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By James G. Matkin, former deputy minister in the govt. of British Columbia, 1974-83

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Original Pub. Date: Mar. 25, 2020. Last Update: Oct. 22, 2020.

This free online course is a compendium of articles covering every aspect of the leftist-run U.N. IPCC CO2-driven AGW hoax, embodying the encyclopedic knowledge of James G. Matkin. It is a lot of reading, best done one day at a time. Are you serious about the subject of global climate change (warming)? This course will deprogram the U.N. IPCC's brainwashing and free your mind for understanding how the Earth's climate really works and why the fossil fuel industry is beneficial and necessary and renewable energy is a loser.

This is just a sample of the 900+ articles James Matkin published on the Quora.com debate site. For more, visit his account: James Matkin.

Bio: James Grant "Jim" Matkin (1942-), Q.C. Vancouver retired lawyer, internationally known in public policy and conflict resolution. Harvard University graduate in law and economics in '69,, studied as a Frank Knox Fellow. Research and published about the environment and global warming from 1991 in national journals. Constitution and Labour law professor at UBC. Drafted major laws as BC Deputy Minister of Labour. Negotiated international environment treaty with US and the Charter of Rights for Canada as BC Deputy Intergovernmental Relations. Director of early stage companies in telecom, renewable energy and battery technology. Past President of Business Council of B.C., and B.C. Law Society executive director. Drafted the first human rights code of BC. Is credited with 'cleaning up' the Vancouver stock exchange through his one-man commission of inquiry.

The Enemies: Global Marxism and Malthusianism

The U.N. politician-run IPCC Global Octopus

Hijacked Earth climate science and global warming/cooling claims

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Total number of lessons: 336.


