The Emperor Has No Clothes

Doesn't More CO2 in the Atmosphere Mean Plants Will Grow Better?

By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper™

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Original Pub. Date: Nov. 26, 2020. Last Update: Apr. 4, 2021.

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Doesn't more CO2 in the atmosphere mean plants will grow better?

If we could increase the concentration of the oxygen mixture in the atmosphere would that mean that you would grow better? Duh, yes. Who wouldn’t want to raise their children around trees? So it’s also yes with CO2 and plants, and not less but more is needed to green the planet and feed the teeming billions.

Actually, CO2 is mainly O2, with a little carbon attached. It’s not carbon pollution, but oxygenated carbon, Nature’s way of eliminating it by sending it floating into the sky in a harmless form as far as heating is concerned. Only the CO2 near the Earth’s surface has any activity, as a raw ingredient for plant photosynthesis, the anchor of all life.

CO2 vs. Growth

The atmospheric CO2 level is currently a little over 400 ppm (parts per million or parts per thousand thousand), and is currently increasing by only about 3 ppm/year. When the level drops to 150 ppm, plants stop performing photosynthesis. Greenhouses pump in extra CO2 to a level of 1000 ppm or higher to make plants thrive and increase profits. When you breathe out, the CO2 concentration from your nostrils is 20,000 ppm - 38,000 ppm. Lethal CO2 concentration is 50,000, way beyond anything we will see no matter how much fossil fuel is burned. Thus atmospheric CO2 is pure good, and we need more not less for the future of our planet.

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Earth and its deserts are greening from the increase in CO2. “The greening over the past 33 years reported in this study is equivalent to adding a green continent two times the size of mainland USA (18 million km^2), and has the ability to fundamentally change the cycling of water and carbon in the system.” - Zaichun Zhu, Beijing U. Earth and its deserts are greening from the increase in CO2- Carbon Dioxide Fertilization Greening Earth, Study Finds

Kept leftist-run U.N. IPCC scientists recently published a barge full of papers claiming that increased atmospheric CO2 levels will indeed stimulate plant growth, but lower its nutritional quality, totally ignoring decades of research papers on greenhouses that pump in CO2 gas that show that the soil content can be adjusted to avoid this, and sidestepping the issue of the kind of plants that best flourish at different CO2 levels.

Elevated CO2 and Crop Chemistry

"In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Professor Richard Thomas and alumnus Justin Mathias (BS Biology, ’13 and Ph.D. Biology, ’20) synthesized published tree ring studies. They found that increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the past century have caused an uptick in trees’ water-use efficiency, the ratio of carbon dioxide taken up by photosynthesis to the water lost by transpiration – the act of trees “breathing out” water vapor." - WVU biologists uncover forests’ unexpected role in climate change

The geologists have blown the IPCC’s cover story that high atmospheric levels of CO2 would cause runaway global warming and destroy all life on Earth. Here’s a famous graph of atmospheric CO2 on Earth vs. time going back 600 million years. Note how we’re currently at a record low of CO2 and temperature:

CO2 Over 600 Million Years CO2 140M-Year Decline

Here’s a better graph of CO2 and temperature for the last 600 million years!

Back when atmospheric CO2 levels were many times what we see today, not only did plants grow better, but they were so lush that they supported huge dinosaurs.

But you are about to say that higher atmospheric CO2 levels caused the higher temperatures? Wrong!

Want to know how much atmospheric CO2 influences Earth’s temperature? During the Ordovician Period, from 485.4 million years ago to 443.8 million years ago (41.6 million year span) the atmospheric concentration went from 7,000 ppm (parts per million or thousand thousand), when the climate was hot, down to 4,400 ppm, when there was a million-year ice age. How ridiculous the CO2 AGW hoaxers of today look with their pathetic attempts to invent a looming catastrophe from an increase from 300 ppm to 400 ppm over an 80-year period just because the fossil fuel industry was booming along with capitalism and individual freedom, and the increased CO2 was causing global plant life to bloom, promising to supporting a much larger population, and their Malthusian puppetmasters want to gain world control so they can kill off everybody they don't want and get away with it.

Ever shook up a warm soda pop bottle? The dissolved CO2 escapes violently. The same thing happened throughout Earth’s history, namely, when the temperature dropped the oceans began absorbing atmospheric CO2, lowering the levels, and when it increased it began releasing it, raising the levels. CO2 doesn’t drive global temperatures, it follows changes in it.

