How Can I Become a Climate Scientist?

By T.L. Winslow (TLW), the Historyscoper™

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Original Pub. Date: Apr. 5, 2022. Last Update: Apr. 6, 2022.

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Graph: Mann vs. Ball
Michael E. Mann (1965-)

How can I become a climate scientist?

I’m tempted to say that you should throw away your critical brain functions and become a true believer in the leftist environmental religion that will deny any facts to coerce taxpayers to support their schemes to dismantle the entire white Christian fossil-powered capitalist Old Order and build an unworkable Marxist utopia on its ashes. OK, I said that.

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Climate Change and Religion

More precisely, to become an employed climate scientist, you have to become a true believer who can recite the official statement of faith and catechism on your knees after offering up the critical-thinking parts of your brain to their idol, by frying them on a grill after they’ve been removed by a brain surgeon, because the Marxist politician-run U.N. IPCC octopus has hijacked the Earth climate science field to promote its big plans to frame CO2 emissions as evil in order to fool world politicians like Pres. Biden into killing the fossil fuel industry supposedly to save the world’s climate, when actually they’re just trying to destroy capitalism and economic growth after handing over all our fossil fuel wealth to them for redistribution to poor countries for their idea of Marxist social-racial justice.

Climate Scientist Quits IPCC, Blasts Politicized 'Preconceived Agendas'

Virtually every academic institution is heavily dependent on IPCC funds, forcing their censorship regime on them. So to become a real climate scientist, one best become an independent amateur, like moi. Lucky for us, the Internet provides all the online learning resources one needs, mostly free, but there is no degree and guaranteed job at the end of long hard years of study, just smearing and shadow-banning and questioning of our motives although we are not putting our hands out for trillions like they are.

Google “climate doctorate” and see the paucity of formal programs in this pseudoscience field. No surprise, the main program is run by Penn. State U., home of notorious leftist activist and fake climate scientist “Dr.” Michael Mann, whose every unhinged Looney Tunes rant is broadcast by the PC media and Big Tech like gospel, with full support by zany Looney Tunes Hollyweird leftists like Leonaro DiCaprio, while all his critics are suppressed like manure. Imagine being one of their students, actually speaking out about their lies, and getting the boot :)

If you didn’t know that “Dr.” Michael Mann has intelligent scientific critics, luckily Quora is still open to free open debate, so I can cite articles from the tiny number of independent IPCC critic blogs that fight the heavy blanket of suppression to tell truth to power. Did I mention that after squandering tens or hundreds of billions generating boatloads of fake climate science papers to sell the IPCC greenhouse gas warming hoax, their ultimate plans to force not trillions but hundreds of trillions from Western nation taxpayers have been at last unveiled:

"Consulting firm McKinsey estimates $9 trillion per year spending needed to comply with the Paris climate accord! Running that out to the 2050 date for 50% achievement of the "net zero" plan implies spending over $275 trillion. That's $9 TRILLION PER YEAR ...all loss and no gain. No reduction in CO2 and no reduction in global warming." - Consulting firm McKinsey estimates $9 trillion per year cost for climate accords

Climate Science at Penn State - Dr. Mann will school you.

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Here’s a recent example of zany lefitst environmental scientists trying to create a crisis in Antarctica by cherry-picking data. Of course their lying agitprop received big publicity by the IPCC propaganda machine, while the few independent critics were relegated to corners of the Web and handfuls of views. The IPCC has imposed a new Dark Ages regime on climate science, while the masses of sheeple do nothing but eat grass and give their wool.

Cherry Picking Antarctica

Eastern Antarctica registers temperatures 70 degrees above normal, as ‘unprecedented heat wave’ baffles scientists

No surprise, some of the top ICC so-called climate scientists are zany leftist activists, who like to get arrested at demonstrations against Big Oil projects. They will go to demonstrations, but never to fair open debates that they could lose, threatening their lifetime incomes.

Amid Cheers, NASA Chief Is Arrested at Oil Sands Pipeline Protests

The really sick thing about the extreme leftist-run IPCC is their typical leftist demands to jail critics of their CO2 greenhouse gas warming hoax because it threatens their big plans for money and power. This sickness now extends into the U.S., home of the First Amendment, which they consider an obstacle to be overcome or undermined to get what they want, silencing of truth tellers. No surprise, IPCC so-called climate scientists are at the forefront of demands to jail "climate change deniers", so if you want to become an IPCC climate scientist you can't get around first becoming an extreme leftist activist. Could that be because you know you're a charlatan who uses a scientific mask to get more mileage out of your political demands?

20 Scientists Ask Obama To Put Climate Change Deniers In Jail

Bill Nye: 'We'll See' About Jailing Climate Change Skeptics

Another call to arrest climate "deniers"

First Amendment Rights Still in Peril Following Climate Change Probes

UN Warns Individualistic Conservatives Threaten the Planet

Will it become socially acceptable to take strong action against climate change deniers, for their role in causing great harm?

Here's my golden basket of links to articles proving that the environmentalism movement was hijacked by global Marxists, who are now about to orgasm in the West's open willing mouth with their CO2 warming hoax: What Is Environmentalism Ideology? by TLW

Here's my golden basket of links to articles proving renewable energy to be a useless boondoggle: Why Are We Not Switching to Renewable Energy? by TLW

Here's some of my Quora articles taking the IPCC lie machine apart:

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What message does the passage convey? "There's one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and this is the urgent threat of a changing climate"

If anyone thinks getting rid of fossil fuels is painful and expensive today, how much more expensive will it be if we wait just five more years to start in earnest?

Why are/were there not more pro-Fossil Fuel leftists? Given the Fossil Fuel industry provides numerous blue collar jobs, especially in the 20th century, how come there wasn’t more outspoken defenders on the left?

What is the possible sustainable replacement for oil for transportation seeing the global warming and climatic change caused by carbon emission from oil combustion?

Are scientists trying to create more scientist jobs through climate change science to solve a problem they invented that isn't actually real or provable outside the community?

Here’s the real answer to this question. To become a climate scientist, start by studying my free online course on the fundamentals of Earth climate science, starting with a foundation in thermal physics. Sorry, the academic establishment doesn’t want you to read a line, and after you master the material enough to pass the tests there will be no degree and no job, just the truth seen clearly, and a sense of sadness at watching the Titanic sail into the iceberg while nobody wants to be warned.

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