Why do some people deny climate change? Why do so many people deny the dangers of climate change? What do you think about the global climate? Will it recover? Is global warming a natural catastrophe? Is it true or false? Does humanity underestimate or overestimate the climate crisis? What are the effects of global warming upon jobs, humans, and countries? In your opinion, what is the most critical problem of the Earth that should be addressed to ensure the future? Is there truly an overwhelming scientific consensus about an anthropogenic climate change? What film best describes global warming? Exactly what is it that global warming deniers deny? Which countries would be severely affected by global warming? How long do we have before global warming gets really bad? What is the most regarded evidence/accepted as strong evidence that sustains climate change theory? How can climates not change? Is climate change a contentious issue as Judge Barrett stated, or is it a scientific fact? What is it that everyone should at least agree on when it comes to climate change? What is the proportion of natural warming to anthropogenic warming? What is the greenhouse effect, and how can we prevent it? What are the greenhouse gases and what do they do? What gases contribute global warming? What reduces the greenhouse effect on Earth? If carbon dioxide heating in the atmosphere is logarithmic, would or is the carbon at saturation point so that all the infrared radiation in the wavelength carbon can absorb is already being taken up? Who denies that greenhouse gases are a problem? Why should we be concerned about the rising carbon dioxide level? Is "Global warming" actually a myth based on misplaced science? How do you call the stance that climate change isn't real? What is global warming, and does freezing mean global warming? Why does global warming happen, and what should be done? Why are some people under the delusion that industry is the only factor that affects global temperatures? What are global greenhouse emissions? What pollutants cause global warming? How do greenhouse gases warm the Earth? Why do we need greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? What is the difference and the significance of weather, climate, and climate change? Why is global warming important and related to humans? How do you successfully explain and describe the destructive result of climate change? What are some opinions on the impact man has on global warming? Are there any major climate scientists who reject global warming? What do some scientists theorize about global warming? What is the evidence against theories of non-artificial global warming? How strong is the scientific case for man-made global warming? Why do people talk about a 'climate crisis' when there is nothing wrong with the weather or the climate? In what year can we expect climate change to have a serious impact on the planet? What are the causes of climate change? What does an increase of the greenhouse effect increase? Why is climate change ignored? Do Americans appreciate the seriousness of climate change? What is the greatest threat faced by our environment? Will climate change cause a decrease in temperatures (causing a new ice age)? What is the difference between Climate Change and AGW and why are they lumped together? What is the difference between Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Emissions Why is there so much focus on CO2 since CO2 represents less than 1% of the total global warming potential of all greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere? Aside from the rise in mean temperature and carbon dioxide level, what are the other pieces of evidence for global warming? Are global warming and climate change two different terms? If yes, then how? How much has the average global temperature risen since 1800? What is the relationship of global temperature and CO2 concentration? Why do scientists say they know the climate is warming while they report they have very little understanding about what drives climate in general? How does solar energy impact your climate? Why is albedo important? How many years does it take to see a change in climate? Will Global warming last? Is global warming catastrophic? How true and to what extent is the theory of global warming? Does it imply animals and the rest o life will die of Global warming? How far can the be averted? Will global temperatures exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next five years? Is the rise in temperature on Earth inevitable? What should we do at least from now onwards? What other chemical reactions besides photosynthesis reduce global warming? Are winters likely to get milder due to global warming? What can students do to reduce global warming? Does the term climate change denier accurately represent a person that does not agree with a specific political agenda? What needs to change rapidly to combat climate change? Is it possible that global warming is a natural phenomenon, given that a short time man has had to study weather and climate change? How does carpooling help reduce greenhouse gases? Is it possible that there is nothing to MAN MADE climate change? What are heavily affected by global warming, including health, economy, etc.? Will current reductions in pollution due to Corona virus restrictions have a long-term positive impact for climate change? What is going to be the most immediate and devastating consequence of climate change? What are the effects caused by climate change? Are anthropogenic activities too small to affect climate change? What would be more devastating: global temperatures rising or falling by 5 degrees Celsius? How did climate change in the last 30 years? What is global warming based on? How do we discern the difference between man made climate change and natural changes in the planet? Isn't global warming good for Earth? I mean we can use all the solar energy to produce energy and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Can we use local weather as proof against global warming? Why do people wishing to reduce global warming concentrate on CO2 emissions when there has been no correlation between rise in CO2 levels and a rise in temperature? Is global warming truly caused by CO2? Of all of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, what percentage is produced by humans? Has our carbon footprint been reduced in the last 6 months? What activities contribute to your carbon footpring? How can decreasing your own personal carbon footprint make any real significant global difference? Why do you not accept the theory of Anthropogenic Climate Change? Do MIT scientists deny global warming? To what extent are the ideas about the impact of anthropogenic climate change damaging the scientific community involved in studying the climate? What are the flaws pertaining to “man-made” Climate Change? Why does the average temperature of the atmosphere rise? What might have caused the unprecedented increase in its level? What role does human activity play in the current global warming trend? What percentage of global warming is due to man? Are we beginning to see the first stark evidence of global warming? Is global warming beyond control now? What happens if Earth gets 2 degrees C warmer? Three or four degrees warmer? What would you give the probability that we will avert catastrophic climate change? How cold would the earth be without all of the carbon emissions from humans? Is carbon sequestration a viable solution to global warming? Why do climate change deniers think scientists would fake evidence of climate change? They also don't want extra taxes and governmental control, so would they have any reason at all to do so? Why doesn't everyone in the world focus on fixing climate change? Could climate change on Earth lead to a runaway greenhouse effect like Venus? What is the biggest hoax believed by people trying to reduce global warming? Since the Earth is coming out of an ice age, how much of global warming is natural? 3 million years ago, the CO2 levels were the same or higher than now, and we had global warming without any industrial intervention. Today, is it a coincidence that we are contributing, or would it have warmed up naturally? Are the climate effects going to increase in severity over the next decades so that more people become convinced of the phenomenon? What does it mean when people say climate change is based on incomplete data? Global warming: Are summers getting hotter, or are winters just not so cold? Shouldn't we err on the side of caution when it comes to man-made climate change? After all, if it's not real and we do something about it, we lose money. But if it's real, and we don't do something about it, we lose lives and possibly species. Is there a technically viable and economically advantageous solution to Climate Change and what is preventing its implementation? Regardless of whether global warming and climate change is a thing, why are many people seemingly so against keeping the Earth as clean as possible? Will Earth become progressively colder or warmer in the next 20 years and to what extent? Is global warming beneficial or detrimental to this Earth? How much do CO2 levels need to come down to avert climate disaster? Which is the only greenhouse gas produced with or without human interference? What are some of the impacts of climate change that have already happened? What are the positive implications of global warming? What is the view that attempts to control climate change can never be truly effective? Who benefits most if the claims of global warming are false? If true, who benefits the most? Haven't climate scientists made excessively high predictions about how much temperature would rise by certain times? Does the reduction of CO2 emission kill people in poor oil exporting countries? Why is winter getting colder despite the increasing global warming? Why has the Northern Arctic been warmer than usual almost every day this year? How do global warming denialists explain the shrinking ice caps? What will happen to the world if it stops snowing because of global warming? As CO2 levels increase after warming starts as stated in many articles, could it be that warming causes the increase in CO2? That could also prove that warming isn't man made. Should we change the terminology we use for climate change? Is climate change the biggest catastrophic risk facing humanity today? Are we too far gone to stop apocalyptic climate change? How long do we actually have until it’s too late to save the planet from global warming? How does aviation contribute to climate change? What are the most effective things ordinary people can do to fight climate change? How do you calculate or estimate the greenhouse gas emissions of your family? Why does there seem to be so many climate change sceptics? What are some books that argue that global warming is a hoax and that there is no significant anthropogenic climate change? What book would you recommend to a climate change denier? Should climate scientists welcome challenges from climate change skeptics? Would the climate change theory be strengthened by engagement with skeptics? How does global warming affect humans? The low level of true concern about climate crisis makes it safe to assume that there will be a doubling of Co2 in the atmosphere (and thus a 2.6-3.9C increase). Will this cause the deaths of everyone other than the Fortune 500 and their connections? Why has the U.S. government shut down updating the Global Greenhouse Gas Reference Network website of NOOA? How is the temperature of the ocean increasing due to global warming, and what will be its effect on sea animals? Do you think that the soil in Siberia, as it thaws, will release huge amounts of greenhouse gases, accentuating the problem of global warming?


