Why Are We Not Switching to Renewable Energy?

By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper™

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Original Pub. Date: Mar. 1, 2021. Last Update: Nov. 20, 2023.

Renewable Energy is Dirty Tesla Car Explosion Renewable's Great Delusion 'Greenhouse Gas Theory Busted

A Lesson in TLW's New Real Climate Science Course

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Can We 100% Get Rid of Fossil Fuels? There is no backup plan.

Why are we not switching to renewable energy when that can solve the problem of global warming? I know it's not cost effective yet, but isn't the life on Earth more important than some currency?

The answer is simple: No "green" energy boondoggle will ever be cost-effective. They'll always have to rely on handouts from the govt.

When will our leaders admit that achieving net zero will cost trillions and is unachievable?

It's Time For Transparency Of The Embedded Costs Of Going “Green”

Simply Staggering: Gobsmacking Cost of Using Batteries to ‘Store' Wind & Solar Power

The real costs of wind power prove the sums don't add up

Persistent Lies About Green Power

Debunking Another Misleading Green Energy Study about fossil fuel subsidies

New geological study proves that the green energy movement is impossible to achieve

Why Wind & Solar's Contribution To World Energy Demand Will Always Be Trivial

Why Modern Civilization Isn't Possible Without Fossil Fuels

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power "Fails On Every Count"

A Simple Reason Why Net Zero Is Impossible

Think Megawatt Hours Of Gasoline

Straight to Plan ‘D': All Wind & Solar Net Zero Target Spells ‘D' for Daily Disaster

Implausible Climate Goals For a Non-Existent Emissions Crisis, Steve Milloy (video)

There's such a thing as too much sun for solar panels, and Europe's solar industry is starting to buckle

Goldilocks Power: Why Solar Output Plummets During Heatwaves

Why is wind power less efficient than solar or nuclear power?

The Green World Order: Efforts to Cease the Use of Crude Oil Could Be the Greatest Threat to Civilisation's Eight Billion People

It's not just about cost effectiveness. In a fantasy Universe with unicorns and everything, “switching to renewable energy” is a nice idea, but in our real Universe the realities cause more problems than they solve. If the global Marxists at the U.N. and their IPCC octopus of kept scientists, academics, journalists, politicians, and bankers aren't stopped, renewable energy could turn into the 21st century's greatest boondoggle.

The Great Renewable Energy Con explained by Dr Benny Peiser (video)

The Fantasy World Of Renewable Energy

Ridding The World Of Fossil Fuels Will Drive Humanity Back To Medieval Times

Time to Ditch Meaningless Medieval Wind Power & Embrace Modern Nuclear Power

Daily Delivery Fails: Why Weather-Dependent Wind Power Will Always Be Utterly Pointless

100% Green Energy Could Destroy the Planet

Total Bunkum: Why Running On 100% Wind & Solar Is 100% Impossible

US infrastructure is nowhere near ready for Biden's electric vehicle timeline

“Fossil fuels are still the cheapest way to provide reliable electricity,” said Ken Caldeira, a climate scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science. (While wind and solar can be cheaper than fossil fuels in some cases, their intermittency — and the absence of cheap, big batteries — mean that it's difficult to build an entire electricity system out of just renewable energy.) “It's like Maslow's hierarchy of needs,” Caldeira said. “Developing countries have to put climate concerns second to their economic concerns.” - Carbon Dioxide Emissions Hit New Record In 2022

Forget Net Zero: Oil and gas investment needed for another 30 years, BP warns

Notice: This article contains my golden basket of 1000+ links on renewable energy, showing how unworkable it really is and how promising nuclear power is.

Sorry, this issue can't be solved by printing money. A complete transition to renewables would throw the world back to the horse-and-buggy days, and result in mass starvation and death for the huddled and isolated masses. It would rob Africa of its only hope to join the modern world. Solar and wind power depend on sunlight, which is intermittent and iffy, sometimes almost non-existent, and batteries can't store enough electricity to get over the lulls, as if it could be distributed long distances. Imagine what would happen to windmills if a hurricane strikes.

Grand ‘Renewables' Delusion: Hard Reality Keeps Smashing Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Myth

Utopian Fantasyland: Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Total Delusion Being Sold By Total Fools

Flip the fossil fuel script

Climate alarmist banks go carbon-colonialist

What's really going on? Virtue signaling by affluent people, which might give them a warm fuzzy feeling but does zilcho to affect the Earth's climate.

MarketWatch: Driving Electric Cars Is ‘Pointless Virtue Signaling'

No One is Telling You the Truth About Electric Cars, So I Have To (video)

The 10 Biggest Problems With Electric Cars

Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems (video)

Electric cars may make driving too expensive for middle classes, warns Vauxhall chief

Putting The Brakes On EV Folly

Yes, most solar panels don't use rare earths, but wind turbines and electric vehicles do. Plus solar panels and wind turbines use heavy metals:

“Currently marketed photovoltaic solar technologies do not use rare earths. Of the commonly used batteries, only nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries contain a rare earth alloy on the cathode, but their use remains very low in the energy transition.” - Are Rare Earths Used in Solar Panels and Batteries?

“Rare earth elements are a crucial component of many green technologies, from the drivetrains of electric vehicles and hybrids to the non-abrasive gearboxes in modern wind turbines.” - Rare Earth: The Unsustainable Future of Renewable Energy

Why do environmental leftists resist mining of rare earths in the U.S.? It's obvious. They are all owned by Red China and want them to keep their monopoly as a way to force us into submission. Rare Earth Metals Will Create a New Foreign Dependency

“Because solar panels can't be economically recycled, millions upon millions of them are headed for landfill. Around the globe, countless millions of panels have already reached their use by dates. Over the next decade millions of tonnes of them are headed for the dump. Each panel is a veritable toxic cocktail of gallium arsenide, tellurium, silver, crystalline silicon, lead, cadmium and other heavy metals. As the stuff leeches into the water table, it's not difficult to imagine the effect on water supplies, the environment and human health.” - Solar's Toxic Legacy: When the Panels Wear Out, Who Cleans Up the ‘Green' Energy Mess?

Smashed: Claims Solar Power Part of ‘Clean' & ‘Green' Future Simply Don't Stack Up

Planet Sized Problem: Millions More Wind Turbine Blades Destined for Landfills Near You

Wind turbine blades are over 50 meters long & made from toxic materials that can't be recycled.

Bisphenol A in wind turbines damages human fertility

Renewables Generated Demand For Rare Earths Generating Toxic & Lasting Legacy

"All the wind and solar power attached to an electric grid add no power at all, only the cost of constructing the backup fossil fuel power." - Gift Your Friends These Facts On Climate And Energy

Reliable & Affordable Energy Is Life Itself: Why Wind & Solar Are Making Us All Worse Off

Red China currently has a monopoly on rare earths, and their mining site Baotou is known as Hell on Earth:

"China has established a new rare earth giant through a merger of top state-owned operations, according to a statement issued by China Minmetals Rare Earth, the rare earth arm of China Minmetals Corporation, on Wednesday." - China establishes new state-owned rare earth giant

"The hell that's right here on Earth. Lying hidden in an little-known corner of China is a town that will horrify you." - Baotou is the world's biggest supplier of rare earth minerals and it's hell on Earth

Green Technologies Are Dangerous, Not Ready for Prime Time

The Dark Side of Green Tech, Sterling Burnett (video)

It's only nuclear power that promises a golden future for humanity and the only real chance to phase-out petroleum (not that there's anything's wrong with it since it's brought us our modern happy wealthy world), yet the insidious globalist Marxist Green Movement in the U.N. and its politician-run IPCC won't even talk about nuclear power since they never wanted to help anybody, only hurt capitalism and watch the world burn so they can create their unworkable Marxist utopia on the ashes.

Saulius Muliolis's answer to How is the war on climate change going to take place?

No More Lip Service: The Time for Safe, Reliable & Affordable Nuclear is Right Now

So don't listen to them, instead listen to impartial voices not under their money and control. And that doesn't even mean Big Oil, since they long ago dumped climate skeptics to make a deal for their piece of the renewable energy pie, and can't be trusted either. The trillions now being demanded by the IPCC and its octopus would bankrupt the world and leave the climate crisis unchanged, when if it were used to develop enough nuclear plants, the energy problem could be solved forever, since the climate crisis never existed and is only a hoax they push to get their hands on the green.

Grand Theft: Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Squanders $Trillions in Taxpayers' Cash

Why Renewables Advocates Protect Fossil Fuel Interests, Not The Climate

‘Green' Energy Lie Busted By World's Increasing Reliance On Coal, Oil & Gas

Rockefellers Push for the Suicide of Big Oil

The renewables crowd lives in a fantasy world of technology that doesn't even exist:

“Without a major acceleration in clean energy innovation, net-zero emissions targets will not be achievable. The world has seen a proliferating number of pledges by numerous governments and companies to reach net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the coming decades as part of global efforts to meet long-term sustainability goals, such as the Paris Agreement on climate change. But there is a stark disconnect between these high-profile pledges and the current state of clean energy technology. While the technologies in use today can deliver a large amount of the emissions reductions called for by these goals, they are insufficient on their own to bring the world to net zero while ensuring energy systems remain secure - even with much stronger policies supporting them.” - IEA Special Report on Clean Energy Innovation

The Maths of Net Zero: Why Claims About The Wind & Solar Transition Don't Add Up

Zero-Emission Mandates Are Wholly Destructive (audiocast)

‘Renewables' Reality Check: Exposing Filthy Truth About Our Wind & Solar Powered ‘Nirvana'

Did I mention that the Democrats' Green New Deal proposals would cost more money than is in existence?

Green New Deal would cost up to $93 trillion, or $600G per household, study says

Consulting firm McKinsey estimates $9 trillion per year cost for climate accords

UN Seeks $4 To 6 Trillion Per Year To Address Climate

Developing Nations Want $1.3 Trillion A Year

Biden And Kerry Cave — UN Climate Reparations Are Here

OP27 — UN Calls For “Transformation” Of The Global Financial System

Not So Cheap: You're Paying Colossal Cost Of Climate Cult's Wind & Solar Obsession

Simple answer is we can't do renewable energy the way it is being 'planned' (video)

The False Promise of Green Energy (Prof. Andrew Morriss - Acton Institute) (video)

Planet: Demand That Public Companies Reduce Their Emissions

The Cost of Net Zero Electrification of the U.S.A.: $433 Trillion

Net-Zero Targets Obsession Guaranteed to Destroy Reliable & Affordable Power Supplies

How Much Money Is There in the World?

WATCH: As #COP26Glasgow opens, Laurence Fox says: "#NetZero will cost you everything" (video)

Net Zero Intelligence: Logic and Reason Give Way to Unreliable Renewables Obsession


No surprise, the entire CO2-driven AGW so-called climate science movement is really anti-fossil fuel activism in disguise.

Fortunately, there's many independent voices telling the truth to power. Here's list of links to lift the fog and equip you to fight the IPCC octopus and its lies:

DR TIM BALL MUST READ : Environmentalism – Evidence Suggests It Was Always And Only About Achieving World Government

Not Quite Green: The energy transition's downsides (video)

What are the economic disadvantages of wind energy? - James Matkin

Why is wind energy so popular nowadays and what are its main advantages?

Gone With The Wind: America's Energy Future On Display In Europe

Blown Away: Counting The Cost of Europe's Self-Made Renewable Energy Crisis

Europe's Epic Renewable Energy Fail Makes Transition to Nuclear Power Truly Inevitable

Net Zero ban on petrol cars may wipe out European car makers, BMW chief warns

Is Nuclear Power Green? (video)

Endless Energy: Nuclear Provides Prospect of Safe, Reliable & Affordable Power Forever

Euro Energy Train Wreck Comes With Confusion

European Hypocrites Return To Fossil Fuels

Europe's Self-Made Energy Crisis

Transition to Bankruptcy: Europe's Wind Turbine Makers Face Massive Financial Collapse

Australia: Wind Power Output Collapses Driving Wholesale Power Market Chaos

Wind Turbine Collapses: ‘Leaking Oil Everywhere!'

