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"Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple." - C.W. Ceram (1915-1972)

Here's a list of the best articles I wrote for Quora on CO2 AGW and climate change, attacking the U.N. IPCC octopus' CO2-driven global warming hoax and their bloomin' onion of lies from every angle, exposing their leaders as hardcore global Marxists intent on framing CO2 emissions as evil in order to scare and trick the Western world into taxing them and ultimately dismantling their fossil fuel industries and falling for their boondoggle of so-called renewable energy (solar and wind power), knowing that this will end capitalism and economic growth and soften their countries up for Borg-style absorption into their global Marxist govt. where everything Western civilization built will be gone forever. It's no joke that it's my attempt to become a new Galileo combined with a new Voltaire and insure my place in posterity. Feel free to take me on in the Quora comment sections if you dare. I include most but not all of the articles. When you read them all you can search for more yourself. My profile claims 2K total. Dig my cool non-PC plain-speaking style, great reach, and know-it-all (pansophist) range of knowledge. These are only my Quora articles. Click here for more articles on the Historyscoper Web site: TLW's New Real Climate Science Course

Total number of articles: 1081.

Climate Change Deniers/Denial

How can we combat a climate change scam? Is climate change in any practical sense reversible? If it is widely accepted about the quickest and cheapest way to fix climate change is by using less fossils voluntarily on an individual basis, would you participate? How much do humans really contribute to CO2 emissions and climate change? Is it truly enough to be considered a mess that we caused? What is the evidence that global warming is a hoax? What would be the consequences for humans if it were true? Are global warming skeptics naïve or dishonest? What are some reputable sources that say human-caused climate change is not real or is overblown? When will climate deniers realize they're being brainwashed by the fossil fuel industry? Is global climate change a hoax generated by the Chicken Little of climate change? What are some good examples of counterarguments for global warming? Where can I find them online? Where will people go if the Earth's surface becomes uninhabitable due to climate change? What would happen if there was no such thing as "global warming" or "climate change?" Would people still be convinced that we need to take care of our planet? Why or why not? Is Climate Change really a hoax or just another scare tactic by the scientists? Could it be possible that Climate Change is just a political agenda rather than a real threat? What is the role of fossil fuels in climate change, and how is it causing extensive damage? What is the cause of the current climate crisis? Is it human activity or will humanity eventually adapt to this changing world as it has with past climates? Why do climate change skeptics think scientists are lying? Is Climate Change just a hoax to control the masses? Could Climate Change be a conspiracy to manipulate global policies? What is the most important thing that a climate change denier could learn about climate change? Would a climate change denier become an environmentalist if they accepted the evidence? What will it take to bring down the conservative-right wall of denial on climate change? How are conspiracy theorists shifting to climate denial? Is it true that the actual ideological dispute is not between CC deniers and believers but the idea that climate change is somehow scientific? How does Google fund climate change deniers? Why are climate change skeptics routinely referred to as “science deniers”? How can people still deny climate change and the environmental crisis? Are there any sources that claim otherwise? What are some reasons why people believe in anthropogenic global warming? What are some reasons why people deny anthropogenic global warming exists, even when presented with scientific evidence? What are the arguments made by those who deny or minimize anthropogenic (human) caused climate change (global warming)? What are the flaws in their reasoning, if any? Why do so many people deny climate change or don't take action against it even when faced with evidence? What would you say to them if given a chance? Do people still deny global warming/anthropogenic climate change? If so, why do they think this way? How can you tell if someone is denying climate science due to an agenda or due to a lack of understanding? How many people deny climate change because they are not familiar with climate research and therefore think: "I don't understand it so it must be wrong"? What is the evidence for "climate change denial" as a phenomenon? If it exists, how can it be explained scientifically? How can climate change deniers and skeptics be countered in a debate? What reasons do people give for being climate change deniers? How do they typically view scientific facts? Do scientists refuse to debate global warming deniers? What is the evidence for "climate change denial" as a phenomenon? If it exists, how can it be explained scientifically? Climate Change: To climate change skeptics/ deniers, what will it take for you to change your opinion? Would a climate change denier become an environmentalist if they accepted the evidence? Why do climate change deniers think they are smarter than some of the world's most respected scientists who say warming in recent decades can be attributed to human activities? Is there scientific support for claims made by climate-change deniers, or are their arguments misguided and illegitimate? Why do climate change deniers/skeptics never have any peer reviewed studies to back up their arguments? For the USA, what single unprecedented event do you predict will happen (and when) in the future that will finally convince ALL climate deniers that life on earth is facing mass extinction? What are the chances of convincing "deniers" about the reality of man-made climate change before its effects become irreversible? Should we focus on adaptation now? Do you agree with the Los Angeles Times climate reporter who said, "I definitely don't include climate denial voices in my stories"? How do climate change deniers impact efforts to combat climate change? How can we combat climate change? Why doesn't the greenhouse effect cool the Earth? What would be the remedy? What are the chances of convincing "deniers" about the reality of man-made climate change before its effects become irreversible? Should we focus on adaptation now? Are climate change deniers correct that CO2 is not causing climate change? It's quite obvious that temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere are increasing. How will global warming deniers account for this sudden increase in peak summer temperatures? Do climate change denialists always believe in charts? If not, how do they determine what is true or false when making claims? Climate change deniers. What's your best reason why you think it's a hoax? What is the evidence for climate change skepticism? What evidence exists that contradicts the idea of climate change and global warming? What is the difference between the Green New Deal and net zero emissions? We have both climate change fear mongers as well as denialists. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. What is it? If one has studied up on the science of climate change, and if one has read up about the history of the debate, is it then okay to still be a 'catastrophic, human-caused climate change' denier? What are some ways to debunk climate change denial? Are the denialists seriously claiming that today's global heating is just coincidence and has nothing whatever to do with the CO2 we are pumping into the air? Why is climate science so insecure that its proponents are stifling all contradictory opinions? What critical global warning facts do folks on the left not want us to know? Why do climate change denialists think a massive change in the composition of gases in the atmosphere (CO2 up from 280ppm to 410) does not lead to a massive change in the climate? Are there benefits to climate change denial and why do people support it?

