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The So-Called 9/11 Truther Movement and Why I Don't Buy It

By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoperô

Original Publication Date: Apr. 1, 2010. Last Update: Sept. 11, 2021.

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The 9/11 Attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 were officially the work of 19 raghead Muslim al-Qaida terrorists, who hijacked four commercial jet airliners and crashed two of them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York City while the non-Muslim world watched in horror and the U.S. government seemingly was powerless to prevent it, after which it declared war on al-Qaida and invaded Afghanistan followed by Iraq after lame attempts to frame the latter on being responsible for 9/11 and/or building weapons of mass destruction (WMD) were made, and later exposed, causing an anti-U.S. reaction. The North Tower was struck at 8:46:26 a.m. and the South Tower at 9:02:54 a.m., and collapsed first at 9:59:04 a.m., followed by the North Tower at 10:28:31 a.m. Engineers and physicists later got into the act, explaining how the Twin Towers fell because of the airplanes alone, but that wasn't good enough for the 911 Truth Movement, who came up with countertheories that they couldn't have fallen without a previously-rigged controlled demolition, meaning government involvement, play Carmina Burana and Google Illuminati and Templars, don't forget Annunaki and 2012, with the best evidence so far for the latter view being some thermite found in the ruins, and the cool coincidence of twin burning towers in a folded U.S. $20 bill.

Sorry, but I don't buy the 911 Truther conspiracy theories. Here's why:

1. While the collapse of any huge skyscraper is a shocking and unusual event, especially the one that symbolized the impregnability of the U.S. mainland, and some traces of thermite might have been found in the WTC remnants, I find it hard to get worked up into postulating the existence of a massive government conspiracy like the Truthers do, go to the closet and get me my suit. Thermite is just aluminum powder and iron rust, hardly an uncommon compound in a giant skyscraper, especially one that has collapsed. No wonder some of the Truthers insist on "super thermite" - they recognize the need to make it sound better to their dupes. However you pin your hopes on a hole in the ground and currency origami, the bigger picture makes me highly suspicious of the Truther scenario. On Sept. 21, 2011 Christian Simensen of the independent SINTEF research inst. in Norway revealed that the internal explosions that felled the Twin Towers likely came from molten aluminum from the aircraft hulls coming into contact with "a few hundred litres of water".

2. It entails making us believe that the U.S. govt. is the enemy of its own people and planned and carried out their mass murder despite all the possibilities of leaks and prosecutions, while Muslims are painted as either innocuous or impotent. The truth is exactly the opposite. The U.S. is the West's last great bastion of freedom, that's the reason they didn't automatically scramble jets and missiles to shoot the hijacked airplanes down, they left all options open to save the passengers. It's the Muslims who have been trying to destroy the West and its freedoms since 632 C.E. (Muhammad's death). No way I want them to celebrate their success in the year 2032 like they must be planning because I fell for the Truther lies, how about you?

3. It entails implicating Israel's Mossad, which also doesn't make sense because the WTC was owned by a Jew and was filled with Jewish-owned businesses, who suffered greatly. Jews don't murder Jews, and nobody has a better apparatus for tracking the murderers of Jews down even if it takes decades, and I'm not talking about just Israeli detectives. It's far more likely that ex post facto foreign anti-Semitic Muslim powers with big bucks such as Saudi Arabia began a covert effort to slander the Jews in order to deflect the blame from Muslims and help the effort to destroy Israel, it's like walking the plank, as long as they keep walking and don't look down they'll be fine. Funny how if the Jews not Muslims did it, so many Muslims around the world were cheering at their success, how sick can these devil-worshipping Jew-hating Saudis get.

4. Why would all the elaborate plane acrobatics be needed even if it was an inside job? Why not just claim that vans filled with explosives were driven into the basement like in 1993? One little miss with a plane and the whole plan is ruined?

5. How could the giant WTC be rigged for detonation with explosives on many many floors without somebody catching them before or during, including all 10K regular occupants in each tower plus the trained rescue firefighters? I can't believe the govt. is that good, or I should say coldly efficiently diabolical, sorry.

