's last, best hope of Earth. My opponent in this race has said very clearly he thinks American exceptionalism is insulting to the rest of the world. My opponent misses something important. When we say America is exceptional, it doesn't mean that people from other places don't feel deep national pride just like we do. It means we recognize America’s unique and unparalleled ability to be a force for peace and progress, a champion for freedom and opportunity"; in the eve. Trump gives a Speech on Immigration in Phoenix, Ariz., praising the majority of the Mexican people but sticking with his border wall using the "best technology" and the promise to make Mexico pay for it "100 percent - they don't know it yet but they're going to pay for the wall", along with "zero tolerance for criminal aliens... My first hour in office, those people are gone"; "Anyone who tells you that the core issue is the needs of those living here illegally has simply spent too much time living in Washington. There is only one core issue in the immigration debate, and that issue is the well-being of the American people." On Aug. 31 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange gives an interview to the New York Times, uttering the soundbyte: "The American liberal press, in falling over themselves to defend Hillary Clinton, are erecting a demon that is going to put nooses around everyone's necks as soon as she wins the election, which is almost certainly what she's going to do."

On Sept. 5, 2016 the planes of U.S. pres. candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump end up parked within 100 yards of each other on the tarmac at the aiport in Cleveland, Ohio, with Trump getting there first. On Sept. 6 Traitor, er, Pres. Obama nominates Abid Qureshi to the U.S. District Court for D.C., becoming the first Muslim nominated to the federal judiciary. On Sept. 6 Hillary Clinton holds a rally at the U. of South Fla. that draws 1.5K; on Sept. 9 Donald Trump holds a rally in Pensacola, Fla. that draws 12K; on Sept. 20 Trump holds a rally in Estero, Fla. that draws 8K, while Hillary speaks at Temple U. in Philly before a crowd of 200; in Estero, Trump utters the soundbyte that Hillary "talks tougher about my supporters than she does about radical Islamic terrorists." On Sept. 7 (eve.) after Trump ends his media blacklist incl. the Washington Post, Politico, and Buzzfeed, the Commander in Chief Forum in New York City, hosted by MSNBC, NBC News, and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of Am., moderated by Matt Lauer sees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump take turns accusing each other of being unfit to be pres.; Trump calls for a massive military buildup to fight ISIS, incl. 50K more Army troops (540K total), 70 new warships (total 350), 13 new USMC batttallions, and 100 USAF planes (1.2K total), canceling budget caps to boost spending by $500B over the next 10 years, uttering the soundbyte: "History shows that when America is not prepared is when the danger is by far the greatest. We want to deter, avoid, and prevent conflict through our unquestioned military strength"; Trump opens the door to Dreamers who want to join the military; when asked to respond to Trump's numerous slams about how he "reduced American generals to rubble" et al., Pres. Obama laughs, with the soundbyte: "Somehow behavior that in normal times we'd consider completely unacceptable is normalized and people start thinking we should be grading on a curve." On Sept. 8 Hillary Clinton pub. a post in Humans of New York, reiterating a 1996 story she told to The New Yorker that when she took her LSAT in 1969 the men jerked her around for being a woman, telling her to "go home and get married", this time claiming they told her "If you take my spot, I'll get drafted, I'll go to Vietnam, and I'll die"; too bad, Pres. LBJ ended the draft deferment on Feb. 16, 1968. On Sept. 8 (eve.) Hillary Clinton delivers the keynote speech at the Nat. Baptist Convention in Kansas City, Mo. amidst 2K empty seats out of 5K, pointing how out she was raised a Methodist but married a Southern Baptist, mentioning her "deep and abiding Christian faith". On Sept. 9 Hillary Clinton gives a speech at the LGBT for Hillary gala in New York City, uttering the soundbyte: "You could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables, right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophbic, Islamophobic, you name it", causing Donald Trump to tweet: "Wow, Hillary Clinton was SO INSULTING to my supporters, millions of amazing, hard working people. I think it will cost her at the Polls!"; Sept. 10 she partially flops, with the soundbyte: "Last night I was grossly generalistic, and that's never a good idea. I regret saying 'half', that was wrong. But let's be clear, what's really deplorable is that Donald Trump hired a major advocate for the so-called alt-right movement to run his campaign and that David Duke and other