Earth Climate/Global Warming Science

What is the solution to climate change? There must be a thousand answers. How concerned are you about the record-high concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? What are the effects of increasing or decreasing the level of carbon dioxide in our earth's atmosphere? How can we control the level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere? What effect does the amount of energy consumed by humans have on global warming? Do you agree with Inger Andersen that "even if the international community were to stop emitting all greenhouse gases today, it would take decades for the climate to stabilize"? Does increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere increase or decrease Earth's temperature? Why do scientists think so? Why do we assume CO2 levels cause higher temperatures and not the other way around, or is there a more complex two-way relationship? And has the full nature of this relationship been reliably, completely determined by science yet? Why does carbon dioxide absorb heat from sunlight but not from infrared radiation given off by the Earth's surface? What is the connection between the Sun's strength and global warming? What are some key steps we can take towards a greener future, considering the carbon pollution caused by gas-guzzling passenger cars? What is the evidence for man-made climate change? Can we detect CO2 in the atmosphere with instruments? What is the cause of global warming? Is it due to changes in ocean currents or human activity? Can these effects be separated? What are the effects of doubling the current amount of atmospheric CO2 concentration on humans? If humans breathe out CO2, couldn't we reduce greenhouse gas emissions just by having liberals quit whining and screaming about climate change? How does the carbon released when liquefied natural gas (LNG) is burned and the methane that leaks along the way contribute to climate change? What is the evidence for and against the claim that increases in carbon dioxide (CO2) cause an increase in temperature, and not vice versa? How does the greenhouse effect contribute to Earth's climate, and what role do human activities play in influencing it? What is the cause of climate change/global warming? If human nature is responsible, what can we do to prevent it from happening again in the future? What is the enhanced greenhouse effect? What is the greenhouse effect, and how does it contribute to house climate change? How do humans contribute to the greenhouse effect? What is the greenhouse effect? Is it true that there is no greenhouse effect and that our planet is not warming? What are some similarities and differences between the debate over climate change and other scientific debates (e.g. evolution)? What are some ways to prevent an increase in atmospheric concentration of CO2 from contributing to global warming? What is the greenhouse effect and how does it cause global warming? How do we know that the greenhouse effect is real and responsible for global warming? What is the difference in temperature between nighttime and daytime due to global warming, and how much more severe will this difference become in the future? Which is the most infrared active greenhouse gas? What is the connection between global warming and CO2 emissions from fossil fuels? What is the scientific and technical definition of climate change without using the word 'global'? How did you react to John Kirby saying, "Climate change is an existential threat. It actually threatens and is capable of wiping out all human life on earth over time"? What are the effects of a greenhouse gas not absorbing or emitting infrared radiation? Is there a point where climate change and global warming will be unable to cause any damage regardless of what humans do? If so, when is that period? What are some of the best arguments for and against climate change (global warming)? Has it been proven beyond reasonable doubt that humans have caused climate change or not? What's your take on this issue? What is the most conclusive proof that climate change is caused by humans? What is your opinion on this issue? What would happen to the Earth's average temperature if all CO2 was absent, removed somehow, or if a significant amount of CO2 is absent? Can you explain why global temperatures rose before CO2 levels during past warming periods, and why they do not follow each other now that we have increased CO2 levels again? Is there a correlation between temperature rise and carbon dioxide levels? If yes, then how long can the correlation be sustained for before it becomes catastrophic? How do scientists determine if increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) causes global warming or climate change? What are some examples of credible scientific resources on global warming? Why would they be good choices for high school students? I'm doing a presentation on opposing global warming (not by choice). What are some statistics or evidence that proves global warming is not real? What is the reason why some people claim that "climate always changes" or "human life adapts", implying that there is no problem with human-induced global warming/rapid climate change? What is the greenhouse effect? Is entropy the cause of the greenhouse effect? What is the science behind global warming and climate change? How severe is it? What is the link between carbon dioxide emissions and climate change? When was this connection discovered or at least well-established by scientists? How did this knowledge spread in society after that point? What are people's thoughts on climate change? Do you think it's a hoax? Is there scientific evidence on global warming? What are some ways of slowing down global warming? How can we reduce greenhouse gases and plant trees? What are your thoughts on "climate skepticism" literature from groups such as Climate Depot or Heartland Institute? What are the views of world renowned scientists on industrial climate change? What are some of the most convincing arguments against global warming and climate change? Why do you think they're so effective? How can you prove that an object is a greenhouse gas using data alone? What is the best evidence that global warming is man-made? Is climate change responsible for the floods and landslides in Brazil? How does carbon dioxide absorb solar radiation, and what are the consequences of this for global warming? What are some examples of natural phenomena that cannot be explained without understanding the impact of man-made climate change? What are the effects of rising CO2 levels on snow and ice? What do scientists understand about global warming and climate change? What are some controversial truths about climate change? Peter Singer: How can climate change skeptics be persuaded? What is the relationship between CO2 levels and infrared radiation in the atmosphere? What are some potential causes of climate change? Is it a divisive issue among politicians or citizens in general? If so, why and how did this happen? What are some possible reasons why some highly educated people don't believe in man-made global warming/climate change science? Is there a correlation between atmospheric concentrations of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and global mean surface temperatures (GMST)? What is the evidence that doubling atmospheric CO2 concentration causes global warming? Is it true that increased carbon dioxide has a negligible effect on the Earth's climate? Are climatologists correct when they add solar and atmospheric radiation together when no physics texts say we can do that? I also note that the experiment linked below shows we cannot add fluxes and thus greenhouse radiative forcing cannot happen. Which is the best way to eliminate the propaganda regarding the warming of the planet due to an imaginary greenhouse effect caused by 0.01% of the atmosphere? Is this some kind of a homeopathic joke? What are the U.N. IPCC's biggest lies about CO2 causing global warming/climate change? What justification is there to ignore the evidence that global warming exists? Is global warming and climate change entirely due to human activities (man-made) as opposed to natural processes like solar activity, volcanic eruption, etc.? What else besides carbon dioxide contributes to greenhouse gases? Is there any scientific evidence to support the theory of global warming causing climate change or is it just a hypothesis that we shouldn't worry about? Why does the mainstream Greenhouse Gas theory for global warming concentrate on the carbon dioxide effect, while ignoring the atmosphere warming effect of the primary heat energy emitted by the burning of fossil fuels? What are some examples of Greenhouse gases that have no harmful effects on Earth's atmosphere? What motivates people to doubt the science of climate change? Everybody talks about greenhouse gases causing global warming, but what makes heat actually rise? What are the details of how CO2 molecules in the air warm the Earth and cause Global warming? Do greenhouse gases released by human activity really trap enough heat to cause global warming? How do greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and contribute to climate change? How do greenhouse gases trap heat within the Earth's atmosphere? How is it that greenhouse content in the air just is said to block outgoing radiation? Wouldn't it have the same effect on incoming radiation? Does the increase in CO2 levels cause climate change? What are the other gases that cause global warming, or do all gases cause global warming when they increase in atmospheric concentration? What accounts for CO2 levels having been over 10 times higher in the past but with the same global temperatures? What is the maximum amount of carbon dioxide that a planet's atmosphere can contain before it freezes over? What happens to carbon dioxide when it is released into the atmosphere? How can humans prevent the greenhouse effect? Does the negative result of the glass greenhouse effect experiment prove climate change is not caused by atmospheric CO2? Does this paper published in 2022 experimentally demonstrate the actual atmospheric greenhouse effect for the first time, also proving that it doesn't violate the 2nd law of thermodynamics ( Is the greenhouse gas theory based on infrared radiation radiating from the Earth's surface trapped by the CO2 resulting in the interaction of CO2/infrared radiation resulting in the increase in the temperature of the Earth's atmosphere? Do suns' rays get trapped or magnified with greenhouse gases? When did greenhouse gases become a problem? What is the definition of a greenhouse gas? Are all greenhouse gases harmful to us? What is the CO2 interacting with to increase the temperature of the planet based on the greenhouse gas theory? Why is there not one climate on Earth, since we are in a closed system, heat exchange will take place between hot and cold regions? Is it physically possible to raise the temperature of a heat source by reflecting its heat back to itself in an open system? Can you raise the sun's temperature that way? What is climate change? Is it an example of a global or local crisis? What is the effect of an increase or decrease in atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases on global warming and climate change? How has an ever increasing concentration of greenhouse gases altered the Earth-Sun dynamic over time? What kind of research supports the theory of global warming? What alternative explanations do skeptics provide when debating the scientific merits behind current research into climate change? Is global warming a hoax? Why do you think man-made climate change is a hoax? What will it take for the majority of people to actually understand how climate change will affect them? How much infrared energy does one mol of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere absorb and emit per day, from where, and how much does it increase the temperature of that mol of CO2? How many mols of CO2 are in Earth's atmosphere, given 420ppm? Why don't people believe that global warming is an immediate emergency? Could global warming make certain regions colder in the summer? What are some signs that global warming might actually cause colder winters instead of milder ones as predicted by climate scientists? How valid is the claim, in refuting man made climate change, that "it's the sun?" Is it true that CO2 emissions from human activity are not the primary driver of climate change? How could greenhouse gases not be the primary driver of climate change? What are some of the most common misconceptions about climate change that contribute to skepticism about its existence or its importance? How much infrared energy does one mol of CO2 in Earth's atmosphere absorb and emit per day, from where, and how much does it increase the temperature of that mol of CO2? How many mols of CO2 are in Earth's atmosphere, given 420ppm? How do "greenhouse gases" actually trap heat on Earth? I understand how a greenhouse works: the sun's heat travels through the glass, heats the air and traps that warmth inside. How do greenhouse gases achieve the same one-way effect? How do we know that burning fossil fuels is the main cause of climate change? Why do scientists predict that rising CO2 levels will cause a catastrophic change to Earth's climate? How much do greenhouse gases need to increase before we see catastrophic effects? Is it true that climate change is not caused by humans but is a cyclical event? As a student of chemistry, what will you do to mitigate the effects of global warming and climate due to increasing carbon footprint in the atmosphere? Many millions people all over the world, who have no knowledge or understanding of the science, believe in catastrophic human-caused climate change. Could this be the biggest delusion in human history? What is the importance of the top three greenhouse gases? Are all available 15 micron long wave surface emissions now being absorbed by H2O and CO2 air molecules? Are there any scientific papers describing how CO2 can't warm the atmosphere due to CO2's radiation absorption/emission wavelength of 15 microns, which is the same as dry ice? What are the features of greenhouse gases? Why should we be worried about climate change and the increase in atmospheric carbon levels? How could the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide impact the greenhouse effect? How do greenhouse gases absorb heat? Do suns' rays get trapped or magnified with greenhouse gases? Is it possible to reverse the greenhouse effect? What are some ways that humans could reverse current climate change damage? What would be the cost/technique involved? How long does CO2 retain heat? Why do we say "no net heat flow between two objects of different temperatures" but not "no heat flow"? Can gases radiate heat or coolness? How do scientists measure and calculate the Earth's cooling process? What is the difference between thermal radiation, infra-red radiation, and heat transfer? How exactly do heat trapping greenhouse gases increase the temperature of the lower atmosphere? Does heat trapping increase the average kinetic energy (hence temperature) of the lower atmosphere's molecules? If so, how exactly? How does infrared spectroscopy detect climate change? Greenhouse gases are responsible for X% of global warming. What is X? Climate change skepticism is often characterized as a lack of belief in man-made climate change. What are the top five Arguments against anthropogenic climate change? Why would increasing the amount of a powerful greenhouse gas like CO2 in the atmosphere not cause global warming? Is there some reason why such gases don't trap heat leaving the earth? What are the principles behind a greenhouse? What are the effects of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? How will it affect climate change? When were the heat-trapping effects of gases that cause the greenhouse effect first measured by scientists? Where is the proof that Dr. Carl Sagan is correct? Refer to his speech on the link below: Original source: How can you describe Earth as a natural greenhouse? How long have greenhouse gases been a problem and what has contributed to their increase in the atmosphere? Greenhouse gases prevent some heat from escaping Earth, wouldn't it also prevent some heat from the Sun from entering Earth in the first place? What is the effect of convection on climate? Is it possible that natural cycles are responsible for observed climate change, rather than human emissions of greenhouse gases? If CO2 causes global warming due to exponential trapping and heating, why wasn't the Earth rendered uninhabitable when CO2 levels were 6,000 ppm 65 million years ago? What is your latest stance on "global warming" since high temperatures have been broken all over the planet? If climate change is causing the tropopause to increase in altitude, does this mean pop-up thunderstorms could get stronger since they'll be taller? If CO2 is actually warming Earth, at what concentration does it act like thicker glass, which won't add to the warming of a greenhouse but will reduce it? How does increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide (and other greenhouse gases) increase atmospheric heat retention on a molecular level? How does convection in Earth's interior and conduction in the surface affect the temperature in our atmosphere? What proof do we have that CO2 is a greenhouse gas? How do we know it has caused global warming? How does carbon dioxide maintain the temperature of Earth? With CO2 existing in a near' dry-ice' state because of low temperatures at upper levels of the atmosphere, could it be easily captured by aircraft with special cryogenic pressurised equipment? If infrared radiation is heat, can it increase the temperature of an object? Can all wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation increase temperature of something? If so why is only infrared associated with heat? Why is there a window in the absorption spectrum of Earth's atmosphere at a wavelength of 4 µm? Can high intensity low energy light heat matter to arbitrarily high temperatures? If CO2 is so good at raising the temperature of gases, why don't we utilise this property to capture heat from sunlight to drive engines? Why is carbon dioxide said to create global warming? From my knowledge of physics, carbon dioxide molecules have a negligible greenhouse effect. Also CO2 makes up only 0.04% of the Earth's atmosphere. What is the real cause of climate change? Is it really the rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Where is the CO2 layer that causes global warming in the Green House effect? Why is it that the downward welling LW radiation as measured by instruments does not warm the surface at all? How does the Earth maintain a warm temperature? Are there any other atmospheric conditions that are affected by greenhouse gases? Solar activity has been shown to correlate with global temperatures. Does this mean that the sun, and not humans, is responsible for global warming? Why should we 'refound' climate science? Wouldn't it be easier, cheaper and perfectly risk-free to take Scipio's attitude of 'Clima Delenda Est,' raze every climate faculty to the ground and salt the earth? Can you refute the premise that climate change is indeed occuring but it is not due to humankind's influence? How would you examine the effects of global warning in the past 10 years and the science behind this? What are three areas that need targeting immediately to slow down global warming? Should we trap enough heat with the help of CO2 to skip winter? Does our total human energy use noticeably warm the planet? Why is the greenhouse effect caused by molecules with polar bonds? How does physics affect climate change? Does physics explain global warming? Is rising warm air responsible for global warming on Earth, or is it something else entirely different causing this phenomenon? How are greenhouse gas emissions influencing the climate? What evidence exists that refutes man-made climate change? How does the earth manage its radiation balance to maintain an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius? What are greenhouse gases? Does air contain greenhouse gases? If so, how does air compare to CO2 in that respect? What makes one more dangerous than the other? What is the operational definition of global warming? What is the main reason for climate change? Why is the manmade global warming, which is happening faster than climate change in the past, incapable of sterilizing the Earth, while the warming caused by an aging Sun, while much slower, will ultimately sterilize the Earth in the end? What is the evidence for climate change skepticism? How do climate change skeptics explain away the high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? How do climate change