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By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper™

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Original Pub. Date: May 28, 2022. Last Update: Jan. 28, 2024.

"Evil preaches tolerance until it is dominant, then it tries to silence good" - Philly Archbishop Charles Joseph Chaput (1944-)

On Aug. 22, 2021 former U.S. pres. Donald Trump speaks at a rally in Cullman, Ala., calling being woke a "shortcut to losing everything", with the soundbyte: “You know what woke means? It means you're a loser. Everything woke turns to shit. Okay, it's true. It's true. Look at what's happening."

Yours truly, T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper, the World's Greatest Genius (WGG), pansophist master of STEM and world history am leading the charge against wokeism by proposing the definition of "woke" as "SHIT FOR BRAINS", supplying this cool historyscope to help mature you into wise unwoke winners instead of woke losers with no future.

In 2010 TLW coined the term "SLAUGHTERHOUSERS" for all leftists whose solution to problems is to burn it down. Wokeism is an attempt to burn down the moral values of U.S. society, particularly the belief in the Bible Book of Genesis with its Adam & Eve story and the concept of holy matrimony. Some have called wokeism the "anti-Bible".

How Marxism is Disguised as Woke Morality (video)

The Frankfurt School: Root of the "Woke" Culture That Is Destroying America from Within

How "Woke" Culture is Anti-Biblical

The Woke Sermon of Whiteness (video)

END TIMESThe LGBTQIA+ Christian Church Now Has Their Own Queer Hymnal Called ‘Songs For The Holy Other' That Makes God A Sinner And A Liar

In simple, practical terms, the Church of Woke is pledged to the destruction of Racism, Patriarchy, and Heteronormativity.

The original national religion—often called American Exceptionalism—and the Church of Woke are locked in a victory-or-death struggle.

- Church of Woke: Next American Religion?

‘Brainwashing' — Stonehenge Built When Britain Was a ‘Black Country', Claims Woke Children's History Book

The Democrats are systematically attacking reality, but we can win

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Woke Academic Gobbledygook Makes You Rich and Famous

Stunning report shows woke law students being shunned by judges (video)

"The Woke Left Has Inherited The Stalinists' Hatred Of Freedom", Warns British Columnist

If you're like most people in America, you've probably been wondering why Democrats/Socialists/Communists are pushing transgender ideology so hard, especially on children, even though countries with actual Communist governments (like Russia) oppose and even outlaw it

The Church Of England Says They Have No Official Definition Of What A Woman Is Despite Being The Place Where The King James Bible Came From

War on Women: Johns Hopkins University Erases ‘Woman' in Baffling Glossary Revision!

Trust the Science? America's Oldest, Most Prestigious Science Magazine Goes Full Woke on Basic Biology

Biology Professor Unceremoniously Fired for Teaching Scientific Facts!

Unless you are brainwashed, you regard the statements “men give birth” and “defund the police” as absurd.

Why, then, do leftists (as opposed to liberals and conservatives) say these things and even believe them?

I think there are two - related - explanations.

One is that the Left seeks to tear down every normative institution. If men give birth, “man” and “woman” no longer mean anything. “Men give birth” means the end of the male-female distinction, the most basic distinction in the human race. Racial distinctions pale in comparison. S o do national distinctions.

Marxists support the obliteration of the male-female distinction because the only distinction that matters to Marxists is that of class.

The other explanation is that the endgame of leftism is chaos. It is related to the first explanation, since the obliteration of all distinctions is chaos. Distinctions mean order. Having no distinctions means chaos.

- What Do 'Men Give Birth' and 'Defund the Police' Have in Common?

The U.S. has been going woke at jet speed since the Pres. Obama era. Here's the official definition of woke, straight from woke Wikipedia:

Woke (/'wo?k/ WOHK) is an English adjective meaning "alert to racial prejudice and discrimination" that originated in African-American Vernacular English (AAVE). Beginning in the 2010s, it came to encompass a broader awareness of social inequalities such as sexism, and has also been used as shorthand for left-wing ideas involving identity politics and social justice, such as the notion of white privilege and slavery reparations for African Americans. - Woke - Wikipedia

Wokeism is associated with sick leftist cancel culture.

The nature of the Left in 2022 is rooted more in psychology than political science. Specifically, liberalism is suffering from narcissism.

To understand how, it's essential to grasp the true meaning of narcissism. In its clinical definition, narcissism is not self-love - it's the opposite. The narcissist isn't full of ego. Rather, he has no real sense of self. Where the self would be is emptiness, which results in a mad effort to fill the psyche with meaning. Lacking a stable and confident sense of identity, the narcissist hunts for meaning in therapy, self-help, sex, or radical politics. None of these can give meaning to empty lives.

