What proof do we have that CO2 is a greenhouse gas? How do we know it has caused global warming?

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Original Pub. Date: Jan. 10, 2022. Last Update: Jan. 10, 2022.

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What proof do we have that CO2 is a greenhouse gas? How do we know it has caused global warming?

i. None. ii. We know that it hasn’t.

All of the claims that CO2 is a “greenhouse gas” come from the leftist-run U.N. IPCC octopus, which for decades has been pushing a fake physics hoax in order to frame CO2 emissions as evil in order to get the fossil fuel industry shut down as part of their master plan to foist global Marxism on a freezing or boiling, starving, defenseless world, and have the EU, Britain, the Pope, and most recently Pres. Biden and the Democratic Party in their pocket, who are attempting it to force it on the American people without allowing them to vote on it first.

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The CO2 warming hoax started out as a weapon created by global Marxists and leftist environmentalists to destroy the fossil fuel industry that underpins capitalism, and grew to incorporate leftist billionaires in a master plan to create a New World Order called the Great Reset. By the time it dies it will have done unimaginable evil.

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The hoax is that atmospheric CO2 can rewarm Earth’s surface with its own heat by sending surface IR back down, and even raise the temperature higher than ever before in pre-industrial times. Recently they saw people waking up so they changed the goalposts by claiming that CO2 blocks surface infrared from escaping to space, which magically increases surface temperatures without any physical mechanism, because physics requires non-solar heat radiation to rain down on the surface from the sky, and warming the upper atmosphere doesn’t warm the surface where we live. Either way, here is the hoax in simplest terms, straight from IPCC-run Wikipedia:

“The Earth's surface warms as a direct consequence of increased atmospheric CO2.” - Climate Sensitivity - Wikipedia article

Their hoax usually starts out by referring to obsolete 19th century physics experiments that found that a tube of pure CO2 gas reaches a little higher temperature than a tube of plain air when roasted by an infrared heater. This is a worthless experiment because it confuses heating via radiation with heating via heat conduction on the glass tube walls.

All gases can gain heat via conduction, but gaining heat via radiation is different. CO2 has a lower heat capacity than pure air, and it takes less Joules of energy to raise its temperature by 1 degree C, so no wonder it gets a little hotter, but the experiment doesn’t limit way the Joules are supplied by limiting the infrared source to the wavelengths that CO2 can absorb/emit, which are a small interval around 15 microns. Funny, but lab experiments only show that the pure CO2 tube has a 2C higher temperature than plain air, while the IPCC claims that even raising atmospheric CO2 levels from the current 0.04% (400 ppm) to 0.08% (800 ppm) will raise it way higher, threatening climate Armageddon.

No surprise that they never show a lab experiment where a tube of water and dirt is placed next to the pure CO2 tube to see if CO2’s infrared radiation raises its temperature, because it won’t, and that would give the game away. - Greenhouse Gas? The Two Bottles Experiment Explained | Principia Scientific Intl.

Planck Black Body Radiation Curves

Planck’s Black Body Radiation Law was announced in 1900, way after the original experiments supposedly demonstrated the greenhouse effect. It covers all cases in radiative physics, and is universally accepted.

Planck's Law - Wikipedia

The Sun and the Earth’s surface are Planck black bodies that absorb and emit radiation (photons) at all wavelengths, but after the absorption raises the object’s temperature, the emission is along a fixed power-wavelength curve based solely on that temperature. The higher the temperature of the object, the shorter the wavelength of the peak power, where the most photons are emitted, giving the object a radiation temperature to match its internal temperature, so that it can’t violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics that prohibits a colder body from raising the temperature of a higher body by any means including radiation. If you put a hotter black body near a colder one, it will slowly increase in temperature, with its black body radiation curves progressing through all the temperatures as the peak power wavelength shortens. But the temperatures will eventually equalize, and there will be no net heating. That atmospheric CO2 thermal radiation is exempt from the Second Law is one of the IPCC’s big lies that they regularly push on the scientifically illiterate populace.

CO2 Planck Black Body Radiation Curve

Atmospheric CO2 isn’t a black body because no gas is. Gases don’t absorb or emit radiation unless they’re polar. CO2 gas only absorbs and emits radiation in a small band around 15 microns, which has a Planck black body radiation temperature of -80C, colder than dry ice (frozen CO2).