white supremacists see him as a champion of their values. It's deplorable that Trump has built his campaign largely on prejudice and paranoia and given a national platform to hateful views and voices, including by retweeting fringe bigots with a few dozen followers and spreading their message to 11 million people." On Sept. 9 (night) Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Pensacola, Fla., uttering the soundbytes: "The only thing she's done well - and she'll go down in history for it, I have to admit - is getting out of trouble with the emails; that's the single greatest achievement of Hillary Clinton"; "She could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching, right smack in the middle of the heart, and she wouldn't be prosecuted, OK? T hat is what's happened to our country." On Sept. 11 Hillary Clinton collapses during a 9/11 ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial Place in Lower Manhattan, N.Y., and is rushed away for emergency treatment, giving away her numerous lies about her health, er, she later claims easily curable pneumonia after becoming overheated and dehydrated, cancelling a planned trip to Calif. for Sept. 12. On Sept. 12 after a long argument, U.S. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), chmn. of the House Oversight Committee gives a subpoena to FBI liaison Jason Herring ordering the FBI to give them its complete investigative file on Hillary's email behavior, not just the redacted summary given them on Sept. 2. On Sept. 13 Buzzfeed and Daily Caller pub. hacked emails from DCLeaks.com by former U.S. secy. of state gen. Colin Powell in which he calls Donald Trump a "national disgrace" and a racist "international pariah" for mainstreaming the Obama birther movement, while dissing Hillary Clinton for trying to connect him to her emails despite repeated warnings, claiming that she "does not look good", is "working herself to death", and "nobody likes her", and "I would rather not have to vote for her, although she is a friend I respect", adding that her hubby Bill is still "dicking bimbos"; several emails to Powell from Jeffrey Leeds of Leeds Equity Partners reveal that Hillary hates and envies Pres. Obama, and that Obama wouldn't mind seeing her lose. On Sept. 13 Ford Motor Co. CEO Mark Fields announces plans to move all small-car production in North Am. to Mexico, vindicating the gloom and doom warnings of Donald Trump, who speaks at the Bethel United Methodist Church in Flint, Mich. on Sept. 14, uttering the soundbyte: "It used to be that cars were made in Flint and you couldn't drink the water in Mexico. And now the cars are made in Mexico and you can't drink the water in Flint"; too bad, pastor Faith Green Timmons stops Trump from criticizing sacred cow Hillary; on Sept. 15 the U.S. Senate by 95-3 passes the $9B U.S. Water Resources Development Act of 2016 to fund U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects at Flint, Mich. et al. On Sept. 14 Donald Trump appears on the Doctor Oz show, handing him some medical records, the report on a recent physical; meanwhile Hillary Clinton's physician Lisa Bardack of Mount Kisco, N.Y. announces that she is "healthy and fit" to serve as U.S. pres., and has non-existent? "non-contagious bacterial pneumonia", after which on Sept. 14 Trump's physician Harold Bernstein releases a letter claiming that he is in "excellent physical health", although he takes rosuvastatin and low dose aspirin and is clinically obese. On Sept. 16 after Hillary Clinton calls the Birther Movement an "outrageous lie", with the soundbyte: "We know who Donald is. For five years he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president", and he responds that she started the Obama birther controversy during her 2008 primary campaign, but can't pin it on her personally, Donald Trump folds and announces that "President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again." On Sept. 16 Donald Trump tweets that if she's really against guns, Hillary Clinton's bodyguards should disarm themselves and "see what happens", causing U.S. Sen. (Dem.-Conn.) Chris Murphy to accuse him of suggesting her assassination. On Sept. 20 the Clinton Global Initiative gives a dinner for Hanan al-Hroub, wife of convicted terrorist Omar al-Hroub, who provided materials used in a 1980 bombing that killed six Israelie. On Sept. 22 the U.S. House investigative committee chaired by Jason Chaffetz votes 19-15 along party lines to hold Bryan Pagliano in contempt after no-showing 2x to testify on his boss Hillary's Clinton's secret emails. On Sept. 26 (eve.) the First Clinton-Trump Debate at Hofstra U. in Hempstead, N.Y., moderated by Lester Holt of NBC News and watched by a record 80M is a push, with ever-sniffling (50X+) Trump coming on strong early bragging about how Supply Side Economics will rescue the economy, and how she was a big supporter of the TPP, and Hillary coming on strong at the end by bringing up his