skeptics view the data and science behind climate change? How would you explain the greenhouse gas effect to someone who doesn't believe in climate change? What is the cause of global warming happening now, and how do you prevent it from getting worse? Is it possible that global warming is a result of reduced air pollution over the last 300 years? Climate change sceptics say that the CO2 we're emitting isn't causing global warming. Is this true? Who has the most impact on climate change, the government or ordinary people? Are there any meta-analyses on the reasons of climate change? If yes, can you mention these analyses? Is scepticism about human-caused climate change a pseudoscience? Is climate change a hoax debate? Does anyone think there is another explanation to global warming, that just happen to have the same characterizations as CO2 and the other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere? Why is there such a huge gap between what scientists say about climate change and what politicians say about climate change? What evidence is there that global warming is a natural phenomenon rather than caused by the burning of fossil fuels? How do we know that man-made greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming? Why does water vapour contribute to global warming more than any other greenhouse gases? Why, when we all turn to water to cool ourselves do the POWERS-THAT-BE” tell us that it is water that is heating up the planet with its POSITIVE feedback to the Greenhouse Effect? Why do we blame humans for global warming? How sure are we that the Sun is maintaining its burn rate/temperature? Isn't it possible that it is radiating slightly more heat than it does earlier? What causes the global temperature to rise? Why doesn't the IR radiation coming from the Sun also cause a greenhouse effect? Would persons who are afraid of "climate change" (and its doomsday predictions) be able to detect "climate change" (defined as a 1C degree "anomaly" in 150 years of GAT records) if certain government-sponsored sources weren't informing them about it? Human-made climate change is leading the world into an environmental crisis. Why do so many people try to refute this simple concept and decry the scientific research behind it? What is their motivation in doing so? Is global warming really taking effect? What are some ways to enter the field of climate change research with minimal background knowledge in physics or mathematics? Is this even possible without getting an advanced degree first? Are greenhouse gases good? How much CO2 in the atmosphere would allow humans to use fossil fuels like normal? What does it take to strike a balance? Will the USA finally be able to stop global warming now that gas prices are so high? What is the evidence to back up the claim that humans are causing climate change? Why do idiots still believe climate change? Why are there idiots who believe in the existence of global warming? It does not exist because the cold is more severe every year. Is climate change irreversible and inevitable? What is the primary source of heat from the Earth and atmosphere? What is the fate of most solar energy when it enters the Earth's atmosphere? Why should a few degrees of warming be a cause for concern? What if the Earth's temperature was 27 degrees Celsius? Why doesn't the body heat of 8 billion people affect the environment? Why is the heat radiation blocking effect of atmospheric CO2 unidirectional? Should it not first stop or reduce the incoming radiation from the sun and thus have a cooling effect? Why do people disagree with climate science? What can we do to stop being made to feel guilty about global warming? How exactly do greenhouse gases trap heat? What determines whether an atom will absorb or reflect energy? Which greenhouse gas has the highest heat-trapping capacity? How does increasing atmospheric CO2 increase its temperature? How does increased atmospheric carbon lead to higher global temperatures? What with global warming being proportional to the log of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, can we expect a degree of warming for the next doubling of atmospheric CO2? If energy is neither lost, nor gained but only changed from one form to another, how is global warming possible? Where do we get the excess heat from to increase the global climate? Why can sunlight go into the earth through the greenhouse gases, but not come out? If greenhouse gases trap heat, why don't they also reflect an equal amount back into space? How is the greenhouse effect of a give gas measured? I assume that at some point scientist experimented to determine the impact of a controlled increase in the proportion of CO2 in air. How was it done? What where the results? What specific chemical properties of carbon dioxide causes the greenhouse effect? Why, chemically, is carbon more reflective than other gases? What are some ways to argue with a skeptic on the topic of climate change and rising temperatures without getting into an argumentative debate about politics in general and skepticism vs. belief in general? Why are ideas that greenhouse gases are responsible for climate change deadly wrong? If carbon dioxide levels are tiny in the atmosphere, how can they make a difference in keeping Earth's temperature at a comfortable average? How do the greenhouse effects contradict with the second law of thermodynamics? Why do greenhouse gases hold longwave radiation? If CO2 stops heat from escaping the atmosphere, why doesn't it also stop heat from entering our atmosphere? Does direct heat from too many machines contribute to climate change the same way greenhouse gases do? Disregarding all “evidence” that flows from the logical fallacy of correlation implying causality, what evidence is there that atmospheric CO2 is causing global warming? What is the fallacy of composition? What is an example of how it can be used to counter an argument for anthropogenic global warming? How much does the warming from human CO2 contribute to the entire greenhouse effect of 33C? What portion of the 33°C difference between the sun-warmed Earth and the 15°C surface temperature of the US Std atmosphere do you attribute to Marxism? Does a correlation exist between atmospheric CO2's infrared light absorption and atmospheric temperature? Or in other words, can we measure Global Warming only from measures infrared light emitted by the Earth? Why is more emphasis placed on the role of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse effect than that of water? Why are the elites so interested in promoting the idea of carbon dioxide causing climate warming? How long would the Earth take to cool to preindustrial average temperature if we remove all the extra greenhouse gases we added since the preindustrial era using CCS? 3 million years ago, the CO2 levels were the same or higher than now, and we had global warming without any industrial intervention. Today, is it a coincidence that we are contributing, or would it have warmed up naturally? Some climate change skeptics are citing Robert W. Wood's greenhouse experiment as evidence that the greenhouse effect (applied to the atmosphere) doesn't exist. Why hasn't there been a “paradigm shift” if that was really the case? What if after the paradigm shift we find out global warming was not what we thought? How can we better understand what is going on with climate change? What is global warming with reference to evidence? How does an amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere equivalent to four hundred in a million result in the "world on fire"? Why does the Earth radiate 15 microns of IR energy overnight even though it is much warmer than the -73C temperature that Wiens Law states is required for a black body to generate this wavelength? At what altitude do molecules emit heat in the form of infrared radiation? What is some good evidence against climate change being catastrophic? What are the best arguments against catastrophic human caused climate change? Are there any manmade climate change arguments that aren't based on correlation? Is global warming overblown by the left? Why is it that global warming is exempt from the scientific process? Why is climate change “science” exempt from following the scientific method? How are the frogs likened to human beings' response to climate change? Do you agree with the author? Is there a connection between the massive migrations today and climate change? What are the top ten sources of global carbon emissions? Is there any clear mathematical equation describing the relationship between atmospheric CO2 concentration and average global temperature? What is the relationship between fossil fuels and the greenhouse effect? What, currently, are some of the primary indicators of climate change that should be most concerning, according to the environmental scientists? Are there any scientific studies which refute the claims of anthropogenic global warming? Are there any university Physics educated climate change skeptics who can definitively refute the 120 year old basis for Anthropogenic Global warming? What are some credible studies or papers that show climate change to be non-anthropogenic? If so, what do they say, and who published them? How can anyone deny climate change when the evidence is so compelling and the stakes are so high? How can people still deny climate change and the environmental crisis? Are there any sources that claim otherwise? Are humans causing global warming? What is it that about climate change that is so confusing or confounding that some people refuse to believe it is happening? Is global warming still a theory or a fact? Why is there still so much confusion about it? What is the best anti-AGW argument? What would happen to Earth without the greenhouse effect? What would happen if you removed all the greenhouse gases from the Earth's atmosphere? What are some of the key points of disagreement between those who accept anthropogenic climate change and those who don't? Has there actually been a scientific debate over global warming? What is global warming? What does an increase in CO2 emissions have to do with how high the temperatures in our planet are? How can CO2 warm the atmosphere? What is global warming and its causes? What is the leading cause of global warming? Is there actual scientific proof of global warming? Is it possible that human-driven climate change is a myth and we are not causing the Earth to warm? How can we prevent the earth's average temperature from rising by more than 2 ° C to 2100? Why is less than 0.04% CO2 important to climate change? How does .04% of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have such a large effect on global warming? Carbon dioxide, CO2 is considered a greenhouse gas. What changes occur at the molecular level when it absorbs and later re-emits infrared radiation? How does this process compare and contrast to the process that results in atomic emission spectra? Does CO2 have the numbers and heat capacity to harness the kind of energy (5.173 X 10^18 kJ/K) needed to raise atmospheric temperature 1 K? Why are discussions of thermal infrared radiation confusing? Can you explain the causes and effects of climate change in simple terms? If it were that serious, shouldn't everyone be trying to help fight it? Can you prove beyond any doubt that global warming is caused by humans? Why is there, with increasing temperature, no limit to the IR emission levels of CO2 while absorption can be saturated? How much of our crazy weather right now is a result of global warming? Since all energy finishes up as heat, because it cannot be destroyed, is civilization's ever-increasing consumption of it the real cause of global warming? If you imagine a 1 °C rise as temperatures increasing by exactly 1 °C everywhere, it doesn't seem so bad. How bad is the variance, and what distribution (Gaussian, Poisson, Cauchy etc.) will the temperature changes follow? Is it true that some years ago we didn't believe in global warming and now it's happening? Why don't global warming skeptics who claim it's due to natural causes prove it? What direct evidence do we have that the burning of fossil fuels is the the most significant cause of global warming? If we were to immediately desist from this, how much difference would it make, & over what period of time? How can I convince someone that climate change is not a hoax? Can global warming be reversed? If so, how? Is ground temperature warmer than air? If the greenhouse effect didn't exist, would the normal temperature of Earth be higher or lower? By how much? Can carbon dioxide be converted into usable fuel? If so, can it positively impact global warming? Where is the evidence that seems to persuade people that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not causing global heating? What proof do we have that CO2 is a greenhouse gas? How do we know it has caused global warming? Could we survive on Earth without the greenhouse effect? What is the difference between the greenhouse effect and Earth's energy budget? Why is CO2 singled out as the default climate-changing culprit? Other nefarious gasses and particulates are abundent too from wars, rocket ships, volcanoes natural and human-caused fires like deforestation. What is the scientific reason behind 'normal lapse rate' that is the decrease in temperature with increase in altitude? How can the temperature decrease with increasing height if the atmosphere is heated by solar radiation at higher altitudes? What kind of conditions will prevail when the environmental lapse rate is equal to the dry adiabatic rate? How is the temperature on a mountain, which is so much closer to the sun, cooler than ground level? Black body radiation goes like T^4. The green house gas effect goes like the log of the CO2 concentration. Don't these combine to severely limit climate change? How much does the Sun contribute to global warming? How does carbon dioxide in the atmosphere affect how much UV radiation reaches the Earth's surface? Is global warming caused by solar activity? What would you say to someone who says “The greenhouse effect can't be real because the Second Law of Thermodynamics says something cooler can't raise the temperature of something warmer”? What effects does the solar cycle have on Earth's temperature? Why do climate change scientists never consider the Sun's cycles impacts on the world's climates? How does increasing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere affect Earth's energy balance and therefore Earth's global temperature? Why is CO2 a better greenhouse gas despite having a lower specific heat capacity than air? What is more accurate description of what is happening to the world weather systems? Is it Global warming or Climate change? Apparently, global warming is happening at a pace of 0.2C per decade (Source in body text). Why, then, does it seem like it's happening so much faster? Every year, the summer heat wave in Europe seems to get worse and worse. What is the use of global temperature if it really doesn't exist? What is the accurate way to measure climate change? Scientists for climate change have many proofs. Do Anti climate change scientists have any proofs of their own? Do you have scientific evidence that global warming is not happening? What is the single most cause of climate change and what would you recommend to fix it? Why is a 1 degree change in temperature over a century such a big deal? Aren't the differences in temperature between seasons and the same seasons in consecutive years orders of magnitude greater? Why do so many people still believe climate change is a myth? Since when have scientists demonstrated the link between increased CO2 and global warming? Do you think that most people now can see that irreversible climate change is no longer an abstract concept? What is the natural greenhouse effect and the anthropogenic greenhouse effect? What is the difference between them? How do greenhouse gases act to increase air temperatures near the Earth's surface? Since we are so worried and maybe even panicking about global warming, what is the ideal temperature of the Earth? What is the temperature we should be striving for? Do we have conclusive evidence that humans are the root cause of climate change? Which scientist do you think would not have deserved the Nobel Prize? Why? Are humans causing global warming? Are there any respected scientists who question or are skeptical about climate change? What makes global warming such a complicated concept for people to understand? Will the anthropogenic global warming theory soon be discredited by science? How do scientists know that climate change is not just a natural occurrence throughout the history of the world? Why do more and more scientists see climate change as a natural cycle? How do scientists test and verify claims made by climate change skeptics? What is the cause of the current abnormal weather patterns in the United States, and is it related to global warming or simply a part of a natural cycle? Does the Earth lose heat globally? What is a brief explanation as to why greenhouse gases lead to global warming? How does burning carbon-based fuels lead to global warming? How much of an impact does agriculture really have on global warming? How is global warming real when it just blizzarded outside? How would a global warming apocalypse unfold? How does a warmer climate increase the risk of extreme weather events like heat waves? Is there a correlation between climate change and an increase in extreme weather events like floods? Why is methane part of the greenhouse gases? What does this sentence mean: "Methane is a short-term warming agent"? What effect does methane have on climate change? What is the molecular basis for methane being 20 to 80 times as potent as carbon dioxide as a global warming molecule? Is the melting of the permafrost really making global warming worse? If burning methane makes CO2, is burning natural gas good for the environment? What explains the discrepancy between how potent a greenhouse gas methane is? Some sources say methane is 28 times, another says 84 times as potent as CO2. What mechanism is at play that makes methane worse than CO2 as a GHG? Why do not all people just go plant-based, stop flying generally and stop wasting resources to help in the climate change? What will the human-caused global warming activists do when the hysteria ends? Will they support the industries, businesses, families, and the people they have caused extensive harm to? Will they go after the organizations that duped them? Hint: Compare the rate of warming over the past 40 years to the rate of warming over the past 100 years and explain why the difference is a big deal? What is the most critical aspect of climate change which human's fail to understand? How do you explain the remarkable regularity of the increased concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (climate change, earth science)? What do the other 3% of peer-reviewed studies on climate change say? How is the anthropogenic climate change hypothesis formulated? What is the biggest scientific research gone wrong in history? Do any Global warming opposition have credibility? Which one? What is the solution to the drastic climate change the world is going through? What if there was no greenhouse effect on Earth? Why do climatologists ignore the interplay between phase changing H2O and CO2 at the tropopause? Why are people dying in Europe because of the heat wave? How long do we have before major cities are uninhabitable due to greenhouse gases and rising sea levels? Emissions from what kind of factories are most responsible for climate change and global warming? How do greenhouse gases help in the solution for environmental problems? Would some years without flying an airplane ever make any significant contribution to saving planet Earth? If I refuse to believe that humans can cause global climate change, what evidence could someone offer me to make me change my mind? Does Kugelmass's model on how to fix climate seem correct? What do scientists and researchers think about the "Real Science" claims against climate change? Do you feel the website is harmful to science, or perhaps useful for closer scrutiny of scientific work/research? Why is there no greenhouse effect on Mars with 95% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Why is the 2nd law of thermodynamics so important? How might someone explain why the latest IPCC report on climate change is not "credible"? How are Bob Wentworth's criticisms of T.L. Winslow's disproof of greenhouse gas warming theory dead wrong? What is the classical theory of heat? Why is it not applicable to black body radiation? What are the potential consequences of increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on nitrogen fixation and denitrification in terrestrial ecosystems?