Too bad for the IPCC lie machine, modern physics is clear that CO2 can’t melt an ice cube with its 15 micron -80C radiation that’s way too frigid to have any effect. In other words, 15 micron photons can’t raise the temperature of a molecule absorbing them higher than -80C. The Earth’s surface temperature range caused by solar radiation is -50C to +50C, and atmospheric CO2 can only absorb or emit radiation at or near 15 microns, that is, -80C, thus it can’t even interfere with Earth’s real climate system driven by the Sun and cooled by the atmosphere, which is 99.96% non-CO2. CO2 is of use only as the driver of plant photosynthesis to green the Earth and feed the teeming billions.

CO2 infrared absorption - Climate Auditor

Molecular Vibration Modes of CO2

Atmospheric CO2 supplies zero heat to the climate, zilcho, nada, either on the surface or in the sky, because it can only absorb and emit radiation at a wavelength of 15 microns, which has a Planck radiation temperature of -80C, colder than dry ice (-78.5C). The IPCC likes to breed confusion by letting its dupes believe that just because the Earth’s surface is a black body that absorbs and emits radiation at all wavelengths, so does atmospheric CO2, when the truth is that it can only absorb photons one at a time by catching them in its electrons by forming an electric dipole, after which it has to reemit the photon to free it to absorb a new one. The net power is miniscule compared even to an iron rod chilled to -80C, causing most of its Planck black body photons to be at 15 microns.

I’m not framing the IPCC unless they’re framing themselves. Here’s one of their so-called peer (really pal) reviewed papers pushing the CO2 warming hoax, complete with diagrams of CO2’s electric dipole bending and stretching modes and the wavelengths of photons they capture, oblivious to the Planck radiation temperatures, going on to utter one IPCC lie after another to hand-wave the hoax through. And I guess most scientists fall for it all without question. I wish they could listen to me just once.

Carbon Dioxide Absorption in the Near Infrared

Here’s a quote from another a major U.S. university, spouting ridiculous nonsense dressed up as matter-of-fact science with a haughty attitude as if they’re trying to explain it to a 5th grader:

“Human-driven climate change remains a controversial topic, but some scientific facts about it are beyond controversy. At the recent Comer Abrupt Climate Change Conference, three scientists stressed the importance of understanding one such fact: the proven greenhouse effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) collecting in the Earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse effect means that CO2, emitted in large quantities by burning fossil fuels, traps heat and is raising temperature across the globe.” -

The Fundamental Physics of Carbon Dioxide

Traps heat? How? With 15 micron photon capture and reemission? Yes, trace CO2 (0.04%) in the atmosphere at the surface absorbs surface heat by contact, making it buoyant and causing it to rise toward space, cooling the surface not warming it. But once up high, CO2 can only absorb and reemit 15 micron photons, which can’t melt an ice cube. What ridiculous nonsense.

Here’s another nonsense article from the IPCC lie machine, this time from a U.S. govt. Web site run by IPCC propagandists:

“Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas: a gas that absorbs and radiates heat. Warmed by sunlight, Earth’s land and ocean surfaces continuously radiate thermal infrared energy (heat). Unlike oxygen or nitrogen (which make up most of our atmosphere), greenhouse gases absorb that heat and release it gradually over time, like bricks in a fireplace after the fire goes out. Without this natural greenhouse effect, Earth’s average annual temperature would be below freezing instead of close to 60°F. But increases in greenhouse gases have tipped the Earth's energy budget out of balance, trapping additional heat and raising Earth's average temperature.”

“Carbon dioxide is the most important of Earth’s long-lived greenhouse gases. It absorbs less heat per molecule than the greenhouse gases methane or nitrous oxide, but it’s more abundant, and it stays in the atmosphere much longer. Increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide are responsible for about two-thirds of the total energy imbalance that is causing Earth's temperature to rise.” - Climate Change: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Duh, atmospheric CO2 molecules reradiate 15 microns almost immediately after absorbing them, not “gradually over time like bricks in a fireplace”. The howler that the Earth has a “natural greenhouse effect” from atmospheric CO2 that keeps it from freezing is another one of the big lies of the IPCC, meant to make discussion of the 15 micron problem seem needless. When you analyze this claim, it falls apart like a cheap suit, like all the other IPCC lies, such as a mystical “energy balance” that too much CO2 is upsetting.

How much does the Sun contribute to global warming?

Speaking of lies, one of the IPCC’s biggest whoppers is to turn the Stefan-Boltzmann Law inside-out to justify the dinky amount of atmospheric CO2 15 micron radiation as raising Earth surface temperatures.