Solar panels - an eco-disaster waiting to happen?

Wind Power Produces Previously Unaccounted for Harm

Biden's Big Fat Lie: Wind & Solar Doesn't Save Money – It's 4-6 Times MORE Expensive

Wind and solar are not cheaper than coal and oil

How Cheap & Reliable Coal-Fired Power Drove India From Poverty to The Moon

BankofAmerica analysts nuke solar and wind: 1. Trash solar and wind as "more expensive than almost any alternative on an unsubsidized basis." 2. Nuclear is cheapest scalable emissions-free energy source "by far".

The U.S. And UK Are Getting Coal Cocked

IN-DEPTH: ‘Bidenomics' Spends Up to $7 million to Create Each $50,000 ‘Green' Job, Study Finds

Panic Stations: Daily Wind & Solar Shortfalls Threaten Australia's Entire Electricity Grid

Why Wind Power Output Collapses Are Causing Europe's Power Prices to Rocket

The Hard Data: Why Subsidised Wind & Solar Inevitably Drive Power Prices Into Orbit

Wind & Solar Subsidies Destroying Reliable & Affordable Power Supplies

Punishment Guaranteed: Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Delivers Power Price Shock

Renewables Road to Nowhere: Subsidised Wind & Solar Just Don't Work & Never Will

‘Inevitable' Wind & Solar Transition's Inevitable Collision Course With Reality

Subsidised Wind & Solar Root Cause of Every Power Pricing & Supply Crisis

Ohio County Veto Of Wind Project Shows It's Time To End Federal Wind Subsidies

Prices Double: Obsession With Subsidised Wind & Solar Causes Runaway Power Prices

Persistently Pathetic: Routine Total Collapses Mean Wind Power Remains A Total Joke

Europe's Insatiable Demand for Gas Driven by Total Wind Power Output Collapses

Norway's Power Surplus Disappearing Rapidly

Rapid RE Retreat: Looming Winter Blackouts Force Greeks to Reignite Coal-Fired Plants

Vietnam's U-Turn On Coal Reflects Inevitable Energy Reality

Wind Power ‘Droughts' Mean Nuclear Power Key To Neutralising Net-Zero Madness

Calculated Destruction: Counting the True Costs of Net-Zero CO2 Emissions Madness

3 Reasons Nuclear Power Has Returned to the Energy Debate. If we believed our own rhetoric about the climate crisis, support for nuclear would be much higher.

Scientists: New England States That Closed Nuclear Plants Have Higher Emissions

No Nonsense Solution: Nuclear Ultimate Answer to Powering an Energy Hungry World

Wind Power Drops By A Third In Q3

Net Zero Madness: Why Wind Power Expansion Plans Don't Add Up

Net-Zero ‘Green' Reset Designed to Destroy Our Reliable & Affordable Power Supplies

Heating Costs Likely To Soar, U.S. Foreign Energy Dependence To Increase

More Focus On The Impossible Costs Of A Fully Wind/Solar/Battery Energy System

Sky Fall For The Battery Con Trick

Horowitz: Study shows electric vehicles are a scam propped up by government

Impossible Dream: Wind Power Does Nothing To Meet Net-Zero CO2 Emissions Targets

The Embedded Costs of Going Green

Green God Is Pissed

Energy rationing is on the horizon, warns GWPF

Supply Squeeze: Relying on Wind & Solar? Get Ready For Daily Power Rationing

Wind & Solar Transition Means Transition to Power Rationing & Rocketing Power Bills

And It's Not Even Winter! Europe's Energy Supply Debacle Already Here: Painful Prices, Shortages, Blackouts

UK: The Climate Scaremongers: Blackouts Looming

Growing Warnings About U.S. Electricity Shortages

Reaping The Whirlwind: Europe's Wind & Solar Obsession Sends Power Prices Rocketing

Winter's Inevitable Wind & Solar Output Collapses Guarantee More Deadly Blackouts

Net Zero Renewables

Why Solar Power Can't Meet Net Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions Targets

"Electric vehicles can't plough snow or fields, harvest corn, empty buckets, excavate ore, raise wind-turbine masts, or perform any other economic task for which ‘grunt' is required. Notwithstanding, from 2030, diesel and petrol engines will be prohibited. Car kilometers are to be 'reduced' - possibly by fining us if we travel from our home more than a permitted distance." - The Dangerous Fantasy Of Scotland's Net-Zero Energy Transition

Green Fail: Dozens of Scottish Wind Turbines Powered by Diesel Generators, Pour Hydraulic Oil Into Countryside

Renewable Energy Storage: No Wind, No Sun, Now What? - Sabine Hossenfelder (video)

Green Hypocrites: Ancient Rainforests Being Stripped To Make Way For Hundreds of Wind Turbines

A Quarter Of UK's Electricity Could Be Wasted By 2030, Thanks To Intermittent Wind Farms

‘The Supply Chain Does Not Exist': Green Energy Industry Is In For A Rude Awakening

Inconvenient Truths: Sunset & Calm Weather Mean Wind & Solar Can Never Power Us

Dead Calm Weather Exposes The Great ‘Green' Energy Lie Almost Every Single Day

Chaos Costs: Why Intermittent Delivery of Wind & Solar Causes Crippling Power Prices

The crippling problem of renewable green energy cannot be solved

Inevitable Transition: Why Intermittent Wind Power Drives Power Prices Through The Roof

Mark Mills: The energy transition delusion: inescapable mineral realities (video)

Subsidy Siphons: Intermittent Wind & Solar Devouring $Billions of American Taxpayers' Dollars

Enviro-Fraud: Why Intermittent Wind & Solar Can't Reduce Carbon Dioxide Gas Emissions

All Pain/No Gain: Why Intermittent Wind & Solar Can Never Really Power Us

Power Price Punishment: Cost of Subsidised Wind & Solar Killing Productive Industry & Enterprise

Subsidy Cesspit: Time To Lift The Lid On America's Colossal Wind & Solar Scam

Filthy Rich Get To Soak In Massive Solar Subsidies – While The Poor Get Nothing

Taxpayer Subsidies For Rooftop Solar Designed to Allow The Rich to Rob The Poor

Subsidy Cuts Mean Wind Turbine Makers Face Miserable & Uncertain Future

The Weather: Why Wind Power Will Always Be Hopelessly Intermittent & Unreliable

Powering Down: Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Mean End of Reliable & Affordable Power

Subsidised Suicide: Unreliable Wind & Solar Guarantee Economic Self-Destruction

Why Wind & Solar Will Never Be Meaningful Power Sources (It's A Reliability Thing)

Unreliable Wind & Solar Show Everything Depends On Reliable & Affordable Power Supplies

Utter Madness: Trivial Energy Return For $Billions Squandered On Unreliable Wind Power

Money For Nothing: Europe Squandered $Trillions On Weather-Dependent Part Time Power

Hype-Dream: World's Renewable Energy Storage Capacity Destined to Remain Totally Trivial

Numbers Game: Smashing The Wind & Solar Power Storage Myth With Arithmetic

Breakthrough In U.S. Grid Storage Estimating

Wind Intermittency Driving Higher Prices

Worthless Wind & Solar in Canada: Once Again Output Totally Collapses During Freezing Weather

Trust & Truth Deficit: BBC Busted Telling Big Fat Lies About Wind Farm Subsidies

Landmark Decision Vindicates Victims: Supreme Court Orders Total Wind Farm Shutdown

You've Been Had: Investors Drawn By Massive Solar Subsidy Scam

Enough is Enough: After Nearly 40 Years It's Time to Slash Massive Subsidies to Wind & Solar

Forever Subsidised: America's Wind & Solar ‘Industries' Biggest Fear Is Real Competition

No Solution to Wind Power's Hopeless Intermittency: Cost Kills Big Battery Myth

Wind Does Not Meaningfully Add Power, But Imposes Huge Costs On Ratepayers And The Environment

Staggering Waste: Counting The Obscene Cost of Wind & Solar Subsidies

Renewable Energy Delusion: Counting Staggering Cost of Wind & Solar Obsession

Goodbye Glasgow – Hello Energy Poverty: The Staggering True Cost of Wind & Solar

Numerical Nonsense: Why The Case For Intermittent Wind Power Never Adds Up

Wind power's ‘colossal market failure' threatens climate fight

Switching Renewable Subsidies To Gas Will Make Little Difference

Fantasyland Fiction: Batteries Will Never Solve Wind & Solar's Hopeless Intermittency

Stop worshipping the sun: Biden's solar power enthusiasm is unmoored from reality

I-Team: Hidden cameras reveal dark side of solar power (video)

Big Oil Goes Big Green

More of Big Green's Money Machine

Funding the Climate-Industrial Complex

The American Left's Money Laundering Racket EXPOSED!

The great hundred billion dollar+ renewable energy fleecing of American taxpayers & energy users

Renewable energy is ‘snake oil': Canavan (video)

Nature's Gifts: Fossil Fuels Essential For Peaceful, Prosperous, Safe & Healthy Modern Societies

Harm From War On Hydrocarbons Exceeds Harm From Climate Change

Woke Companies Must Wake Up On ESG – OpEd

Elizabeth Warren: No Plan B for Planet A

We Shouldn't Be Surprised Renewables Make Energy Expensive Since That's Always Been The Greens' Goal

Woke Wonderland: Joe Biden's Offshore Wind Power Plans Staggeringly Expensive Fantasy

Plain Stupid: The Only Thing Dumber Than Wind Power Is Offshore Wind Power

Routine Delivery Failures Renders Offshore Wind Power Utterly Meaningless

Lobster Tales: Offshore Wind Farms Leave Lobsters With Deformed & Crippled Young

Progressive Ecogroup Admits It: Renewable Energy is a Hoax that Benefits its Greenie Elmer Gantries like Al Gore

Why Everything You've Heard About Solar Is Wrong: What the Media Don't Want You to Know

‘Green' Energy Myths Busted: Putting Solar's Massive Upfront Energy Cost In The Frame

Subsidizing the Epocalypse

Renewable Subsidies Have Cost £78 Billion In Last 10 Years

The Green New Deal Wants Us To Capture Every Inefficient Breeze

The Green New Deal Isn't Just Expensive. It's Also Bad Environmental Policy.

Sierra Club spin is tough to stomach

The West Intends Energy Suicide: Will It Succeed?

Backup Battery Cost Fantasies Abound

Wind & Solar Suicide Squad's Deliberate Destruction Of Europe's Power Supply

European Green Energy Crisis is Crushing Metal, Silicon Production

Cultural motivations for wind and solar renewables deployment

Zero Sum Game: Nothing Renewable About Mineral & Energy-Hungry Wind & Solar

Wind And Solar Folly In Detail

It Can Take 10 Years to Break Even on an Electric Car

Pioneering electric plane shelved as batteries only last a few hundred flights

The Great Green Lie: Wind & Solar Aren't Saving The Planet, They're Wrecking It

“The rent-seekers behind the greatest economic and environmental scam in history, still contend that there are millions of groovy Green jobs in the offing, if only we keep shovelling billions of dollars' worth of subsidies in their direction. Although, all the evidence suggests otherwise. The concept of destroying wealth (and indeed entire functioning cities) to ‘create' new jobs is known in economics as the ‘broken window fallacy'. The notion being that, if every window in a city were simultaneously smashed, there will be thousands of new jobs for glassmakers and glaziers created by reason of the urgent necessity of their replacement.” - Why Subsidised Wind & Solar Are Guaranteed To Destroy Our Wealth & Prosperity

No ‘Green' New Deal: Rural America Rejects Wind Industry's Community Wrecking Agenda

Rural America Tells Wind Industry to ‘Stick Its Turbines Where The Sun Don't Shine'

The Big ‘Green' Lie: Why We'll Never, Ever Be 100% Powered By Wind & Solar Power

Environment Wreckers: Wind & Solar Chewing Up World's Resources At Astonishing Rate

The Quantity of Metals Required to Manufacture Just One Generation of Renewable Technology to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Small Nevada Town Fights To Keep Big Solar Out Of Its Desert

Wind Rejected In CA And OH, NBC Reports ‘At Least 40' Communities Have Rejected Big Solar Since 2021

Power Market Manipulators Reap Windfall Whenever Wind & Solar Power Output Falls

Renewable Energy And Climate Alarmism

Court Out: Judge Finds Gas-Fired Power Better For Environment Than Wind & Solar

Tucker Carlson: Elites pushing 'green energy' are out of touch with America

Is Big Wind Too Big For Its Britches?

