Is Global Warming a Hoax (Joke)?

By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper™

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Original Pub. Date: Mar. 2, 2022. Last Update: Mar. 5, 2022.

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Is global warming a hoax (joke)?

Funny you should ask, when the U.N. and its global Marxist politician-run IPCC octopus of kept scientists, academics, journalists, and politicians is pushing a multi-trillion-dollar program to stop it. Not just trillions, but hundreds of trillions, as they've finally revealed after decades of playing er, games.

Consulting firm McKinsey estimates $9 trillion per year cost for climate accords

Back to the question.

The answer is YES, when it is blamed on CO2 emissions.

Real global warming can only be caused by an increase in net solar radiation caused by a permanent change in the Sun or its orbit. If that does happen one day, it would be no joke and all solutions would be temporary and fraught with dangers like global starvation.

Real global warming caused by changes in net solar radiation is no joke, but CO2-caused global warming is a gigantic hoax by the climate Communists at the U.N. and their politician-run IPCC global octopus of kept scientists, academics, journalists, and politicians that might actually be funny if it weren't so tragic. And yes, to those in the know like moi it would be seem like a joke if they are finally defeated and can no longer seriously threaten our future.

You see, in the past Communists wanted workers to seize control of the means of production, but today's leftist environmentalists want to destroy the means of production so they can burn the capitalist world down and erect a Marxist utopia on the ashes. Why aren't I laughing?

In practice, the IPCC tries to sell its dupes on its solutions to the crisis, knowing full well that there is no crisis, hoping that they will get so deep into it that there's no way back out.

EPI Scientific Study: There Is No Climate Crisis

Speaking of laughing, recently IPCC frontline org. NASA Goddard admitted that the alleged CO2-caused warming and melting of the Arctic in summer is being compensated by additional freezing and ice formation in winter, with temperatures reaching -30C. What clueless charlatans! They never proved that CO2 emissions do diddly to Earth surface temperatures. What do the leftist IPCC loonies want to do about it, decrease atmospheric CO2 emissions while replacing fossil fuel with solar and wind power, so that billions will starve and freeze or boil while sitting on top of vast untapped oil reserves?

Shock News: The Arctic Is Freezing In Winter!!

IPCC's real consensus Earth is not a greenhouse

How does the IPCC keep going? By churning out boatloads of tampered temperature data and nonphysical "global average temperature" (GAT) statistics while hand-waving the fundamental thermal physics, which even a 5th grader can see contradict Nature's ironclad Second Law of Thermodynamics that prohibit a cooler body like Earth'ss atmosphere from raising the temperature of a hotter body like Earth's surface, which was originally heated by sunlight.

CO2 rise vs. postal charges

Like all hardcore Marxists, they will push any lie to get what they want. In this case the IPCC octopus has literally turned Earth climate science inside-out, upside-down, and ass-backwards to turn Nature's cooling processes into warming ones. What is the truth that they don'tt want you to know? That Earth'ss atmosphere isn't a greenhouse but a giant chimney and blanket that cools the surface of solar heat while keeping temperature swings within livable limits unlike our nearest neighbor the Moon. The IPCC's endless sales pitches filled with graphs of ever-rising atmospheric CO2 levels from one insignificant concentration to another are pushed as proof of global warming, when even a 5th grader knows that correlation doesn't prove causation.

After 30+ years of pushing the fake physics hoax that CO2 emissions cause global warming, the IPCC has turned academia into a clown show, with a closed clique of govt.-funded scientists "pal-reviewing" each other's junk science papers while blocking any outside critics or independent thought within their own ranks. Instead of a group of researchers guarding a precious body of knowledge that's constantly being refined in a free open forum of debate, it's become a closed inbred group of charlatans guarding a worthless body of lies bought and paid for by their global Marxist politician owners at the U.N.

How sick when their dupes tell me that they won't even read my writings because they weren't peer-reviewed in the IPCC-controlled publications. Don't they realize that I wouldn't even lower myself to submit anything to those losers? They've become science's govt. welfare queens, producing nothing of value for their entire careers. When will they give it up, resign, and repudiate all their publications? When will the govt. cut off their funding and start funding moi and other real climate scientists? Any research paper that is based on greenhouse gas warming moose hockey is not just worthless, it's dangerous.

The acid test for real science is the free open forum of debate. No surprise, like all leftists posing as scientists for political gain, the IPCC CO2 hoaxers can't win a debate on the physics, so they work to control the means of production of news via their control of the leftist PC media, \sidelining, delegitimizing, and sweeping independent scientists and their exposes into the shadows. Thank the stars that they still can't completely control the Internet, so you can still read my and other independent critics' articles to let me show you that the truth is out there.

Google and YouTube say they will cut off climate-change deniers from being able to monetize their content and display ads

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CO2 infrared spectrum

Speaking of global warming being a hoax, I finally proved it using my deep knowledge of thermal physics, and slicked the proof down to its most elegant form, making it so simple that a smart 5th grader could understand it. It's now just a matter of spreading the truth in the face of massive IPCC and Big Tech shadow-banning.

I call it my "15 micron -80C disproof of the IPCC''s greenhouse gas warming hoax". Read all about it and open your mind to the truth and get a free introduction to thermal physics.

I challenge IPCC believers to refute me. Just click the link and read my disproof of the IPCC's greenhouse gas warming theory and fire away.

Why Are Greenhouse Gas Theories Dead Wrong? by T.L. Winslow (TLW)


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