6. Why go to all that work and then goof and frame al-Qaida instead of Iraq? What is the point of an inside job by the U.S. and Israel except as an excuse to invade Iraq? They already had plenty of excuses to invade Afghanistan, such as the USS Cole. The clumsy attempts to frame Iraq on having WMDs didn't fool us, so there we see the real U.S. govt., bumbling and full of leaks. There is no stretch in believing it bumbled U.S. security and allowed al-Qaida members to operate freely in a free country to do the 9/11 job, then bumbled in its response. Of course only Islamics believe in Allah's promise of paradise to martyrs who die killing infidels, and certainly no mere govt. lackey would go to his death like that, or even know the applicable texts from the Quran like they would, so the Truthers have to get bigger boots and wade into theories of robot pilots and such, the Waco Kid, he had the fastest hands in the West, in the world. What about the fact that 99% of the occupants below the crash point survived, and many watched the planes fly in and lived to tell about it. If it really were a govt. conspiracy, they would have crashed the planes as low as possible since everybody above it would be roasted, no witnesses to the pilotless cockpits would survive, and the chance of a building collapse would have been much greater. Instead, the dumb terrorists crashed anywhere they could, and obviously didn't even plan on a building collapse, and got lucky, although the dramatic collapses happened after the buildings were mostly evacuated, killing mainly rescue workers, government rescue workers, get it? Begin your own amazing search right now, not with time-wasting Truther crap, but with TLW's Rockin' Historyscopes.

7. A really big reason is the SAUDIS. They practically own the White House, so why would it fake an attack by a bunch of people from Saudi Arabia? Doesn't compute, does it? What does compute is the way the Bush admin. coddled any Saudi even remotely connected with the Saudi hijackers before and after 9/11, and the insidious agitprop that it was really Israel that did it could only have been financed by the Saudis. And no surprise, on Apr. 16, 2016 the the Saudi govt. issued a threat to sells $750B of U.S. financial assets if Congress passes a bill to make it legally responsible for any role in the 9/11 attacks; the only difference since 9/11 is that the threat is now public? So don't hate me because I'm beautiful, but I don't buy it.

8. To hedge their bets, Truthers usually add that the real real real reason for the govt. to stage 9/11 was as a pretext for taking away our civil liberties under the guise of protecting us from the next 9/11, usually with quotes from GeorgeOrwell along with George W. Bush. That at least makes some sense, and while it doesn't prove that the govt. staged 9/11, it definitely explains the opportunistic approach the govt. took after it. Still, what happened to the necessary 9/22s, 9/33s, etc., ever-escalating until total martial law was declared? Lack of funds? No, lack of real Muslim attacks, because while our govt. has a tendency to want too much power, it's still filled with basically honest people who require truthful grounds for expanding it, and it still has many built-in checks and balances as designed by our Founding Fathers. And of course the increased power was used to counter new attacks, so far quite effectively. So what is the real purpose of the 9/11 Truth Movement if not to dismantle the power to protect us from another 9/11? My eyes still see, but my heart no longer receives it, forked-tongue white man.

9. The collapse at 5:20 p.m. of WTC7 is irrelevant to a government conspiracy, since there were no occupants in it when it collapsed, so however it collapsed it wasn't terrorism. Maybe it collapsed on its own, maybe some government personnel helped collapse an already weakened structure, like I care, it's too trivial, since by then 2,750 had died in the Twin Towers. Why would the govt. go out of its way to collapse it when that would give away that it's a govt. conspiracy? :) By the way, if it were really a govt. conspiracy, why leave anything to chance? Why not set off a small nuke and then frame any U.S.-hating Muslim group or nation they want? Oh I get it, the Truthers are trying to mess you up so that when Muslims do nuke the U.S., you won't believe it was Muslims, and won't want to fight back, but want to tear into the U.S. govt. again while the Muslims prepare for the big invasion and go on safari in the Wild West in a nation of confused infidel turkeys, hopefully disarmed turkeys after enough gun control and confiscation laws have their effect.