To understand the woke, you have to understand The Culture of Narcissism

From the moment I joined the conservative Right forty years ago, I was impressed – and also alarmed – by the disparity in political rhetoric used by the two sides fighting this fateful conflict. My radical comrades and I always viewed these battles as episodes in a war conducted by other means – even as our opponents did not. Our rhetoric proclaimed our goals to be “peace,” “equality” and “social justice.” But this was always a deception. We used terms that demonized our opponents as “racists,” and “oppressors” because we believed our goals could only be achieved by vanquishing our opponents and destroying America's constitutional order.

The Constitution valorized political compromise and was built on the defense of individual rights – most prominently the right to own property. America's founders regarded property ownership as the basis of individual freedom. As radicals, we regarded property as the root cause of the evils that oppressed us. Consequently, the principles we operated under were not the same as those we gave lip service to in order to win public support.

The Bolshevik revolutionary Leon Trotsky explained our attitude in a famous pamphlet called “Their Morals and Ours.” “Their” morals, he denigrated as bourgeois morals. They were morals based on class values that served the oppressors. One can hear the same sophistry today in the Left's attacks on meritocracy and standards as “racist,” and in their demands for equal outcomes regardless of whether they are earned or not.

While “their morals” served a ruling class, “our morals” served the people, and therefore social justice. Because we believed these propositions, “our morals” were by default Machiavellian: The end justifies the means.

Trotsky's pamphlet was, in fact, a desperate attempt to avoid admitting that there was anything amoral or immoral in this cynical outlook. He did so by denying the existence of moral principles, claiming instead that all morality was self-interested and designed to serve a class interest. “Whoever does not care to return to Moses, Christ or Mohammed,” i.e., to accept universal moral standards, Trotsky argued, “must acknowledge that morality is a product of social development; that there is nothing invariable about it; that it serves social interests; that these interests are contradictory; that morality more than any other form of ideology has a class character.”

But this is just an admission that “our” morals were indeed accurately summarized as, “the end justifies the means.” The future we imagined we were creating was so noble that achieving it justified any means to get there, which included the lies that hid our destructive purposes, and the atrocities they led to.

The full import of this belief was brought home to me in the spring of 1975 when our so-called “anti-war movement” forced America out of Indo-China, allowing the North Vietnamese and Cambodian Communists to win. For more than a decade, we had claimed to care about the people of Indo-China, championed their rights to self-determination and condemned the war as a case of American imperialism and American racism oppressing Asian victims.

By the time America withdrew from the conflict and abandoned its Indo-Chinese allies, I already knew that Communism was a monstrous evil. But I remained a supporter of the “anti-war” cause, and of the rights of the Indo-Chinese to self-determination. To defend the commitments I had made, I deluded myself into believing that self-determination meant the Vietnamese and Cambodians should be able to choose even this evil if they wanted. This was so much sophistry because I knew that the Communists would not give them an inch of space in which to breathe free. The end that justified my position was that I believed America was the world's arch imperialist power and its defeat was an absolute good.

What I was not prepared for was the moral depths to which the movement I had been part of had sunk. These depths were revealed in the events that followed the Communist victory. When America left Cambodia and Vietnam, the Communists proceeded to slaughter between two and three r peasants who were “politically incorrect” and did not welcome their Communist “solutions.” It was the largest genocide since Hitler's extermination of the Jews. In Cambodia they killed everyone who wore glasses on the grounds that as readers they would transmit the oppressive ideas of the past and obstruct the Communist future. But there was no resistance to these atrocities from the “anti-war” Left.

As the genocidal slaughter proceeded, prominent Leftists like Noam Chomsky provided cover for the Communists' crimes by denying that the atrocities were taking place. More disturbingly, there was not a single demonstration to protest the slaughter by the activists who claimed to be “anti-war” and to care about the Cambodians and Vietnamese. This silence unmasked the true agendas of the movement I had been part of.

My comrades' abandonment of the peoples they claimed to defend showed in a definitive manner that the anti-war movement was never “anti-war.” It was anti-American. It wanted America to lose and the Communists to win. Progressives had lied about the nature of their movement and its agendas in order to accomplish their real goal, which was the “fundamental transformation” of America and the creation of a socialist state. I had known this to be the case for many years, but had accepted the lies because they served what I imagined was a noble end. But when the lies led to the embrace of genocide, my eyes were opened to the realization that the movement I had been part of my whole life was evil.