IPCC Credibility

How might someone explain why the latest IPCC report on climate change is not "credible"?

IPCC Orgs. NASA, NOAA et al. Tampering With Global Temperature Data

Do you still have doubts about climate change considering NASA, NOAA, and other agencies' documented rising temperatures and greenhouse gases? Does NASA focus on climate change? Do you agree with NASA scientists that temperatures will continue to rise until greenhouse gas emissions are reduced? Why do we trust NOAA's climate data more than NASA's? Why are we being lied to by NOAA and NASA when it comes to global warming? Do you think NASA is lying or are you just smarter than them? Climate skeptics never seem to be able to answer this question. How can there be a climate emergency, crisis, etc. when NASA reports global temperatures decreasing? How do we know that the data regarding climate change isn't tampered with or inaccurate? Aside from the rise in mean temperature and levels, what are some other pieces of evidence for global warming? The amount of heat Earth traps has roughly doubled since 2005, contributing to more rapidly warming oceans, air and land, according to new research from NASA. Does this affect your view on global warming? If we can't trust the data on climate change, how do we know it's happening at all? Is there compelling evidence, beyond reasonable doubt, that climate scientists have falsified data about rising temperatures? Is it even possible now for a climate scientist to reveal data contrary to global warming if they found it? What is the scientific evidence for CO2's effect on heat retention? I have read Eunice Foote's "Pioneering Research On CO2 And Climate Warming" with data form 1856. I have only seen the data taken on faith and no testing. Has it been tested? Is the USCRN temperature station network reliable? How are the record low temperatures in warmer areas of the world related to global warming?

Computer Climate Models

Where do I find the best mathematical model for the effects of greenhouse gases on global warming? What is the greenhouse effect? How does it contribute to climate change? Can modeling the greenhouse effect help us understand our current situation and make predictions about the future? From a statistical and mathematical standpoint, are the measurements, modeling, and conclusions of world temperatures meaningful in the development of a strategy to either fight global warming or not? Is there a simple model for the interaction between greenhouse gases and infrared radiation (atmosphere, temperature, greenhouse gases, thermodynamics, radiation balance, earth science)? Are the climate models two-dimensional? If so, why? What's the evidence that climate models are inaccurate? Are The Global warming/climate change theory models oversimplified, and or, corrupted by data that is not accurately representative of reality, the main reason for their dismal track record on their predictions & could you straighten them out? What are the findings of any scientific studies or papers that show how inaccurate current climate models are about predicting future temperatures? What are the main flaws of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) climate models? Is global warming based on predicted computer models or actual measured temperature change? How do scientists refine their climate models? How accurate are climate models done by NASA and NOAA? Aside from the rise in mean temperature and carbon dioxide level, what are the other pieces of evidence for global warming? Have climate models accurately predicted global warming? What are the implications of last month's heat wave being made five times as likely and 5 degrees Fahrenheit hotter due to climate change? Why does the increased atmospheric carbon dioxide not cause more global warming than predicted by models? How can scientists make hard-claim of global warming? My question is more about the uncertainty associated with climate models and accumulated error over time. What proof exists that current climate change models are accurate?

Global Avg. Temperature (GAT) and Heatwaves

What factors are contributing to Earth's record-breaking temperatures in 2023? If countries do not drastically ramp up action this decade, will it become impossible to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and extremely difficult to stay below 2 degrees Celsius? What will happen to our planet if the temperature continues to rise? Scientists say it’s normal for our planet to warm up every now and then, but is this temperature increase something to be concerned about? If climate change is real, then how do you explain the fact that the climate isn't changing? How can anyone continue to not believe in climate change? Another year that is the hottest on record. Now you have to go back 125,000 years to find one that was hotter. Do they need to boil before they start to believe? What is the best way to change average global temperatures assuming reduced CO2 emissions do not work? What would the world of 10 degree Celsius global warming look like? What is the meaning of "keeping 1.5 degrees as your North Star," as talked about by U.S. climate envoy John Kerry? <Why is limiting global warming to 1.5C important? What does limiting global warming to 1.5C mean? How do you expect governments to respond to the International Energy Agency's call to "limit global warming to 1.5 °C"? What's the difference between 1.5°C and 2°C of global warming? How will global economies be impacted if the earth surpasses the 1.5 degrees Celsius warming threshold by 2030? What are the most catastrophic impacts of climate change if the global temperature rises to 1.7 degrees Celsius? What is the significance of 2023 being on course to be the warmest year in recorded history? What will happen when the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere reaches 1000ppm? How likely is it that extreme heat will continue to worsen due to climate change, and what are the potential consequences for future generations like Gen Z? What is the most convincing evidence of global warming? What is the most credible scientific study behind it? What is the evidence that small increases in global temperature can cause dramatic changes in our climate? The heatwave was made two degrees Celsius [3.6F] warmer by climate change. What was the impact of this heatwave? Are global temperature rises to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels still achievable? How do we calculate global temperature records? What are the sources for this data? Have any scientists been accused of fraud or falsifying data in the climate debate? Are slowly rising temperatures really "perfectly manageable," as David Frost suggests? Has the increasing world temperature primarily been caused by human large scale burning of fossil fuels and other emissions? Why does science worry so much about the Earth's temperature? Do they think it will explode? What were some of the consequences of the hottest three-month spell in human history this summer? What are the implications of the world recording its hottest day ever on July 3? Why are meteorologists and climate experts concerned about the hottest July on record? According to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), July 2019 was the hottest month in recorded history. For people who still don't believe in climate change, what kind of evidence would cause them to change their minds? How will long-lasting heat, like that seen in the UK in the summer of 2022, draw more and more moisture out of the ground and vegetation? If global warming is real then why arent we setting records for temperatures everyday all over the world? Literally every city on earth would break records everyday if it were true With record breaking heatwaves in Europe, are people still going to deny climate change exists and that we need to tackle it? What are some possible explanations for the extreme heat and climate changes happening around the world? What are the implications of Phoenix's relentless heat wave for future climate change projections? What is your view on the dangerous heatwaves in Europe and the assertions by the United Nations that it could break further records? What is the two degree Celsius global temperature increase limit established by scientists? What would happen if we hit that point, and how can we avoid it? How many more degrees are there to go before we hit two degrees Celsius globally, and how much time do we have left until this happens? Why do we say that Earth has a global temperature? In what ways is climate change exacerbating extreme weather conditions across the United States? How does global warming exacerbate heat waves and cause erratic weather patterns? How does climate change exacerbate heat, storms, and wildfires, as mentioned in Biden's spending request? What role does climate change play in exacerbating wildfires like those in Maui, Hawaii? What can be learned from looking at a graph of temperatures over time? How does the increase in global average temperatures contribute to the variability of daily temperatures, and what are the potential consequences? Have there been studies to back up the claim made by skeptics on the reliability of global temperature records? Where can one access NOAA's raw temperature data from all their stations in the United States? What impact would eliminating human emissions today have on global average temperatures in future decades compared to business-as-usual emissions scenarios (e.g., next century)? Why is manipulating CO2 concentration considered the only way to control global average temperatures? Have there been studies to back up the claim made by skeptics on the reliability of global temperature records? How do you calculate the average yearly temperature? What is the average temperature of Earth? What is the average temperature of Earth with the greenhouse effect? Studies are constantly showing how over the last hundred years the average global temperature has raised about 1 degree. What would happen if overnight the whole world's temperature was raised by 10 degrees? Why are changes as small as 1 degree celsius a big deal in global average temperatures? If global warming is real, why haven't we seen a rise in temperatures across the globe already? IPCC August 2021 estimates current global warming at 1.07C per century, with temperatures now still below those of 6,500 years ago. This is around one tenth the difference between day and night temperatures. Why should we be alarmed? How is it that climate scientists feel able to quote world temperatures in fractions of a degree when the data are so enormous and from largely unreliable and inaccurate sources? How could the world's temperature increase by just a few degrees and cause such devastating weather changes that would lead to mass extinction? The current CO2 density in the atmosphere is ~420 ppm, although it has been as high as 4,000 ppm during the Cambrian period. How was that not a problem back then, but it is now? Why do some people seem so intent on fixing climate change even though we don't really have any idea what is going on with the climate?

Runaway Global Warming/Tipping Points

What is the runaway greenhouse effect? Scientists predict that this will happen due to human activities. What will happen when this happens for real? Is it possible that we will have a runaway greenhouse effect on Earth due to humans? If CO2 emissions are causing global warming, why haven't they resulted in a runaway greenhouse effect? What do you think are the key "tipping points" that the climate activists are hoping to achieve? How do "environmental feedback loops" amplify global warming? What should we be doing about it? Are we past the tipping point on global warming? What do you think are the key "tipping points" that the climate activists are hoping to achieve? From all of the tipping points and feedback loops that happen because of climate change, could the human race be gone anytime soon?