10. The killing of Osama bin Laden in an obvious Pakistani govt. safe house in Abbottabad on May 1, 2011 makes all the 911 Truther theories that he was a CIA agent seem a little lame, doesn't it? The Pakistani Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) (founded 1948) is hardly a puppet of the CIA, tipping off Islamic militants about U.S. missile strikes in tribal areas et al. Duh, the real Osama died years earlier, it wasn't really him, and Pres. Obama needed his assassination faked to silence the Birthers and win reelection, so he ordered the CIA and ISI to pull it off? Maybe it was the real Osama, and he was told how the CIA and ISI were protecting him so he could be used as an actor in future videos, and suddenly they decided to cancel his acting contract? I know, Obama IS Osama, the Photoshop videos prove it conclusively :) Pres. Obama is one of a long line of U.S. presidents who harp about the real Islam being a religion of peace, and how al-Qaida perverted it, so why would they go out of their way to murder thousands of their own citizens along with a bunch of Muslims and frame them, when it would likely lead to millions believing that Islam itself is bad, which is just what they don't want people to believe? No one had anything to gain from 9/11 but al-Qaida. When Obama ordered Osama given respectful Muslim burial rites prior to feeding him to the fishes, that shows why the Military-Industrial Complex couldn't have wanted to stage 9/11 for any temporary tactical gain, much less blame it on al-Qaida, because they still have to live in a world with 1.x billion Muslims who control vital resources and have nukes, especially Pakistan. Oh, I get it, Pakistan was behind 9/11 too :)

Retrospective Rehash, 9/11/2011

My mind still hasn't changed: it wasn't a govt. conspiracy-coverup false flag, but a horrible attack on the sovereign U.S. by its worst enemies the Muslim World.

Yes, it's possible that a rogue element of CIA knew about 9/11 in advance and so on, but it doesn't add up that they would need to frame al-Qaida to have an excuse to invade Iraq, while admitting that Iraq had nothing to do with it at the same time. If it was an inside job, why didn't they just plant another truck bomb in the basement and make sure it went off? Why the enormously complex stunt of all them plane hijackings? They were all fake, and to this day no insider has talked? Sorry, that doesn't add up, especially as administrations change every 4-8 years. Yes, the powerful Israeli lobby is probably the real reason behind invading Iraq, but 9/11 wasn't the justification used - it was WMDs, which weren't used in 9/11. And why would they want to murder American citizens en masse, including fellow Jews, and risk discovery, which could forever turn America against Israel? Yes, there was the June 8, 1967 USS Liberty Incident, where LBJ may have conspired with the Israelis to sink a U.S. Navy intel ship to frame Egypt so that the U.S. could enter the Six-Day War on their side, but that's a giant jump from Bush and the Israelis conspiring to commit mass murder of innocent American civilians on American soil so that the U.S. could enter, er, start a new war that was for nothing, since it didn't start a war, only an invasion of Afghanistan to hunt for al-Qaida. Duh, if the Mossad and/or CIA were such diabolical geniuses that they could stage 9/11 and not get caught, how come they screwed up and couldn't frame Iraq on having WMDs, they make their living being tough? The only remaining reason for an inside job on 9/11 was as a ploy to get the Patriot Act passed to prepare for a coming fascist coup by the Zionist Occupation Govt. (ZOG), but that hasn't happened yet so who has a crystal ball?

True, the weird pancaking of the towers is beyond my expertise, at least I don't have the time to totally scope it, but the way the huge amount of concrete turned to dust shows the huge weight being supported by the weakened steel, and it's New York, who knows if the steel was even up to spec, maybe it was junk steel supplied to make a buck for the Mafia like with the Titanic. Maybe the steel panels were just strong enough to hold the skyscraper together at normal temperatures, but not at high temperatures, and the panels were so thin it was like collapsing a house of cards. Either way, steel becomes weak and taffy-like long before it reaches the melting point. And if it was all done with explosives, how did they get planted with nobody seeing or talking? Why go to all that trouble when they could have put truck bombs in the basement, making sure the towers toppled? If they wanted to frame Iraq, which they claimed had WMDs, how easy to plant small nukes in the basement and set them off, and nobody could prove otherwise? Besides, after the two aircraft hit the WTC while the world watched, and killed who knows how many hundreds, why would there be a need to demolish the whole building anyway? It was enough already to justify a military attack against anybody deemed responsible, as well as to pass the Patriot Act.