Renewables Retreat: Europe's Big Wind Power Drought Provides Major Reality Check

Relying on Weather-Dependent Wind & Sunshine-Dependent Solar? Then Stock Up On Candles

Dead-Calm Weather Killing ‘Inevitable' Renewable Energy ‘Transition'

Wrong Bet: Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Really About Lunatics Gambling With Your Money

House of Cards: Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Delivers Total Energy System Collapse

Buttigieg Urges 'A Greater Level of Public Understanding About the Benefits of Electric Vehicles'

The Electric Vehicle Bad Dream

Electric cars are a SCAM (why "Zero Emission" is a dirty lie) (video)

What Do Electric Cars Really Cost?

Electric Vehicles A Tool Of Tyranny

Vehicle To Grid Savings Fallacy

Vehicle to Grid “Savings” Based On Subsidised Trials–Not Real World Data


Pushing On String: Adding More Wind Turbines Doesn't Mean More Power Gets Delivered

America's Big Chill: Wind Turbines Frozen Solid & Solar Panels Plastered In Snow & Ice

Permanent Legacy: Wind Industry Plans to Abandon Millions of 500 Tonne Concrete Wind Turbine Bases

Paul Noel's answer to Is it true that colder temperatures can hamper the ability of wind turbines and solar panels to produce energy?

Subsidised Suicide: 2021 Revealed Wind & Solar To Be Unreliable & Utterly Useless

Europe's Self-Inflicted Energy Catastrophe Driven By Hopelessly Unreliable Wind & Solar

Ingrained Insanity: Self-Inflicted Renewable Energy Disaster Leaves Australians Powerless

Woke Wonderland: Billionaires Determined to Destroy Reliable & Affordable Power Supplies

Not Cool: Another Reason to Reject Unreliable Wind Power – Iced Up Blades Totally Disables Turbines <

Planet Strippers: Amazon's Balsa Forests Being Raped To Make Wind Turbine Blades

Hide & Seek: The Staggering Cost of Offshore Wind Power Revealed

Wind Power's Woeful Performance Causing Blackouts & Mass Load Shedding

Joe Biden's Offshore Wind Energy Mirage: Or ‘How To Squander $Trillions of Taxpayers' Money'

Totally Torched: Low-Cost Offshore Wind Power Claims Go Up In Smoke

Safety Claims Incinerated: Locals Smothered With Toxic Smoke From Burning Wind Turbines

Furious Fishermen Take On Offshore Wind Industry Wrecking Atlantic Fishing Grounds

Giant New England Wind Farm Threatens Fishermen

UK: The buffoon delivering a permanent energy crisis

Constant Community Pests: Giant 300 Tonne Wind Turbines Keep ‘Dropping' In On Neighbours

Safety First: Run For The Hills When 300 Tonne Wind Turbines Hit The Deck

People Power: American Communities Unite to Oppose Industrial Wind Power

Weather Makers: How Industrial Wind Turbines Are Changing The World's Climate

Want Blackouts? Take Liberal Helpings of Wind & Solar, Add Subsidies & Stir

Get Ready for the Blackouts. Mismanagement and the push for renewables are degrading the reliability of the U.S. electrical grid.

Fighting Back: Americans Unite To Stop Offshore Wind Industry Wrecking Fishing Grounds

The tragi-comic climate doomsday cult. World leaders have made complete fools of themselves at COP26

Decarbonization Cannot Manufacture The Products Demanded By Civilization

Economic Nonsense: Why Grid-Scale Battery Storage of Wind & Solar Power Can Never Work

There Is No Plan B: Why Battery Storage Can't Save Intermittent Wind & Solar

Epic Fail: How Wind & Solar Caused America's Big Freeze Blackouts & Killed Hundreds

“Green”: A Slow-Motion Train Wreck

The Effect Of Clouds On Solar Power


Touring Texan Turbine Graveyards Becomes Latest Green Tourism Venture

For Texans And Australians It's Breezes And Sunshine, Or No Grid At All

Australia: Wind Power: The Complete Joke That Just Isn't Funny Anymore

Power Price Shock: Australia's Renewables Disaster Proves Wind & Solar Ain't Cheap

Are wind turbines reliable in freezing weather like they are having in Texas?

University of Houston: More Renewable Energy to Prevent Another Texas Ice Storm Outage

Lone Stars: Texans Count Colossal Cost of Wind & Solar ‘Transition'

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Double Dealing Wind Developer's Dodgy Contracts Exposed

Claim: Senator Joe Manchin Fundamentally Misunderstands Climate Economics

Renewables Rethink: Americans Ready to Reject Wind & Solar After Big Freeze Blackouts

Wind Speeds Drop As They Speed Up!

Offshore Offside: Lawyers Line Up to Smash Atlantic Coast Wind Power Projects

Unnecessary Night-time Nuisance: Why Wind Turbine Noise Is So Much More Annoying After Dark

Wind Farm Noise Nuisance Case Uncovers Wind Industry's Culture of Lies & Deceit

No ‘Right' Place: Industrial Wind Turbines Don't Belong In ANYONE'S Backyard

Supreme Court Exposes Wind Industry's Appalling Treatment of Wind Farm Neighbours

Noise Torture Terminated: Wind Industry Panics After Supreme Court Orders Turbine Shutdown

Shut Down: Supreme Court Decision Destroys Wind Industry's Entire Business Model

Hidden Harm: How Wind Turbine Noise Permanently Damages Neighbours' Long-Term Health

SA Farmers Paid $1 Million to Host 19 Turbines Tell Senate they “Would Never Do it Again” due to “Unbearable” Sleep-Destroying Noise

Norwegian Court Slams Noisy Wind Farms Wrecking Reindeer Herders' Lives & Livelihoods

French Resistance: Couple Collect €100,000 In Damages For Wind Turbine Noise Nuisance

Furious Fishermen Sue To Stop Offshore Wind Industry Wrecking Fishing Grounds

Wind Farms Keep Being Wiped Out By Wild Weather: Tornadoes and Turbines Don't Mix

When Did They Know? Industrial Wind on the Health Firing Line

Green Civil War: Renewable Energy vs Wilderness Preservation

Green Civil War: Grassroots Environmental Groups Turn On Wind & Solar ‘Industries'

DIY Light & Power: Home Generator Sales Soar, Thanks to America's Wind & Solar Rush

Environmentally Conscious Amish Farmers Reject Toxic Large-Scale Solar Power Projects

Daily Torment: Plaintiffs in Wind Turbine Noise Nuisance Case Give Damning Evidence

Supremely Callous: Wind Farm Operators Treatment of Noise-Affected Neighbours a Total Disgrace

So Corrupt: Outrageous Attempt by Wind Industry to Influence Supreme Court Judge

TOTALLY GUILTY!!: Total Wind & Solar Power Collapses Responsible For Texan Blackouts

No, Forbes, Texas Blackouts Were Not Caused By Climate Change

Deadly Serious: During Extreme Weather Unreliable Wind & Solar Threaten Life & Limb

<Unreliability Makes Solar Power Impossibly Expensive

Media Blacks Out Truth in Texas

Total Fail: Wind & Solar ‘Powered' Texans Left Reliant on Diesel Generators

What Really Happened During the Texas Power Grid Outage?

Renewables Rethink: Wind & Solar Obsessed Texans Scrambling For Reliable Power

Follow The Money: How Texas Squandered $66 Billion on Unreliable Wind & Solar

Texas Starts Waking Up To The Issue Of The Full Costs Of “Renewables”

Terminal Power Policy: California's Wind & Solar Crusade Destined for Epic Failure

Wind & Solar ‘Powered' Texans & Californians Face More Forced Power Rationing

Daily Disaster: Blackouts Only Reward For California's Wind & Solar Nightmare

Hawaii Renewable Electricity Claims Unsupported by EIA Data, Emissions Unchanged

California power projections underscore difficulty of Biden climate targets

Californian Cover-up: Evidence Reveals Unreliable Renewables Causing California's Summer-time Blackouts

Death Of The EV Dream, Er, Nightmare


Heat waves and other extremes could force the lights off

E-car chargers will turn off to prevent blackouts

All-Electric Future Fizzles: EV Chargers First Target For RE Power Rationing

Electric Car Revolution Needs Honest Data To Avoid Consumer Backlash

New study on electric car deaths shocks the entire car industry (video)

NIGHTMARE: EV malfunctions, locks driver inside, rolls backwards down a boat ramp… and ignites

East Village fire victim was charging nine e-bike batteries at once when blaze exploded in apartment

China electric vehicle explodes while charging

Electric Bus In Paris Catches Fire After Its Battery Explodes

Battery Fire Turns Electric Vehicle into Unrecognizable Mess in South Dakota

Joe Biden's Electric Car Plans Support The World's Worst Humanitarian Abuses

The Supply Shortage That Could Derail The Electric Car Boom

Ford Loses Billions From Electric Vehicle Company Investment


Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Means Mountains of Toxic Rubbish Dumped in Local Landfills

Solar Plant Failures

Bitter Reality: Unreliable Renewables Will See Germans Freezing In The Dark This Winter

Busted: Government Fines Another Wind Turbine Blade ‘Recycler' For Illegal Dumping

Blade-Runners: Wind Industry Illegally Dumping Discarded Turbine Blades Across America

Another One Bites the Dust: 200 Tonne Wind Turbines Continually Beaten By Gravity

Component Liberation: Wind Turbines Keep Throwing 8-20 Tonne Blades In All Directions

Drop Zone: Wind Turbines Keep Showering Locals With Giant Unshackled Blades, Hatches & More

Billions of Wind Turbine Blades Built With Balsa Wood Stripped From Amazon's Forests

‘Greens' Destroying Germany's Ancient Forests To Make Way For Industrial Wind Turbines

Electric Power Fantasies Are Lining Up

Burning Cash: Renewable Energy Slush Fund Wasting $Billions of Taxpayers' Money

Counting the Staggering Cost of Biden's Offshore Wind Power Plans: Power Costs Set to Double

Wind Industry Jobs Myth Turning Britain Into Venezuelan Economic Basket Case

All Wind & Promises: New US Study Reveals Another Great ‘Green' Jobs Hoax

Biden's Offshore Wind Energy Mirage

Switch To EVs Puts 500,000 Jobs At Risk

Veritasium: A Story of YouTube Propaganda (video)

Soros – Backed EV Plant In Georgia Ignites Stiff Resistance

EV Recharge Hell for Climate Activist Heidi Harmon


US Govt Lying About Offshore Wind Industry's Whale Slaughter

‘Green' Monster: Biden's Wind Power Plan Destroys Offshore Fisheries & Threatens Endangered Whales

Evidence Says Offshore Wind Development Is Killing Lots Of Whales

Offshore windfarms may be causing humpback whale deaths

Australian Govt. Plans to locate two wind farms in the annual migration path of 10,000 whales

Matt Ridley: Why won't Greenpeace admit that wind turbines may be killing whales?