refusal to release his taxes and trying to pin the Birther Movement on him and bringing up his non-PC language about women and blacks, reversing his criticism of her stamina by pointing to her past stamina while skipping over her recent problems; Trump uses the word "braggadocious"; Trump scores a late V with the soundbyte: "Hillary has experience, but it's bad experience"; Hillary used aide Philippe Reines to play Trump during debate preparations; on Sept. 27 Hillary holds a rally at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, N.C. before a capacity crowd of 1.4K, uttering the soundbyte: "Did anybody see that debate last night? Oh yes! One down, two to go", adding "He made very clear that he didn't prepare for that debate", explaining why she dropped out of the campaign as getting ready for it, with the soundbyte: "Just trying to keep track of everything he says took a lot of time", calling him "dangerously incoherent"; meanwhile on Sept. 27 Trump holds a rally before a capacity crowd of tens of thousands in a hangar in Melbourne, Fla., claiming to win the debate based on unscientific Internet polls, but backing it up by raising $13M in 24 hours. On Sept. 30 after Hillary Clinton tries to zing Donald Trump in their first debate by bringing up 1996 Miss Universe Yoseph Alicia Machado Fajardo (1976-), which seems to catch him off-guard, and he won't drop the issue but keeps researching, thinking, and tweeting about it, Hillary utters the soundbyte: "Who gets up at 3 in the morning to engage in a Twitter attack?" - she couldn't get up at 3 a.m. to respond to a national emergency? On Sept. 30 the House Office of Inspector General charges Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz's aide Imran Awan with funneling data off the House network and giving a USB drive to a Pakistani senator who was once head a Pakistani intel agency; Imran's father Haji Ashraf Awan is later discovered to be giving data to Pakistani official Rehman Malik, bragging that he has the power to "change the U.S. president", with leaks going back to 2008. In Sept. the FBI is informed of intel that Hillary Clinton "approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump by tying him to Putin and the Russians' hacking of the Democratic National Committee."

On Oct. 2, 2016 former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani gives an interview to George Stephanopoulos of ABC-News, uttering the soundbyte that if Donald Trump legally avoided taxes for years, that proves "he's a genius, absolute genius... This was a perfectly legal application of the tax dode, and he would have been a fool not to take advantage of it", adding that Hillary Clinton had "obviously been programmed" to bring up Miss Universe Alicia Machado in their first debate; meanwhile leftist filmmaker Michael Moore gives an interview to NBC-TV's "Meet the Press", admitting that Trump can win the election because "I think they love the idea of blowing up the system", adding: "Across the Midwest, across the Rustbelt, I understand why a lot of people are angry, and they see Donald Trump as their human Molotov cocktail that they get to go into the voting booth on Nov 8. and throw him into our political system"; meanwhile Bernie Sanders gives an interview to CNN's "State of the Union", defending Hillary Clinton as the "superior" candidate for U.S. pres. despite an audio recording released on Sept. 30 showing her mocking his supporters as "children of the Great Recession" who "live in their parents' basements", admitting that it bothers him, and dissing Trump for a New York Times report that claims he might have been legally avoiding paying federal income tax for 18 years, saying: "This is an example of why so many millions of Americans are frustrated. They're angry. They're disgusted at what they see as a corrupt political system in this country"; meanwhile U.S. Sen. (D-Mo.) Claire McCaskill slams Trump on "Fox News Sunday" for the NYT report, with the soundbyte: "If you look at the way Donald Trump has conducted business, he crashes businesses into bankruptcy, leaving stores of businesses unpaid, people really hurting with the losses his companies have suffered. But he walks away unscathed, and it appears he walks away with a golden ticket that allows him, under the tax code, to avoid taxes for decades", adding that Trump's tax plan only benefits himself; meanwhile U.S. Senate minority leader (D-Nev.) Harry Reid calls Trump a "billion-dollar loser", calling for passage of the U.S. Presidential Tax Transparency Act that requires all U.S. pres. candidates to release their federal tax returns for the prior three years to the Federal Election Commission within 30 days, or have the U.S. Treasury Dept. do it. On Oct. 4 the Pence-Kaine Debate at Longwood U. in Farmville, Va. is a push, with Kaine stinking himself up by repeatedly interrupting, with Pence uttering his biggest soundbyte: "I mean, to be honest with you, if Donald Trump