On my way out of the Left, I spent several years re-thinking what I had believed, and trying to understand the nature of the cause that I had served. Perhaps, my most profound and certainly most disturbing conclusion was that revolutionaries were by nature – and of necessity – criminals, who would routinely lie and break laws to achieve their ends. Every radical who believed in a “revolution” or a “re-imagining” of society from the ground up, every progressive who believed in a “fundamental transformation of America” as Barack Obama described his own agenda on the eve of his 2008 election, was a criminal waiting to strike.

-David Horowitz: ‘Radicals' Are Racist Criminals Driving America Towards The Abyss

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Why Wokeism Will Rule the World. The woke movement could be the next great U.S. cultural export - and it is going to do many other countries some real good.

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Time Magazine Declares That Exercise Is White Supremacy

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San Francisco schools to drop the word 'chief' from job titles to avoid offending Native Americans

San Francisco's Language Policing

Exposing the Woke School Counselor Cabal

New Democrat Battle Cry: Tampons for Boys!

Maryland's largest school district sees over 500 percent increase in non-binary, trans students

Science + Politics = Politics

How Turbo-Wokism broke America

Use 'Gene-Giver' or 'Stork,' Not ‘Mother,' Says Science Teachers Association

Social Media Erupts As Cambridge Dictionary Redefines 'Man' And 'Woman'

Cartoons Are The Left's New Weapon To Target Your Kids

Science teachers go full libtard, ordering students to stop using “oppressive” words like mother and father

Texas A&M Faculty Doubles-Down on Policy Discriminating Against Hiring Asians

Major World Country Officially REJECTS Gender Ideology In New Ruling, Time For America To Do The Same

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Goodbye, MIT. As the university increasingly caves to “wokeness,” two alumni explain why they are withdrawing their financial support.

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New York Times Upset As GOP ‘Punishes' Woke Corporations, Financiers For ‘Climate Action'

Woke Portland mayor LAUGHS at woman's safety concerns over growing homelessness

So Now the Snowflakes and Marshmallows Are Concerned About Cancel Culture, Too?

Chicago High School to Implement Race-Based Grading System

'Math is Racist' Crowd Runs Rampant in Seattle, Portland

Judicial Watch: Records Show Critical Race Theory Propaganda at West Point

Are All Men Created Equal?

What Is A Woman? Why The Left Can't Answer The Question

‘On another planet': Planned Parenthood doctor says men can be pregnant (video)

Abortion rights advocates steer clear of the term 'women'

Man Who Says Women Don't Exist Wins ‘Woman of the Year'

Mothers Swing at CDC for Equating Male Nipple Secretions to Breast Milk

Planned Parenthood sparks controversy: ‘virginity, a completely made-up concept excluding queer people’

From Hospitals to Schools, Gender Identity is Erasing Sex in Public Institutions

Enby, Brotherboy And Genderf**k: Here Are 13 Genders You Could Identify As In 2022

Every Senate Democrat votes against defining pregnancy as unique to biological females

House-Passed ‘Respect For Marriage Act' Isn't About Marriage. It's About Complying With Woke Ideology.

£120m ‘Festival of Brexit' Infested with Woke Events on Childhood ‘Gender Fluidity' and Decolonising Gardening

US Naval Academy creates new woke 'Diversity Peer Educator' program

Air Force Academy diversity training tells cadets to use words that 'include all genders?,' drop 'mom and dad'

Is Gender Dysphoria Yet Another Marxist Weapon Against Judeo-Christian Democratic Societies?

A new climate study embraces gender unrealities

"Systemic climate racism". Who knew?

Gaslighting Democrat style

A new woke bill

Poll: 73 Percent of Trump Supporters Understand Reality of the ‘Great Replacement'

The Army ‘Woke' College. These days, wokeness is a better means to promotion than performance in combat.

Woke Health: Biden Admin establishes Office of Environmental Justice. A subdivision of the Climate Change office.

A lot of money with less effort: Seattle Foundation shakes up philanthropy to invest in groups led by people of color

Amazon employees call on the company to stop selling books deemed as anti-trans

Unless You Think There Is An Award For Being Stupid: There Are Only Two Sexes

Merriam Webster Redefines “Female” to Include Men Who Say They Are Female

The Monster Behind Gender Theory, and the Atrocious Lie He Based It On (video)

New York governor signs new law banning 'gendered language' for professions

Preschool Teacher Uses Flash Cards With Pregnant Man Depicted

Left-Wing Org Combines K-12 Radical Gender Theory With Anti-Cop, Anti-Capitalist Rhetoric

Female Athletes ‘Clear Losers' In Biden's Title IX Rule Change, Protesters Argue

Spain backs bill allowing teenagers to change official gender without medical checks

Kids Can Get Gender-Affirming Hysterectomies at Boston Children's Hospital

Idaho GOP Rips ‘Woke' Corporate-Sponsored ‘Drag Kids' Event — ‘Attack on Idaho's Children'

Don't let 'woke math' ruin your child's education

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Stacey Abrams pockets $52K from far-left group but insists their views don't align

CNN Wants You to Know That Recession Declarations Are Racist

California Progressives Use Reparations Report to Enact Intersectional Agenda. Democrat task force asserts California is racist.