Wind Farm 'Death Zone' Highlighted By Ex-Head Of Greenpeace

Offshore Killing Fields: Wind Industry ‘Saves Planet' By Slaughtering Whales, Dolphins & More

Whale Deaths and Wind Farms: Delusion or Duplicity? By Franklin Raff


Biden's bold new era of big government is a colossal mistake

Biden's Not-So-Clean Energy Transition

The Push for ‘Net Zero' Isn't Clean or Green

Biden Ditches ‘Buy American' with Plan to Outsource Metals Supply Chain

Talking Heads

Net-zero is a 'completely meaningless concept' (video)

How not to achieve net-zero carbon emissions

Carbon Trading Crunch Time At COP26

Crunch Time: Demand For Power On Demand Means Wind & Solar Craze All But Over

Energy Secretary: Plug-In Cars Will 'Definitely' Boost Demand for Electricity; Green Energy Can't Be Exported

Cybersecurity Of Wind Power A Growing Concern

Power Drain: Relying on Renewables? Get Ready For Mass Blackouts & Power Rationing

When The Lights Go Out Across Europe: Wind Power Droughts Promise Mass Blackouts

Reality Check: Last Chance to Learn From Europe's Renewable Energy Disaster

Weather-Dependency Means That Wind Power is Always & Everywhere Utterly Pointless

Utterly Pointless: Why Intermittent Wind & Solar Can't Cut Carbon Dioxide Gas Emissions

Pointless: Europe's Wind & Solar Generators Rarely Deliver Power When It's Actually Needed

UK Relying On Europe For A Fifth Of Its Power

Battle for Britain: Brits Scramble For Reliable Energy After Repeated Wind Power Failures

UK's Costly Grid Chaos Continues, As Wind Power Continually Fails to Deliver

Messing With The Environment “To Fight Climate Change”… Wind Farms Are Altering The North Sea

Monumental Design Fail: Industrial Wind Turbines Simply Can't Handle High Winds

Apologise Now: West's Attempt To Rely On Wind & Solar A Monumental Mistake

World's largest offshore wind farm ‘unprofitable', government-funded report confirms

Deep ‘Green' Punishment: Power Prices Set To Double In Wind Power Obsessed Britain

National Grid scheme to ration households' power use at peak times

Part-Time Power: Subsidised Solar World's Most Expensive Virtue Signalling Exercise

Why Heavily Subsidised & Utterly Unreliable Wind & Solar Will Wreck Your Economy

Nobody's Fools: Angry Locals Reject Wind Power Outfit's Massive Cash-For-Silence Deal

Pitfalls Of Energy Transition On Full Display In Europe

Glasgow's ‘Green' Agenda: Killing Meaningful Jobs & Depriving Poor of Meaningful Power

Power Markets In Crisis

Power Cuts & Rocketing Prices All Part of Australia's Wonderful Wind & Solar ‘Transition'

Alarm Call: Texan/Californian/South Australian Blackouts Herald End For Unreliable Wind & Solar

Beyond Help: Power Rationing New Normal in Wind & Solar ‘Powered' South Australia

Silence Of The Power Engineers? NERC Does Nothing

The stampede of Green lemmings


Clear & Present Danger: Industrial Wind Turbines Pose Permanent Wildfire Threat

South Dakota rocked again as a wind turbine plant shuts its doors

Death Defying: Big Freeze Reveals Insanity of Relying on Weather-Dependent Wind & Solar

It Takes Big Energy To Back Up Wind And Solar

Rapacious Renewables: How The Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Is Devouring the Planet

Utterly Useless: Wind & Solar Costly, Pointless & Can't Reduce CO2 Emissions

Pricing Vanity: Power Consumers Punished By Obscene Cost of Wind Farm Subsidies

Follow the Money: Politicians Plugging Wind & Solar Pocketing Untold $Millions

Grand Cover-Up: Sierra Club Conceals American's Growing Hostility to Wind Power

Solar farms: A toxic blot on the landscape

Solar farms are not green. In fact, lots of green is destroyed to install these things.

Storm clouds ahead down on the solar farm

Under My Wheels: Why Solar ‘Roadways' Turned Out to Be An Epic Engineering Fail

2021's Renewables Debacle In Review: Fickle Wind & Sun Face Bitter Accusations

Paving Virginia With Solar Slabs Is Bad Law

VCEA Makes Virginia's Electric Grid Dangerously Unreliable

Assessing Virginia's Hidden Wind and Solar Costs

How And Why Dominion And Other Utilities Lie

EVs & Caravans

ZEV Subsidies Fail Equity, Economics, And Environmental Tests

America Pursues Expensive Electricity While Much Of The World Lives In Energy Poverty

Power When You Need It? Not With Wind

Morality Fail: Costly & Unreliable Wind & Solar Are Being Used To Keep Millions In Poverty

The Full Alex Epstein: the Moral Case for Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy, and Green Deceptions (video)

America's Light Usage Reveals Insanity Of Relying On Weather-Dependent Wind And Solar

‘Inevitable Transition': Get Ready For the Insane Cost of Attempting to Rely on Wind & Solar

Energy Matters: Why Wind & Solar Make Trivial Contribution to World's Energy Needs

Dark Future: Wind & Solar ‘Transition' Means Learning to Live Without Power When You Need It

Renewable Energy Targets: Unaffordable & Unreliable Power Threatens Every Mineral Processing Job

Planet Strippers: Wind Turbines & Solar Panels Driving Insatiable Mineral Demand

Joe Biden Pledges to Make Solar Panels More Environmentally Toxic

Rapacious Renewables: Wind & Solar's Insatiable Demand For Minerals Beyond Belief

Indian Insurrection: Thousands of Rural Protesters Revolt Against Threatened Wind Farm

Wind Turbine Waste

Bloody Expensive: Counting Staggering True Cost of Worthless Wind Power

The Future of Solid State Wind Energy - No More Blades

50,000 Tons Of Useless Wind Turbine Blades Dumped In The Landfill | PSI Intl

Can wind turbine rotor blades ever be sustainable?

Glasgow: The Stampede To Mass Poverty…120 BILLION Tonnes Of Materials For Wind Turbines By 2050?

Demolition Squad: What Happens to Worn Out Wind Turbines? They Get Blown to Bits

Devastating Drone Images Expose The Uselessness Of Wind Energy In Cold Weather

Power mad: This devastating audit lays bare the costly errors

Fatal Attraction: Transport & Construction Workers Add to Wind Industry's Mounting Death Toll

Should You Really Use Solar Panels? (video)

Solar Panels Produce Tons of Toxic Waste—Literally | Bill Wirtz

On solar panels: our latest mountain of waste

The Unintended Consequences Of Massive Solar Farms

Giant desert solar farms might have unintended climate consequences

Another Summer of Discontent: Wind & Solar Obsession Leaves Californians Scrambling for Reliable Power

Tell ‘Em They're Dreamin': Why Wind & Solar Can Never Replace Nuclear, Gas & Coal-Fired Power

Dreamer's Disease: No Way On Earth That Wind & Solar Can Provide 100% of Our Energy Needs

The chances of green energy by 2035 are net zero

Hidden cost inside all electric vehicles revealed (video)

VERIFY: Why electric vehicles lose range in cold weather (video)

Renewable Energy Madness: Why Net-Zero CO2 Targets Herald New Miserable Dark Age

It's time to drop the net zero agenda–Spectator

Tucker exposes the hidden impact of green energy (video)

Sierra Club Exec on Energy: Exactly Backwards

Sixth Carbon Budget Does Not Add Up!

Appetite For Destruction: Western Governments Ready to Sign Net-Zero Suicide Pact

Wind & Solar Cult Bans Nuclear Power Promoters from Climate Change Conference

Why Climate Activists And Environmentalists Should Support Nuclear Power

Fusion Is Not Just A Culinary Treat

Backing Net-Zero Emissions & Not Backing Nuclear Power Generation: You Can't Be Serious

Growing Up: Nuclear Powered Submarine Deal Paves Way For Nuclear Powered Future

Nuclear's Time is Now: Australian Voters Demand Nuclear Powered Future

No-Brainer: Emissions Free Nuclear Power Only Antidote To Net-Zero Madness

No Time To Lose: Reliable, Affordable Emissions Free Nuclear Power's Time Is Right Now

Ghana, Turkey, Armenia Going Nuclear Because of Climate Change


RE Bites Back: Europe's Wind Turbine Makers Can't Compete With Coal-Powered China

No Net-Zero: China's Rise Built On Insatiable Demand for Cheap & Reliable Coal-Fired Power

China's Transition From Agrarian Poverty Fuelled By Mountains of Coal

China to accelerate approval of new coal projects to ensure energy supply

Nuclear Power Foundation of China's Future Generation

China's Climate Goals Hinge on a $440 Billion Nuclear Buildout

China & Russia Profit From West's Ludicrous Obsession With Unreliable Wind and Solar

Joe Biden wants to make our cars 100% dependent on Communist China.


Why is Europe experiencing an energy crisis? - Terigi Ciccone

Enough is Enough: Time to End (Endless) Gravy Train for Subsidised Wind & Solar

Permanent No-Hopers: Never-Reliable Wind & Solar No Match For On-Tap Coal-Fired Power

Coal, here today, here tomorrow (Part 1)

Coal, Here Today And Tomorrow (Part 2)

Renewables Rejected: Demand for Reliable & Affordable Power Driving Asian Coal Renaissance

Cheap Energy Surge: Asia's Economic Miracle Driven By Reliable & Affordable Coal-Fired Power

Outbreak of Seriously Calm Weather Forces Brits Back to Ever-Reliable Coal-Fired Power

Dead-Calm Weather Killing ‘Inevitable' Renewable Energy ‘Transition'

Arrested Development: Without Nuclear Power ‘Net-Zero' Emissions Targets Are An Economic Suicide Pact

Beyond Contempt: Bankers Back Net-Zero & Condemn World's Poorest to Eternal Poverty

Anti-Nuke Activists Afraid of Safe, Reliable & Affordable Nuclear Power

If we want to fight the climate crisis, we must embrace nuclear power

Nuclear Waste: Nothing Like the Problem Imagined by Anti-Nuke Squad

Problems Mount Up For EDF Nuclear Power

Coal Fired Power Dying – Not So Fast – Part One – Introduction

Coal Fired Power Dying – Not So Fast – Part Four – SteamH, The Future For Coal Fired Power

Coal Is The Fuel Greens Cannot Kill

Five Asian Countries Building Almost All New Coal Power Plants

Those Millions Of New ‘Green' Jobs Are Going To China And India

Coal Production Surges 28% In April In India

China Energy Crisis The Worst in a Decade

Solar's Dirty Secret: Chinese Solar Panels Built Using Uyghurs & Kazakh Slave Labour

Smug & Shameless: Exposing ‘Green' Energy's Dirty Slave Labour Secret

Biden's Big ‘Green' Dirty Secret: America's Solar Industry Depends on Slave Labour

Guardian's Chinese Disinformation Campaign

Guardian Exposes Guardian's Chinese Solar Power Propaganda

When Clean Energy Is Powered by Dirty Labor. Most solar panels come from China, and using them to fuel a clean energy transition risks reliance on Uyghur slave labor in Xinjiang.

Joe Biden's Policies Increase U.S. Dependence On China

Insatiable: Coal-Fired Power Continues its Dominance in Energy Hungry China

Growth Engines: Coal and Nuclear Powering China's Economic Rise & Global Ambitions

China Promotes Coal-burning Again

Economic Climate Change: China's Wind & Solar ‘Industries' Doomed as CCP Slashes Subsidies

Renewables Risk Watch: CCP Using Wind Farm Control Systems to Hack US Power Grid & More

Nero Fiddles: China's Nuclear Power Push Threatens Any Country Still Toying With Wind & Solar

Are China's climate promises just a load of hot air? (Yes!)

China Begins Walking Back Promises to Reduce Pollution in the 2030s

UK Windfarms Break Record (For Subsidies Paid Out!)

Potty SNP Minister Thinks He Can Turn Off England's Electricity

UK: The Bill For The Renewables Obsession Hits £198 Billion

Britain forced to fire up coal plant amid record power prices and winter squeeze

Britain can't rely on France and Ireland to keep the lights on

France's Nuclear Shutdown Hits 50% of Reactors, Squeezing Supply

Britain's “Diverse and Reliable” Electricity System

Climate Change Committee misled Parliament about the cost of Net Zero

Nigel Lawson: Net zero is a disastrous solution to a nonexistent problem

Net Zero Costs–Latest BBC Propaganda

COP That Wind & Solar: Nuclear Power Drives French Renewables Resistance

UK: Electricity Prices Rocketing, Just As Successive Governments Planned

2022 Energy Crisis: UK Gas Prices Nearly Four Times Higher than Last Year

UK green economy has failed to grow since 2014, according to official data

Green Energy Companies Fold

Green Gold Rush Looms For Electric Power

Tax Incentives Are No Way To Drive Energy Innovation. Here's Why.