Is it normal to be well documented but not be able to know where to side in the climate change debate as it is too politically interconnected? Is it normal for one to have doubts? To what extent are the ideas about the impact of anthropogenic climate change damaging the scientific community involved in studying the climate? Why are scientists working to reduce the use of the two main sources of energy people use today, fossil fuels and biomass? Does the over-politicizing of climate change take away attention from other pressing environmental problems? Why or why not? Why aren't more politicians worried about climate change? What is the incentive for conservatives to deny climate change? What was the result of the UN climate change conference? Why are the superpowers of the world not accepting the effect of global warming? How reliable is the national climate assessment? Why does the media consider climate change to be a ratings killer? Have we reached a turning point in the climate change debate? How much does the hot air emitted by politicians worldwide contribute to global warming? The Paris agreement is great, but how do we really form an effective global environmental governance? How can the Paris agreement actually change the global environment? Is the Paris climate accord to little to late? How can the Paris climate deal be met if the United States continues to abstain from the deal's objectives Why is Trump against the Paris Agreement and global warming? Why did the COP25 climate summit fail? How does carbon pricing work to reduce emissions? Is the international community successfully dealing with climate change? Will this be the decade we finally wake up to climate change? Why are most countries failing to take action to prevent runaway global warming? How did climate change and divided politics lead to the current crisis in our world? A U.N. climate summit closed with major states snubbing calls for tougher action to combat global warming, prompting sharp criticism from smaller countries and environmental activists. What is your opinion on it? What is the green economy? Why is it important, and who is ahead in the Green economy? Many companies are changing the way they operate to reduce their carbon footprint. Will this fact also raise prices of goods and services worldwide? What can a school do to help stop climate change?

Why CO2 Emissions Are Good Not Bad

Why is carbon dioxide so bad? If plants require C02 to survive, how are they able to live off of 0.04% carbon dioxide that makes up the atmosphere? What do you think about Patrick Moore's argument that anthropogenic CO2 is nothing to worry about and might even be a good thing for the environment? Why does the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere remain relatively constant? Co2 is already in the atmosphere naturally, so why are emissions from human activity significant? What should your carbon dioxide level be? If mankind did not add any carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, what would the current concentration be? How much CO2 is there on Earth? How much of this is released by volcanoes? Isn't planting more trees to reduce CO2 just 'passing the buck' to a future generation? Can someone breakdown exactly where all this bad CO2 is coming from (in regards to climate change)? Which economic activity affects global warming? Do you think that capturing carbon emissions can help combat climate change? Would this be a viable method of reducing CO2? CO2 is bound up in plant matter. If the remains of the corn, wheat, and other bulky farm output was compressed and buried in landfills would that make a dent in atmospheric CO2? Will restricting carbon emissions damage the economy? Why haven't we made a machine to capture greenhouse gases and reverse global warming? If the world drastically reduce carbon emissions, what will happen socially and economically? What are the highest and lowest CO2 levels in the atmosphere recorded? In a percentage, how much would world CO2 emissions have to drop to avoid climate change? How could the planet be revived from all the harm that carbon emissions are doing? What is carbon neutral? How much does it cost to go carbon neutral? What does a high carbon footprint mean? Which generation has the largest carbon footprint? What are the most effective ways to reduce one's carbon footprint and why? Why is carbon neutral the new climate change mantra? In how man years can the US be a carbon negative country? How does a carbon tax work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? How does a CO2 tax change the solar cycle? How can carbon in the atmosphere be captured? How does carbon price help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? What does 'net-zero carbon' really mean? By which year will CO2 levels start decreasing? Should the shipping industry incorporate tough rules for reducing carbon emissions? Should the climate change efforts mainly concentrate on increasing the plant cover? Is it a good idea for each country to charge an import tax on the CO2 emitted during transit, based on weight? My thought is that the tax increases the cost of imports and protects each country's manufacturing base, but still enables regional trade. How can we fix the deforestation issue? Can the Covid-19 crisis move forward the energy transition? Does the CO2 in the atmosphere impact us like it does in closed rooms? What is the amount of reduction in the CO2 emission due to the worldwide lockdown?

