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Last Update: Feb. 6, 2020.

TLW's Islam Historyscope. Is your knowledge of Islam limited to they say it's a religion of peace, don't hurt me? TLW presents the most comprehensive detailed history of all 1400 years available, with plenty of hyperlinks to check facts and go deeper, all historyscoped by TLW for sheer power. This is a large page so give it time to load and keep it handy until you complete the course in anywhere from 3 months to a year at your own pace. If you don't know Islam's history then you'll end up like Diane Sawyer and be reduced to playing monkey-see monkey-do when coming face-to-face with Muslims, hoping they're just like us and will hold hands and reconcile because we gave them the gift of immigration and expect them to convert to fellow Americans, only to be horribly disappointed later when they fail to assimilate and become a foreign nation squatting in our borders plotting to subvert the Constitution and ally with foreign powers. Too bad, you could have seen it coming but you didn't do your homework. If you think you already know this huge subject you will still find much you didn't know, you will finally see it all laid out in one place so the puzzle fits, and you will discover the power of the Internet to become your personal historyscope.

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