Is the Future of Renewable Energy Inevitable?

Physics Is Why Renewables Can't Power Modern Economies

The wind and solar power myth has finally been exposed

Brace For Blackouts: World's Reliance On Unreliable Wind & Solar Spells Energy Disaster

The pandemic proved that 'degrowth' doesn't help the planet

Eliminating Crude Oil Is Like Jumping Out Of A Plane Without A Chute

Don't They Know We Will Still Need Oil & Gas?

The GND Has No Plan To Replace Crude Oil Products

Short-Changed: $Billions Spent On Wind & Solar Return Power Pricing & Supply Calamity

‘Green' Energy Obsession Loses Its Glitter: Subsidised Wind & Solar Scam Unmasked

Wind and Solar Subsidies

Solar Subsidy Farming

Wanna Wreck Your Economy? Just Add Unreliable Subsidised Wind & Solar

No Brainer: Subsidised Wind Power is What's Driving Your Power Prices Through the Roof

Why Subsidising Intermittent Wind & Solar Drives Power Prices Through the Roof

Obsession With Intermittent Wind & Solar Spells R.I.P. For Reliable Power Supplies

Dead End Street: There's No High-Tech Fix For Wind & Solar's Hopeless Intermittency

No Amount Of Incremental Wind And Solar Power Can Ever Provide Energy Independence

Getting Industry To Go Green Will Not Come Cheaply–Telegraph Wakes Up At Last!

Why “Cheap” Solar Increases The Price Of Power

Net Zero Watch pours scorn on Tony Blair Institute claims about ‘cheap' onshore wind

What is happening in the wind energy sector? - James Matkin

Dark side of climate alarmism - "Struggling Families To Subsidize Solar Panels For The Rich" - Why the Environmental Left Is Secretly Petrified by Truly Renewable Energy? They want population control and end of capitalism. - James G. Matkin

James Matkin's answer to What is your contribution on the environment? Do we need a global push for solar panels?

CADMIUM : The Toxic Problem Of Not-So-Clean Energy

It Just Ain't Green: Endless Environmental Havoc Caused By Industrial Wind & Solar Power

‘Investing' in Wind & Solar Power: Always and Everywhere – It's About the Endless Subsidies

Big Green Lie: Why Endless Subsidies to Wind & Solar Won't Make The Weather Any Better

Weakest Link To EV Growth Is The Material Supply Chain

The Dark Side of Clean Energy and Digital Technologies by Guillaume Pitron, review — our dirty future

Green Energy's Dirty Secret: Its Hunger for African Resources

Virtue's Toll: Grand ‘Green' Transition Delivers Horrific Human Rights Abuses

Green New Dealers Need Buckets of Icy Cold Reality Dumped on Their Climate Emergency

More Buckets of Icy Cold Reality for Green New Dealers, Dems and UN on Climate Crisis

Lithium Batteries - Toxic Waste

Lithium-ion battery inventor says the fire hazard is too great for mass rollout

Exploding Force: Lithium Battery Bombs Just Another Part of Our ‘Inevitable Green Transition'

LITHIUM mining for electric vehicles is incredibly destructive to the environment and about as far from "green" as you can imagine

Why There's a Dark Side to Electric Vehicles

Imagine Electric Vehicles In Bad Weather

The Truth About Electric Cars Biggest Problem | PSI Intl

Automobile Industry Mandated Toward A Death Spiral

Why your swanky EV is more likely to break down than your banger


Are electric cars the new ‘diesel scandal' waiting to happen?- Bjorn Lomborg

EVs Dearer To Run Than Petrol Now

New Electric Vehicle Completely Bombs, Could Only Make It 70 Miles Driving at Highway Speeds

This Is Why We Don't Have Solar-Powered Cars

Affordable electric cars ‘not viable'–Kia Boss

Charge! US arrmy goes all electric to fight "climate"

171 Scientists: CO2 Budget Of Electric Mobility “Twice As Big As Assumed” By European Leaders

The Contradictions of Battery Operated Vehicles (video)

Journalists Tow Camper Behind Electric Truck, End in Stunning Failure When They Only Make it 85 Miles

Watch: Man Buys $115,000 Hummer Electric Truck - It Immediately Left Him Stranded in Middle of Road

The Future of Electric Vehicles Is Highly Flammable. Before you buy a shiny new electric car, you might want to invest in a few fire extinguishers as well.

EVs Spark Deadly Fire On Dutch Ship

Burning Batteries Pose A Huge Risk To EV Mandates

EV Buyers Beware – Fires, Scarce Charging Times, And Parking Restrictions

Norwegian shipping company bans EVs over fire fears

Journalists Take Electric Truck on Road Trip, Plug It in at Campground, Told to Wait 5 Days to Fully Charge

‘Battery arms race': how China has monopolised the electric vehicle industry

World's Biggest Renewable Energy Battery Becomes World's Biggest Joke

A friend told me that battery technology uses just as much fossil fuels in production as gas engines do in consumption. Is this true or false? - Bruce Ewing

Horror Autopilot Tesla Crash Kills Two, 30,000 Gallons of Water Before Firefighters Gave Up

Tesla Catches on Fire, Takes Over 25,000 Gallons of Water and 42 Minutes for Firefighters to Extinguish

Women's Tweet About Her Tesla Electric Car Goes Viral, Dems Not Happy

Tesla Owner Exposes Dark Secret About Electric Cars

Tesla owners forced to wait in three-hour queues during Christmas car-charging chaos

Tesla owners slam company after their cars fail in freezing weather [Video]

Let Them Drive Teslas

Just Don't Drive, Bro: Tesla Tells Texans to Avoid Charging Their Cars During Peak Times

Charging e-bike battery sparks fire that kills 9-year-old Queens boy despite frantic rescue effort by parents: ‘Mom, help me!'

Tesla Terror: Lithium Battery ‘Bombs' Exploding In Toxic Fireballs That Burn For Days

Electric vehicles are exploding from water damage after Hurricane Ian, top Florida official warns

Tesla's Incendiary Mega-Batteries: The Bigger They Come, The Longer They Burn

Wind & Solar Storage ‘Fires Up': Giant Battery Burns For Days After Terrifying Explosion

BBC Ignore Lithium Battery Fire Story

EV Explosion: Get Ready For Toxic & Terrifying Lithium Battery Explosions

Thermal runaway battery fires (video)

Lithium-ion battery goes offline due to overheating, for the second time. It's bad news for the world's largest lithium-ion battery.

Climate Alarm of 11/26/2020: Big Batteries

Lithium shortage may unplug electric car revolution

Bonfire Bonanza: Giant Lithium Batteries Literally Ready to Explode On Energy Scene

Nevada Lithium Mine, Key To “Green” Energy, Opposed By Greens

Lithium batteries' big unanswered question

Is It Ethical To Purchase A Lithium Battery Powered EV?

Factbox-World faces shortage of lithium for electric vehicle batteries

Top producer Albemarle risks shutting German plant if EU declares lithium a hazard

EV Race Ignores Russian, Chinese Mineral Speed Traps

Startup aims to fast-track lithium battery recycling

How safe is your electric car?

Several German cities halt use of e-buses following series of unresolved cases of fire

Electric Bus Catches Fire After Battery Explosion

Electric Vehicles: The Dawn Of The E-Vehicle Battery Environmental Disaster …Discarded Even Sooner Than Expected

Net Zero Bombshell: The World Does Not Have Enough Lithium and Cobalt


Monstrous Morality: ‘Progressives' Love Costly & Unreliable Wind & Solar But Detest The Poor

Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Counting the Colossal Cost of Wind & Solar's Toxic Legacy

Toxic Blade Time Bomb: New Study Exposes Scale of Wind Industry's Poisonous Plastics Legacy

Destination Devolution: The ‘Green' Industrial Revolution – A Monstrous Marxist Lie

The Astronomical Costs Of Using Only Wind, Solar, And Batteries

CCC's Net Zero Plans Rely On Dramatic Rise In Windy Days

The Truth About Renewables

Two More Contributions On The Impossibility Of Electrifying Everything Using Only Wind, Solar And Batteries

New York Con-Job: Trillion Dollar Batteries Not Included In All-Renewables Hoax

Fast-charging can damage electric car batteries in just 25 cycles

Punishing Price of ‘Virtue' Signalling: Canberra Power Price Surge Follows 100% RE Push

Biden's New Green Deal: Delivering California's Blackout Culture to a Town Near You

Blackout Blame Shifting: Wind & Solar Collapses Responsible For Unplanned Power Outages

Another Biden Administration Eco-Con

One in Five California Electric Car Owners Go Back to Gasoline

Calif.: A Bust To The EV Growth Projections May Be In The Making

No Blank Cheques: No One Wants to Pay a Nickel More for Renewables & ‘Climate Action'

Nickel price surge could add $1,000 to production of an electric vehicle

Biden's US Sleepwalking Into Clean Energy Disaster

Biden's Renewables Push In A Fossil Fuel World

Biden Ready To Slip Green New Deal Through The Back Door

Biden starting from almost zero in effort to turn the federal fleet electric

Why a Green New Deal Is More Expensive Than Joe Biden Realizes

US Green Impossibilities

Energy Means Life: Fossil Fuel Use Continues to Surge And The World's All The Better For It

Suicide Pact: Subsidised Wind & Solar Designed to Wreck First World Economies

UK Police Wasted £1.5 Million on Electric Cars That Can't Chase Criminals

Electric cars are good fun for wealthy virtue signallers, but a dreadful way to save the planet

Alternative Energy Can't Replace Hydrocarbons

A Little History Of The Hydrocarbon Processing That Meets Society's Demands

Utility-Scale Battery Costs “Fall” to $625/kWh

Electricity costs too high to make heat pumps worthwhile, MPs warn

Treasury Net Zero Review

Net Zero Damp Squib

Wind And Solar Are Losing Ground To Gas

Trump Economic Adviser Says Biden Plan to Quit Fossil Fuels Unfeasible

Biden's energy plans are expensive and dangerous

How About A Pilot Project To Demonstrate The Feasibility Of Fully Wind/Solar/Battery Electricity Generation?

Texas' Winter Electrical Grid Failures Highlight Nation's Vulnerability To EMP Attacks

Renewable Energy Retreat: Texas Targets Unreliable Wind & Solar With Punitive Fees & Charges

Stephen Moore: Get Ready for More Obama-Era Green Energy Scams

Climate alarmists aren't trying to save the planet, they want communism in America

The Green New Deal Is Communist Manifesto, 21st Century

Maurice Strong And The Roots Of The Great Reset Agenda

Global Warming A Back Door To Socialism - And Now Even The UN Admits It

We need a global Green New Deal - Communist Party USA

How George Soros and Klaus Schwab Conned Many American Patriots Into Unwittingly Backing The Great Reset

The decline of Weather Dependent Renewables in Europe: 2008 – 2018 | PSI Intl

Frequency Freak-out: Chaotic Wind & Solar Threaten to Cripple Europe's Power Grid

Atomic Attraction: Wind Power's Abject Failure Forces Europe to Embrace Nuclear Power

EU: Natural Gas and Nuclear are now Green Energy

No Brainer: Any Serious World Power Is Absolutely Serious About Nuclear Power

The war in Ukraine puts new urgency behind Europe's nuclear energy transition

NY Post Editorial Explodes Cuomo Renewables Delusion

Aussie Government Watchdog Alleges Sumo Power Misrepresented Renewable Energy Costs

Renewables Were Never Meant to Power Modern Civilization

Energy High Treason: The ‘Environmental' Groups Sabotaging Reliable & Affordable Power Supplies

UK Says 100% Renewables Won't Work

Out of Gas: Grannies Freeze As Wind & Solar Obsessed Government Bans Gas Use

Renewable Subsidies Reach Record High!