Leftist LGBT Network Tries to Silence Bill Maher. Yet again, the Left stands up for fascism.

Bill Maher LOSES IT! Says ‘Liberal' Can Not Be ‘Woke'

No More Debating Gun Control. It's Science!. As we learned from Fauci, “follow the science” now means “follow the progressive agenda.”

The Babylon Bee Publishes a Hysterical Spoof of a College English Course Description

Mount Holyoke grad deprogrammed from women-only woke culture

Surprise Appearance Shows Fired Up Elon Musk Speaking Out On ‘The Woke Mind Virus'


TLW's Two Cents Worth on Wokeism

Some woke shit is so zany that it seems more like a dud Hollyweird sci-fi movie than real history, and maybe it all started with Hollyweird's campaign to pretend that the Universe is populated with all manner of sapient life forms to make the mostly white audience believe that their white master race is way outnumbered, no better and maybe even inferior to other ET races, and might as well let them into the club as long as they can pull their weight, er, not equal opportunity equal results, just surrender everything they own to let privileged non-white pets sponge off them, they'll make more later, never mind that's Marxism.

Don't mention to them that just as for decades Hollyweird injuns were just white people with makeup and costumes and silly accents, and ditto for ET characters in their space cantinas, galactic federations, and secret U.S. govt. immigration stations.

Maybe the black race is just a skin mutation that is universally hated, mistrusted, looked down on, and feared because of historical accident that the races started out isolated and not mixing and the white race took off with modern science and technology while the black race suffered environmental disadvantages that kept them in the Stone Age, and indeed the cream of their race are capable of holding their own with whites, but eventually reality has to win and it says that just as there is a lot of white trash, there is even more black trash that gives them all a bad name, and forcing them into the white establishment with special entitlements is a self-defeating dead-end mistake because there is no such thing as a free lunch and the bill must eventually paid for, just as wishing that women could compete athletically with men and letting a big strong man pretend to be a woman doesn't help women achieve equality, but keeps them down so bad it throws away every gain they've won the hard way. Too bad, I still don't see the women fight to throw the dicks out of the swimming pool because they're afraid to act un-woke and get canceled, so maybe they really are inferior. Either way, I know through my study of history that wokeism is doomed to the trash bin of history along with Flash Gordon and Dale Arden.

One historical development is still being shadow-banned, namely, the massive rise of free Internet porno combined with modern hygiene, birth control technology, and access to abortion, which has caused men and women to begin lusting after each other in all 31 ways or 68 ways, and even caused adults to begin lusting after children, and even vice-versa, daily destroying the traditional monogamous Leave It to Beaver family unit that was long supposed to be the basis of society. In reality, little Theodore "Beaver" loved to give his big brother Wally blow jobs in the bathroom and late at night in bed, which explains Wally's ineptness with girls, er, forget that, when daddy Ward was away on business trips, June loved to do a 3-way with them, it was safe, no pregnancies likely, she was the real Beaver, and Theodore should have been called the Little Sucker, too bad Ward shot blanks and only wanted to do it once a month, not really but I'm sure the new TV series is in the works, along with a new "The Rifleman" series where little mulatto Marcus McCain loves to give blowjobs to his white daddy Lucas McCain in their lonely ranch house, giving new meaning to their frequent love-hugs.

Without belief in the Christian conception of sex outside straight monogamous marriage as sin that will result in God damning their eternal souls, anything that gets you through the night becomes permissible, as long as it's safe, and there's no need to keep it on the down low, but might as well be done freely in public and on the mass entertainment channels with no censorship or police interference because the U.S. govt. champions your 31-class membership claims, which is one of the few things I like about the zany woke leftist Biden admin. No, it's not about 31 genders, just 31 ways of getting off, like anybody should care.

Too bad, the Christians who threw in their lot with the corrupt (like the Democratic Party) Republican Party are fighting a losing battle here, and might as well contract into their own minority groups segregated by sect with no political power and just drop out and try to become self-sufficient to survive, but the big fight to save the great work of the U.S. Founding Fathers is still on, and has to be won so that there can one day be a rebirth of freedom worldwide, and a final end to Marxism.

Meanwhile even if you grant them the high ground on sexual freedom sans religious guilt, the woke want to get what they think are their rights protected by the system by the proven wrong approach of sabotaging the system that protects their rights, which, er, forget it.


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