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This starts out with a list of climate skeptic blogs followed by a list of pro-AGW blogs.

Climate Change Skeptic Blogs
Pro-AGW Climate Change Blogs

**Climate Change Skeptic Blogs**


Activist Teacher by Denis G. Rancourt

Scott Adams Says

The Air Vent by Patrick Jeff Condon

Alarmist Claim Research

An Honest Climate Debate

The Antarctic Volcanoes Project Blog by T.L. Winslow

Anthropogenic Global Warming Unveiled by Malcolm Roberts and Pauline Hanson

David Archibald

Armstrong Economics

Australian Survival and Preppers

Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist

The "Art" of Weather - Art Horn, Meteorologist

Australian Climate Madness

The Australian Climate Sceptics Blog


Barrett Bellamy Climate

Ed Berry

Clive Best

Biased BBC

Biblioteca Pleyades Climate Changes

Big Picture News, Informed Analysis by Daonna Laframboise


Biology Cabinet by Nasif S. Nahle

Bishop Hill by Andrew William Montford

The Blackboard by Lucia Liljegren by Richard McCure

Le Blog de Reynald Du Berger

Bud Bromley

The Browning Newsletter (World Climate Bulletin)

Bruce On Politics

C3 Headlines

The Carbon Sense Coalition - chmn. Viv Forbes

Carlin Economics and Science by Alan Carlin

Celebrity Paycut

CFACT by Craig Rucker

Cha-am Jamal, Thailand

Climate4you by Ole Humlum

The Climate Abyss

Climate & Capitalism

Climate Audit by Steve McIntyre

Climate Auditor by Bevan Dockery

Climate Change 101

Climate Change and Music

Climate Change Debate Education by David Wojick

Climate Change Dispatch by Thomas Richard

Climate Change National Forum

Climate Change Reconsidered by the Nongovernmental Internat. Panel on Climate Change

Climate Change Theory by Douglas Cotton

ClimteCite< by Tom Tomarkin/a>

Climate Collections

Climate Contrarian by Jaime Jessop

ClimateCraze by John Shewchuck

Climate Curious by David Siegel

Climate Debate

Climate Debate Daily

Climate Depot

Climate Discussion Nexus - John Robson

Climat Environnemenet & Energie

Climate Etc. by Judith Curry

The Climate Fix by Roger Pielke Jr.

Climate Grog by Greg Goodman

Climate Illuminated

Climate News

Climate Nuremberg by Brad Keyes

Climate Realists

Climate Reality

Climate Resistance by Ben Pile

Climate Sanity by Tom Moriarty

Climate Science Journal

Climate Science Press

Climate Skeptic by Warren Meyer

Climate Scepticism by Brad Keyes

Climate Science by Roger Pielke Sr.

Climate Science by Derek Tipp

Climate Science America

Climate Sense by Dr. Norman Page

Climate Skeptic

Climate of Sophistry by Joseph E. Postma

Climate Views by Norm Rogers

Climatism by Jamie W. Spry

Clintel: There is no Climate Emergency by Guus Berkhout and Marcel Crok

CO2 Is Green

Cold Air

Cold Climate Change by Dr. Sircus

The Colder Side of Global Warming

Confessions of a Colorado Conservative


Contra Klugman

The Corbett Report

Cornwall Alliance

Coyote Blog by Jan Kjetil Andersen

The Daily Caller

Dealing with the Con in Consensus by Leo Goldstein

The Deplorable Climate Science Blog by Tony Heller (Steve S. Goddard)

Doctor Democracy's Dictates

Dynamic Applications - 21st Century Worldwide Growth of Forest

Ecofascism by William Walter Kay

Ecomyths by L. Graham Smith

Ecosense by Patrick Moore


Electroverse by Cap Allon

The Emperor's New Climate by Bruno Wiskel

The Energy Advocate by Howard Hayden

Energy Matters by Euan Mearns

Enthusiasm, Scepticism and Science by Bernie Lewin

Errors in IPCC climate science by Warwick Hughes

Fanatical Free Zone

Farewell Then... Goodbye to Satire by Mike Marcus Smith and Ian Woolley

Faux Science Slayer by Joe Olson

The Fluid Catastrophe by John Reid

Founding Fathers

Friends of Science

The Galileo Movement

Gelpsan by Ross Golbspan

Geoffchambers's Blog

Consulting Geologist by Timothy Casey

Geoscience Environment

Global Warming by Cooler Heads Coalition

Global Weather Oscillations by David A. Dilley

Global Climate Scam

Global Warming Not Caused by CO2 by Gary Novak

Global Warming Solved by Michael, Ronan, and Imelda Connolly

The Global Warming Challenge

The Global Warming Heretic

The Global Warming Policy Forum

Global Warming Policy Foundation

The Global Warming Scam and Climate Change Superscam

Global Warmth by Rod Martin Jr.