had said all of the things that you’ve said he said in the way you said he said them, he still wouldn't have a fraction of the insults that Hillary Clinton leveled when she said that half of our supporters were a basket of deplorables." On Oct. 7 a recording of private comments made by Donald Trump in 2005 to Billy Bush of Access Hollywood (cousin of Jeb Bush) is leaked by the anti-Trump Washington Post, in which he brags about his benefits of being a star, incl. an attempted seduction of Bush's married colleague Nancy O'Dell, with the soundbyte: "You know, I'm automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet. Just kiss. And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab 'em by the pussy", to which Bush replies "Whatever you want", pissing-off the PC police and causing House Oversight Committee chmn. (R-Utah) Jason Chaffetz to withdraw his endorsement, and fence-sitting House Speaker Paul Ryan to cancel an appearance with him on Oct. 8 in Elkhorn, Wisc., with the soundbyte: "I am sickened by what I heard here today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified"; Trump responds that "Bill Clinton has said far worse", apologizing if his remarks offend anyone, with the soundbyte: "I never said I was perfect", responding to predictable calls to quit the race with "Zero chance I'll quit... the support I'm getting is unbelievable", adding: "Go behind closed doors of the holier-than-thou politicians and pundits and see what they're saying. I look like a baby"; on Oct. 8 Mike Pence pulls out of the Wisc. event with Ryan, adding that he's offended too but is "grateful that he has expressed remorse and apologized to the American people"; on Oct. 9 before the debate former New York City mayor defends Trump, with the soundbyte: "The fact is that men at times talk like that. Not all men, but men do. He was wrong for doing it. I am not justifying it. I believe it's wrong. I know he believes it's wrong. I believe that this is not the man that we're talking about today... Gosh almighty, he who is without sin here throw the first stone"; on Oct. 9 before the debate Pres. Obama weighs in with the soundbyte: "One of the most disturbing things about this election is just the unbelievable rhetoric coming at the top of the Republican ticket. I don't need to repeat it. There are children in the room, but demeaning women, degrading women, but also minorities, immigrants, people of other faiths, mocking the disabled, insulting our troops, insulting our veterans, that tells you a couple things. It tells you he is insecure enough that he pumps himself up by putting other people down. Not a character trait that I would advise for somebody in the Oval Office"; meanwhile WikiLeaks releases excerpts from Hillary Clinton's Wall Street speeches that were sent to her top aid John Podesta in Jan., calling Bernie Sanders supporters a "bucket of losers" and admitting that she tells the public one thing and believes another, with the soundbyte: "My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders", causing political analyst David Wol to utter the soundbyte: "This will hit Hillary Clinton's campaign like a 9.0 earthquake when this is absorbed... This exposes her, literally, as a complete fraud" - and touchy-feely holier-than-thou male politicians are as big liars as Hillary? On Oct. 9 after they refuse to shake hands at the start, the Second Clinton-Trump Debate at Washington U. in St. Louis, Mo., moderated by Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC News sees Donald Trump deflect his p---y scandal by dismissing it as "locker room talk", and take it to Hillary Clinton, staring out by saying that she'd "be in jail" if he was president, and accusing her of rigging her nomination race against Bernie Sanders, saying he "never had a chance", calling her every name in the book incl. "devil", with the soundbyte: "There's never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that's been so abusive to women" while she reciprocates, with "It's just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in this country, to which he replies "Because you'd be in jail"; during the debate a fly lands on Hillary's nose, and she doesn't flinch; she wears Angel perfume by French fashion designer Thierry Mugler (1948-), which smells like shit?, or it is her? :); Trump scores round 0 points by holding a press conference one hour before the debate with sexual misconduct accusers of Bill Clinton incl. Kathleen Willey, Juanita Broddrick, Paula Jones, and Kathy Shelton, whom he sits in the front row; Trump scores a round by calling her out on her attempt to explain away a WikiLeaks revelation that she admits to having separate public and private positions by comparing herself to Honest Abe Lincoln, with the soundbyte: "Look, she got caught in a total lie... Now she's blaming the lie on the late great Abraham Lincoln... Honest Abe never lied... That's the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and