Stefan-Boltzmann Law - Wikipedia

What this law says is that the total power underneath the Planck Black Body Radiation curve is proportional to T to the 4th power. But the object only attained the temperature T after another black body as hot or hotter radiated its energy into it. How low can the IPCC go when it claims that the tail wags the dog, and so many watts per square meter of CO2’s 15 micron radiation automatically raises the black body’s temperature by the 4th root of total power, as if the Earth’s surface absorbed any 15 micron radiation rather than repelling it.

Sometimes I almost wish I could find a way that atmospheric CO2 could cause a tiny bit of global warming to give the IPCC a little credit for being honest and not have to label them as pure evil, but weak -80C 15 micron photons can’t do it any more than a wet match can light a cigarette. (A frozen wet match at 0C is way way hotter than CO2’s -80C radiation.) This would be true no matter how high the atmospheric CO2 concentration reaches, so every time the IPCC pseudoscientists make a stink over the number of tons of CO2 being emitted, it’s laughable compared to the number of tons of O2 and N2 already there (0.04% vs. 99.96%).

Ever since the atmospheric CO2 concentration began rising to the current level of 415 ppm, there’s been a massive greening of the Earth, esp. in the Sahara. Greenhouse operators regularly pump in CO2 to a level of 1000–1500 ppm to maximize profits, which IPCC scientists try to pooh-pooh by dishonest experiments trying to prove that the extra food will have lower nutritional value, as if they never read a greenhouse operator manual that shows how to adjust the soil chemistry to keep nutritional value up. Each year the concentration value only goes up by 3 ppm, meaning that it would take 200 years to reach the desirable level, by which time the fossil fuels will have probably been used up and we had plenty of time to switch to nuclear power, fission or fusion. How sick to actually plan on pulling CO2 out of the air, threatening global starvation.

In every case of their multi-dimensional scam, the IPCC always peddles the punch line that it will “cost society” to implement their alleged solutions to the CO2 non-problem. That makes them the looming threat in the future, not CO2. Leave the fossil fuel industry alone and thank them for providing your happy comfortable abundant lifestyle that separates you from Victorian manure shovelers and steam engine operators.

"What specific chemical properties of carbon dioxide causes the greenhouse effect? TL Winslow's answer to What are the uses of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

“The Global Warming Scam has been perpetrated in order to support the Environmentalist belief that the earth is being harmed by the emission of greenhouse gases from the combustion of fossil fuels. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was set up to provide evidence for this belief. They have published four major Reports which are widely considered to have proved it to be true. This paper examines the evidence in detail and shows that none of the evidence presented confirms a relationship between emissions of greenhouse gases and any harmful effect on the climate. It is the result of 18 years of scrutiny and comment on IPCC Reports and of a study of the scientific literature associated with it.” - Dr. Vincent Gray, PhD chemist and IPCC Reviewer THE GLOBAL WARMING SCAM

Here’s a quote from the leading IPCC critic site:

“Before proceeding to more modern times and the POLITICALLY MOTIVATED man-made global warming hype, a few words on the IPCC. The organization was originally formed in 1988 with a defined mandate to study to what extent human activities might be changing Earth’s climate. The first Assessment Science Report (FAR) was published in 1990. I recall having been enthusiastic awaiting new information on the state of Earth’s climate. I read the many pages and learned a lot. However, getting my hands on the first Summary for Policy Makers was an anticlimax with a message drastically different from the actual Science Report.”

“During the following years the science reports still contained a lot of interesting information on Earth’s climate and the various factors affecting both weather and climate. However , the consecutive Summaries for Policy Makers seemed to escalate “climate scare-mongering” on which media was quick to develop horror stories of extreme natural catastrophes in a very near future unless CO2 emissions are curbed “immediately”. This message was further distorted by narratives from IPCC chairman Pachauri and ex-vice-president Al Gore. I could not believe that the climate science was settled!”

“The IPCC tries feverishly to prove that human emissions of CO2 has a detrimental impact on global temperatures. This requires a blind belief in computer modeling.” - The Water Planet Earth and Its Climate

Here’s an IPCC scientist getting a big stage to promote the CO2 warming hoax with its huge price tag. Who’s right, she or I? Give me a chance and study my cool essay teaching the Planck Radiation Law and working out its consequences to prove that CO2 can’t melt an ice cube.

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