Steven Goddard

Indur Goklany

Steve Gorham

The Grand Solar Minimum

The Great Climate Debate

The Great White Con


Greenie Watch Mirror by John Joseph Ray

Green Jihad - The world's most read website that tells the truth about the environmentalist movement's holy war against mankind

Green Jillaroo

Grumpy Denier

Guido Fawkes

Heartland Global Warming Research Inst.

Bishop Hill

The Hockey Schtick

Chris Horner Online

Warwick Hughes

Mike Hulme

Humans Are Free

I4Patterns by Darko Butina

Ice Age Farmer

Ice Age Now


I Love My Carbon Dioxide by Hans Schreuder

The Inconvenient Skeptic

International Climate Science Coaliition

Investor's Business Daily

Iowa Climate Science Education

The IPCC Report by Paul Matthews

Issues & Insights

It's Not CO2

Terri Jackson's Scientific Blog

Claes Johnson on Mathematics and Science

JoNova by Joanne Nova

Junk Science by Steven J. Milloy

Die kalte Sonne by Fritz Vahrenholt and Sebastian Lüning


Die Klimazwiebel

Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist's Journey to Climate Skepticism by Jim Steele

Landshape by David Stockwell

LaRouche Pac

The Left Exposed

Nicholas Lewis

John Locke Foundation

Henry Makow

Manhattan Contrarian

Manic Beancounter by Kevin Marshall

Haring Consulting by Markus O. Haring (Häring)

Jennifer Marohasy


Fabius Maximus by Larry Kummer

Andrew Melcher

meteoLCD Weblog by Francis Massen

Jonathan E.P. Moore

Musings from the Chiefio

Mythes, Mancies & Mathematiques.

Natural Climate Change by Eric T. Karlstrom

Natural News

Tom Nelson

Nevada Solar Scam by David Debertin

The New Realistic Observer

New Zealand Climate Science Coalition by Vincent R. Gray

No Frakking Consensus by Donna Laframboise

Not A Lot of People Know That by Paul Homewood

NoTricks Zone by Pierre Gosselin

An Objectivist Individualist by Charles R. Anderson

John O'Sullivan

PA Pundits - International

A Walk on the Natural Side by Jim Steele

Melanie Phillips

Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog

Plants Need CO2


Polar Bear Science by Susan Crockford


Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York


Pure Climate Skeptic (Carbongate)

Quixotes Last Stand

The Rational Optimist by Sir Matt Ridley

The Reference Frame by Luboš Motl

The Right Climate Stuff by Jim Peacock


The Saltbush Club

A Skeptical Mind

Science & Environmental Policy Project (SEPP) - Ken Haapala

Science Bits

Science and Environmental Policy Project

Science Matters by Ron Clutz

Science Under Attack by Ralph B. Alexander

Scientifique en Chef

Scottish Skeptic

Seafriends by J. Floor Anthoni

SeaLevel.Info by Dave Burton

Skating Under the Ice by Willis Eschenbach

Skeptics Global Warming

Sky News

Socminco - Agenda 21 in Lake County, CA

Sowell's Law Blog

Space Weather by Tony Phillips

Dr. Roy Spencer, Climatologist

Steyn Online by Mark Steyn

Still Waiting for Greenhouse by John L. Daly

Stop These Things


Sunrise's Swansong

Suspicious0bservers by Ben Davidson

Tallboke's Talkshop by Rog Tallbloke (Roger Tattersall)

Talking About the Weather

Thongchai Thailand

Bob Tisdale - Climate Observations

Tower of Reason by Scruffy Scirocco

Tripple Check

Tropical Hot Spot Research by Allan M.R. MacRae

AIM TruthBits

UC's Blog

The Unconditional Human Spirit by Wendell Krossa

Adrian G. Vance

VPD Calc - Eddie Miller

Western Australia Climate Net

What Really Causes Global Warming? Greenhouse Gases or Ozone Depletion?