you" - Madame Secretary, you're no Abraham Lincoln? On Oct. 10 after the Clinton campaign continues harping on tapes showing him saying playboyish things, Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Ambridge, Penn., slamming her for her "hypocrisy", saying that he is "disqualified from office" for her email crimes, and uttering the soundbytes: "There's nothing Hillary Clinton won't do or say to obtain power, and it's about time people started to understand that" and "I'll tell you what, the only thing she's got going is the media. Without the media, she would not have a chance." On Oct. 12 with abundant help from the liberal PC media, five women accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, but not very much, claiming only that he kissed, hugged, or leered at them, incl. Rachel Crooks (b. 1983), People mag. ed. Natashya Strokonoff, er, Stoynoff, who claims he forced "his tongue down my throat" (and she didn't bite it off?), Mindy McGillvray (b. 1980), who claims he grapped her butt backstage at a Ray Charles concert (wanted to wipe it?), former Miss Washington Cassandra Searles, who claimed he "continually grabbed my ass and invited me to his hotel room"; only 74-y.-o. ugly Jessica Leeds claims that he inappropriately touched her on a first-class flight 35 years earlier, with the soundbyte: "He was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere"; four more women tell BuzzFeed that Trump walked in on them in their dressing room during the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant; Trump responds by threatening to sew the NYT and telling a reporter "You are a disgusting human being... None of this ever took place" - so why bring it up now if they didn't bring it up then, call the police, sue, anything? On Oct. 13 WikiLeaks releases a transcript of a speech by Hillary Clinton in which she calls black people and Muslims losers: "THE MAIN REASON BEHIND SUCCESSFUL IMMIGRATION SHOULD BE PAINFULLY OBVIOUS TO EVEN THE MOST DIMWITTED OF OBSERVERS: SOME GROUPS OF PEOPLE ARE ALMOST ALWAYS HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL GIVEN ONLY HALF OF A CHANCE (JEWS*, HINDUS/SIKHS AND CHINESE PEOPLE, FOR EXAMPLE), WHILE OTHERS (MUSLIMS, BLACKS** AND ROMA***, FOR INSTANCE) FARE BADLY ALMOST IRRESPECTIVE OF CIRCUMSTANCES. THE BIGGEST GROUP OF HUMANITY CAN BE FOUND SOMEWHERE BETWEEN THESE TWO EXTREMES – THE PERENNIAL OVERACHIEVERS AND THE PROFESSIONAL NEVER-DO-WELLS"; meanwhile attys. for Hillary Clinton submit answers under oath to 23 of 25 questions posed to her about her emails by Judicial watch under the FOI Act, using the phrase "I do not remember" 20x. On Oct. 13 after new sexual assault accusers appear on the liberal media, Donald Trump speaks at a rally in West Palm Beach, Fla., where he utters the soundbyte: "These vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false, and the Clintons know it, and they know it very well. These claims are all fabricated. They're pure fiction, and they're outright lies. These events never, ever happened and the people that said them meekly fully understand"; meanwhile First Lady Michelle Obama gives a speech at a Hillary Clinton rally in N.H. blasting Trump for his "demeaning attitude" toward women, with the soundbyte: "The fact is in this election we have a candidate for president of the United States who over the course of his lifetime and the course of this campaign has said things about women that are so shocking, so demeaning, I simply will not repeat anything here today. And last week we saw this about sexually assaulting women", saying the lewd locker room comments "have shaken me to my core"; too bad, she adds that Trump's locker room talk "wasn't just locker room banter. This was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior", causing Mike Pence on Oct. 14 to utter the soundbyte: "I don't understand the basis of her claim. Wht he's made clear is that was talk, regrettable talk on his part, but that there were no actions and he's categorically denied these latest unsubstantiated allegations", responding to the question if he personally believes Trump with the soundbyte: "I do believe him. The Donald Trump that I’ve come to know... is someone who has a long record of not only loving his family, lifting his family up, but employing and promoting women in positions of authority in his company"; meanwhile her hubby Pres. Obama invites the campus anti-gun Cocks Not Glocks group to the White House, bringing their locker room talk with them, along with rulers, which is PC because women are doing it along with men? On Oct. 17 pro-Hillary activist Zulema Rodriguez takes credit for organizing violent protests in Chicago, Ill. that forced Donald Trump to cancel a Mar. rally. On Oct. 17 after WikiLeaks releases another batch of emails about Hillary Clinton, revealing that U.S. undersecy. of state Patrick Kennedy requests that the FBI unclassify one of her emails in a