Public Unaware of Wind And Solar's True Costs | PSI Intl

Net Loser: Subsidised Wind & Solar ‘Industries' Destroy More Jobs Than They Ever Create

Let Them Freeze: Wind & Solar Generators Couldn't Care Less About Your Welfare

The pros and cons of wind power - Mallen Baker

Cost of onshore wind has been rising for 20 years

Highland Heist: During 2020 Scots Paid Wind Power Outfits £235,000,000 To NOT Produce Power

U.S. Solar Industry Itching To Import Chinese Panels

Power Pact: Renewable Energy Rent Seekers Get the Gold; The Poor Get the Stick

Rent-Seekers Profit From Propaganda Machine: Wind Industry Rides Wave of MSM Lies

Getting Away With ‘Green' Murder: Wind Industry Destroying Vast Tracts of Australian Wilderness

Promises, Promises: Wind Industry Insiders Moan About Mass Layoffs & Even Larger Losses

‘Green' Carnage Study: In 2019 US Wind Turbines Killed 3.7 Million Bats - And This Is A Gross Underestimate

Kill Zone: German Study Proves Wind Turbines Slaughter Millions of Bats Every Year

‘Green' Killing Machines: Eagle Slaughtering 50-60m Wind Turbine Blades Perfect Apex Predator

Global Wind Day, Environmental Nightmare

Not Green: Eagles Constant Victims of Wind Industry's Endless Bird Slaughter

Wind & Solar Wipe Out: New Study Reveals Grand Scale of ‘Green' Energy Bird Slaughter

Licensed to Kill: Government Sanctions Wind Industry's Perpetual Eagle Slaughter

Biden's Bird Slaughter: Green New Deal's Wind Turbines Will Kill 1,000,000 Birds Annually

Forgive Them Not: No Excuse For Wind Industry's Pointless Bird & Bat Slaughter

Carcass Count Mounts: Wind Industry's Mass Eagle Slaughter Continues Around the World

Deathly Silence: Green Groups Complicit in Wind Industry's Endangered Eagle Slaughter

Spain's Wind Industry Slaughters Thousands of Endangered Birds With Impunity

Unbridled Bird Slaughter: Wind Turbines Wiping Out Australia's Iconic Dancing Brolga

Eagles Go Legal: Audubon Society Sues to Shutdown California's Golden Eagle Mincers

National Audubon Society Sues Bay Area Wind Turbines (Altamont Pass–a 40-year problem)

Senseless Seagull Slaughter: Offshore Wind Industry Wiping Out Britain's Seabirds

Hollow Promises: Thousands of ‘Green' Jobs Disappear With Turbine Blade Maker's Total Flop

The Problem with Solar Energy in Africa (video)

Guilty: Proof Low-Frequency Wind Turbine Noise Destroys People's Ability to Sleep

Jumbo Noise Problem: Africa's Elephants Hate Thumping Droning Wind Turbine Noise

Stunned Still: Offshore Wind Farm Power Cables Leave Crabs Mesmerised & Motionless

Unnatural Environment: New University Study Nails Wind Turbine Noise Nuisance

RE-Volt: Greeks Sue Wind Developers for Nightly Wind Turbine Noise Torture

Peace At Last: Neighbours Enjoy First Decent Sleep In Years After Wind Turbine Shutdown

Spreading Scourge: Wind Turbine Blades Shedding Toxic Plastics During Operation

Costly Climate Policies Will Harm Energy-Starved Africa

Post-Renewables Reality: Nuclear Power Generation Easy Solution For Energy Starved World

Offshore Wind: Definitely Expensive

Offshore Wind “Virtually Subsidy Free”- Justin Rowlatt

BBC Uphold My Complaint About Wind Farm Subsidies

Renewable Energy Obsession Means Brits Pay £10.8 Billion in Wind & Solar Subsidies Every Year

Burning Cash: (Occasional) Offshore Wind Power More Than Six Times Cost of (Constant) Gas-Fired Power

Washington State Blows Away Wind Fantasies

Gone with the Wind: Wind Power Shortages the New Normal

The Dirty Big Secret: 'Clean, Renewable Energy' Is Neither

The truth behind renewable energy

Real Impact of the Green New Deal Exposed

The Dirty Little Secret About "Green Energy"

Power Battle: Common Sense Abandoned With Push For More Intermittent Wind & Solar

Party's Over: Unreliable Wind & Solar Ditched In Favour of Ever-Reliable Nuclear & Gas

The Renewable Energy Pipe Dream

Boris Johnson's Bizarre Persistence With Unreliable Wind Power Defies All Logic & Reason

Podcast: Biden's Fantasy Land Climate-Energy plan would harm America

Punishing Price Tag: Countless Trillions Being Squandered On Unreliable Wind & Solar

Tesla's Secret Weapon In The EV Revolution | OilPrice.com

Brand new Tesla Model S Plaid ‘drives up hill while ablaze' just weeks after model with new battery went on market

Green transition will unleash monster price rises, and do nothing to save the planet

Horror Autopilot Tesla Crash Kills Two, 30,000 Gallons of Water Before Firefighters Gave Up

Study: Renewable Energy Farms Could Contribute to Climate Change

Renewables Roulette: How Wind & Solar Generators Game the Power Market at Your Expense

Flooding Exposes Folly Of UK's Misbalanced Climate Policies

Tsunamis May Sink West Coast Offshore Wind

Consumers Pay £2.6bn To Balance Grid, Thanks To Renewables

Drax Subsidies Hit £893 Million Last Year

Reality Bites: Germany's Wind & Solar Transition Declared Abject Failure

Nuclear & Coal-Fired Power Saves Germany From Self-Inflicted Wind & Solar Disaster

Dumb & Dumber: Germany Wins Prize For World's Most Idiotic Energy Policy

Skyrocketing Power Prices & Power Rationing: Germany First To Hit The Wind & Solar Wall

Germany's Green Energy Fixation Should Teach U.S. A Lesson

Gas Rationing? Germany Paying a Horrible Price for Decades of Green Energy Insanity

Germany's flood disaster exposes folly of misbalanced Net Zero policies

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Drax Drops plan for Europe's largest new gas plant as it turns its back on fossil fuels

Wind Power Fail: Britain's Coal-Fired Power Plants Keep The Lights On During ‘Big Calm'

Old King Coal Trumps Wind & Solar: In An Energy Starved World the Black Stuff Still Rules

Renewables Rejected: World's Poorest Crave Reliable & Affordable Coal-Fired Power

Quality Fail: Wind Power Output During COP26 Embarrasses Climate Industrial Complex

World's Woeful Wind Power Output Spells Doom For Renewable Energy Rent Seekers

Coal And Oil Continue Domination: Unexpected Demand Creates Global Energy Havoc

Never Brighter: Energy Starved Economies Guarantee Endless Demand For Future Fossil Fuel

UK: 'Obscene' windfarm subsidies revealed-GWPF

British Army's New Solar Farm

Coal Comfort: Total Collapse in Wind & Solar Output Leaves Freezing Germans Desperate for Coal-Fired Power

"Collapse" Of German Onshore Wind Is "Jeopardizing" German & EU Renewable Targets

Germany Desperate For Coal Power, As Wind & Solar Power Fail

Rich Nations Enjoy Coal Energy While Demanding Poor Nations Abstain

No Plan B: Germany's Crazy Reliance on Wind & Solar Guarantees Mass Blackouts

Rocketing Power Prices & Grid Chaos: Germany's Energy ‘Transition' an Unmitigated Disaster

Big Backpedal: A Week After Shutting its Coal-Fired Plants Germany Forced to Reopen Them

Coal Saves Germany (Again): Weather Conspires to Cut Annual Wind Power Production by 25%

Going, Going, Gone: Renewables Sector Reels As 150,000 German ‘Green' Jobs Evaporate

Germany's Windexit…Old Wind Turbines Dismantled Without Replacement…Looming “Massive Power Outage”?

Germany forced to rely on non-renewable energy after cold snap froze renewables

Germany's Renewables ‘Transition' Means World's Highest Power Prices & Power Rationing

American & German Renewables Disasters Drive Demand for Ever-Reliable Nuclear Power

High electricity cost drives German high-tech industry to Asia

German Hi-Tech Firms Driven Offshore By Unaffordable & Unreliable Renewable Energy

Germans Brace For Energy Catastrophe: Prices Set to Triple When Nuclear & Coal Plants Close

Germany Is Closing Half of Its Reactors at Worst Possible Time

New Data Refutes Cheap Offshore Wind Claims

German Supreme Auditors: Green energy “an existential threat to German economy”

Cost Cover-up: German Government Hiding Massive Cost of Wind & Solar Subsidies

Renewables Triumph: Wind & Solar ‘Powered' Germans Aim for World Record Power Price

Record Power Prices & Blackouts Hit Germany

Lighting The Gas Under European Feet: How Politicians & Journalists Get Energy So Wrong

All Time High: Wind & Solar Obsession Triples Power Costs to German Industry & Domestic Prices Highest in Europe

Mad Max Rides Again: Post-Renewables Europe Desperate For Fossil Fuels

The Great Pretenders: Intermittent Wind & Solar Simply Can't Compete with Coal & Gas & Nuclear

House of Pain: Net-Zero Emissions Target Means Rocketing Power Prices

Let's Get Serious: Net-Zero CO2 Emissions Means 100% Nuclear Power

Intermittent Wind & Solar Power No Match For Around-the-Clock Nuclear Power

Nuclear Nudge: Everyone Talking About Nuclear Power After America's Deadly Big Freeze

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Universal Self Harm: Rejecting Nuclear Power Poses Real Extinction Threat

Nuclear Power: A Free Market View

Will Surprising UN Findings Reignite Optimism For Nuclear Power?

Only nuclear can save us now. It is vital for security and environmental reasons

Game Changer: Bill Gates Backs Safe & Reliable Next Generation Nuclear Power Plants

French Method: China & Japan Follow French Lead On Nuclear Power Generation Renaissance

Vandana Shiva: Bill Gates Plan to Push Big Tech as Way to Save the World Is ‘Rubbish'

HYPOCRISY of Fossil Fuel Moral Policing : Germany's Coal Love and the Blacklisting of Australia

World's ‘solar and wind capital' freezing due to snow ‘blanketing millions' of solar panels

Out of Sight: What to Do With Germany's 1.35 Million Tonnes of Toxic Wind Turbine Blades?

Wind Industry's New Wave of ‘Green' Destruction: German Forests Face Wholesale Wipe-Out

Germany Weighs Electricity Rationing Scheme To Stabilize Its Now Shaky Green Power Grid

Germany Slashes Wind Energy As Industry Suffers 'Severe Crisis' | PSI Intl

Germans Spent “More Than Ever Before”…Consumer Electricity Costs Reach Record High In 2020

German government warns of dangerous water pollution and public health threat from heat pumps

Russia revisited - Germany's winter wind solar drought results in Soviet style power rationing

Green Germany May Be Powerless as Russia Cuts Off Gas Supply. Germany's green program has left it vulnerable to Russia's gas monopoly.

Rebel Media - Tom Harris: The environmental case against wind and solar power | Sheila Gunn Reid

Blackout Bombshell: Unreliable Wind & Solar Delivering Europe's New Dark Ages

The Looming Failure of Wind Energy

Not So Safe: Spontaneous Wind Turbine Fires Pose Mortal Threat to Life & Property

Spontaneous Combustion: Wind Turbine Fires Way More Common Than Industry Claims

EV Owners Get Massive Victory After Chevy Forced to Admit Spontaneous Combustion Plagues Electric Cars

Fire & Fury: Giant Industrial Wind Turbines A Clear & Present Danger to Life & Limb

Why Wind Turbines Blades Are So Hard to Recycle | World Wide Waste (video)

The dangerous winds of trying to prevent climate change

Reuse, Recycle, Or Just Reduce Solar Panel Waste?

Solar's Toxic Legacy: When the Panels Wear Out, Who Cleans Up the ‘Green' Energy Mess?