Why It's Not Carbon Dioxide

Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions


Wolsten's Wandering Words

World Climate Report by Patrick J. Michaels

World Cycles Institute by Peter Temple

WUWT: Watts Up With That? "The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change".

Zero Hedge

Zoe's Insights

**Pro-AGW Climate Change Blogs**

10:10 Climate Action

21st Century Tech

3000 Quads by Thomas Fuller

350 Action

667 Per Centimeter by Jan Galkowski

A Greener Future

AGW Observer by Ari Jokimaki

All Models Are Wrong by Tamsin Edwards

Alternatives Journal: Canada's Environmental Voice

Am. Meteorological Society Weekly Climate News

Timothy Andrews

... and Then There's Physics by Ken Rice

Before the Flood

Jem Bendell

The Big Wobble

Bobbing Around by Bob Rich

Brave New Climate by Barry W. Brook

C40 Cities

Caltech Climate Dynamics Group


Carbon Brief by Leo Hickman

Doug Casey's International Man

Centre for Climate Safety

Citizen's Challenge

Citizens' Climate Lobby

Simon Clark

Clean Technica

Climate 411

Climate Central

Climate Change Nat. Forum by Michael Tobin

Climate Change - ProCon

Climate Change - The Science

The Climate Coalition

Climate CoLab

Climate Communication

Climate Consensarian by Patrick Reynolds

Climate Desk

Climate Denial Crock of the Week with Peter Sinclair

The Climate Denier List

Climate Dollars

Climate and Energy Blog

Climate Feedback by Eric Michelman

The Climate Group

Climate for Health

Climate Home News by Megan Darby

Climate Investigations Center

Climate Justice Now!

Climate Lab Book by Ed Hawkins

Climate Law Blog

Climate Lessons

Climate Liability News

Climate Mama

The Climate Mobilization by Margaret Klein Salamon

Climate Nexus

Climate Outreach by George Marshall

Climate Progress, by Joseph J. Romm

Climate Realism Canada

Climate Reality Project

Climate Rescue Centre

Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions - Columbia U.

Climate Shifts by Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Climate Solutions by David Suzuki

Climate State - James Hansen

Climate Strategies Blog

CO2 Earth

CO2 Science

The Collapse of Western Civilization

Colorado Climate Center - Colo. State U.

Common Dreams

Crisp's Blog

The Daily Climate

Deep Climate

Desmog Blog - premier climate change realist smear site

- The Truth About DeSmogBog

Durango Bill



Earth Guardians by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Earth Island Institute


Energy Central by the Energy Collective Group

ENSO Blog -

Environmental Defense Fund

U.N. Food and Agriculture Org. - Climate Change

Friends of the Earth Action

Futurism by Ross Gelsbspan

GeoEngineering Watch by Dane Wigington

German Climate Pavilion


Global Call for Climate Action (U.S. Global Change Research Program)

Global Ecology Labs

Global Warming: Man or Myth?

The Great White Con

Green Go Web

The Green New Wave by Thomas Fuller


The Guardian U.K.

Walter Hannah, Climate Model Developer

Dr. James E. Hansen

Heated World by Emily Atkin

The Heat Is Online

Isaac Held's Blog

Hot Whopper

Huffpost Green

Inside Climate News

The Intercept

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

International Youth Climate Movement

Jacobin Mag.

The Lukewarmer's Way by Thomas Fuller

Lyspunks: sans i samling by Roger Fjellstad Olsen

Mallemaroking - polar research

Michael E. Mann

Kate Marvel

Cliff Mass Weather and Climate Blog by Cliff Mass

MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change

Bill McKibben

Doug McNeall's Blog

Moyhu by Nick Stokes


Steven Mosher's Blog

Mother Jones

NASA Climate

NASA Earth

Nation of Change

Natural Resources Defense Council

Nature Bats Last - Guy McPherson

The New Climate Economy



Oil Change International

Oil Price

On Climate

Our Changing Climate

Outrage and Optimism by Christiana Figueres

People & Planet

Peter O'Neill's Blog

Planet 3 by Michael Tobis

Polar Science Center

Open Mind

Popular Resistance

Power Shift Network

Rabett Run by Eli Rabett

Stefan Rahmstorf

RealClimate by Stefan Rahmstorf

Real Climate by Gavin Schmidt

The Real News Network

Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security

Responding to Climate Change (RTCC) by James Ramsey

Mary Robinson Foundation Climate Justice

Science Based Targets

The Science of Doom by Steve Carson

Scientists on Acid

Serendipity Blog by Steve Easterbrook

Sierra Club

Simple. Serious. Solvable. by Scott Denning

Skeptical Science (John Cook)

Skeptoid Media by Brian Dunning


State of the Planet by the Earth Inst. of Columbia U.