quid pro quo deal with the U.S. State Dept. so that she could go on TV claiming she sent no classified emails, Donald Trump releases a video calling it "proof of corruption at the highest level" and "worse than Watergate",. describing the relationship as "a criminal enterprise" in a rally in Green Bay, Wisc. On Oct. 18 Ecuador announces that it's temporarily cutting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's Internet access at their embassy in London to stop him from "impacting on the U.S. election campaign"; a result of pressure by Obama's stooge John Kerry? On Oct. 19 the Third (last) Clinton-Trump Debate at the U. of Nev. in Las Vegas, Nev. sees Trump blast Hillary for unpunished crimes incl. her email business and the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary sweetly smiling back in lieu of a substantial answer, accusing Trump of using Chinese steel in his hotels and being Vladimir Putin's puppet while waiting for an obviously pre-planned late debate stunt where moderator Chris Wallace asks him if he would accept the results of Hillary were declared the winner, but never asking her that same question, after which the pro-Hillary liberal media jumps on him for not kissing her royal hiney and only saying that he'll wait until the election to decide, and gives her the stage for a pre-planned harangue about him trying to destroy our 240-y.-o. democracy, while forgetting about Al Gore in 2000, with the soundbyte: "Our country has been around for 240 years, and we're a country based on laws, and we have hot, contested elections going back to the very beginning, but one of our hallmarks has always been that we accept the outcomes of our election; Trump utters the soundbyte: "In an email sent to John Podesta on August 17, 2014, Hillary wrote that the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are providing clandestine and financial and logistical support to ISIL. Yet, in that same year, Bill and Hillary accepted a check from Saudi Arabia... So Hillary thinks they are funding ISIS, but still takes their money. And you know their views on gays... and on women... I think she should give back the $25 to $35 million she's taken back from Saudi Arabia, and she should give it back fast", which makes the audience forget its orders to keep silent, booing her and chanting "Lock her up"; Trump accuses Pres. Obama of orchestrating the new military offensive on Mosul only to help Hillary win, even though it's Iran that's the real enemy in Iraq not ISIS, and he gave advance warning to ISIS leaders, allowing them to clear out beforehand; when confronted with the WikiLeaks info. that she dreams of open borders and trade, she lies that she was only talking about energy; all in all few minds were changed? On Oct. 20 (eve.) the 2016 Al Smith Dinner at the Chinese-owned Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City sees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton roast each other, with Hillary saying that she "took a break from my rigorous nap schedule" to attend, saying that since Trump threw away his TelePrompTers he has to translate his speeches from the "original Russian"; too bad, the lighthearted jokes soon turn serious, with Trump uttering the soundbyte: "Hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the Watergate Commission. How corrupt do you have to be to get kicked off the Watergate Commission? Pretty corrupt", drawing boos from the audience. On Oct. 23 the Wall Street Journal pub. an article claiming that Hillary Clintn's close ally Terry McAuliffe authorized a $675K payment to Jill McCabe, wife of Andrew McCabe, a top official of the FBI, is who later promoted to deputy dir. and oversees the investigation into her secret server, causing RNC chmn. Reince Priebus to utter the soundbyte: "Given all we know about how the corrupt Clinton machine operates, it'ss hard not to see this as anything other than a down payment to influence the FBI's criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server." On Oct. 24 leftist filmmaker Michael Moore delivers a speech predicting a Donald Trump win, with the soudnbyte: "Trump's election will be the biggest fuck you in human history." On Oct. 28 FBI dir. James Comey sends a letter to Congress announcing the reopening of the Hillary Clinton email after more are discovered on the computer of Anthony Wiener, throwing her campaign staff into a tizzy; RNC chmn. Reince Preibus utters the soundbyte: "The FBI's decision to reopen their criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret email server just 11 days before the election shows how serious this discovery must be. This stunning development raises serious questions about what records may not have been turned over and why, and whether they show intent to violate the law." In Oct. the Shearer Memo by Clinton friend Cody Shearer is given to the FBI by former British spy Christopher Steele, author of a bogus 35-page anti-Trump dossier.

