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Original Pub. Date: Oct. 14, 2019. Last Update: Oct. 28, 2020.

Like my plain-speaking style and know-it-all range of knowledge? Here's a list of articles I wrote for Quora on CO2 AGW and climate change, attacking the CO2 hoaxers from every angle. Call it my attempt to become a new Galileo combined with a new Voltaire. Feel free to take me on in that forum if you dare.

Total number of articles: 128

Global Warming Science

How does convection in Earth’s interior and conduction in the surface affect the temperature in our atmosphere? What proof do we have that CO2 is a greenhouse gas? How do we know it has caused global warming? Is scepticism about human-caused climate change a pseudoscience? Why is the heat radiation blocking effect of atmospheric CO2 unidirectional? Should it not first stop or reduce the incoming radiation from the sun and thus have a cooling effect? Why do people disagree with climate science? Why are ideas that greenhouse gases are responsible for climate change deadly wrong? If carbon dioxide levels are tiny in the atmosphere, how can they make a difference in keeping Earth's temperature at a comfortable average? How do the greenhouse effects contradict with the second law of thermodynamics? If climate change is a hoax, why do so many scientists say it's happening? Why are the elites so interested in promoting the idea of carbon dioxide causing climate warming? 3 million years ago, the CO2 levels were the same or higher than now, and we had global warming without any industrial intervention. Today, is it a coincidence that we are contributing, or would it have warmed up naturally? Why are wildfires being linked to climate change? If it's not proper to use one-off weather events (a particularly cold winter) as a denial of climate change, why is it proper to use one-off events (bad wildfire season) to support climate change? Some climate change skeptics are citing Robert W. Wood's greenhouse experiment as evidence that the greenhouse effect (applied to the atmosphere) doesn't exist. Why hasn't there been a “paradigm shift” if that was really the case? How can we better understand what is going on with climate change? What is some good evidence against climate change being catastrophic? What are the best arguments against catastrophic human caused climate change? Are there any manmade climate change arguments that aren't based on correlation? What, currently, are some of the primary indicators of climate change that should be most concerning, according to the environmental scientists? Since climate data has now reached the “gold standard” of scientific evidence - determining that there's only a one in a million chance that ongoing climate change could have been caused by anything other than humanity - can we stop arguing about it? Are there any university Physics educated climate change skeptics who can definitively refute the 120 year old basis for Anthropogenic Global warming? We have both climate change fear mongers as well as denialists. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. What is it? How can anyone deny climate change when the evidence is so compelling and the stakes are so high? Are humans causing global warming? Is global warming still a theory or a fact? Why is there still so much confusion about it? How many people deny climate change because they are not familiar with climate research and therefore think: "I don't understand it so it must be wrong"? What would happen to Earth without the greenhouse effect? Has there actually been a scientific debate over global warming? What is global warming? How can CO2 warm the atmosphere? Is there actual scientific proof of global warming? Why is less than 0.04% CO2 important to climate change? Why are discussions of thermal infrared radiation confusing? Can you prove beyond any doubt that global warming is caused by humans? How much of our crazy weather right now is a result of global warming? Is it true that some years ago we didn't believe in global warming and now it's happening? Why don't global warming skeptics who claim it's due to natural causes prove it? Is ground temperature warmer than air? Can carbon dioxide be converted into usable fuel? If so, can it positively impact global warming? Where is the evidence that seems to persuade people that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not causing global heating? Could we survive on Earth without the greenhouse effect? What is the difference between the greenhouse effect and Earth's energy budget? What is the scientific reason behind 'normal lapse rate' that is the decrease in temperature with increase in altitude? Black body radiation goes like T^4. The green house gas effect goes like the log of the CO2 concentration. Don't these combine to severely limit climate change? How much does the Sun contribute to global warming? Is global warming caused by solar activity? What effects does the solar cycle have on Earth's temperature? How does increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere affect Earth’s energy balance and therefore Earth’s global temperature? Why is CO2 a better greenhouse gas despite having a lower specific heat capacity than air? What is more accurate description of what is happening to the world weather systems? Is it Global warming or Climate change? What is the use of global temperature if it really doesn't exist? Scientists for climate change have many proofs. Do Anti climate change scientists have any proofs of their own? Do you have scientific evidence that global warming is not happening? Why is a 1 degree change in temperature over a century such a big deal? Aren't the differences in temperature between seasons and the same seasons in consecutive years orders of magnitude greater? Why do so many people still believe climate change is a myth? Since when have scientists demonstrated the link between increased CO2 and global warming? Do you think that most people now can see that irreversible climate change is no longer an abstract concept? Since we are so worried and maybe even panicking about global warming, what is the ideal temperature of the Earth? What is the temperature we should be striving for? According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), July 2019 was the hottest month in recorded history. For people who still don't believe in climate change, what kind of evidence would cause them to change their minds? What reasons do people give for being climate change deniers? How do they typically view scientific facts? Do we have conclusive evidence that humans are the root cause of climate change? Are The Global warming/climate change theory models oversimplified, and or, corrupted by data that is not accurately representative of reality, the main reason for their dismal track record on their predictions & could you straighten them out? Why do climate change deniers think they are smarter than some of the world's most respected scientists who say warming in recent decades can be attributed to human activities? What makes global warming such a complicated concept for people to understand? How do scientists know that climate change is not just a natural occurrence throughout the history of the world? How can scientists make hard-claim of global warming? My question is more about the uncertainty associated with climate models and accumulated error over time. How would a global warming apocalypse unfold? What will the human-caused global warming activists do when the hysteria ends? Will they support the industries, businesses, families, and the people they have caused extensive harm to? Will they go after the organizations that duped them? Is there compelling evidence, beyond reasonable doubt, that climate scientists have falsified data about rising temperatures? What is the most critical aspect of Climate Change which human's fail to understand? What is the scientific evidence for CO2's effect on heat retention? I have read Eunice Foote's "Pioneering Research On CO2 And Climate Warming" with data form 1856. I have only seen the data taken on faith and no testing. Has it been tested? Many agree that Mann’s climate change graph is a lie. How did he get away with it and what does this tell us about climate science? Why isn’t there a public debate between experts on anthropogenic global warming (e.g., Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State versus Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT)? What do the other 3% of peer-reviewed studies on climate change say? Is the USCRN temperature station network reliable? How are the record low temperatures in warmer areas of the world related to global warming? How come when there is a record breaking cold day it isn't called "global colding" or "global cooling"? How is the anthropogenic climate change hypothesis formulated? What makes global warming different from other apocalyptic predictions that turned out to be false (such as Y2K and global cooling)? Since so many people are denying and ignoring climate change, should we just stop studying the atmosphere, ban thermometers, and promote ignorance instead? How dangerous is climate alarmism when it displaces common sense approaches? Why are we being lied to by NOAA and NASA when it comes to global warming Do any Global warming opposition have credibility? Which one? Wikipedia says "Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas that is contributing to recent climate change." The linked site states, "There is no Valid mechanism for CO2 Creating Global warming." What is the main scientific error of the linked site? As someone who believes in the science of climate change, I cannot see how we can realistically get to net zero emissions in the next decades. Is zero emissions possible while keeping the world viable for 7 billion living in acceptable conditions? For the USA, what single unprecedented event do you predict will happen (and when) in the future that will finally convince ALL climate deniers that life on earth is facing mass extinction? If I refuse to believe that humans can cause global climate change, what evidence could someone offer me to make me change my mind? Does Kugelmass's model on how to fix climate seem correct? What do scientists and researchers think about the "Real Science" claims against climate change? Do you feel the website is harmful to science, or perhaps useful for closer scrutiny of scientific work/research? Why is there no greenhouse effect on Mars with 95% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