Stockholm Environmental Institute

The Sunrise Movement

Center for Sustainable Economy


TED Climate Change Blog

Laura Faye Tenenbaum

Terra Forming Terra

Thought Fragments - Jan P. Perlwitz

Tony Heller (AKA Steven Goddard), Exposed

Transition Studies


UK Youth Climate Coalition

Unearthed: Science, Health and Environmental News by the Mo. School of Journalism

U.N. Environment

Variable Variability by Victor Venema


Weather Rescue

Weather Underground

We Don't Have Time


What We Know by the AAAS

The Whiteboard by Ron Broberg

Wood for Trees by Paul Clark

World Bank - Climate Change

World Resources Inst.

World Weather Attribution

Yale Climate Connections

Yale Program on Climate Change Communication

Pro and Con Climate Blogs Ranked - Dec. 2013

Popular - discusses several pro-AGW sites and what's wrong or crooked about them

Heartland Institute/Global warming experts

List of 129 Climate Scandals

Addendum: CO2 Global Warming Hoaxer Mainline Lit.

Here's what truth seekers like us are up against.

Quote from: Why are people skeptical about climate change by Paul Matthews of the U. of Nottingham.

Influence of blogs

"Other blogs are mentioned frequently by climate sceptics on the Reader Background thread: 85 of the 154 sceptics refer to other blogs, in most cases naming specific blogs but in a few cases as a general remark. Unfortunately, it is difficult, if not impossible, to distinguish between those for whom reading sceptical blogs was a major factor informing their scepticism, those whose doubts about climate change were strengthened by sceptical blogs, and those who turned to the sceptical blogs after forming their own sceptical opinions. The number of citations of the different blogs is shown in figure 1. The most frequently cited blog is Climate Audit, mentioned 57 times, indicating its premier status among blogs questioning climate science. Among other sceptical blogs, the AirVent blog hosting the thread is mentioned 35 times and the Watts Up WithThat? blog 34 times. John Daly, of interest since he was probably the first climate sceptic to set up a website, is referred to four times. Blogs that can be regarded as in the 'lukewarmer' camp include The Blackboard, with 18 citations, and the blogs run by Roger Pielke Sr. and Jr. (combined into one grouping here, since this was done by some commenters) with 11. The second most cited blog, with 42 references, is RealClimate, a long-running blog promoting climate science run by a team of climate scientists. Comments from sceptics are critical of this blog, and many imply that reading it may have been a factor leading to scepticism. Some of these comments say that they were concerned by RealClimate's arrogant or dismissive tone, or hostility towards those who disagreed with them. Others report that questions raised were not answered, or in some cases censored. Another blog promoting climate science, 'Open Mind', is mentioned seven times, with similar critical comments. Several individuals report that when they started looking into the climate change question, they started reading these blogs but were put off by their style and turned instead to the sceptical blogs. Other factors. Many other factors leading to scepticism are mentioned in the Reader Background thread, occurring less frequently than those listed above. Nine individuals say that they read parts of the reports published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and this led to scepticism (in some cases, this was the apparent endorsement of the 'hockeystick' by the IPCC). The issue of some climate scientists being reluctant torelease raw data or details of their methodology is raised by six commenters. Another general area of influence is the media, books and films. Three sceptics mention the influence of Sunday Telegraph reporter Christopher Booker, but newspapers do not appear to be a major factor. There are a few suggestions that exaggerated newspaper reports on global warming may have acted as a spark to ignite sceptical views, and a similarly small number of comments showing that news reports alerted readers to sceptical viewpoints. Books are mentioned eight times but no book appears more than once. The film 'An Inconvenient Truth' is referred to by eight commenters. Two of these appear to have found the film convincing, but the other six indicate that the film instigated or enhanced their scepticism by makingexaggerated claims about the science of climate change. The sceptical film 'The Great Global Warming Swindle' is mentioned three times as a factor leading to climate scepticism. A recent paper on the influence of films has found that sceptical films tend to have a greater influence on viewers' opinions than films aimed at increasing climate concern (Greitemeyer,2013)."

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