Renewable Energy

Why do we need to replace fossil fuels? How much of China's total energy supply comes from burning coal? Why is it important for renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels? How quickly is the world embracing renewable energy? Why are renewable resources becoming more popular? Which power plant is free from environmental pollution problems? Is solar power a viable energy alternative? How do renewable energy sources told by experts lie? Will the next energy battle be between renewables and natural gas? Why is renewable energy taking so slow to become the norm? What is your contribution on the environment? Do we need a global push for solar panels? Do you believe that alternative energies will ever fully replace fossil fuels? As solar energy rises in the world, will the sun set on the oil & gas sector? Is large scale wood burning (imported from other countries) for heat/electricity as bad or slightly less bad than fossil fuels from a climate change perspective? Can alternative energy power the world now when the economy is down? How likely is it that a smart grid will replace over 75% of the normal grid in the US by 2050? Why do people say wind energy doesn't work? What is the contribution of wind energy in combatting climate change? What kind of wind turbine do I need to power an average home? Do wind farms require large amounts of land? How many wind turbines are needed to replace coal in Australia? What percentage of global electricity is generated by fossil fuels? Has the wide use of renewables - the cheapest form of electricity generation - decreased the electricity cost of normal homeowners in California? What is similar between nuclear, hydro, fossil fuels, and wind energy in terms of how they produce electrical energy? Also what makes Solar energy different from the rest of them? How long does the average industrial size wind generator to generate the same amount of energy that was used to make, install, maintain and operate it? How many coal-fired power plants are being shut down? How do you make coal-fired power plants eco-friendly (pollutant-free)? What are the positive and negative effects of tapping or harnessing and hydroelectric energy? How can the government mitigate natural disasters?

Global cooling

What do I say to people who say that the Earth is cooling and has been cooling for years? How does their evidence square up with the climate change/global warming argument that says the Earth is heating up? How sure are we that it is warming and not cooling globally? Would global cooling be negative to our enironment?


Does cloud cover influence global warming and climate change more than gases such as CO2?

Computer Climate Models

New information shows that climate models predict CO2 impact on temperature is 2x actual measured. Why is our very economic future based on such inaccurate models?


Why are weather forecasting news always wrong? How do meteorologists predict the weather, especially several days out (10-15 days away)? How is climate change both local and global? What is the scientific consensus on global warming causing extreme weather events? Does it seem that winter is much longer, weather colder in general, and a lot more wind in the past 3 years? Aside from the rise in mean temperature and carbon dioxide level, what are the other pieces of evidence for global warming? Is the recent UK flooding due to climate change or poor planning decisions and insufficient drainage capacity? Why is it snowing in May? Why does a sudden temperature spike happen in the weather? How is the snow in the San Francisco Bay Area a result of Global warming? Is Australia getting hotter or colder? How does La Niña affect the environment? Why do people say that the sea ice in the Antarctic disproves global warming? If the world continues to warm, will Antarctica become a more attractive place to live? Will a major volcanic eruption fix climate change? What fraction of annual global carbon emissions are from natural sources like volcanic eruptions, wildfires, marsh lands and animal respiration and farting? How does climate change affect Sweden and Norway? What caused Siberia's climate to receive strong heat waves? Was Antarctica registering its hottest temperature ever today due to climate change or global warming? How has the weather in Canada changed due to global warming? What is Chile doing to fight climate change?