As to WT7, I don't give a fig, because no Americans died in it, so no matter who brought it down it wasn't a terrorist attack on the U.S. Govt. people were on the site for hours before it went down, and had plenty of time to do anything they wanted, so who cares? It's the WTC that matters, since Americans died there. And it's hard to believe that the U.S. govt. would murder its own people on its own soil, because they don't have the organization for it, look at all the leaks over the years, too porous. And they all took an oath of office to defend and protect the People, and mainly love America enough to die for it themselves.

As to the Pentagon, yes, I smell a rat here. Obviously the airliner went somewhere, maybe it crashed in the sea and the military sent a missile into the Pentagon on purpose or mistake. The military is full of screwups, but this one little attack doesn't mean spit next to the WTC, does it, so again if it's a false flag it comes down to that.

Of course the Anti-Israeli element among the 911 Truthers keep trying to finger the Mossad, when many times Jews caught spying for Israel have been locked up for treason, meaning that they have a quite short leash. Either way, Jews don't murder their own for any reason, they got people who will devote their life to hunting them down, like with the Nazis. It's not the Jews but the Jew-hating Muslims who declared war on the U.S., and would love to kill as many Americans as they can, especially Jews. But the Saudi puppetmasters spend billions sowing disinfo. in America and I'm pretty sure they're funding the 911 Truther movement, as it plays into their hands, as does the Holocaust Denial, Pro-Palestinian, Islamophobia and Islam Is A Religion of Peace, and other movements.

Still I'm not saying that the case is closed. I keep my mind open and publish articles on all sides every week on my 911 Truther Blog. If I ever see enough proof to change my mind, I will, and give the reasons, because I don't expect anybody to take my word for anything without checking my sources. Too bad, if the U.S. is nuked, the Muslim-funded 911 Truthers will automatically claim another false flag, so that if Muslims really did it they will score a double victory against the dumb infidels. BTW, on Apr. 28, 2016 after the U.S. Congress was debating a law to allow 9/11 victims to sue the Saudi govt. for damages, a Saudi writer let the cat out of the bag with an article openly claiming that the U.S. planned and carried out 9/11 and tried to frame others for it, starting with ahem, al-Qaida, followed by the Taliban, Sadamn Insane of Iraq, and now Saudi Arabia; yes, there was a frameup, but the chickens are coming home to roose, because obviously it was Saudi Arabia all along, followed by 15 years of financing lying agitprop while playing dumb, and now that it isn't working they have dropped their screens and let it come from their own mouths in desperation.

The bottom line is that it's the Muslim world that wants us dead, not Israel. Islam must go, it really must go, and Israel must be protected to thrive and prosper in order for us to. I don't believe that Israel is our enemy. On the contrary, I know that Islam is, and Israel is watching our back out there in the Muslim world, and we better be sure to have their backs too.

Don't make this issue about me. No, I'm not a secret govt. agent. I'm a lone wolf towering independent thinker, and nobody pulls my chain or ever will. For example, I diss the U.S. govt. all the time for appeasing Islam and permitting Muslim immigration, and would have loved them to declare war on Islam itself for 9/11 instead of lying that al-Qaida hijacked Islam and it's really a religion of peace. And I'm not clearing the U.S. govt. for killing JFK, that was a totally different scenario, and the motives, method and opportunity are far clearer. But the power of Saudi money to pervert history ex post facto and frame non-Muslims on 9/11 is all the conspiracy I see going on, and it's with the so-called 911 Truthers, sorry. Obviously, Saudi money has owned the White House for a long time, else they'd hire me as a permanent advisor like Benjamin Franklin to mastermind the final elimination of Islam and a million other things.

Note on 9/11/2021: A new article came out purporting to be by a demolition expert who confesses to being part of a team that planted explosives in the Twin Towers before 9/11, then was paid to write disinfo. articles framing al-Qaida on it. This could be true, possibly, but could also be a disinfo. attempt. I think it needs more corroboration from other team members to hold water.

One last time. My conclusion is that MUSLIMS DID IT, and this conclusion doesn't require sifting through a big hole in the ground, it's based on my extensive knowledge of 1400 years of Islam's horror show history leading up to it. I'm also sure that the next horrible terrorist attack on U.S. soil will be by MUSLIMS also. Why live in a fog of warped history going back only 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years when you can master all 1400 years free online with the Historyscoper? To get started, find the time to get serious and click:

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