Water Vapor

What is the relationship between water vapor and atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration with regards to global warming? What is the relationship between atmospheric CO2 levels and water vapor content? How might this affect climate change's future trajectory (global warming)? What role is played by water vapor in the radiation balance of the atmosphere? Why does CO2 contribute more to global warming than water vapor? How do you calculate the surface temperature of earth using Stefan-Boltzmann's law and Newton's law of cooling? How does an increase in atmospheric moisture content contribute to global warming? What would be the average global temperature if there were no air conditioners? Would it be higher or lower than the current average temperature? Why or why not? Which gas has the most greenhouse effect on Earth? Why isn't it water vapor, which makes up the bulk of our atmosphere's mass if it is so potent as a GHG (greenhouse gas)? How does atmospheric water vapor supercharge Earth's greenhouse effect? Why is water less of a concern as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide?

Net Zero

Wikipedia says "Carbon dioxide is the primary greenhouse gas that is contributing to recent climate change." The linked site states, "There is no Valid mechanism for CO2 Creating Global warming." What is the main scientific error of the linked site? As someone who believes in the science of climate change, I cannot see how we can realistically get to net zero emissions in the next decades. Is zero emissions possible while keeping the world viable for 7 billion living in acceptable conditions? Is a zero-carbon economy practicable or desirable for mitigating the impacts of climate change? How is net zero carbon emissions actually possible while maintaining current living standards? Can someone have a carefree and zero-carbon lifestyle? Why don't we go carbon neutral to stop climate change? How can internal carbon pricing drive behavioral change in pursuit of decarbonization targets? Has global warming stopped? If so, why would that be when carbon dioxide levels continue to rise?

Renewable Energy

How can we switch away from fossil fuels toward renewables to benefit both air pollution and climate? What are the limitations of renewable energy in solving climate change problems? What are the most basic economic concepts that climate crazed politicians forget about energy? What are the potential benefits of ending fossil fuel subsidies, in terms of global heating, air pollution deaths, and government revenues? What will it take for global warming activists to pay attention to the fact that so called "green energy" will never work? Why are so many people strongly opposed to renewables like solar and wind? Is it possible to go completely green and stop global warming? Can the world thrive on 100% renewable energy? Can we build a 100% renewable energy world? Could large rechargeable battery systems help with lowering greenhouse emissions? How do wind farms destroy the environment? Why are we not switching to renewable energy when that can solve the problem of global warming. I know it's not cost effective yet, but isn't the life on Earth more important than some currency? Why does renewable energy reduce the quality of life? What are some ways to invest in climate change technology? If the whole world went solar, but the emission of greenhouse gases remained the same, would it still reduce global warming due to a lot of sun's energy being converted into electricity? In the media are tons of nature sciences experts saying, that massive use of turbines and solar panels draw energy from earth climatic system and consequences are going to be colder temperatures and droughts due drawing energy from environment. Fake? Once the renewable infrastructure is built, the fuel is free forever. — Al Gore. What are your thoughts on this statement? What did Al Gore get wrong in An Inconvenient Truth? If Al Gore would have been declared President of the United States in 2000, would the world be addressing climate change instead of ignoring it? How do you think about climate change when you're not a scientist? What are some environmental problems associated with solar panels and wind farms, as reported by BBC and CNN respectively? Europe's energy policy is in favor of renewables. On the surface it look great but its recent gas shortage and attendant price increase no longer support that view. Is it not time for energy policy review in Europe? Why does an article in Le Monde say that using renewable energy instead of new gas supplies would be a quicker and cheaper way to replace Russian fuel? Would the solution to climate change be as catastrophic as climate change? How could rising temperatures lead to a reorganization of where people live? Where can a person go to find peer reviewed research articles on climate change and effects of carbon dioxide emissions?


What are the pros and cons of burning coal? Does it contribute to climate change? Can we replace coal with renewable energy sources? What are the pros and cons of doing so? Isn't coal a major contributor to climate change and why should we continue to use it? Why do volcanic eruptions cause temperature drops by blackening the sky but burning coal and fossil fuels cause a hot house effect in the atmosphere In what ways do dirty energy sources like coal, oil, and methane gas contribute to global warming?

Hydrogen Power

Do you agree with Andrew Forrest, the executive chairman of Fortescue, that so-called blue hydrogen, produced mainly from natural gas, is a fake and making the climate worse? Could hydrogen be our solution to climate change? How does the Brexit victory of securing the imports of green hydrogen from Australia, where electricity is predominantly generated from coal, help to save the planet? Will the Northern African States become the green hydrogen exporters of the future? Lots of sun for PV and the Mediterranean for water. They could cover the Sahara with solar panels for power.

Livestock and Farms

How much operational knowledge and influence do meat and dairy companies stand to lose with global warming accelerating and the United Nations ratcheting up climate measures? What do you think of the statement that reducing beef consumption in the U.S. is not a realistic or impactful solution for climate change? The New Zealand government proposes taxing cow burps and pee to tackle climate change. Can the activists in the US be far behind this nutty idea? What would it do to the already high cost of meat? How likely is it that stricter climate policies will lead to family farms being forced to sell their land to the government? What are some ways to reduce the impact of livestock farming on global warming? What are some possible solutions to the problem of cattle methane emissions contributing to global warming? What are some ways that farmers in Australia are adapting to climate change?