Renewable Energy

Why are we not switching to renewable energy when that can solve the problem of global warming. I know it's not cost effective yet, but isn't the life on Earth more important than some currency?


What is the climate change movement? What is environmentalism ideology? Climatology: Why is climate change politicized? When scientific evidence of climate change was first presented, what was the initial reason many politicians decided to ignore it while listening to scientific evidence on other issues? Is climate change/global warming a money grab for corporations? What are your thoughts on the Extinction Rebellion protests? How does Google fund climate change deniers? Should a climate scientist who suspects that global warming is not happening be allowed to continue to do research? Is it even possible now for a climate scientist to reveal data contrary to global warming if they found it? Why are climate change skeptics routinely referred to as “science deniers”? Could the ecological mandate known as ATWA, proposed by Charles Manson, have a significant impact on the present global warming situation? What is Climate Action Week? Why is it important? What will be its impact? Is there a link between 'climate change' and 'democracy'?

The Beneficialness of CO2

What are the uses of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Doesn't more CO2 in the atmosphere mean plants will grow better? Is it true that CO emissions are not nearly as harmful to the environment as scientists once thought they were? If extra CO2 enhances plant growth, as is believed by many global heating deniers, why do no growers increase the percentage of the gas in the air in their greenhouses and polytunnels? Could this be because the claim is nonsense?

Polar Climate

Why is the Antarctic sea ice declining dramatically? Why is the Arctic Warming? Why are the poles warming faster than elsewhere? How is global warming affecting Greenland's glaciers?


What can be done immediately regarding climate change causing the fires and record high temperatures on the West coast? Why is Australia looking at a climate change angle to its bush fires?

Climate History

What do you know about the history of climatology? Studies provide evidence that rise in global temperatures over the past 150 years, has been more rapid and widespread than any period in the past 2000 years - do this findings support claims that today's global warming is the result of human activity? How do those who see no climate problem account for the fact that the last 50 years has seen global land surface temperature rise faster than at any previously recorded time in the planet's history? With record breaking heatwaves in Europe, are people still going to deny climate change exists and that we need to tackle it? Has global warming died down in 2019? Why do people refuse to accept that global warming is a very real global issue and impacts everyone’s lives even in light of recent disasters?


Why isn't overpopulation an issue in fighting climate change? Is overpopulation the root cause of all the problems in this world? (Be it jobs, traffic, healthcare, pollution, terrorism, degradation of the Earth, etc) How can the present generation address these problems?


What is Arctic amplification and how does it affect the world climate? Will the Chinese be forced to see a mass relocation into Siberia even in a 4-degree warming? What celebrities are actively promoting climate change issues? CO2-driven global climate change: Hoax or no hoax? Is climate change confirmation that the world is ending as predicted in the Bible? What is known about climate history over the last 10,000 years? As a person believing climate change, I would like to why other people do not believe in climate change? Please respond if you anything else to say besides blaming the media or scientists. If CO2 causes global warming by trapping heat in the atmosphere, why don't double glazing companies use CO2 to fill the gap in their windows, to help insulate your home against heat loss?

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