Mexico Backs Off From Renewables, Expands Coal Use

Beijing Power Players Poised To Pull Plug On Prospects To Go ‘All-Electric'

Full-Steam Ahead: No End to China's Insatiable Appetite For Coal-Fired Power

Not-Zero: China's Insatiable Demand For Real Energy Sends Coal, Oil & Gas Prices Soaring

Last Man Standing: China Defies Biden's Climate Crusade Against Coal-Fired Power

China To Add 150 GW Of Coal Power Capacity By 2025

The Green Double Standard On Coal And China

Old King Coal Not Going “Gentle Into That Good Night”

China doubles down on coal plants abroad despite carbon pledge at home

Coal Fired Power Dying – Not So Fast – Part Two – Electrical Power Generation In China

Climate Warriors Furious Over India & China's Insatiable Thirst for Coal-Fired Power

Reality Tore Greenpeace's Solar-Powered Utopia Apart

From Solar Grid To Cattle Shed!

China Suffers Widespread Power Blackout Chaos as Strict Climate Targets Bite

Europe's wind and e-car industry dependent on China's magnetic metals

China's Dystopian Lake - Courtesy Of The World's Lust For Rare Earths

China's Blood Batteries

Blood Panels: Chinese Solar Industry Built On Industrial Scale Slavery

Rare Earth Metals Will Create a New Foreign Dependency

COP 26: India's Net Zero Pledge – Does It Really Mean Anything?

World Report Card: The Inexorable March Toward Zero Carbon Emissions (Not!)

Biden's Rapacious ‘Green' Dream: Green New Deal Devouring World's Rare Earth Minerals

Copper demand from auto industry expected to double as EVs ramp up

The company racing to free US from reliance on China for electric cars, wind turbines, and satellites

Are Electric Vehicles A Scam?

Mercedes owner ‘horrified' new battery will cost him £15,000 – more than the car is worth

EV Chargers To Be Separately Metered

EV's Destined To Pay For Upgrading Electrical Grids

Audi Leasing Costs

Toxic Secrets Behind “Clean” Energy

Green New Deal = Pointless Posturing: Joe Biden's Trillion Dollar Wind & Solar Boondoggle

NY Times Hails Big-Spending Biden: ‘Transformational Figure In American History'?

Biden's Stupidity A Threat To The West

Environmental Activists Pulling Biden's ‘Puppet Strings' Are Acting Like the Pipeline Terrorists, Indiana AG Says

Biden Should Let Us Mine The Rare Earths His Energy Plans Depend On

Biden's actions are encouraging supply chain dependencies from foreign sources

Rare Earth Elements Aren't That Rare, But They're Vital To National Security

Batteries cannot make renewables reliable

California Begs Energy Companies for Batteries

Shifting Deckchairs: Unreliable Wind & Solar Responsible For California's Titanic Energy Disaster

Texas Power Freeze-Down Demonstrates Political Climate Craziness

Wind Power Did Cause The Texas Blackouts!

The Truth About Texas Blackouts And What Needs To Be Done

Why Was $66 Billion Spent on Renewables Before the Texas Blackouts?

Activists Want MORE Green Energy After Texas Frozen Turbine Debacle

Continued Reliance On Wind & Solar Leaves Texans Vulnerable to More Mass Blackouts

Is UK Green Energy A Meaningful Supply System? | PSI, Inc.

Wind slump risks blackouts as Britain goes green

Energy Anguish Hits Britain

Total Failure: Britain's Grand ‘Cheap' Wind Power Plan Faces Total Collapse

Winter of Discontent: Brits Face Power Rationing as Wind Power Output Collapses (again and again)

‘Green' Energy Myth Exposed: Subsidised Wind & Solar Scam Built On Perpetual Lies

Wind Industry ‘Support' Fades: No Place For Subsidised Wind Power, Anywhere, Ever

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Rotten Culture Club: Court Case Shows Wind Industry Fuelled By Subsidies, Lies & Deceit

Oops! California's expensive solar panels to fight climate change don't work during blackout

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Electric vehicle shock treatment

California's Looming ‘Green New Car Wreck'

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Electric Vehicle Push Is Sparking Massive Deforestation, Environmental Damage

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EV's Not Family Workhorses, But Short-Range Second Cars

Electric Corsa Is £11k Dearer Than Petrol Version

Solar Power Shocks The World – Guardian

Grand RE Scam Revealed: What Subsidised Wind & Solar Power Is Really Costing You

Nevada Solar Scam

Investors Lose £24 Million In Wind Scam

Utterly Shameless: Solar Plant Operators Rip-Up & Desecrate Hundreds of American War Graves

UK's Biggest Solar Farm Poses Grave Risk To Public Health

Irate Farmers Blast Environmental Harm Caused By Solar Array

A $1 billion solar plant was obsolete before it ever went online

Solar Panels Are Starting to Die, Leaving Behind Toxic Trash

Solar Panels Generate Mountains Of Waste – And Heat The Planet

Puff Piece For Tesla Ignores The Real Truth

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Exposing the Myth that Electric Vehicles are Green

A Rough Road Ahead For Electric Cars

Electric Corsa–A Snip At Only £33,310

Electric cars are a hazard on motorways, Government admits

Washington Post Is Confident Fossil Fuel Industry Has Enough Political Power To Destroy The Planet

Maths is Hard for the Green-Minded

The World's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Is Up and Running

Wanton Waste: World's Largest Wind Farm = World's Largest White Elephant

The Giga and Terra Scam of Offshore Wind Energy

The Costs of Offshore Wind Power: Blindness and Insight

Renewables Rip-off: ‘Free' Offshore Wind Power Costs Six Times the Average Cost of Power in USA

North Sea Annihilation: Offshore Wind Power Destroying Marine Environment In New & Exciting Ways

Not Green: Offshore Wind ‘Industry' Destroying Fishing Grounds, Birds & Marine Life

Offshore Wind Industry Wiping Out Crucial Fish Breeding Grounds & Fishermen's Livelihoods

Offshore wind power all at sea: Danish wind farm operator suffers massive financial losses

Danes Dissemble: Offshore Wind Farm Operator Covers Up Cause of Long-Term Shut Down

Transmission Loss: $Billions Squandered Connecting Remote & Intermittent Wind & Solar

Transmission Break: Frequently Faulty Cables Costing Offshore Wind Power Generators Hundreds of $Millions

Connection Made: Consumers Suffer Hidden Transmission Costs For Wind & Solar

Subsidy Bonanza: Wind Industry Demands Even More Subsidies for Pointless Transmission Lines

Excess costs of UK Weather Dependent Renewable Energy: 2020

Shell's New Battery Won't Solve Wind Intermittency Problem

Busting The Renewable Energy ‘Storage' Myth: It's All About The Numbers (And The Weather)

Energy Storage Innovations for Renewables

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The Great Wind Delusion

Climate Changing: Germany's 30,000 Wind Turbines Causing Local Rainfall Droughts

How 30,000 Industrial Wind Turbines Have Wrecked Germany's Environment

Road to Climate Neutrality

Potentially powerful pipeline precedents

Cities, Countries, And Economies Were Built With Derivatives From Oil, Not By Electricity

Energy jobs report shows that "clean energy" is all about creating unproductive jobs - American Experiment

Climate Activists Are Setting Up Oil Prices For New Boom

Net Zero Agenda Faltering: “Pie in the Sky”

Study: Oxford Academics Promote Covid-19 Renewable Investment Stimulus

Deceptive rhetoric at Davos could bring disaster

Donald Trump Issues One of His Greatest Takedowns of Windmills

The Impossibility of Windmills (video)

The Glaring Engineering Mistake That Made Wind Turbines Inefficient | Massive Engineering Mistakes (video)

Science and economics trump government mandates with climate change

No Escape: How Households Suffer Astronomical Cost of Great Wind & Solar Scam

Wind turbines generate mountains of waste

The Warming Wind Turbines Of Climate Change

The Simpsons and Wind ‘Energy'

Nothing Green Ever Works: the perfect six-step environmental virtue loop

For Climate Extremists, Animal Lives Are Expendable

Isle Of Man Seabird Populations Plummet As Wind Farms Overwhelm The Irish Sea

Stranded Whales Were Deaf–Raising More Questions Over Wind Farms

Endangered Atlantic Right Whales Next Victims of Offshore Wind Power Push

EVs Remain Much More Expensive Than Petrol Cars

A Reality Check On Electric Cars: Arithmetic Required

The $2.5 Trillion Reason We Can't Rely on Batteries to Clean up the Grid - MIT Technology Review - Pocket

We Shouldn't Be Surprised Renewables Make Energy Expensive Since That's Always Been The Greens' Goal

Why Everything They Said About Solar Was Wrong-Michael Shellenberger

The excess costs of Weather Dependent Renewable power generation in the USA

Vox: “Many technologies needed to solve the climate crisis are nowhere near ready”

CREDLIN : ‘Climate Cult' Using Environmentalism As A ‘Trojan Horse' For Marxism

- Renewable Energy Will Only Be Possible With Massive Increases in the Supply of Critical Minerals

U.S. Continues To Dump Funds Into An Electrical Sinkhole

What You Need To Know About Biden's Ill-Conceived Executive Order On Electric Vehicles

More electric vehicles could lead to a mountain of battery waste | PSI Intl

Today's Electric Car Batteries Will Be Tomorrow's E-Waste Crisis, Scientists Warn

BILL GATES Slams Unreliable Wind & Solar: ‘Let's Quit Jerking Around With Renewables & Batteries'

Renewable Energy Has Significant Downsides

Renewable Energy Industry Seeks to Scam Public During Health Crisis

Giant Battery Bombs: Renewable Energy Storage Systems on Fire | PSI Intl

Storage Stories: Why Giant Batteries Can't Solve Wind & Solar Power's Natural Intermittency

No Wind, No Sun, No Power!

Subtracting Fossil Fuels Plus Adding Electric Cars Equals Disaster

'Free Solar Energy' – for only $2+ per kWh | PSI Intl

The Hidden Costs Of Net Zero

Solar Power Costs 2-3 Times As Much As Wind, Fossil Fuels and Nuclear

Why Intermittent Wind & Solar Will Never Amount to Serious Power Sources

EV Collision Course: More Big Batteries Means More Major Environmental Destruction

Big Battery Bunkum: Why Grid-Scale Storage of Renewable Energy Will Never Work

Grid-Scale Power Storage Myth Busted: Giant Batteries Can't Save Unreliable Wind & Solar

Nuclear superior to wind and solar

Two Nuclear Options

The Nuclear Option

Nuclear: Time to Back The Safest System Power Generation Of Them All

New Nuclear Plants Herald Affordable & Reliable Energy Future For United Arab Emirates

What Meeting Net-Zero Emissions Targets Without Nuclear Power Will Cost You

It's Time To Follow Mexico And Pull The Plug On “Renewables”

Renewable energy 'creates more pollutants than fossil fuel': Bernardi

Abandoned Wind Farm in the Oklahoma Panhandle: Revisited 2021 (video)


Fat Cat Shakedown: Crony Capitalists Begging Governments for $Billions for ‘Green' Hydrogen

Huckster's Hype: Revealing The Truth Behind the Great ‘Green' Hydrogen Hoax

The White Elephant of Green Hydrogen

The Green Hydrogen Swindle

What is the real cost of green hydrogen?

Is green hydrogen the answer to the climate crisis? | DW Documentary (video)

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The Missing Link in Renewables (Hydrogen)

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What's Behind the Great Hydrogen Gas Hoax (Even More Subsidies For Wind & Solar)

Dashed Hopes: Wind & Solar Acolytes Horrified by Great Renewables-to-Hydrogen-Gas Hoax

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Renewable energy is 'coming again for your money' with hydrogen power (video)

Hydrogen is another subsidy-seeking scam. It cannot possibly power our civilization.

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Hydrogen is Big Oil's Last Grand Scam

The Hydrogen Hoax: Confessions of a Former Hydrogenist

The Hydra Headed Hydrogen Hoax on future "Freedom" cars

The Reality Behind Green Hydrogen's Soaring Hype. Renewably produced hydrogen has great potential and some powerful allies. But it's not a decarbonization panacea.