Do you agree with Gordon Brown that Trump thinks climate change is a hoax and wishes to drill and burn oil and gas anywhere, which would threaten the point of no return for the climate crisis? What is the impact of social media on climate change denial? Has this been studied? Are there any good statistics on this topic available? What do you think of the 1,000 climate scientists' call for mass collective action to avert climate breakdown? In the long term, which will be more disastrous? Atmospheric warming, or it's power to distract mankind from the far greater and more pressing issue of over-population? Do you think any fossil fuel giants will pledge significant money to address loss and damage at COP28? What is the left's belief about carbon dioxide? What are your thoughts on the head of the Middle East's largest private oil producer's statement that we'll need '100 times more' renewable energy to fight climate change? What are some key factors that officials at the UN climate summit will examine and discuss regarding greenhouse emissions and global warming temperatures? Do you support the option in the United Nations' draft agreement for COP28 to phase down or phase out the use of fossil fuels, quit coal energy and triple renewable energy capacity by 2030? Do you agree with the National Climate Assessment's claim that "anyone who willfully denies the impact of climate change is condemning the American people to a very dangerous future"? What do you think of the European Green Deal that seeks to establish the world's most ambitious climate and biodiversity targets and make the EU the global point of reference on all climate issues? Is Climate Change really just a hoax perpetuated by fearmongers and political agendas? Can we truly trust the science behind Climate Change or is it just another conspiracy theory? Is 'global warming' a cult based on faulty science? If so, which parties are whipping up this group hysteria, and why? Is Tony Abbott right to call warnings of human-induced climate change "ahistorical and utterly implausible"? Can Climate Change be blamed entirely on alien invasions and their advanced technology? Is it true that Climate Change is a hoax created by the government to control our lives? Is it true that Donald Trump single-handedly caused global warming, leading to catastrophic climate change? Why has Mike Johnson consistently voted against climate change and clean energy legislation? Are Republicans truly incapable of understanding basic science or are they just pretending to be ignorant for political gain? What strategies can be used to convince Republicans that climate change is real and needs immediate attention? Are Republicans secretly plotting to destroy the environment and deny climate change, or is it just a myth? Will the dismissal of the legal challenge against the Australian environment minister's decisions on coalmine expansions have a significant impact on climate change? What are the people who are supposedly lying about climate change supposed to be gaining from it? Does reducing human-made carbon dioxide emissions help global warming at all or is it just a waste of money and resources with no effect whatsoever? Should the world be able to trust fossil fuel companies like Oxy and Shell to mitigate climate change? Is it possible to reverse global warming without politics? How do you feel about the proposal to ban people from flying more than four times in their lives to combat climate change? What would happen if the United Nations held fossil fuel companies and their enablers to account for climate change? When Prince William met with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres for discussions on climate change and sustainable development, what were some of the issues they talked about? What other states should model their own climate corps programs after the American Climate Corps? What are your thoughts on Rishi Sunak arguing that Britain has over-delivered on confronting climate change? Does Rishi Sunak's watered down approach to key climate policies call into question whether other countries could do the same? What do you think will happen if we don't carefully observe the climate? How does the government help to solve climate change? What are the implications of the World Bank's financial support for fossil fuel projects despite their green pledges? What are the countries that contribute most to global warming and why are they not doing enough? What do you think of John Kerry's observation that 17 of the 20 countries most affected by the climate crisis are in Africa? Why do you trust the opinions of climate scientists more than the opinions of skeptics? What is the relationship between political ideology and belief in climate change? How do we get the total population to see through the dribble of AGW? What is the potential outcome if a politician questions a scientist's research on global warming? What role, if any, do politicians have in reducing or stopping climate change? How quickly would the “science” collapse when your favourite politicians claim that climate change doesn't exist? Do you believe global warming is a hoax just to make money? What are some potential consequences if politicians continue to delay taking action on climate change? What are some nuanced perspectives that take into account all variables when it comes to saving the world from climate change? What are some possible explanations for why the discussion on global warming has become so partisan? Since AGW has been soundly and thoroughly proven wrong, can we finally move on from this? Since so many people are denying and ignoring climate change, should we just stop studying the atmosphere, ban thermometers, and promote ignorance instead? What steps can be taken to combat misinformation in today's fragmented information ecosystem? What are some reasons why some people think that global warming and climate change are just political terms used by the government to make money off of taxes? What are the consequences of humans not reversing global warming by reducing carbon emissions and other harmful activities? What is the reason that people who identify as being on the political left tend to believe in climate change? Do you believe governments around the world need to take stronger action on climate change to mitigate the impacts of more frequent and intense natural disasters like Cyclone Mocha? Why or why not? What is the climate change movement? What is environmentalism ideology? Why are more people feeling climate anxiety? What are some ways to tell if someone's views on global warming/climate change are driven more by their ideology than by facts? What is the evidence that global warming is a political rather than scientific movement? Is man-made climate change an overstated issue or not based on science at all? Climatology: Why is climate change politicized? What would be the impact of slowing down the economy to cure acute inflation on mitigating climate change, reshoring manufacturing, expanding housing, and investing in critical infrastructure? What is the difference between the WEF's 'Great Reset' proposal and Communism or Socialism? If every person on Earth led a sustainable lifestyle, could we reverse the damage caused by climate change? What role did the oil industry play in creating the climate change crisis that necessitated the new rule? What steps can be taken at a global level to address the issue of rising temperatures and extreme weather events? What practical actions can we take to stop climate change and safeguard the environment for upcoming generations? What is the connections between climate change and social justice? Why do environmentalists argue that the EPA's emissions limits aren't enough to combat climate change? Do you think that scientists who say that there is no global warming should be fired from their jobs? What is the reason that "climate change" or "global warming" is mentioned in almost every science article, even though there are many other pressing issues that need to be addressed? What are your thoughts on the UN's role in climate change? Should the United States pay reparations to developing countries affected by climate change, as suggested by climate envoy John Kerry? Can we slow down the climate juggernaut by cutting our emissions rapidly enough? If we don't stop global warming, what is a more realistic scenario for Earth? How much time will it take to get there? What are some potential consequences if richer nations do not contribute greater funds towards addressing climate change? Can people be happy while living with virtually no carbon footprint in our modern age? Do you think that news outlets have a responsibility to report on climate change and its potential impact, even if it may be controversial or unpopular? Considering the global nature of climate change, do you think individual states should be held accountable for their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions? Why or why not? What would happen if we stopped using fossil fuels? What are the economic costs of global warming, both in terms of damage caused and mitigation measures taken? Are there differences between political beliefs and how they regard acceptance or rejection of global warming evidence? How much has the vast amount of money spent on greenhouse gas reduction actually reduced global temperatures? How much is the world's dependence on oil a factor in its seeming unwillingness to address climate change? Can you give examples of a person or group being persecuted for their views on climate change and global warming? Why are politicians so focused on climate change? Why do comprehensive environmental reviews often add months or years of delay to projects? Is there any way to end global warming and climate change permanently without harmful side effects? What are some ways to combat global warming? Who is doing the most to combat global warming and why? What should be done differently, if anything? When someone is depending upon a “peer-reviewed” study for a politically-influenced argument such as “climate crisis” or ”settled science”, wouldn't it be good to have background information about the political views of the “peers” that reviewed it? Do narrators have any 'hidden' roles in the making of those famous natural history programs like Planet Earth or Blue Planet? If so, then how does it work? How much do you think society should be doing to mitigate and adapt to climate change? Do economic incentives need to be altered to speed up global action to mitigate risks of climate change? Considering the global nature of climate change, do you think individual states should be held accountable for their contributions to greenhouse gas emissions? Why or why not? What is the evidence that climate change can lead to a global natural disaster in the near future? If climate change skepticism is true, then why are scientists still researching it? The government has declared a "climate emergency". What policies do they need to put in place now to meaningfully reduce emissions over the next ten years? What are some reasons why some people think that climate change is a political issue rather than a scientific one? Why are some people vehemently vocal about their skepticism of man-made climate change? What are some reasons why some people think that climate change is a political issue rather than a scientific one? Why, most of the time, the theme "Combating Climate Change" always involves themes like prejudice, colonialism and capitalism? In his book The Vanishing Face of Gaia, Michael Shellenberger argues that environmentalism and its followers are to blame for the world's ecological problems. Why did he write this book? Can slowing down economic growth and reducing consumption of natural resources help to slow down climate change? What is the correlation between climate change and geopolitics? How could a state implement policies that align with international accord on climate change? Will climate change destroy the world's ability to produce food? What are some examples of successful U.S. efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also enhancing energy security? What is the difference between the atmosphere of Earth with a greenhouse effect and a regular atmosphere in terms of thickness, composition, etc.? Why are there so many poor quality scientific studies? I would think ppl with the knowledge to be able to conduct scientific studies would thoroughly understand what is required for conducting a sound study. What if some researchers fictionalized some finding related to global warming? For only the purpose of self-preservation? We all know that unscrupulous people have done that and worse to keep research grants being awarded to keep the cash flowing… How can I persuade pessimists who are afraid of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming to examine the data, do scientific hypothesis testing, and realize there is nothing to worry about? HSBC's head of responsible investing gave a presentation called, “Why investors need not worry about climate risk”, where he accused lawmakers of hyping up climate change as an existential crisis. He was suspended. What do you think? Do you believe in man-made global warming, or do you believe it is a hoax? Why is climate change so concerning? What will happen to Earth if we continue to burn fossil fuels and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere? What can be done about late stage capitalism and climate change? Is global warming, climate change, etc., fake news? If we continue down the path of greenhouse ga*s emissions at the current rate, what do you think will happen to our planet? Does the news overkill climate change? Almost every time it rains or there's a hot day, they'll mention record breaking every time. It makes it less serious over time. What will the green nuts move on to once Man Made Global warming is proven to be a hoax? Is there a connection between global warming and the human-induced buildup of greenhouse gases? Why do so many people believe humans can change the climate? There is no evidence in the past of man-made climate change. CO2 is invisible plant food needed to feed the world. Is eliminating crude oil a threat to humanity since everything today is made with oil? What if global warming is a hoax concocted by the left to restrain Capitalism's strength and advance the Communist and progressive globalist cause to justify U.N. interference in national' sovereignty and lay the basis for a global Marxist government? What can people and nations do to fix global warming? What are five specific contributions we can personally do at a national or international level? What policies could world governments introduce to reduce global warming? What are some examples of cities that have been ruined because of climate change and rising sea levels? Why do some Americans not want to be carbon neutral? How did climate scientists calculate each country's fair share of carbon budget? Why aren't fossil fuels banned, if fossil fuels are polluting the environment and burning fossil fuels releases large amounts of CO2, which contributes to climate change? Is global warming a significant threat to capitalism? Why don't we update the International Court of Law so countries who do not combat global warming can be punished for 'crimes against the planet'? Why have many of the mainstream media, like ABC, suddenly switched from NEVER talking about climate change to ALWAYS talking about climate change? Why do mainstream media such as CNN and BBC like to report fake or biased news? Why does the mainstream media totally ignore the arguments of other sciences who have alternate theories on climate change and the role CO2 plays in this issue? Would eliminating poverty improve or worsen climate change? Does the idea of global warming resemble a religion more than an actual field of science? As 2022 begins, is there still a way to quickly reverse climate change? What message does the passage convey? "There's one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and this is the urgent threat of a changing climate" If anyone thinks getting rid of fossil fuels is painful and expensive today, how much more expensive will it be if we wait just five more years to start in earnest? How can wealthy countries help developing countries adapt to climate change? Why are/were there not more pro-Fossil Fuel leftists? Given the Fossil Fuel industry provides numerous blue collar jobs, especially in the 20th century, how come there wasn't more outspoken defenders on the left? Why is it constructive for the whole world to work in the same direction to fight global warming if some countries could benefit from it? When did you realize that "human-caused climate change" is completely made up and a hoax to scare people into supporting socialism? Among the following ideologies, which one is the worst: communism, globalism, radical environmentalism, or eco-fascism? Why is carbon dioxide the focus of so much attention regarding climate change? Do 'green policies' make energy more expensive? Is energy more expensive in countries where more energy is generated from 'green' sources than from fossil fuels, and the fossil fuel industry is more regulated, and there are more eco regulations? It is 2022. What proven, scalable remedies for climate change exist today? Or do you think climate-induced societal upheaval and eventual collapse is now a bygone conclusion? Should the ICC prosecute countries that are high contributors to global warming? Where does the idea that the climate needs net zero carbon emissions come from? How can we urge and make sure that our government maintains and commits to climate action that it agreed to? Bloomberg reports that Senator Warren Is urging a crackdown on Wall Street over climate change. How would financial centers like Wall Street be responsible for climate change? Why has no one addressed the issue of private jets and commercial airlines contributing massively to global warming? How does climatology work? Why are most Republicans and conservatives today against environmental policies, when they themselves once sought to "conserve" the environment for future generations? What reaction did you make to the UN climate change statement of "Code Red for humanity? Do you think humans cause global warming? Why or why not? How exactly can we avoid climate change despite improved daily technology? Any intelligent ideas? Can someone be intelligent and yet not believe in the reality of anthropogenic climate change (global warming)? Isn't it concerning to you that politicians are the ones pushing the climate accord and not the worlds top respected scientific community on T.V. warning the world if this is such a vital issue? When scientific evidence of climate change was first presented, what was the initial reason many politicians decided to ignore it while listening to scientific evidence on other issues? If Climate Change is a big conspiracy, why in the world would the governments of the world put so much effort into creating a hoax that directly threatens the international oil economy to which they are all ridiculously dependent on? Is climate change/global warming a money grab for corporations? Does a conservative version of exist? What is the reason behind journalists' support for the climate change theory? What are your thoughts on the Extinction Rebellion protests? Is Bill Gates being realistic about climate change? What are some examples of people who used to deny climate change but changed their minds after looking at the evidence? How can wealthy countries help developing countries adapt to climate change? What do you think of Google's Project Green Light, an AI-driven effort to reduce carbon emissions? Should a climate scientist who suspects that global warming is not happening be allowed to continue to do research? Is it even possible now for a climate scientist to reveal data contrary to global warming if they found it? Could the ecological mandate known as ATWA, proposed by Charles Manson, have a significant impact on the present global warming situation? What is Climate Action Week? Why is it important? What will be its impact? Is there a link between 'climate change' and 'democracy'? What are the creative solutions to holding big companies liable on civil law for their CO2 emissions? Is the Great Reset a real thing? What is the risk of climate change to international security? "Our continued dependence on fossil fuels makes the global economy and energy security vulnerable to shocks and geopolitical crises" Antonio Guterres. What do you think? Why would climate change force investors to assess transition risk and physical risk? What are some arguments for and against climate change/global warming? What evidence would you need to see before changing your mind about it? I have never seen a comprehensive breakdown of all arguments for and against climate change. I only see isolated claims on both sides with no clear rebuttals. How can I know what is true without arbitrarily finding a source I like? How would you use and communicate knowledge about Scientific Inquiry and Nature of Science to help the public understand why there is disagreement by some scientists about the causes, extent of damage and the rate of progression of climate change? Why did world presidents fly private jets to Glasgow for a climate change conference? How does Ulez expansion fit into broader efforts to tackle the climate crisis in London and beyond? Should we organize a collection for Climate Scientists who want to go on strike because the world is not taking them seriously according to the NYTimes? Climate change is getting worse. What's the best way to force big companies to be more environmentally-friendly? Should we organise a collection for Climate Scientists who want to go on strike because the world is not taking them seriously according to the NYTimes? How do we know if today's environmental policies and actions will lead to a more sustainable future? Why do environmentalists argue that the EPA's emissions limits aren't enough to combat climate change? What are some military strategies for combating global warming and climate change? Is this so called New Real Climate Science site even remotely legitimate? It seems like the moderator is just a troll with an axe to grind with no grindstone. Is he a climate scientist or just a shill in denial of climate change? What is your opinion on politicians' responses to issues such as climate change, particularly in comparison between Europe and the United States? Does the "Real Climate Science" forum sound remotely credible when the Administrator, a small business owner, says "Don't trust the climate scientists because they don't know what they're talking about?"

Red China

Why is Newsmax running ticktock ads a Chinese owned company that’s spying on Americans? Also, what is with their about face on the climate issue, there is no global warming? How do you interpret Biden's focus on climate change on the global stage? How can a well-crafted carbon pricing policy address climate change, national debt, and China's ascent simultaneously? How have climate policies of the Chinese government been received by Governor Gavin Newsom? How can California, which is responsible for less than 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions, help tackle the climate crisis through cooperation with China? Why do you think Governor Gavin Newsom chose to emphasize climate issues during his visit to China? Will China never pay attention to the global warming? China's coal production hit record levels in 2021 In blow to climate campaigners, state encourages miners to ramp up output to avert winter gas crisis. 30 percent of the pollution come from China.

Carbon Tax

What is the effect of carbon tax on global warming? What is the definition of a carbon tax? Does any economist support a carbon tax for climate change reasons? If so, who?