Should we blame climate change, human error, or commercial tree plantations as wildfires rage around the globe? California has had record heat and record wildfires in the same year. Do you believe it’s a result of climate change or mismanagement by Democratic leadership there? How are the bushfires in Australia related to global warming? How did Aboriginal burning change Australia's climate? How could the Australian bush fires affect the LT climate, and could wildfires in general help to offset global warming? Do campfires contribute to climate change? Are climate change deniers trying to use misinformation to say the cause of the Australian fires was arson? Could Australia's bush fire aerosols actually decrease global temperature? Do you think global warming could cause devastating fires around the world this year? How does the amount of greenhouse gases produced by California’s wildfires compare to the amount produced by California’s vehicles? Why is California having so many wildfires year after year, and why are they so much worse than in other states? What can be done to prevent them or reduce damage? How does the smoke from recent North American wildfires affect the warming of the planet?

Sea Levels

Why do scientists believe that sea levels are rising? Which is the first major city that will fall victim to global warming and rising sea levels? How much has the sea level risen in the last 20 years? Which countries will be affected by rising sea levels? Why are some people not the least bit worried about the rising sea levels? Where will people that live on islands and coastal areas relocate to with rising sea levels? What country will take them in? What islands have been submerged by global warming? Antártica contains 90 of all ice and 70 of all fresh water in the entire world. How important is it to humans to discover what changes are happening in this polar region? Why are Kiribati islands critically affected by global warming? How alarming is it that the Arctic is melting so fast? Is the arctic sea ice decreasing by year or increasing? If it is decreasing, then when do you expect for it to be completely gone? Why are the glaciers melting such a big deal? How can global warming make glaciers melt from the inside? Given the increasing number of flooding events in the UK, surely it is now indisputable that the climate is changing and changing fast? This is exactly what was predicted by climate scientists and surely proves denialists wrong. At the current rate of warming, will all of Florida ever be underwater? Will Montreal be affected by sea level rise? Are floating cities the answer for the rise of the worldwide sea level?

Solar Minimum

Should we really be concerned about the "solar minimum" caused by a lack of sunspots? Would a prolonged solar minimum calm fears about global warming? What happens if the next solar cycle becomes less active? Will we go into a new ice age? How long will it be until the next ice age? Are the scientists who work in climate change hesitant to say that nothing can be done to slow the inevitable or do they really believe that we can make changes that will stall the rise in seawater temperature?


How are Al Gore's presented global climate predictions holding up? Are you a fan of Greta Thunberg? Why or why not?


What is the best presentation on the environment? What is the best objective book on climate change out there? What benefits does the United States expect from ending measures to cut down on greenhouse gas emission and lessen pollution? Do climate scientists have to have counselling to cope with the psychological effects of knowing the world is facing an impending disaster and are far more worried about the dangers of global warming than most of us? Who is the most famous climate change denier in the world? Does Patrick Moore's theory on anthropogenic climate change make sense? Is the global warming problem linked to a political interest? Who are some reliable publishers of climate change science (no government agencies)? What inspires you to protect the environment? Suggesting experts say Covid-19 is a "restart button" for climate action. Do you concur? What are some things you can do around the house daily to help out the environment? In light of the new UN report about climate change what if anything are you going to change about your lifestyle? Which scientific consensus is stronger: evolution or anthropogenic climate change? What has been the overall effect and aftermath of the January 2019 Polar Vortex? What is a polar vortex and why is the United States' midwest suffering because of it? What are the most serious environmental threats caused by human action? Which is likely to have the greatest global impact? How does environmental pollution affect the people in the cities? As an environmental scientist, what environmental agenda will you suggest to awaken the public of the threats happening in our environment? What kind of measures are being taken at international level to reduce global warming? How many countries legally abide to any of these measures? Do you think that capturing carbon emissions can help combat climate change? How much of the ferocity of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season can be attributed to global warming? What are the expected outputs if the government has resolved the air pollution? Why is ocean acidification such a critical issue and what are we doing to reverse this process? Is population management the best way to end the climate change crisis? How are coral reefs being destroyed? What can be done to mitigate the impact of global warming on penguins? Is the ice melting in Siberia something people should take seriously because of all the permafrost that is there? How is the COVID-19 pandemic changing global carbon emissions? Will the pandemic be seen, in the future, as a good thing if it manages to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and global temperature? Has the climate gotten colder because of COVID-19? Are there any parallels that can be drawn between the coronavirus (Covid-19) and climate change? Are there any observable global changes to climate, caused by reduced economic activity, since the outbreak of Covid-19? If Corona gets sorted, do you think anyone's going to start listening to scientists about climate change?

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