Time mag. cover, Nov. 9, 2016

On Nov. 1, 2016 Hillary Clinton speaks at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., going nonlinear at a heckler yelling "Bill Clinton is a rapist", with the fearmongering soundbyte: "I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and the anger of people who support Donald Trump"; meanwhile her campaign spends big bucks to saturate the TV with dirty negative ads about Trump? On Nov. 2 Pres. Obama gives an interview to The Tom Moyner Morning Show, begging black voters to turn out for the U.S. pres. election, with the soundbyte: "If you really care about my presidency and what we've accomplished, you are going to go and vote. If we let this thing slip and I've got a situation where my last two months in office are preparing for a transition to Donald Trump, whose staff people have said that their primary agenda is to have him, in the first couple weeks, sit in the Oval Office and reverse every single thing that we've done ... even going on the Tom Joyner cruise won't help me then. If I'm on the cruise, I might jump off." On Nov. 3 Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Selma, N.C., blasting Pres. Obama for campaigning for Hillary Clinton, with the soundbytes: "We are led by stupid people, and one of them is campaigning too much... Why isn't he back in the White House bringing our jobs back?"; meanwhile on Nov. 4 Obama commutes the sentences of 72 more mainly nonviolent drug offenders, bringing the total to 944, incl. 760 this year. On Nov. 5 Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Reno, Nev., where somebody shouts "gun" and he is rushed off the stage by the Secret Service, after which it proves to be a false alarm. On Nov. 5 ISIS releases a video warning Am. Muslims not to vote in the Nov. 8 U.S. pres. election, calling those who do apostates, and calling instead for them to kill all voters. On Nov. 6 FBI dir. James Comey announces that the FBI has not changed its July conclusion to not recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her email habits, pissing-off Donald Trump, who calls this proof that the system is rigged, uttering the soundbyte: "Hillary Clinton is guilty. She knows it, the FBI knows it, the people know it, and now it's up to the American people to deliver justice at the ballot box on November 8th." On Nov. 7 Dem. gov. Terry McAuliffe uses an autopen to pardon 60K felons just in time to vote for fellow Dem. Hillary Clinton. On Nov. 8 (Tues.) the 2016 U.S. pres. election makes a monkey out of the shamelessly pro-Hillary pollsters, with maverick Repub. billionaire Donald John Trump (1946-) and running mate Michael Richard "Mike" Pence (1959-) defeating Dem. establishment candidate Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine by 306-232 electoral votes (59,131,310 votes to 59,293,071), winning every battleground state (Fla., Iowa, Mich., N.C., Ohio, Penn., Wisc.) despite Hillary raising $521M and spending $237M on TV ads and $42M on hundreds of staffers, vs. $270M spent by Trump; Trump becomes the oldest person to be elected to a first term as U.S. pres. (vs. 69-y.-o. Ronald Reagan in 1980); the first time that three U.S. presidents are born the same year (Bill Clinton, George W. Bush); the 5th U.S. pres. born in New York (Martin Van Buren, Millard Fillmore, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt), and 2nd born in New York City (Theodore Roosevelt); 4th U.S. pres. to win despite losing his home state (James K. Polk, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon); during the night of Nov. 8/9 the Canadian govt. immigration Web site crashes; the Repubs. gain control of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House along with the White House for the first time since 1929; no surprise, after the newly-exposed biased liberal media kept asking Trump if he would accept a win by Hillary, there are massive anti-Trump protests around the U.S. by diehard leftists, along with secession movements in Calif. and Tex., and petitions asking the Electoral College to pick Clinton anyway.