Fake Scientific Consensus

Why is it important to change the narrative of fear and doom surrounding climate change and instead focus on hope and optimism? How much debate is there among experts about the science behind climate change, and how confident should we be in their claims? What is the scientific consensus on human-caused global warming and/or climate change? How was it determined, and by whom? What is your response to the accusation that climate change skeptics are "anti-science"? Do scientists agree that the Earth is getting warmer because of human activity and carbon emissions? How many papers were published by scientists who reject the theory of man-made global warming before consensus was reached on anthropogenic global warming (AGW) /climate change being real? How can I dispute the scientific consensus on global warming? What is the percentage of climatologists who believe in global warming? Do all scientists believe in global warming? If not, why would this be the case? What is the scientific consensus on climate change? Is it caused by human activity or is it a natural phenomenon? Why is there such a large scientific consensus that human activity is causing dangerous levels of climate change? Are there any reputable scientists who are known to disagree with the 'consensus' causes of climate change? Why do they disagree? Why don't conservatives recognize that assuming the scientific consensus on climate change is wrong as they claim, it could be wrong in the other direction and that it could be far worse than they say? Why is it that when you ask climatologists, who are not dependent on government grants for their research, about "climate change", 97%+ will state that global warming/climate change is grotesquely exaggerated? What is something you believe you can prove to your children that will make them question the scientific consensus of climate change? What is the current state of scientific research regarding global warming? If 97% of scientists believe in anthropogenic climate change, why are there so many climate change skeptics? What percentage of climatologists agree that global warming is real and man-made? Is there political bias in scientific research, especially when it comes to climate change? How can anyone still claim AGW is about climate when it is openly admitted the target is the capitalism? Is the whole climate change issue really just a well-disguised 'will to power'? Science seems to be twisting to suit certain politics. Is it then really Science? Do you believe what scientists have stated about global warming and the future of our planet? Will climate change ever be taken seriously and acted on? Will the fatherly sins of omission/inaction be forever passed on to future generations to attempt to undo or fix? How true is the IPCC report about climate change? Are we really experiencing climate change and is this war in Ukraine a result of the world moving away from fossil fuels or is this all for money, again? Why do many climate change scientists not agree that global warming is happening? What is the percentage of climatologists who believe in global warming? Do all scientists believe in global warming? If not, why would this be the case?

Hijacking of Science

Why do some scientists deny climate change? Are there any scientists speaking out about global warming from a skeptic point of view? What is the scientific community's opinion of people who don't believe in climate change and other scientific findings? Why aren't scientists more widely criticized for confirmation bias since they look for evidence to support their theory? How can I become a climate scientist?

Climate Alarmism

What evidence do scientists have to support the link between climate change and extreme environmental conditions? If there was no evidence of global warming, why are some people predicting doom & gloom scenarios in the future? What is the history of climate alarmism? How dangerous is climate alarmism when it displaces common sense approaches? Is the world going to end by climate change or global warming? The stuff I heard online about climate change is scaring me into thinking that. How much of Climate Change Alarmism is based on the premise that ANY change is bad and human beings are incapable of adapting to change? What is one simple argument that completely shatters the "climate change" alarmist narrative? Corrupt scientists, sleazy politicians, and alarmist media have been making predictions about global climate catastrophe for more than 35 years, while the world steadily gets healthier and wealthier. Why do people still listen to these con-artists? Is it true that for every dollar that goes to climate skeptics, more than 100 dollars goes to climate alarmists?

The Beneficialness/Greening of CO2

Why does the beneficial greening of Earth due to more CO2 not get talked about as much as the negative consequences of climate change? Why is carbon dioxide harmful for us? What are its effects on humans, plants, animals, and Earth's environment as a whole? What is the evidence that increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will make our planet greener by increasing plant life? Doesn't more CO2 in the atmosphere mean plants will grow better? Is there a limit to how many greenhouse gases humans can produce without harming our planet's atmosphere? Is there any way of stopping the effects of global warming, other than stopping greenhouse gas emissions completely and starting with a new planet Earth from scratch again? How can you tell if the Earth's atmosphere has too much carbon dioxide? CO2 has surpassed 400 ppm. What can we expect life on Earth to be like if we don't get serious with this molecule and it reaches 800 ppm? Do you think international cooperation should increase to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on Earth? How much CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere to stop global warming? What are the uses of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Why is it, do you believe, that environmental protestors fixate on CO2 reduction primarily rather than other environmental issues (like plastics in the ocean)? Is CO2 a big white elephant? And are protest movements essentially propaganda orgs? How much CO2 must be removed from the atmosphere to stop global warming? Is there a way to remove carbon dioxide from Earth's atmosphere, or would it be better just to stop producing it? How important is decarbonization in our fight against climate change? Can the billion-dollar market for carbon offsetting help save the planet? Is it true that CO emissions are not nearly as harmful to the environment as scientists once thought they were? Will the Swiss machine that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere be a great tool to combat climate change? What are the drawbacks of using carbon capture technology to combat climate change? If we continue pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, what will be the consequences for our grandchildren? If extra CO2 enhances plant growth, as is believed by many global heating deniers, why do no growers increase the percentage of the gas in the air in their greenhouses and polytunnels? Could this be because the claim is nonsense? Does CO2 increase in concentration as you go higher up in our atmosphere?

Global Cooling/Ice Age

Is it now very likely that due to the gradual brightening of the Sun as it ages since Snowball Earth last thawed out, ice ages ever since will now only be possible when the Earth's atmosphere has fewer CO2 in the atmosphere, but now much rarer? Will we be able to curb future ice ages by pumping enormous amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere? Can reversing climate change cause a new ice age? What is more likely: Global warming or Global cooling? In 1980 they said climate change would cause an ice age before the year 2000. So what's up with that its 2023 and sill no ice age? How hot will the Earth get from Global warming before it starts to cool down again? How long will it take? Could a sudden decrease in solar activity cause global cooling, despite high levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases? What would happen if global cooling replaced global warming? How come when there is a record breaking cold day it isn't called "global colding" or "global cooling"? What makes global warming different from other apocalyptic predictions that turned out to be false (such as Y2K and global cooling)? What is the name of the chemical reaction that causes global cooling, and why is it not as well-known as the greenhouse effect? Have scientists ever warned about global cooling?

800 Million Year CO2 Level Speculation

I'm no conspiracy theorist but I understand the rise in global CO2 occurs some 800 years after rises in global temperature. If that is correct, why are we obsessed about reducing CO2 levels?

Sea Level

Are the sea levels rising? How are scientists warning of off-the-charts temperatures in the oceans? Can we believe the scientists' claim that the sea level will rise a foot by 2050 when the same scientists insisted the ice caps would be gone by now? Is it possible for sea levels to rise as much as 7 meters by 2050? What would have to happen to make this a certainty? Has there been any evidence to show that the world's oceans have risen recently or will they rise in future due to global warming? If yes, then how much has it risen and what is the reason for this rise? How do modern agricultural practices add to the problem of sea level rising?


Why haven't Americans linked the worsening storms, floods and tornadoes to extreme American levels of CO2 pollution and demanded action to protect our planet? What do the December tornadoes tell us about climate change, if anything?


How will huirrcanes be in 2025 and 2030 if climate change keeps up? What is the relationship between global warming and hurricanes? Can we expect more hurricanes if global temperatures keep rising? Is hurricane Ian gonna wake climate deniers up? Do you believe governments around the world need to take stronger action on climate change to mitigate the impacts of more frequent and intense natural disasters like Cyclone Mocha? Why or why not?

Polar Climate

Why is the Arctic Warming? Why is the Antarctic sea ice declining dramatically? Is it true that Antarctica is so hot right now that it's approaching devastation? Given that Antarctica gained 661 billion tons of ice during 2009-2019, does this mean that the greenhouse effect is affecting only the North Hemisphere? How long will it take for our planet's temperature to stabilize and that of Antarctica's glaciers as well if we stopped global warming right now? Why is there global warming when the South Pole is getting colder as the North gets warmer? The Arctic is greatly threatened due to global warming. However, if it occurs that carbon emissions are diminished, can it eventually regain its pack ices? Or has the damage been done to no return? Why are the poles warming faster than elsewhere? How is global warming affecting Greenland's glaciers? If all the ice masses in the Arctic and Antarctic melt as a result of global warming, what will be the effect? Why is ice disappearing across the planet at a record rate? If humans are supposedly causing global warming, why has the record low temperatures of the Earth gone from -76°F in 1838 to -128.6° F in 1983? If the world is warming, why are there still record low temperatures being set?


Do you think events like wildfires in Turkey, Canada, and Spain this year are due to the carbon-driven climate crisis? Why are wildfires being linked to climate change? If it's not proper to use one-off weather events (a particularly cold winter) as a denial of climate change, why is it proper to use one-off events (bad wildfire season) to support climate change? What can be done immediately regarding climate change causing the fires and record high temperatures on the West coast? Why is Australia looking at a climate change angle to its bush fires? What challenges does Australia face when it comes to climate change and environmental protection? If this planet is in the midst of global warming, why do we have yearly blizzards, followed by floods, droughts, and wildfires? How does global warming cause forest fires? What is your take on the argument that blaming climate change for wildfires is a way for policymakers to deflect responsibility from their own actions or lack thereof?


How do scientists determine the history of climate change? What do you know about the history of climatology? When was it discovered that greenhouse gases trap heat? Is the greenhouse gas theory based on the IR interaction with the CO2 increasing the temperature of the atmosphere? Who was the first scientist to suggest that carbon dioxide from industrial processes could create a "greenhouse effect"? How confident are climate scientists that anthropogenic global warming is real and poses a significant threat to the planet? What are the key objections to accepting GHG effect as part of anthropogenic global warming amoungst those educated in spectroscopy, as seems an emotional issue not knowing or can't understand spectroscopy, even deny it's quantification? What is the possible sustainable replacement for oil for transportation seeing the global warming and climatic change caused by carbon emission from oil combustion? When was the first paper describing the CO2 effect on Earth's temperature? When was a paper published that quantified the effect if different? What compelled scientists to first study carbon dioxide's effects on atmospheric temperatures, thus leading to the concept of man-made climate change? Who is Maurice Strong and why is he considered the father of climate change? Is it true that in the Middle Ages it was warmer than today? Did the failure of the "rain follows the plow" theory explain any of the initial skepticism towards anthropogenic global warming? Studies provide evidence that rise in global temperatures over the past 150 years, has been more rapid and widespread than any period in the past 2000 years - do this findings support claims that today's global warming is the result of human activity? How do those who see no climate problem account for the fact that the last 50 years has seen global land surface temperature rise faster than at any previously recorded time in the planet's history? Hypothetically speaking, if the entire world stops using fossil fuel 100%, how long would it take to get the planet off the trajectory of disaster? Has global warming died down in 2019? Why does the Pacific Northwest see record temperatures? Is it the impact of global warming? Why do people refuse to accept that global warming is a very real global issue and impacts everyone's lives even in light of recent disasters? What is the impact of global warming on the frequency regularity of a tropical cyclone? What is the impact of global warming on the frequency of typhoons? How can I find a comprehensive list of scientists who talk about climate change publicly (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, news media, TV)? Can you explain why global temperatures rose before CO2 levels during past warming periods, and why they do not follow each other now that we have increased CO2 levels again?