Let’s cut to the chase. How much does Earth’s global average surface temperature increase with each doubling of atmospheric CO2 concentration? Answer: ZERO. All along CO2 has been FRAMED as causing global warming, because it can only absorb and emit radiation at a 15 micron wavelength, which has the same Planck radiation temperature (-80C) as a brick of dry ice. -80C isn’t heat, hence CO2 doesn’t absorb heat, and doesn’t emit heat. It completely misses Earth’s real surface temperature range of -50C to +50C, and can’t melt an ice cube no matter how high the concentration. Every day only the Sun adds heat to the Earth’s surface, after which some radiates toward space, which CO2 can’t block, and the rest is removed via conduction-convection and evaporation by the entire atmosphere, i.e., movement of heated air not radiation, which wastes the heat by turning to work. CO2 has actually no effect on surface or air temperatures because of its 15 micron radiation absorption/emission wavelength, and its puny 0.04% concentration has no effect on air’s bulk qualities such as specific heat.

What about their claim that without atmospheric CO2 the Earth would freeze because it adds 33C of warming, as if that alone proves that CO2 causes global warming? Of course that claim that we just happen to have the right amount of atmospheric CO2 to keep the Earth from freezing or frying, because we’re so “lucky” :), but we better hurry and dismantle the fossil fuel industry before it grows out of “control”. The truth is that the atmosphere’s pressure does that, as shown by the Ideal Gas Law PV=nRT, which with an atmosphere of constant volume means that T is directly proportional to P, reaching 33C at the Earth’s surface where it is 14.7 psi. Each day solar heat is deposited on Earth’s surface, heating it up, and the heat ends up dissipating in the atmosphere or space, leaving no net warming. Only the constant pressure at the surface keeps the Earth from freezing, given that the Sun returns each 24 hours to keep the temperature from dropping to the absolute zero of outer space.

I didn’t invent this idea. Some of the world’s greatest physicists did. But the IPCC’s “climate scientists” are all physics flunkouts who suppress their work in their mad grab for money and power and global Marxist takeover with its alleged social justice. The reason they give for dismissing this truth is their absurd claim that gravity doesn’t do work on the atmosphere, when everybody knows that if you do work on a balloon by squeezing it, it heats up, via the universal formula W = H, or work = heat, and atmospheric pressure is still pressure.

Physicist Richard Feynman proved the Maxwell gravito-thermal greenhouse theory is correct and does not depend upon greenhouse gas concentrations.

So now we can see that the insidious leftist-run U.N. IPCC has been framing CO2 emissions as evil in order to trick the Western world into turning off the spigot on the fossil fuel industry to throw it into starvation and poverty, softening it up for a Marxist takeover. While ignoring the real science, their skyscrapers full of deluded miseducated so-called climate scientists churn out boatloads of lying papers predicting that when atmospheric CO2 levels get high enough, global avg. surface temperature will rise dangerously high, leading to all kinds of catastrophes. Of course they want the fossil fuel industry to shut down now, because they know that their predictions of climate Armageddon will never come true, but once the West’s wealthy happy high-octane lifestyle has been dismantled, it will never rise again in the midst of famine, depression, and war. Maybe their constant harping on “pre-industrial levels” of CO2 really mean that they want to throw the Western world back to the pre-industrial age, the age of Marx, so they can finally foist global Marxism.

The world needs to wake up and put all their beehive of lying papers on a barge and sink it in the deepest part of the ocean, then, since they claim that they’re 97% in consensus, fire 97% of them and let them find real careers, and finally take all that money they’re wasting and fund massive development of fossil fuel and nuclear power. Imagine the gall of trying to tax companies for CO2 emissions per ton. Instead, they should pay them for them because they’re helping green the Earth and staving off global famine.

My Cousin CO2, by TLW

That’s the simple unvarnished truth. Only the evil insidious globalist Marxists centered in the U.N. and its politician-run IPCC octopus of kept scientists, academics, and journalists have dared to demonize CO2 as causing “global warming” because big bad fossil fuel companies are selling their product to happy consumers, which they hate, and they have been claiming that if they along with all of capitalism are not stopped and dismantled the Earth will experience climate Armageddon from CO2 emissions. When people see through that con game, they double down by claiming that CO2 is itself bad for plants, when their very lives and ours depend on its abundance in the atmosphere. We need to encourage the fossil fuel industry to keep providing our happy comfortable lifestyles and green the planet. Only the IPCC and its horde of useful idiots need to go.

Speaking of useful idiots, here’s one of the most ridiculous aberrations of the CO2 hoax yet, a personal “carbon footprint” calculator. It’s like putting yourself in Hell and thinking you’re in Heaven:

How to measure exactly how much your personal choices impact climate change

“**If CO2 is allowed to continue rising at about the present rate, the world’s likely peak population of around 10 billion can be fed comfortably with existing land and water resources. 750 ppmv is an appropriate aim.**”

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Here’s a list of recent IPCC articles attempting to paint increased atmospheric CO2 as bad for plant life instead of good. Despite the multi-trillion climate alarmist agitprop machine of the IPCC, more and more smart people are studying the issue on their own and concluding that the only problem we have with the Earth’s future climate is the IPCC and its horrible plans to foist Marxist world govt., impoverish everybody and reduce population, risking speaking truth to power despite their best efforts to shut them up:

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