On Dec. 4, 2016 after the Pizzagate conspiracy theory spreads on the Internet, based on emails by John Podesta leaked by WikiLeaks, claiming a pedophile ring in the Dem. Party (incl. the Clintons), a 28-y.-o. man from Salisbury, N.C. fires three shots at the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington, D.C. with an AR-15-style assault rifle. On Dec. 15 sore loser Hillary Clinton makes her first public comments that she won't dispute the election results NOT, with the soundbyte that Russian pres. Vladimir attempted to "undermine our democracy" because he had a "personal beef" with her, claiming "It's part of a long-term strategy to cause us to doubt ourselves" - your endless lies don't? On Dec. 16 Pres. Obama gives his last press conference of 2016, accusing Russian pres. Vladimir Putin of cyberattacks attempting to interfere with the U.S. election, claiming that when he told him in Sept. to "cut it out" they stopped, hampering Dem. efforts to sway Repub. electors against Trump. On Dec. 18 Ariz. Repub. RINO Sen. John McCain gives an interview to CNN's "State of the Union", claiming that Russian hacking of the 2016 election threatens to "destroy democracy" - duh, how many votes did Putin get? Is he calling for war? On Dec. 19 after calls by the Dems. to ignore the vote counts and blame the Russians for rigging the election to vote for Hillary instead of Trump, the U.S. Electoral College votes for Trump anyway by 304 vs. 227 for Clinton; four electors in Wash. flop on Clinton, voting for Colin Powell, and one votes for environmental activist Faith Spotted Eagle of S.D.; two Repub. electors in Tex. flop on Trump; one Dem. elector in Hawaii flops on Clinton, voting for Bernie Sanders; one elector in Colo. tries to vote for John Kasich, but it fired.

On Mar. 28, 2017 after slithering out of her rock, Hillary Clinton gives a speech to businesswomen in San Francisco, Calif. dissing Pres. Trump, with the soundbyte: "These are bad policies that will hurt people and take our country in the wrong direction. It's the kinds of things you think about when you take long walks in the woods... Resist, insist, persist, enlist"; she gives the speech dressed up like the Joker?

On May 2, 2017 Hillary Clinton gives an interview to Christiane Amanpour of CNN, claiming that if the election had been held on Oct. 27, "I would be your president", and uttering the soundbyte: "I was on the way to winning, until the combination of Jim Comey's letter on October 28th, and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me, but got scared off", causing Pres. Trump to Tweet: "FBI Director Comey was the best thing that ever happened to Hillary Clinton in that the gave her a free pass for many bad deeds!", and "Trump/Russia story was an excuse used by the Democrats as justification for losing the election. Perhaps Trump just ran a great campaign?" On May 31 Hillary Clinton speaks at the Codecon Conference in Rancho Palos Verde, giving a diatribe blaming everybody but herself for losing the 2016 U.S. pres. election, starting with the snaky soundbyte "I take responsibility for every decision I made, but that is not why I lost", blaming Russian hackers, weaponized data, content farms in Macedonia, corrupted algorithms, fingering Pres. Trump for orchestrating it, esp. the "fake news" on Facebook incl. Pizzagate. On Sept. 12 she pub. What Happened, with the preface incl. the soundbyte: "In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I've often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net. Now I'm letting my guard down", claiming to blame herself for losing to The Donald, then blaming everybody but herself, incl. her emails, Kellyann Conway, the Russians and fake news, ending with FBI dir. James Comey.

Keith Raniere

In Mar. 2018 Keith Raniere, co-founder of the secretive sex cult NXIVM, who fled Ark. last Nov. after being charged with fraud is arrested by the FBI in Mexico, and held without bond to face charges of sex trafficking, with a min. 15 year prison sentence when convicted; cult members incl. Seagram heiresses Sara and Clare Bronfman donated a total of $29K to Hillary Clinton's pres. campaign. In Aug. Hillary Clinton's security clearance expires. On Oct. 2 loser Hillary Clinton speaks at the Atlantic Festival in Washington, D.C., uttering the soundbyte that Pres. Trump "has been racist, he's been sexist, he's been Islamophobic, he's been anti-LQBTQ. He has a view of America that's terribly constricted, and he talks to that America, he talks to them all the time. And it's by no means a majority, as we know. But it is a very hard core who are responding to him and supporting him for a variety of reasons." On Oct. 14 (Sun.) Hillary Clinton appears on CBS-TV's Sunday Morning, claiming that her hubby Bill was right to refuse to step down in 1999 after the House impeached him for perjury and obstruction of justice, because there was no abuse of power because White House intern Monica Lewinsky was an adult.

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