Why isn't overpopulation an issue in fighting climate change? What are some ways to ensure that the world's population is fed during climate change? Keeping emotions aside, as everyone in the era could see the increasing global warming is due to heavy population, don't you think a Thanos must exist in our world? Is overpopulation the root cause of all the problems in this world? (Be it jobs, traffic, healthcare, pollution, terrorism, degradation of the Earth, etc) How can the present generation address these problems? Is climate change an existential threat to human civilisation? Theoretical question/scenario here. After climate change becomes irreversible, and natural water sources become scarcer due to overpopulation (estimated 11 billion by 2050), can we take from glaciers for water? If not, what about when they melt away? Do you really believe climate change is catastrophic? How do I deal with climate change alarmists on Quora? What is the best way to explain to people that global warming can cause more extreme weather, but not all kinds of weather? I can't stop panicking about climate change. How do I deal with the anxiety? People suggest making changes in my own life but I'm a teenager and that's not up to me. Is anyone else in Gen Z upset we were handed a world that may be destroyed in our lifetime? The Earth is supposed to meet its maximum carrying capacity in 2050 and global warming is near a point of no return. Will society collapse due to climate change? What are some ways to save our planet from destruction by climate change, pollution, and other environmental problems? Why are polar regions generally colder than temperate areas?

Solar Irradiation including Sunspots and Cloud Cover

What is the link between changes in incoming solar radiation energy due to variations in sun spots and climate change on Earth? Is it possible that the Sun is the main driver of climate change, not greenhouse gases? What is the relationship between cosmic rays and global warming/climate change on Earth? What purpose do clouds have for the environment? What would happen with fewer clouds? Is there any threat to clouds? How do different layers of clouds trap heat and contribute towards reducing temperatures across regions significantly under certain conditions? Is it true that Berkeley Labs in 2015 put out a press release that atmospheric CO2 caused only ten per cent of the trend of increase of infrared energy from all sources such as clouds and water vapour? Why is John L. Daly's insights on climate change from 1991 ignored? They show its controlled by the Sun. What is black carbon pollution? '

Coral Reefs/Great Barrier Reef, Ocean Acidification

What is causing ocean acidification? What are the ways to stop or reverse ocean acidification? If there are any, how much would it cost and how long would it take to do so? What effect will climate change have on coral reefs? We know that coral reefs are dying because of climate change. So far most politicians haven't taken concrete actions due to lobbying interests etc. To what extent can regular people help the coral reefs? If CO2 levels above 400 ppm cause a life-threatening “acidification” of oceans, and damage to the coral reefs, how did the coral reefs exist in the past, when the global average temperature was much higher, and the CO2 level was around 4,000 ppm?


Is entropy a form of energy? How does the increase of entropy affect the environment? Energy can become heat, so where does the energy go when the heat becomes cooled? Second law of thermodynamics say entropy tends to increase in isolated systems. If I have a cold and hot bucket of water isolated together transferring heat, how is it becoming more disordered as a whole system? Could increasing the Earth's entropy allay global warming? What happens to the rest of the thermal energy when we use only part of it for performing work? If CO2 is heavy, why doesn't it settle in valleys and low spots to be toxic to breath? Why is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) blamed so much by Climate Scientists for causing various problems that people think it is poisonous? Do people know presence of CO2 in bodies of humans & animals is absolutely essential, as they can die due to lack of CO2?


Even though the ultimate fate of the Earth's climate is to heat up relentlessly to Venus-like levels as the Sun gradually ages, will the Earth still alternate between hot and cold billions of years before, or is that uncertain in the shorter term? How is carbon dioxide and the Sun's light going to make the surface of Venus boil at almost 900° F?

Meat Consumption

How many people are starting to realize that consumption of meat is not necessary and quite frankly contributes more to greenhouse gases than combustion engines? If animal agriculture is as bad as some sources say it is in regards to global warming, should we all just become vegan? Is the meat industry the number one cause for global warming, resource depletion, and increase in greenhouse gases? Which human food items are accelerating climate change, and why?


What celebrities are actively promoting climate change issues? Is Greta Thunberg a liberal? Do you think Greta Thunberg will be successful in urging politicians and world leaders to make stronger efforts to fight climate change? How was Michael Crichton's State of Fear looked on by the global warming/climate change crowd? Many agree that Mann's climate change graph is a lie. How did he get away with it and what does this tell us about climate science? Why isn't there a public debate between experts on anthropogenic global warming (e.g., Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State versus Dr. Richard Lindzen of MIT)? How do you apply to the Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS) program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) if you have no background in science or math? What does the scientific community think of Bill Nye The Science Guy? What are your thoughts on Dr. Roy Spencer as a scientist? What is your opinion on Dr. Jordan Peterson? Do you think he is a good role model? Do you think global warming/climate change is real?


What is the difference between heat and temperature? Why does water lose its heat quickly when it freezes into ice? How does boiling water make heat? Isn't heat just electrons? How does heat transfer from one molecule to another take place in atmospheric gases? Has "Skeptical Science" now outlived itself as a one-eyed alarmist propaganda outlet? What is the best search engine to use for research on global warming and its solutions? How should we humans narrate our self-made climate disaster? What are the effects of aerosols on the Earth's temperature? If there is not a climate change crisis, then what is the explanation for the sudden increase in regularity of natural disasters and extreme weather conditions? Will polar bears die because the polar ice caps are melting? What requires freezing temperatures to survive? Why do we use fossil fuels if we can make ethanol from corn? What further education could I engage in throughout the summer to further my knowledge regarding environmental sciences and climate awareness? What programs are interesting and good to get involved in? How does infrared detect temperature? Why doesn't the CO2 also act as a shield to reduce the heating effect of the direct sun's radiation of the Earth? Will the Chinese be forced to see a mass relocation into Siberia even in a 4-degree warming? Why are there so many climate change denial websites? Why do people deny the science that man is contributing to destructive climate change? Is there any single climate science conspiracy theory which has been basically established as true? CO2-driven global climate change: Hoax or no hoax? Why is it NOT possible that current climate change is not so much human triggered but a natural cycle over eons for which there is no surviving written records? Systematic weather recordkeeping did not begin until the mid 1800s. Is climate change confirmation that the world is ending as predicted in the Bible? What is known about climate history over the last 10,000 years? As a person believing climate change, I would like to why other people do not believe in climate change? Please respond if you anything else to say besides blaming the media or scientists. If CO2 causes global warming by trapping heat in the atmosphere, why don't double glazing companies use CO2 to fill the gap in their windows, to help insulate your home against heat loss? How is heat produced by carbon dioxide? Snow fell in the Sahara desert in 2016, 2018, 2021 and now 2022. Is this a sign of Global warming? How was ice made in the Middle Ages before the invention of the refrigerator? Is climate change going to wreak havoc on the world's oceans, according to two new studies, depleting the warming waters of the oxygen that fish and other sea life depend on to survive? Now that climate change has caused the best wines to be produced at higher latitudes such as England and Oregon, how will this affect the wine-making industry? The Tonga volcanic eruption was a big surprise, but don't eruptions significantly impact atmospheric particulates? My question is, should we be expecting some sort of interaction between the effects of this eruption and Pacific bordering climate? The strong greenhouse effect in the early Earth could have resulted from accumulation in the atmosphere of CO2 emitted by volcanoes. Imagine an Earth initially covered by ice. Why would volcanic CO2 accumulate in the atmosphere under such conditions? Is it inevitable that Earth will return to a greenhouse climate regardless of human activity? Or do people believe the icehouse climate can last forever if humans stop burning carbon? Would a nuclear winter “reset” or slow down the Earth's degradation by climate change? Look at the images showing the ozone hole. Describe how the ozone layer over the Antarctic changed between 1981 and 1999? Do we really have an ozone layer? Does the vast amount of air-conditioning units running year round have an affect on global warming? They seem like they produce more heat than cool air overall and with temperatures rising globaly they are more and more common. What makes the stratosphere cold? When the population hits 20 billion, will we have controlled global warming? If the planet were plagued by a severe ice age, as portrayed in Snowpiercer, what would be a realistic and scientific solution for humankind's survival? Why are there many scientists on the web saying the Earth is cooling and that an ice age will come, and other scientists says it is warming. it is very confusing to the ordinary person. Is the truth something no one knows? If the Earth has been warming for 12,000 years, since the end of the last Ice Age, then why do people claim that power plants, cars, people, and pollution are causing (or accelerating) global warming? Can global warming be stopped or are we all just going to cook? Is it possible that global warming will concentrate its effect between the latitudes of the tropics to create a forceful convection current that draws cold polar air into the temperate zones, creating a new ice age in the Northern Hemisphere? Climate change denial: what are the most rational arguments, in general, against a unified response, i.e. investment towards massive upgrades and technological advancements to our infrastructure, energy, and economic systems? How do man-made climate change advocates respond to the scientific evidence of the cycles of variations in the Earth's elliptical orbit of the sun and changes in the tilt on its axis are main causes of Earth's warming and cooling? If there was no climate catastrophe when the CO2 level was around 4,000 ppm, why is it believed there will be a climate catastrophe, now, if the CO2 level, which is currently around 400 ppm, continues to rise, or just increase a little bit more? What if the climate change continues to accelerate because of the core cooling faster than expected? Can it be stopped? What is the common man expected to do about global crises like WW3 and climate change when the real power and responsibility lies with the 1% richest/most powerful? Can I keep my house warm with trace amounts of greenhouse gases? Are we as individuals powerless to stop or slow down climate change, or are there things we can do on a personal level? Why doesn't air just fall to the ground due to gravity? Are Quora deliberately pushing climate change denial to get more engagement, and ad revenue, in contravention to their stated mission to deliver quality answers? Why do so many global warming/climate change/climate crisis alarmists disable adding comments? Why do they block, censor, and cancel discussion? How would Elon Musk invest another $400 billion to fight climate change? How do you calculate the maximum average temperature of a year? How does the microwave energy heat the water so fast? Is there a multiplicative effect from microwave energy bouncing around? What is the greenhouse effect and how does it relate to axial tilt? What are the links between forests and climate change? Could parasites like cordyceps evolve to infect humans because of global warming? Do you think the Guardian is doing a good job of covering climate change? What awards has the documentary series Faces of Climate Resilience won since its launch? What role does fairness play in The Guardian's reporting, particularly on issues like climate change where responsibility needs to be named? How is climate change affecting global temperatures, according to the Guardian newspaper? How can we address issues around biodiversity and climate change to prevent permanent consequences like extinction? How does the issue of bird collisions at Circa Central Park relate to climate change and habitat loss? Is the Silicon Valley Bank collapse more proof that capitalism doesn't work? How likely is it that there will be an increase in wildfires due to climate change in Hawaii and other parts of North America? How does someone know the exact temperature of the sun though it's not possible for people to get close to? How do you think the new postage stamp will contribute to the narrative about the climate emergency? Do you think Chatgpt or AI can solve global issues, such as global warming? Is it possible to predict a volcanic eruption based on climate data? What measures should be taken to address the alarming rate of glacier melt in Switzerland? Are there any environmental concerns associated with the increased use of portable fans during heatwaves? In what ways could AI potentially help us address issues like climate change and resource scarcity? What questions should we be asking about the dwindling worldwide bee population, and what can we do to help address the issue? What is Ang Tshering's perspective on saving Himalayan peaks from global warming, and how has he been campaigning for it over the years? Can anyone from the scientific community critique my idea? If oil is made from million-year-old microorganisms, why don't we make oil out of fast-growing microorganisms? To replace fossil fuels where no alternative exists, like in organic chemistry? What is the highest possible average global annual surface air temperature on Earth? How can we measure it? Do people who believe in global warming tend to be more intelligent than those who don't?

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