The Hydrogen Hoax

The Hydrogen Hoax

Unraveling the great hydrogen hoax

The aircraft hydrogen hoax or solution

Are Hydrogen Fueled Airliners Coming To Airports Near You? Don't Hold Your Breath

Japanese RED Hydrogen Breakthrough Will DESTROY Oil & Gas!

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After Trying Hydrogen, German Rail Operator Picks Batteries+Grid


Battery Powered Flight - Still A Pipedream

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Hydrogen Ready Boilers & The Cost Of EV Infrastructure

Hydrogen boiler revolution ‘pretty much impossible', says minister

Exciting Energy Future: ‘Green' Hydrogen Primed & Ready to Explode Onto Wind & Solar Scene

Hydrogen in road transport: it's not going to happen

U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds

SHAFTING CONSUMERS. WITH UNRELIABLE wind and solar cannot power the country on their own lacking storage capacity. Texas and Germany prove adding more wind and solar to the grid is devastating for electricity consumers.

The Collapse of Intellectual Standards in Science

On the Climate Road to Serfdom

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Poor, Be Damned: Subsidised Wind & Solar Scam Guarantees Third World Poverty

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Americans reluctant to join the EV train

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Fossil Fuels Form The Basis Of Our Medical And Food Supply Chains

CalEPA Studying Ways To Sunset The California Economy

CA Electric Power Chief Says Serious Problems Lie Ahead

Why is Michael Moore backing a 2019 documentary which questions the efficacy of renewable ("green") energy?

Delingpole : Michael Moore Is Now the Green New Deal's Worst Enemy

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The Real Climate And Health Crisis

A Call To Arms: Can This World Survive Without Fossil Fuels?

How exactly do they plan to replace fossil fuels?

"Clean, renewable" energy is neither

The Renewable Fuel Standard Is A Policy Only A Grain Farmer Could Love

The Limits of Clean Energy

Will Switching To Solar And Wind Power Really Solve Our Problem? Upcoming technology could make our current eco-efforts counterproductive.

The Dirty Secrets of “Clean” Electric Vehicles

Electric Cars: Inconvenient Facts, Part One - John Stossel (video)

The Electric Vehicle Welfare State. Car makers back the Biden climate agenda in return for subsidies and higher consumer prices.

Why Net Zero Is Unachievable–Prof Michael Kelly

N.Y. Climate Act Sustainability Posture Is Simply Unsustainable

The Dark Side Of Renewable Electricity

Destroying the environment to save it

California year 2020 blackouts caused solely by reliance on mandated unreliable renewable energy

Nevada Renewable Energy Delusions

Virginia's Latest Folly – Offshore Wind Power

No Fluke: Locals Fight Offshore Wind Power Project That Threatens Mass Whale Wipeout

City of Sydney Goes Renewable!

Biden Ministry of Truth - Tony Heller (video)

Building Trades Unions Warn Members Not to Believe Joe Biden's “Green Jobs” Climate Promise

What Green Job Revolution ?

Biden's Blackout Nation: ‘Green' New Deal Promises More Time Freezing or Boiling in the Dark

Biden's “Social Cost Of Carbon” Delusion

Green push presents cybersecurity problems of its own

Wind And Solar Add Zero Value To The Grid

Wind and Solar Weaknesses - Part 1

Weaknesses Of Wind And Solar: When Science And Reality Clash – Part 2

Weaknesses Of Wind And Solar: When Science And Reality Clash – Part 3

Clash Of The Titans: Wind Versus Coal

Batteries Not A Sustainable Backup For Wind And Solar – Part II: Safety, Health And Cost -

Michael Schellnberger's Smack-Down of Alarmism

Book Review: “Apocalypse Never” By Michael Shellenberger

Michael Schellenberger In The Mail

Slow Joe Capitulates To Loony Left

Study: A Green Covid-19 Recovery will Save the World and Boost Growth

U.N. Warns of Devastating Environmental Side Effects of Electric Car Boom

No, Banning Fossil Fuels Won't Raise Life Expectancy; Fossil-fueled Electricity Will

"Pope Francis is wrong. Climate Craziness, Not Climate Change, Threatens to 'Destroy Civilization' - New Research shows increasing winter mortality from higher electricity costs attributable to inefficiency of wind and solar renewables.

The Throughput Problem: Recharging Electric Cars Requires the Patience of Job | The American Spectator | Politics Is Too Important To Be Taken Seriously.

Fed Funding Fantasy: EV Charging

How The Green New Deal's Renewable Energy Mining Would Harm Humans And The Environment

Mining for a climate solution: Why going renewable means getting our hands dirty | Four Corners

Reporting Renewable Energy Risks

Shorrock Still Pushing His Zombie Lagoon

Outcry Spreads Over Green Energy Projects

The Green Delusion Continues To Push Costs Upon The Poor

Are ‘Green' Hybrids Emitting More Pollution Than Their Predecessors?

It's time to expose the sham of hybrids

Scrap Energy Tax Favors For Better Reform

The global climate alarmism propaganda campaign has failed – fossil fuels have priority

Note To U.S. Politicians – Oil And Gas Is An International Industry

Banning Gas-Powered Vehicles Means A Crushing Change For America

Debunking Popular Climate Myths About CO2 | PSI Intl

This Environmentalist Says Only Nuclear Power Can Save Us Now

Nuclear Power: Perfect Cure For Wind & Solar Driven Pricing & Supply Calamity

Nuclear power: Are we too anxious about the risks of radiation?

‘Three Mile Island' Nuclear Accident Wasn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

The New, Safer Nuclear Reactors That Might Help Stop Climate Change

Renewables and Nuclear: False Hopes and Unfounded Fears

Climate debate needs shared platform for renewables and nuclear

In the Developing World, Coal Is Still the King

Africans Deflect Biden's Demand To End Fossil Fuel Use

Energy-starved Africa looks to India for nuclear reactors

Bitter Cold Stops Coal, While Nuclear Power Excels

ELECTRICITY FUTURE : Coal, Nuclear or Chaos

The Carbon Versus Silicon Election

Regressive Renewables: California's Wind & Solar Obsession Crushing the Poor & Vulnerable

Californian Blackout Fury: “It's Not Just the Heat, It's Also the Anti-Nuclear Power Stupidity”

Green New Deal Fanatics Have No Concept of What They Propose

Surprising science – There's no such thing as clean energy

Californian & Texan Renewable Energy Blackouts Force Americans to Back Base-Load Power

Australia: 'ABC forgets' documentary which ‘absolutely skewers the renewable energy industry'

Wrecking Ball: Australia's Fixation With Subsidised Renewables Guarantees Economic Disaster

Why Australia's booming renewable energy industry has started hitting hurdles | Four Corners

Subsidised Suicide: How Wind & Solar Carpetbaggers Trashed Australia's Energy Grid

Total Joke: Australian Wind Farms Regularly Deliver Tiny Fraction of Their Total Capacity

Blackout Nation: Australians Latest Victims of Subsidised Wind & Solar Chaos

Wind Farms: Money for Nothing

Wind farms earn hundreds of millions more from energy crisis after delaying Government subsidy contract

It's Ever-Reliable Coal-Fired Power That's Powering Australia & Will Be For Years to Come

Emergency Response: Wind & Solar Debacle Forces Government to Build Gas-Fired Power Plants

It's Subsidised Wind & Solar or Meaningful Well-Paid Jobs: But You Can't Have Both

Massive Subsidies For Wind & Solar ‘Industries': The Never, Never, Never-Ending Story

Solar Power Scam Revealed: Why Renewables Can Only Survive With Massive Subsidies

After 40 Years Of Massive Subsidies Wind & Solar ‘Industries' Still Begging For More

Reality Bites: Americans Finally Waking Up to the Nightmare Cost of Unreliable Wind and Solar

Energy Insecurity: Biden's Policies Leave Americans Vulnerable to Unreliable Wind & Solar

Not In Anyone's Backyard: Rural Americans Winning the Battle Against Industrial Wind Power

Nuclear Fusion: Tomorrow's Clean Energy?

Gates Goes Nuclear: Can We Trust Him? | PSI Intl

Extinction Rebellion Communication Head Quits After Researching Nuclear Power

Rebellion Against Extinction: Civilisation Always & Everywhere About Reliable & Affordable Energy

Doug Ford ‘proud' of decision to tear up hundreds of green energy contracts

10 of 10 “highest-generating U.S. power plants” were not renewables.

Could Russia's Floating Nuclear Plants Change World Economy? | PSI Intl

Are Thorium Reactors the Future of Nuclear Energy? | INN

Will China's Thorium Molten Salt Experimental Reactor (RSF) be the new world standard in nuclear power generation?

Breathe Free: Capitalism Helps Protect The Environment

Earth Day Celebrators Should Celebrate Nuclear Power Too

IAEA Climate Conference Ends with Call for Major Nuclear Role

Regulatory Reform Could Reinvigorate Nuclear Energy

The Dam Against Nuclear Energy Is Cracking

EXTINCTION REBELLION : Imagine If These People Had Real Power?

Priceless: Nuclear Powered French Pay Half What Wind & Solar ‘Powered' Germans Pay for Power

Back To The Dark Ages: German Greens Look To Ban All Industrial Farming - The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Lights Out: South Africa's Subsidised Wind & Solar Obsession Delivers New Dark Age

Some ‘Transition': German Wind Power Output Plummets 15%: Coal-Fired Power Generation Jumps 38%

Game Over: German Wind Industry In Free Fall As Renewable Energy ‘Transition' Hits the Wall

Hornsea Offshore Wind Farm Opens–At Huge Cost To Energy Customers

Overshadowed: Giant Industrial Wind Turbines Deliver Daily Dose of Misery For Neighbours

Diesel Driven: World's First “Net-Zero” Wind Power/Pumped Hydro System A Dismal Failure

Crash Course: Industrial Wind Turbines Pose Deadly Threat to Light Aircraft

Virginia Agency Challenges Dominion's Offshore Wind Deception

Virginia State Corporation Commission Exposes Dominion Energy's Double-Dipping Ploy

KIWI Wind Farms ‘Lazy as Bro': New Zealand's Wind Turbines Produce Nothing 80% Of The Time

The Democrats' Enviro-Platform Will Drag You Back To The 19th Century

Fighting For Energy And Human Rights Equality In Africa

A Hydrogen Future? Some Basic Facts

The Truth About Pumped Hydro

John Constable: Why Europe's ‘Green' Hydrogen Hype Is Likely To Flop

Hydrogen Future Would Triple Energy Bills

Is Wind Power Reducing Our Bills?

Report renewable energy risks, too

TL Winslow's answer to Europe's energy policy is in favour of renewables. On the surface it look great but its recent gas shortage and attendant price increase no longer support that view. Is it not time for energy policy review in Europe?

David McFarland's answer to Why do people believe that nuclear power is dangerous, when it is the safest form of power generation?

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John Walker's answer to If global warming is such a big deal, why not just build nuclear power plants? Sure, nuclear power has its problems, but the media's talking about how global warming will kill us all, so those nuclear problems can't be that bad.

Is increased FLASH FLOODING a harbinger of the next little ice age? Dream of RENEWABLES saving the climate and ending polluting fuels is now a deadly nightmare. Have We Reached A TURNING POINT In the Debate?

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Dark side of climate alarmism - "Struggling Families To Subsidize Solar Panels For The Rich" - Why the Environmental Left Is Secretly Petrified by Truly Renewable Energy? They want population control and end of capitalism.

PARIS DECARBONIZATION consigns 2 billion "to misery, and even death'" from heat poverty. "Fleeing the accord makes Scientific Sense" as C02 is greening the earth and a brutal temperature drop is the real fear.

"THE REAL GLOBAL WARMING DISASTER IS FINANCIAL. Trillions needed annually for Paris Accord and unreliable wind and solar.' Renewables make world hunger worse. This is the most costly and useless scientific blunder in history.

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